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The following is a list of Sanskrit words printed in Devanagari with its transliterated form and a short meaning provided as a reference source. This cannot be a substitute for a good printed Sanskrit-English dictionary. However, we anticipate this to aid a student of Sanskrit in the on-line world. The list of words is a compilation from various sources such as messages on sanskrit-digest, translated documents such as Bhagavadgita, atharvashiirshha, raamarakshaa et cetera, and other files accessible on the web. The words are encoded in ITRANS transliteration scheme so as to print them in Devanagari. There is a copyright on this file to the extent of preventing misuse on other internet sites and ego-trips of individuals. We recommend not to copy and post this file on any other site since we periodically update and correct this list and we do not want different versions of file floating around the internet. We have seen people copying this work and calling of their own. We request you to provide corrections, and more importantly many such additions from your own collection. The list has been arranged according to Devanagari sequence.\\\\ The transliteration according to ITRANS (older 3.2) scheme is given by
vowels(svara): A A:( A:) E I( I) u U( U) ? @ O O A: a aa(A) i ii(I) u uu(U) R^i R^I e ai o A: A AH ; = au aM aH L^i L^I consonants(vya.njana): k K: g: G: { k kh g gh N^ c: C j: J: W: ch chh j jh JN X Y R Z N: T Th D Dh N t: T: d D: n: t th d dh n p: P b: B: m: p ph b bh m y: r l: v: S: \: s: h L( m:raYi) x:( x: x:) w( ehndi) y r l v sh shh s h L(maraaThii) kSh(x ksh) GY(hindii) Both .n and M produce anusvaara, .a avagraha, .h haLa.nta H visarga, Only a dot . or a vertical line 0 a da.nDa . A backslash with a period produces just a dot (puurNaviraama). a.c and aa.c produce ardhachandra as in cat and talk. The vowels need to be added after each consonant, unless one wants joDaakshara. No other letters (upper or lower cases) are allowed. For other examples, see texts on Sanskrit Documents site at or its mirror at the document project. There is an excellent freeware available for Itrans users, called Itranslator98/99, written by Swamis at Omkarananda Ashram. Please download and install it from The .itx version of this file is directly viewable in the software allowing text display in Devanagari as well as Roman+diacritics marks.
For those interested in volunteering to encode, proofread, or translate Sanskrit documents we suggest you access volunteer help file from OR the document project. The site contains additional information on Sanskrit projects. A file of frequently asked-answered questions (FAQ) is available at Please join us in collecting word = meaning lists with word encoded in strict ITRANS scheme format. Please contact for additional details. We appreciate your contribution to make this effort successful. Glossary of Sanskrit Terms s:skt: S:bdaT: ! (AUM) = Primordial Sound !kar (OMkaara) = the syllable om A (a) = not AkS: (a.nkusha) = a goad (metal stick used to control elephants) AkS:D:aerN:m: (a.nkushadhaariNam.h) = bearing the weapon `ankusha' with which the elephant Ag: (a.nga) = body, organ Ag:N: (a.ngaNa) = field Ag:s:eg:n:: (a.ngasa.nginau) = with Ag:H (a.ngaiH) = limbs, body parts Ag:st:v:as:st:n:eB:H (a.ngaistushhTuvaa.nsastanuubhiH) = having satisfied with strong limbs? Aj:n: (a.njana) = anointment At:rg: (a.ntara.nga) = inner body or inner nature, feelings, inside At:g:t: (a.ntargata) = internal Ab:a (aMbaa) = mother AS: (a.nsha) = part, angle AS:B:t: (a.nshabhuutaM) = has been a part of her AS:H (a.nshaH) = fragmental particle AS:m:an: (a.nshumaan.h) = radiant AS:n: (a.nshena) = part Akt:ar (akartaaraM) = as the nondoer Akm: (akarma) = inaction Akm:kt: (akarmakR^it.h) = without doing something Akm:N:H (akarmaNaH) = than no work Akm:eN: (akarmaNi) = in not doing prescribed duties Aklm:\: (akalmashhaM) = freed from all past sinful reactions Aksm:at: (akasmaat.h) = by chance AkarH (akaaraH) = the first letter Akar: (akaaro) = the letter `a' Akay: (akaarya) = and forbidden activities Akay: (akaaryaM) = what ought not to be done Akay: (akaarye) = and what ought not to be done Akiet: (akiirti) = infamy Akiet: (akiirtiM) = infamy Akiet:H (akiirtiH) = ill fame Akv:t: (akurvat.h) = did Akv:t: (akurvata) = did they do AkS:l: (akushalaM) = inauspicious Akt:b:etv:at: (akR^itabuddhitvaat.h) = due to unintelligence Akt:atm:an:H (akR^itaatmaanaH) = those without self-realisation Akt:n: (akR^itena) = without discharge of duty Aktv:a (akR^itvaa) = without doing (from kR^i) Aktsn:ev:daH (akR^itsnavidaaH) = persons with a poor fund of knowledge Ae#y:aH (akriyaaH) = without duty A#:D: (akrodha) = freedom from anger A#:D:H (akrodhaH) = freedom from anger AVl:H (akledyaH) = insoluble AeK:l: (akhila) = entire AeK:l: (akhilaM) = whole AeK:l:g:, (akhilaguru) = preceptor for all, also all types of long syllable letters Ag:t: (agata) = not past Ag:t:s:sc: (agatasuu.nscha) = agata + asuun.h + cha:undeparted life + and (living people) Ag:tv:a (agatvaa) = without going (from gam.h) Ag:m: (agama) = proof of the trustworthiness of a source of knowledge Ag:st:m:as: (agastamaasa) = month of August Ag::c:r (agochara) = (adj) unknown Aegn: (agni) = fire Aegn:H (agniH) = fire Aegn:p:v:t:H (agniparvataH) = (m) volcano, volcanic cone Aegn:p:et:ka (agnipetikaa) = (f) matchbox Aegn:S:l:aka (agnishalaakaa) = (f) matchstick Aegn:\: (agnishhu) = in the fires Agn:: (agnau) = in the fire of consummation Ag: (agra) = (neut in this sense) tip Ag: (agraM) = at the tip Ag:j:H (agrajaH) = elder Ag:t:H (agrataH) = (let the two go) before (me) Ag:dip:H (agradiipaH) = (m) headlight Ag: (agre) = in front of/ahead/beforehand AG:m:n:H (aghaMmanaH) = (adj) evil-minded AG: (aghaM) = grievous sins AG:ay:H (aghaayuH) = whose life is full of sins A (a.nka) = number A (a.nga) = a limb, or body part A (a.ngaM) = limb(s) Aaen: (a.ngaani) = limbs Al: (a.ngula) = a finger A (a.ngushhTha) = the big toe AH (a.ngushhThaH) = (m) thumb Ac:r (acharaM) = and not moving Ac:rsy: (acharasya) = and nonmoving Ac:l: (achala) = (adj) still, stationary Ac:l: (achalaM) = unmoving Ac:l:H (achalaH) = immovable Ac:l:)et: (achalapratishhThaM) = steadily situated Ac:l:a (achalaa) = unflinching Ac:l:n: (achalena) = without its being deviated Ac:x:s: (achakShus.h) = one without an eye Ac:ap:l: (achaapalaM) = determination Aec:nty: (achintya) = inconceivable Aec:nty: (achintyaM) = beyond contemplation Aec:nty:H (achintyaH) = inconceivable Aec:rad (achiraad.h) = without delay/in no time Aec:rav: (achiraadbhava) = in no time from the cycle of birth\death Aec:rN: (achireNa) = very soon Ac:t:s:H (achetasaH) = without KRishhNa consciousness AcCH (achchhedyaH) = unbreakable Acy:t: (achyuta) = O infallible one Acy:t:m: (achyutam.h) = the who does not slip Aj: (aja) = goat Aj: (ajaM) = unborn Aj:H (ajaH) = unborn Aj:g:rH (ajagaraH) = (m) python Aj:p:a (ajapaa) = involuntary repetition (as with a mantra) Aj:+ (ajasraM) = the unborn one Aj:a (ajaa) = (f) goat Aj:an: (ajaanaM) = do not understand Aj:an:t: (ajaanat.h) = knew Aj:an:t:a (ajaanataa) = without knowing Aj:an:nt:H (ajaanantaH) = without knowing AWc:l:H (aJNchalaH) = (m) aanchal in Hindi AWj:n: (aJNjana) = the name of the mother of Hanuman AWj:n:y:as:n: (aJNjaneyaasana) = the splits AWj:el: (aJNjali) = (m) folded hands AXet: (aTati) = (1 pp) to roam AN:iy:as: (aNiiyaa.nsaM) = smaller AN: (aNu) = atom AN::H (aNoH) = than the atom ANv:s*: (aNvastraM) = (n) nuclear weapon At:H (ataH) = hence At:v:aT:v:t: (atattvaarthavat.h) = without knowledge of reality At:endt:H (atandritaH) = with great care At:p:skay: (atapaskaaya) = to one who is not austere Aet: (ati) = extremely Aet:p:erc:y: (atiparichaya) = excessive familiarity Aet:v:iy: (ativiiryaM) = super power Aet:c:ar (atichaara) = Accelerated planetary motion Aet:t:rent: (atitaranti) = transcend Aet:t:rl: (atitaralaM) = ati+tarala, very+unstable Aet:eT: (atithi) = (m) guest Aet:eT:H (atithiH) = (masc.Nom.sing.)guest (literally undated) Aet:da-N:m:n: (atidaaruuNaman.h) = adj. very dreadful Aet:dv:: (atidurvR^itta) = of exceedingly bad conduct Aet:ercy:t: (atirichyate) = becomes more Aet:v:t:t: (ativartate) = transcends Aet:S:y: (atishaya) = wonderful Aet:S:y::eVt: (atishayokti) = exaggeration At:it:H (atiitaH) = surpassed At:ity: (atiitya) = transcending At:iendy: (atiindriyaM) = transcendental At:iv: (atiiva) = very much At:l:n:iy: (atulaniiya) = uncomparable At:ly: (atuulyaM) = uncomparable Atm:an: (atmaanaM) = (masc.Acc.S)the self Aty:j:t: (atyajat.h) = left, sacrifice Aty:nt: (atyantaM) = the highest Aty:T: (atyarthaM) = highly Aty:aeg:n:a (atyaaginaaM) = for those who are not renounced Aty:aen: (atyaani) = surpassing Aty:\N: (atyushhNa) = very hot Aty:et: (atyeti) = surpasses A*: (atra) = here AT: (atha) = thereupon AT:S:bd (athashabda) = the word atha (prayers are started with words atha or AUM) AT:H (atha.rH) = object, meaning AT:v:Nv:aVy: (atharvaNvaakyaM) = `atharvaNa" word-piece AT:v:S:i\: (atharvashiirshha) = atharva(?) AT:v:S:i\: (atharvashiirshhaM) = 'atharva' heading or head AT:v:a (athavaa) = or AT:at:H (athaataH) = atha and ataH : then and therefore AT:: (athau) = or in other words Ad (ad.h) = to eat Addt: (adadat.h) = gave AdemB:tv: (adambhitvaM) = pridelessness AdS:H (adarshaH) = mirror Adex:N: (adakShiNaM) = with no remunerations to the priests AdaH (adaahyaH) = unable to be burned Aedt:i (aditii) = the mother of the gods Ad (adR^ishhTa) = Unseen, fortune, luck Adp:v: (adR^ishhTapuurvaM) = never seen before AdS: (adesha) = at an unpurified place At: (adbhuta) = the sentiment of marvel At: (adbhutaM) = wonderful At: (adbhuutaM) = wonderfull A (adya) = today Ad:hH (adrohaH) = freedom from envy Aas:n: (advaasana) = the prone posture Aet:iy:H (advitiiyaH) = the inseparable or the non-dual Aa (adveshhTaa) = nonenvious At: (advaita) = non-duality of the universal spirit AD:H (adhaH) = (indeclinable) below AD:n: (adhana) = one without money AD:m: (adhama) = inferior AD:m:a (adhamaaM) = condemned AD:m:aD:m: (adhamaadhama) = the worst among the inferior AD:r (adhara) = Lip AD:rH (adharaH) = (m) lips AD:rat: (adharaat.h) = from below AD:m: (adharma) = breach of duty AD:m: (adharmaM) = irreligion AD:m:H (adharmaH) = irreligion AD:m:c:ari (adharmachaarii) = adj. impious AD:m:sy: (adharmasya) = of irreligion AeD:k (adhika) = additional AeD:k (adhikaM) = more AeD:kH (adhikaH) = greater AeD:kt:rH (adhikataraH) = very much AeD:kar (adhikaara) = title AeD:karH (adhikaaraH) = right AeD:kaert:n*: (adhikaaritantraM) = (n) bureaucracy AeD:ex:p:et: (adhikShipati) = to censure AeD:x:p:H (adhikShepaH) = (m) accusation AeD:g:cCet: (adhigachchhati) = attains AeD:g:my: (adhigamya) = having gone to AeD:dv: (adhidaiva) = the principle of subjective existence AeD:dv: (adhidaivaM) = governing all the demigods AeD:dv:t: (adhidaivataM) = called adhidaiva AeD:en:y:m:H (adhiniyamaH) = (m) act AeD:p: (adhipa) = protector AeD:p:et: (adhipati) = lord AeD:B:t: (adhibhuta) = the principle of objective existence AeD:B:t: (adhibhuutaM) = the material manifestation AeD:m:a*: (adhimaatra) = superior AeD:m:a*:at:m: (adhimaatraatama) = the highest, the supreme one AeD:y:w (adhiyaGYa) = the principle of sacrifice, incarnation AeD:y:wH (adhiyaGYaH) = the Supersoul AeD:v:as: (adhivaasa) = dwelling AeD:v:S:n: (adhiveshanaM) = (n) conference AeD:an: (adhishhThaana) = seat, abode AeD:an: (adhishhThaanaM) = sitting place AeD:ay: (adhishhThaaya) = being so situated AeD:s:er (adhisari) = competent candidate AD:it: (adhiita) = studied AD:it:a (adhiitaa) = studied AD:iy:an:H (adhiiyaanaH) = studied AD:n:a (adhunaa) = recently AD::m:K: (adhomukha) = face downwards AD::m:K::an:as:n: (adhomukhashvaanaasana) = the dog stretch posture ADy:y:n: (adhyayana) = study ADy:y:n:H (adhyayanaiH) = or Vedic study ADy:x:N: (adhyakSheNa) = by superintendence ADy:atm: (adhyaatma) = the principle of self ADy:atm: (adhyaatmaM) = transcendental ADy:atm:ev:a (adhyaatmavidyaa) = spiritual knowledge ADy:adS:H (adhyaadeshaH) = (m) ordinance ADy:ap:ey:t: (adhyaapayituM) = to teach (infinitive of causative of adhi+i, to study) ADy:aep:ka (adhyaapikaa) = (f) lady teacher ADy:as: (adhyaasa) = a case of mistaken identity ADy:\y:t: (adhyeshhyate) = will study ADy::p:ty: (adhyopatya) = Lordship AD:v: (adhruvaM) = temporary ADv:n: (adhvan.h) = road ADv:an: (adhvaan.h) = (m) road, path, way An:.g:m:j:y:tv: (an.gamejayatva) = unsteadiness of the body An:G: (anagha) = O sinless one An:nt: (ananta) = infinite, a name of Vishnu An:nt: (anantaM) = unlimited An:nt:H (anantaH) = Ananta An:nt:r (anantaraM) = after An:nt:-p: (anantaruupa) = O unlimited form An:nt:-p: (anantaruupaM) = unlimited form An:nt:ev:j:y: (anantavijayaM) = the conch named Ananta-vijaya An:nt:v:iy:a (anantaviiryaa) = unlimited potency An:nt:aH (anantaaH) = unlimited An:nt:as:n: (anantaasana) = Ananta's posture An:ny:c:t:aH (ananyachetaaH) = without deviation of the mind An:ny:B:ak (ananyabhaak.h) = without deviation An:ny:m:n:s:H (ananyamanasaH) = without deviation of the mind An:ny:y:a (ananyayaa) = unalloyed, undeviating An:ny:y::g:n: (ananyayogena) = by unalloyed devotional service An:ny:aH (ananyaaH) = having no other object An:ny:n: (ananyena) = without division An:p:x:H (anapekShaH) = neutral An:p:xy: (anapekShya) = without considering the consequences An:eB::H (anabhishva.ngaH) = being without association An:eB:s:nD:ay: (anabhisandhaaya) = without desiring An:eB:sn:hH (anabhisnehaH) = without affection An:eB:w (anabhiGYa) = ignorant of, unacquainted with An:y::H (anayoH) = of them An:T: (anarthaM) = purposeless/in vain/danger-productive An:l: (anala) = fire An:l:H (analaH) = fire An:l:n: (analena) = by the fire An:v:l::ky:an: (anavalokayaan.h) = not looking An:v:apt: (anavaaptaM) = wanted An:Sn:t:H (anashnataH) = abstaining from eating An:Sn:n: (anashnan.h) = without eating (having fasted) An:s:y:v: (anasuyave) = to the nonenvious An:s:y:H (anasuuyaH) = not envious An:s:y:nt:H (anasuuyantaH) = without envy An:hv:aed (anaha.nvaadi) = without false ego An:harH (anaha.nkaaraH) = being without false egoism An:atm:n:H (anaatmanaH) = of one who has failed to control the mind An:adr (anaadara) = lack of respect An:aed (anaadi) = without beginning An:aed (anaadiM) = without beginning An:aedtv: (anaaditva) = non-beginning An:aedtv:at: (anaaditvaat.h) = due to eternity An:an:s:Pl:m: (anaanasaphalam.h) = (n) pineapple An:am:y: (anaamayaM) = without miseries An:armB:at: (anaarambhaat.h) = by nonperformance An:ay: (anaarya) = persons who do not know the value of life An:av:e: (anaavR^ittiM) = no return An:aeS:n:H (anaashinaH) = never to be destroyed An:ae:t:H (anaashritaH) = without taking shelter An:aht: (anaahata) = unbeaten Aen:kt:H (aniketaH) = having no residence Aen:cCn: (anichchhan.h) = without desiring Aen:ty: (anitya) = uncertain/temporary/ephemeral/transient Aen:ty: (anityaM) = temporary Aen:ty:H (anityaH) = nonpermanent Aen:y:em:t: (aniyamita) = irregular Aen:dSy: (anirdeshyaM) = indefinite Aen:ev:NN:c:t:s: (anirviNNachetasa) = without deviation Aen:l:H (anilaH) = wind or air Aen:l:c:ell: (anilachulli) = (f) gas (LPG) Aen:v:ay: (anivaarya) = (adj) compulsary Aen::y:t: (anishchayat.h) = due to non-determination (having not decided) Aen: (anishhTa) = and undesirable Aen: (anishhTaM) = leading to hell An:i:r (aniishvaraM) = with no controller An: (anu) = following An:kmp:aT: (anukampaarthaM) = to show special mercy An:kaer (anukaari) = like An:c:ary: (anuchaaraya) = (causative of anu+car) follow An:ec:nt:y:n: (anuchintayan.h) = constantly thinking of An:et:ent: (anutishhThanti) = regularly perform An:ض:m: (anuttamaM) = the finest An:ض:m:a (anuttamaaM) = the highest An:dS:n: (anudarshanaM) = observing An:dan: (anudaanaM) = (n) donation, grant An:edn: (anudinaM) = daily An:eSy: (anuddishya) = having targetted or aimed at An:ؽ:eg:t:a (anudyogitaa) = unemployment An:ؽ:g:i (anudyogii) = unemployed An:egn:m:n:aH (anudvignamanaaH) = without being agitated in mind An:ؾg:kr (anudvegakaraM) = not agitating An:p:kaerN: (anupakaariNe) = irrespective of return An:p:Sy:et: (anupashyati) = one tries to see through authority An:p:Sy:ent: (anupashyanti) = can see An:p:Sy:aem: (anupashyaami) = do I foresee An:)p:aH (anuprapannaaH) = following An:b:nD: (anubandha) = (m) result, effect An:b:nD: (anubandhaM) = of future bondage An:b:nD:H (anubandhaH) = (m) annexure An:b:nD:ien: (anubandhiini) = bound An:b:nD: (anubandhe) = at the end An:B:v:H (anubhavaH) = (m) experience An:m:nt:a (anumantaa) = permitter An:m:at: (anumaatuM) = to guess An:m:an: (anumaana) = an inference An:m:an:at: (anumaanaat.h) = (ablat.)from guessing or induction An:y:aey:n:H (anuyaayinaH) = followers An:rjy:t: (anurajyate) = is becoming attached An:raD:a (anuraadhaa) = Seventeenth nakshatra An:el:pt: (anulipta) = smeared An:l:K: (anulekha) = destiny An:l:p:n: (anulepanaM) = smeared with An:l::m: (anuloma) = with the grain, naturally An:v:t:t: (anuvartate) = follows in the footsteps An:v:t:nt: (anuvartante) = would follow An:v:t:y:et: (anuvartayati) = adopt An:v:ad (anuvaadaM) = translation An:v:a (anuvaadya) = having translated An:ev:D:iy:t: (anuvidhiiyate) = becomes constantly engaged An:S:aes:t:ar (anushaasitaaraM) = the controller An:S::m: (anushushruma) = I have heard by disciplic succession An:S::c:ent: (anushochanti) = lament An:S::ec:t: (anushochituM) = to lament An:\:jj:t: (anushhajjate) = one necessarily engages An:p: (anushhTup.h) = the format's name An:n: (anushhThana) = (n) performance, execution An:s:nt:t:aen: (anusantataani) = extended An:s:nD:an: (anusandhaanaM) = (n) investigation An:s:ar (anusaara) = following, customary(masc) An:s:c:i (anusuuchii) = schedule An:sm:r (anusmara) = go on remembering An:sm:rn: (anusmaran.h) = remembering An:sm:rt: (anusmaret.h) = always thinks of An:sv:arH (anusvaaraH) = the accompanying sound or letter ( the letter form `.n' `M'?) An:way:t:a (anuGYaayataaM) = (verb) be given leave/permission An:c:an: (anuuchaanaM) = (teacher?) An:t: (anR^ita) = false An:k (aneka) = Many An:kD:a (anekadhaa) = into many An:kv:c:n: (anekavachanaM) = plural An:kaen: (anekaani) = many An:n: (anena) = by this Ang: (angaM) = body Ant: (anta) = end Ant: (antaM) = or end Ant:H (antaH) = (adv) inside Ant:HkrN: (antaHkaraNa) = Mind Ant:Hp:eXka (antaHpeTikaa) = (f) drawer Ant:HsT:aen: (antaHsthaani) = within Ant:kal: (antakaale) = at the end of life Ant:g:t: (antagataM) = completely eradicated Ant:r (antara) = Sub-period in a Dasha Ant:r (antaraM) = between Ant:r (antara.nga) = the practices of pranayama and pratyahara Ant:rdS:iy: (antaradeshiiya) = among different countries mainly for transaction?? Ant:ratm:n:a (antaraatmanaa) = within himself Ant:ratm:a (antaraatmaa) = the inner self, residing in the heart Ant:ray: (antaraaya) = (m) obstacle Ant:raram:H (antaraaraamaH) = actively enjoying within Ant:erx: (antarikSha) = (n) space Ant:erx: (antarikShaM) = space, sky Ant:r (antare) = between Ant:rN: (antareNa) = without Ant:jy::et:H (antarjyotiH) = aiming within Ant:y:t:km: (antaryutakam.h) = (n) vest Ant:s:K:H (antarsukhaH) = happy from within Ant:v:t: (antavat.h) = perishable Ant:v:nt:H (antavantaH) = perishable Aent:k (antike) = near Ant: (ante) = after AnD: (andha) = blind AnD:kar (andhakaara) = darkness A (anna) = food A (annaM) = foodstuff Aat: (annaat.h) = from grains Any: (anya) = other person Any: (anyaM) = other Any:H (anyaH) = another Any:t: (anyat.h) = other Any:*: (anyatra) = somewhere else Any:T:a (anyathaa) = other Any:y:a (anyayaa) = by the other Any:a (anyaaM) = another Any:an: (anyaan.h) = others Any:aen: (anyaani) = different Any:ay:n: (anyaayena) = illegally Any: (anye) = others Any:n: (anyena) = by another Any:By:H (anyebhyaH) = from others Any:H (anyaiH) = by others Any::ny: (anyonya) = mutual Anv:y: (anvaya) = Family Anv:S::c:H (anvashochaH) = you are lamenting Aenv:cC (anvichchha) = try for Aenv:t: (anvita) = (p.p) Followed or attended by, in company with, joined by; having ossessed of; overpowerd by, connected grammatically; Aenv:t:aH (anvitaaH) = absorbed Anv:\:N:m: (anveshhaNam.h) = (n) search, exploration Ap:k (apakR^i) = to harm Ap:kndN: (apakendraNa) = centrifugation Ap: (apa.nga) = handicapped Ap:c:i (apachii) = to decrease Ap:Ym: (apaTham.h) = read Ap:eNRt: (apaNDita) = someone who is not a scholar Ap:ty: (apatya) = Progeny Ap:n:ؽat: (apanudyaat.h) = can drive away Ap:m:a (apamaa) = comparison Ap:m:an:y::H (apamaanayoH) = and dishonour Ap:r (apara) = other Ap:r (aparaM) = junior Ap:rra*: (apararaatra) = (m) dawn Ap:rsp:r (aparaspara) = without cause Ap:ra (aparaa) = lower Ap:raej:t:H (aparaajitaH) = who had never been vanquished Ap:raj:it: (aparaajiita) = Unconquered Ap:raeN: (aparaaNi) = others Ap:ran: (aparaan.h) = others Ap:erg:h (aparigraha) = abstention from greed, non-possessiveness Ap:erg:hH (aparigrahaH) = free from the feeling of possessiveness Ap:erm:y: (aparimeyaM) = immeasurable Ap:erhay: (aparihaarye) = of that which is unavoidable Ap:r (apare) = others Ap:y:apt: (aparyaaptaM) = immeasurable Ap:l:ay:n: (apalaayanaM) = not fleeing Ap:v:g: (apavarga) = heaven, liberation Ap:v:hn: (apavahanaM) = seducetion Ap:v:ad (apavaada) = exceptional Ap:ev:Gn:H (apavighnaH) = without obstacles Ap:Sy:t: (apashyat.h) = he could see Ap:sm:ar (apasmaara) = forgetful Ap:sm:arH (apasmaaraH) = (m) epilepsy Ap:hrN: (apaharaNa) = stealing Ap:hrN: (apaharaNaM) = abduction, kipnapping Ap:ht:ar (apahartaaraM) = the remover]destroyer Ap:t: (apahR^ita) = stolen Ap:t:c:t:s:a (apahR^itachetasaaM) = bewildered in mind Ap:a*:By:H (apaatrebhyaH) = to unworthy persons Ap:an: (apaana) = one of the vital airs, controls the elimination of bodily wastes Ap:an: (apaanaM) = the air going downward Ap:an: (apaane) = in the air which acts downward Ap:ap:: (apaapo) = without sins Ap:aey:n:H (apaayinaH) = disappearing Ap:ara (apaaraa) = one who has no limits Ap:av:t: (apaavR^itaM) = wide open Aep: (api) = also Ap:it:\: (apiiteshhu) = (Masc.Loc.Pl.) having not drunk(taken water) Ap:Ny: (apuNya) = vice Ap:n:rav:e: (apunaraavR^ittiM) = to liberation Ap:\p: (apushhpa) = one without flowers Ap:eT:vy::H (apR^ithivyoH) = to the earth Ap:x: (apekSh.h) = to expect Ap:x:a (apekShaa) = (f) expectation, hope Ap:S:n: (apaishunaM) = aversion to fault-finding Ap::hn: (apohanaM) = forgetfulness Apy:y:: (apyayau) = disappearance A)kaS:H (aprakaashaH) = darkness A)et:m:)B:av: (apratimaprabhaava) = O immeasurable power A)et: (apratishhThaM) = without foundation A)et:H (apratishhThaH) = without any position A)t:ikar (apratiikaaraM) = without being resistant A)day: (apradaaya) = without offering A)m:y: (aprameya) = the ununderstandable A)m:y: (aprameyaM) = immeasurable A)m:y:sy: (aprameyasya) = immeasurable A)v:e:H (apravR^ittiH) = inactivity A)apt:t: (apraaptat.h) = uttained, obtained A)apy: (apraapya) = failing to attain A)am:am:aNy: (apraamaamaaNya) = Unjustified Ae)y: (apriyaM) = the unpleasant Ae)y:H (apriyaH) = and the undesirable Aps: (apsu) = in water APl: (aphala) = one without fruit APl:)ps:n:a (aphalaprepsunaa) = by one without desire for fruitive result APl:akae{x:eB:H (aphalaakaa.nkShibhiH) = by those devoid of desire for result Ab:nD: (abandhu) = one who does not have any brothers / kinmen Ab:l: (abala) = helpless (woman) Ab:l:a (abalaa) = (helpless) Woman Ab:عy:H (abuddhayaH) = less intelligent persons Ab::D: (abodha) = Ignorance Abd (abda) = Season of plenty AebD: (abdhi) = sea AbD:i (abdhii) = (m) ocean, sea Ab:v:it: (abraviit.h) = spoke Ab:Ny: (abrahmaNya) = Not kosher AB:Vt:ay: (abhaktaaya) = to one who is not a devotee AB:y: (abhaya) = freedom from fear AB:y: (abhayaM) = fearlessness AB:y: (abhaye) = and fearlessness AB:v:t: (abhavat.h) = became AB:ev:\y:t: (abhavishhyat.h) = will become AB:av:H (abhaavaH) = changing quality AB:av:y:t:H (abhaavayataH) = of one who is not fixed AB:a\:t: (abhaashhata) = began to speak AeB: (abhi) = preposition AeB:+t:R (abhi+taD.h) = to strike AeB:kT:n: (abhikathanaM) = (n) allegation AeB:#m: (abhikrama) = in endeavouring AeB:c:ar (abhichaara) = black magic AeB:j:n:v:an: (abhijanavaan.h) = surrounded by aristocratic relatives AeB:j:at:H (abhijaataH) = born of AeB:j:at:sy: (abhijaatasya) = of one who is born of AeB:j:an:ent: (abhijaananti) = they know AeB:j:an:aet: (abhijaanaati) = does know AeB:j:ay:t: (abhijaayate) = becomes manifest AeB:ej:t: (abhijita) = A nakshatra between uttaraashhDhaa and shravaNa mainly centred on the star Vega. For some reason it is not usually included in the 27 nakshatras although it would make 28 if it was. adhipatii - Lord AeB:ej:n:m:ht: (abhijin.hmuhuurta) = the most auspicious moment AeB:t:H (abhitaH) = everywhere AeB:d:hH (abhidrohaH) = (m) insurgency AeB:D:an: (abhidhaanaM) = (n) designation AeB:D:asy:et: (abhidhaasyati) = explains AeB:D:iy:t: (abhidhiiyate) = is called AeB:n:ndt:i (abhinandatii) = praises AeB:n:y: (abhinaya) = acting AeB:en:v:S: (abhinivesha) = possessiveness AeB:ny:as:H (abhinyaasaH) = (m) layout AeB:p:eH (abhipushhTiH) = (f) affirmation AeB:)v::H (abhipravR^ittaH) = being fully engaged AeB:)ay:H (abhipraayaH) = (m) opinion AeB:B:v:et: (abhibhavati) = transforms AeB:B:v:at: (abhibhavaat.h) = having become predominant AeB:B:y: (abhibhuuya) = surpassing AeB:m:n:H (abhimanaH) = conceit AeB:m:an: (abhimaana) = self-importance AeB:m:K:aH (abhimukhaaH) = towards AeB:y:ac:n:a (abhiyaachanaa) = (f) demand AeB:y:Vt:an:a (abhiyuktaanaaM) = fixed in devotion AeB:y::g: (abhiyoga) = prosecution AeB:y::g:H (abhiyogaH) = (m) prosecution AeB:rt:H (abhirataH) = following AeB:rx:nt: (abhirakShantu) = should give support AeB:rex:t: (abhirakShitaM) = perfectly protected AeB:rex:t:m: (abhirakShitam.h) = who has been well protected AeB:ram:es*:l::kan:a (abhiraamastrilokaanaaM) = the laudable rAma for all the three worlds AeB:ev:jv:l:ent: (abhivijvalanti) = and are blazing AeB:e\:c:et: (abhishhi.nchati) = performs' puuja', by pouring water etc. on the idol AeB:\:k (abhishhekaM) = ablution AeB:s:nD:ay: (abhisandhaaya) = desiring AeB:eht:a (abhihitaa) = described AB:ieps:t: (abhiipsita) = desired ABy:eD:kH (abhyadhikaH) = greater ABy:n:n:ady:n: (abhyanunaadayan.h) = resounding ABy:cy: (abhyarchya) = by worshiping ABy:s:n: (abhyasanaM) = practice ABy:s:y:kaH (abhyasuuyakaaH) = envious ABy:s:y:et: (abhyasuuyati) = is envious ABy:s:y:nt:H (abhyasuuyantaH) = out of envy ABy:hny:nt: (abhyahanyanta) = were simultaneously sounded ABy:ar:p:H (abhyaaropaH) = (m) indictment ABy:aS: (abhyaasha) = outskirts ABy:as: (abhyaasa) = study ABy:as:y::g: (abhyaasayoga) = by practice ABy:as:y::g:n: (abhyaasayogena) = by the practice of devotional service ABy:as:at: (abhyaasaat.h) = than practice ABy:as: (abhyaase) = in practice ABy:as:n: (abhyaasena) = by practice ABy:tT:an: (abhyutthaanaM) = predominance ABy:dy: (abhyudaya) = rise , prosperity AB: (abhraM) = cloud Am:d (ama.nda) = not slow or dull, active, intelligent; sharp, strong, violent, not little Am:ny:t: (amanyata) = believed Am:\: (amarshha) = (m) anger Am:l: (amala) = without rubbish Am:l: (amalaM) = clean Am:l:an: (amalaan.h) = pure Am:aen:tv: (amaanitvaM) = humility Aem:t:ev:#m:H (amitavikramaH) = and unlimited force Am:i (amii) = all those Am:*: (amutra) = in the next life Am:ZaH (amuuDhaaH) = unbewildered Am:ly: (amuulya) = priceless, excellent Am:t: (amR^ita) = of ambrosia, potion to cause immortality Am:t: (amR^itaM) = veritable nectar Am:t:v:ay: (amR^itattvaaya) = for liberation Am:t:eb:nd (amR^itabinduu) = a drop of nectar Am:t:B:j:H (amR^itabhujaH) = those who have tasted such nectar Am:t:sy: (amR^itasya) = of the immortal Am:t::v: (amR^itodbhavaM) = produced from the churning of the ocean Am:t::p:m: (amR^itopamaM) = just like nectar Am:Dy: (amedhyaM) = untouchable Amb:nD: (ambandha) = relation / connection Amb:r (ambara) = aakaasha Amb:r (ambaraM) = sky, garment Amb:a (ambaa) = mother Amb: (ambu) = water Amb:eD: (ambudhi) = sea Amb:v:g:aH (ambuvegaaH) = waves of the waters AmB:s: (ambhas.h) = (n) water AmB:s:a (ambhasaa) = by the water AmB:es: (ambhasi) = on the water AmB:,h (ambhuruhaM) = lotus Aml: (amla) = (m) sour Ay: (ayaM) = him (from idaM.h) Ay:j:nt: (ayajanta) = third person plur. imperfect aatmanepada of yaj, to worship Ay:et:H (ayatiH) = the unsuccessful transcendentalist Ay:T:av:t: (ayathaavat.h) = imperfectly Ay:n:\: (ayaneshhu) = in the strategic points Ay:m: (ayama) = length, extension, restraint Ay:S:H (ayashaH) = infamy Ay:s:H (ayasaH) = (m) iron Ay:wsy: (ayaGYasya) = for one who performs no sacrifice Ay:Vt:H (ayuktaH) = one who is not in KRishhNa consciousness Ay:Vt:sy: (ayuktasya) = of one who is not connected (with KR^ishhNa consciousness) Ay::g:t:H (ayogataH) = without devotional service Ay::j:ey:\y:t: (ayojayishhyat.h) = if one does not join or connect Ay::B:aNRm: (ayobhaaNDam.h) = (n) a wooden barrel ArNy:m: (araNyam.h) = (n) jungle, forest ArNy::ks:H (araNyaukasaH) = (Masc.poss.sing.) forester's Aret:H (aratiH) = being without attachment Arag:\:t:H (araagadveshhataH) = without love or hatred Aer (ari) = enemies AerB:av: (aribhaava) = the sixth house in a Rashi or bhaava chart Aer\: (arishhu) = on enemies Aern:em:H (arishhTanemiH) = the appelation to Garuda? Aers:dn: (arisuudana) = O killer of the enemies Ar:eg:t: (arogita) = diseaselessness Ak (arka) = essence, a name of Sun AG: (argha) = value Ac:et: (archati) = (1 pp) to worship Aec:t: (archituM) = to worship Aj:n: (arjana) = obtaining Aj:n: (arjanaM) = the earning or acquiring or acqusition Aj:n: (arjuna) = a disciple of Krishna, hero of the Mahabharata Aj:n: (arjunaM) = unto Arjuna Aj:n:H (arjunaH) = Arjuna Aj:n:y::H (arjunayoH) = and Arjuna AT: (artha) = money AT: (arthaM) = wealth AT:H (arthaH) = is meant AT:n: (arthan.h) = and economic development AT:n:p:N: (arthanaipuNa) = (n) efficient in polity AT:)aept:B:v:et: (arthapraaptirbhavati) = wealth-attainment becomes AT:y:t: (arthayate) = (10 pp) to request AT:v:an: (arthavaan.h) = one with money AT:S:as*: (arthashaastra) = ecomonics AT:sy: (arthasya) = (masc.poss.sing.) wealth or meaning AT:aT:i (arthaarthii) = one who desires material gain AeT:y: (arthiyaM) = meant AT: (arthe) = in meaning AT::p:aj:n:ay: (arthopaarjanaaya) = for earning maney AD: (ardha) = half AD:g::l: (ardhagola) = semicircle, dome AD:c:ndas:n: (ardhachandraasana) = the half-moon posture AD:n:v:as:n: (ardhanavaasana) = the half-boat posture AD:n:arin:X:r (ardhanaariinaTeshvara) = Shiva and his Shakti united as one AD:n:ari:r (ardhanaariishvara) = Shiva and his Shakti united as one AD:en:c::l:H (ardhanicholaH) = (m) frock AD:p:as:n: (ardhapadmaasana) = the half-lotus posture AD:m:tsy:ndas:n: (ardhamatsyendraasana) = the half spinal-twist posture AD:eS:\:as:n: (ardhashirshhaasana) = the half headstand posture AD:s:v:aas:n: (ardhasarvaa.ngaasana) = the half-shoulderstand posture AD:s:l:B:as:n: (ardhasalabhaasana) = the half-locust posture AD::,k (ardhoruka) = (n) half-pant AD::,km: (ardhorukam.h) = (n) half-pant , shorts Ap:N: (arpaNa) = Offer Ap:N: (arpaNaM) = contribution Aep:t: (arpita) = surrendering AB:k (arbhaka) = small Ay:m:a (aryamaa) = Aryama Ah (arha) = deserving Aht:a (arhataa) = (f) qualification Ahet: (arhati) = (1 pp) to deserve Ahes: (arhasi) = deserve Al: (alaM) = especially Al:kardipt: (ala.nkaaradiiptaM) = shining with adornments, decorations Al:t: (ala.nkR^ita) = decorated / ornamented Al:bD:B:em:ktv: (alabdhabhuumikatva) = the feeling that it is impossible to see reality Al:By: (alabhya) = Difficult Al:s:H (alasaH) = lazy Al:sy: (alasya) = indolence Al:x:m:an: (alakShamaana) = one who disregards Al:exm:H (alakShmiH) = poverty (alaxmiH is opp. of laxmiH) Al:ik (aliika) = (adj) false, untrue Al::l:ptv: (aloluptvaM) = freedom from greed Alp: (alpa) = small, little Alp: (alpaM) = a few, little, inadequate Alp:D:i (alpadhii) = mental deficiency Alp:b:عy:H (alpabuddhayaH) = the less intelligent Alp:m:D:s:a (alpamedhasaaM) = of those of small intelligence Alp:v:y:sk (alpavayaskaM) = young (small) age Alp:ay: (alpaayu) = Short life between 8 and 32 years Av: (ava) = prrotect Av:kerka (avakarikaa) = (f) dustbin, garbage bin Av:kl:n: (avakalana) = differentiation Av:g:cC (avagachchha) = must know Av:g:m: (avagam.h) = to comprehend, understand Av:g:m: (avagamaM) = understood Av:g:h (avagraha) = (m) famine Av:c:y: (avachaya) = (m) gathering, collection Av:ec:n::et: (avachinoti) = to pluck Av:cy:H (avachyaH) = unblamable Av:j:an:ent: (avajaananti) = deride Av:t:ar (avataara) = a divine incarnation particularly of Vishnu, e.g. Buddha Av:t:ary:et: (avataarayati) = to keep down, to get down Av:et: (avati) = (1 pp) to protect Av:et:et: (avatishhThati) = remains Av:et:t: (avatishhThate) = becomes established Av:t: (avatu) = (may the lord) protect Av:D:irN:a (avadhiiraNaa) = (f) a repulse, repulsion Av:Dy:H (avadhyaH) = cannot be killed Av:n: (avana) = protection Av:en: (avaniM) = earth Av:en:p:al: (avanipaala) = of warrior kings Av:n:it:ny: (avaniitanya) = the daughter of the Earth (siita) Av:y:v: (avayava) = part Av:r (avaraM) = abominable Av:,v:g: (avaruddhavega) = retardation Av:-N:e (avaruuNaddhi) = to obstruct Av:r:het: (avarohati) = to descend Av:el:pt: (avalipta) = proud, haughty Av:l:hH (avalehaH) = (m) pickle Av:S:H (avashaH) = helplessly Av:eS:\y:t: (avashishhyate) = remains Av:S::\:N: (avashoshhaNa) = absorption Av:By: (avashhTabhya) = entering into Av:s: (avasaM) = automatically Av:s:n: (avasan.h) = III pl. imperfect of vas, to live Av:s:aH (avasannaaH) = inadequate Av:s:rH (avasaraH) = (m) opportunity, chance Av:s:p:et: (avasarpati) = to slide (as from a waterslide) Av:s:ady:t: (avasaadayet.h) = put into degradation Av:sT:a (avasthaa) = a state of the mind Av:sT:at: (avasthaatuM) = to stay Av:sT:a*:y:H (avasthaatrayaH) = three states of bodily consciousness (awake, sleep, dream) Av:esT:t: (avasthitaM) = situated Av:esT:t:H (avasthitaH) = situated Av:esT:t:aH (avasthitaaH) = situated Av:esT:t:an: (avasthitaan.h) = arrayed on the battlefield Av:has:aT: (avahaasaarthaM) = for joking Av:wa (avaGYaa) = contempt Av:wat: (avaGYaataM) = without proper attention Av:ac:i (avaachii) = (f) south Av:acy: (avaachya) = unkind Av:apt:vy: (avaaptavyaM) = to be gained Av:apt: (avaaptuM) = to achieve Av:apn::et: (avaapnoti) = gets Av:apy: (avaapya) = achieving Av:apy:t: (avaapyate) = is achieved Av:apsy:T: (avaapsyatha) = you will achieve Av:apsy:es: (avaapsyasi) = will gain Aev:klp:n: (avikalpena) = without division Aev:kay:H (avikaaryaH) = unchangeable Aev:c:ari (avichaarii) = adj. thoughtless Aev:edt: (avidita) = without knowledge, unknowingly Aev:dS:H (avidushaH) = of one who does not know Aev:a (avidyaa) = metaphysical ignorance Aev:as:H (avidvaa.nsaH) = the ignorant Aev:eD:p:v:k (avidhipuurvakaM) = in a wrong way Aev:n:Sy:nt: (avinashyantaM) = not destroyed Aev:n:aS: (avinaasha) = undestructible, name of Vishnu Aev:n:aeS: (avinaashi) = imperishable Aev:n:aeS:n: (avinaashinaM) = indestructible Aev:p:e:t:H (avipashchitaH) = men with a poor fund of knowledge Aev:B:Vt: (avibhaktaM) = without division Aev:ret: (avirati) = sensuality Aev:r:D: (avirodha) = no opposition Aev:wy: (aviGYeyaM) = unknowable Av:x: (avekShe) = let me see Av:xy: (avekShya) = considering Av:D: (avaidha) = (adj) illegal Av:::ra:at: (avottaraattaat.h) = protect me from the northern direction Avy:Vt: (avyakta) = nonmanifested Avy:Vt: (avyaktaM) = nonmanifested Avy:Vt:H (avyaktaH) = invisible Avy:Vt:m:et:n:a (avyaktamuurtinaa) = by the unmanifested form Avy:Vt:a (avyaktaa) = toward the unmanifested Avy:Vt:at: (avyaktaat.h) = to the unmanifest Avy:Vt:adien: (avyaktaadiini) = in the beginning unmanifested Avy:eB:c:aerN:i (avyabhichaariNii) = without any break Avy:eB:c:aerNy:a (avyabhichaariNyaa) = without any break Avy:eB:c:arN: (avyabhichaareNa) = without fail Avy:y: (avyaya) = without deterioration Avy:y: (avyayaM) = immutable Avy:y:H (avyayaH) = inexhaustible Avy:y:v:g:H (avyayavargaH) = the class of indeclinable words Avy:y:sy: (avyayasya) = of the imperishable Avy:y:iB:av: (avyayiibhaava) = indeclinable affixes Avy:v:s:aey:n:a (avyavasaayinaaM) = of those who are not in KRishhNa consciousness Avy:akt:a (avyaakR^itaa) = not expressed Avy:aht:awH (avyaahataaGYaH) = avyAhata+agyaH, not feeling the hit? AS: (ash.h) = to obtain, accomplish AS:k (asha.nka) = undaunted AS:Vt: (ashakta) = weak AS:Vt:H (ashaktaH) = unable AS:n: (ashana) = food AS:m:H (ashamaH) = uncontrollable AS:y:at: (ashayaat.h) = from their source AS:s*: (ashastraM) = without being fully equipped AS:ant:sy: (ashaantasya) = of the unpeaceful AS:a:t: (ashaashvataM) = temporary AS:as*: (ashaastra) = not in the scriptures AeS:\y: (ashishhya) = unteachable (adj) AeS:\y:ay: (ashishhyaaya) = non-disciple i.e.non-believer AS:ec: (ashuchi) = to the unclean AS:ec:H (ashuchiH) = unclean AS:c:: (ashuchau) = unclean AS:B: (ashubha) = and inauspicious AS:B: (ashubhaM) = evil AS:B:at: (ashubhaat.h) = from ill fortune AS:B:an: (ashubhaan.h) = inauspicious AS::\:v: (ashushruushhave) = to one who is not engaged in devotional service AS:\: (asheshha) = total AS:\:t:H (asheshhataH) = completely AS:\:aeN: (asheshhaaNi) = all AS:\:N: (asheshheNa) = in detail AS::cy:an: (ashochyaan.h) = not worthy of lamentation AS::\y:H (ashoshhyaH) = not able to be dried ASn:t:H (ashnataH) = of one who eats ASn:n: (ashnan.h) = eating ASn:ent: (ashnanti) = enjoy ASn:aem: (ashnaami) = accept ASn:aes: (ashnaasi) = you eat ASn:t: (ashnute) = achieves ASm: (ashma) = stone ASm:n: (ashman.h) = (masc) stone A:D:an:H (ashraddadhaanaH) = without faith in revealed scriptures A:D:an:aH (ashraddadhaanaaH) = those who are faithless A:y:a (ashraddhayaa) = without faith A: (ashru) = (n) tears A:p:N:akl: (ashruupuurNaakula) = full of tears A::\: (ashraushhaM) = have heard ASl:aGy: (ashlaaghya) = adj. virtueless A: (ashva) = a horse A:tT: (ashvatthaM) = a banyan tree A:tT:H (ashvatthaH) = the banyan tree A:tT:am:a (ashvatthaamaa) = Asvatthama A:m:D: (ashvamedha) = a form of sacrifice where a horse is sent around to estiblish supremacy A:an:a (ashvaanaaM) = among horses Ae:en: (ashvini) = a mudraa, contraction of the anal sphincter muscles Ae:n:: (ashvinau) = the two Asvinis A (ashhTa) = eight Adl:km:l:b:nD: (ashhTadalakamalabandha) = eight-petalled lotus pattern, a form of bandha poetry AD:a (ashhTadhaa) = eightfold AadS: (ashhTaadasha) = eighteen Aav:# (ashhTaavakra) = name of a deformed(at eight places) sage A::ridS:a (ashhTottariidashaa) = A lunar based Dasha system uses 108 yr cycle and one chooses it according to certain criteria A: (ashhTau) = eight A\t:kv:g: (ashhtakavarga) = A predictive method of Astrology that uses a system of points based upon planetary positions As:ny:st: (asa.nnyasta) = without giving up As:y:t:a (asa.nyataa) = unbridled As:S:y: (asa.nshayaM) = undoubtedly As:S:y:H (asa.nshayaH) = beyond a doubt As:Vt: (asakta) = unattached As:Vt: (asaktaM) = without attraction As:Vt:H (asaktaH) = without attachment As:Vt:b:eH (asaktabuddhiH) = having unattached intelligence As:Vt:atm:a (asaktaatmaa) = one who is not attached As:eVt:H (asaktiH) = being without attachment As:y:H (asa.nkhyaH) = (m) countless As:S:s*:N: (asa.ngashastreNa) = by the weapon of detachment As:t: (asat.h) = matter As:t:H (asataH) = of the nonexistent As:tkt: (asatkR^itaM) = without respect As:tkt:H (asatkR^itaH) = dishonoured As:ty: (asatyaM) = unreal As:d\:i (asadR^ishhii) = unfit As:p:tn: (asapatnaM) = without rival As:m:T:H (asamarthaH) = unable As:m)wat: (asampraGYaata) = unconscious samadhi As:mm:ZH (asammuuDhaH) = undeluded As:mm:ZaH (asammuuDhaaH) = unbewildered As:mm::hH (asammohaH) = freedom from doubt As:ar (asaaraM) = worthless/without essence As:av:aedty:H (asaavaadityaH) = asau and AdityaH: this(person) and Sun Aes: (asi) = you are Aes:t:H (asitaH) = Asita Aes:dDy::H (asid.hdhyoH) = and failure Aes:: (asiddhau) = failure As:K: (asukhaM) = full of miseries As:r (asura) = devil As:raN:a (asuraaNaaM) = of demons As:ran: (asuraan.h) = demons As: (asuu) = to hate, be jealous As:n: (asuun.h) = life As:y:a (asuuyaa) = (f) envy As:j: (asR^ij) = (neut) blood As:a (asR^ishhTaannaM) = without distribution of prasaadam As:: (asau) = him (from adas.h) As::my: (asaumya) = (adj) unpleasant Ast: (asta) = fall (set) Ast: (astaM) = destroyed , vanquished Ast:m:v:l:a (astamavelaa) = (fem) evening twilight Aest: (asti) = (2 pp) is Ast: (astu) = there should be Ast:y: (asteya) = non-stealing As*: (astra) = Weapon AesT: (asthi) = Bone AesT:p:Wj:rm: (asthipaJNjaram.h) = (n) skeleton AesT:r (asthiraM) = unsteady Asp:S:n: (asparshana) = not touching Asm:d (asmad.h) = I, me Asm:diy:H (asmadiiyaiH) = our Asm:ak (asmaakaM) = us Asm:at: (asmaat.h) = these Asm:an: (asmaan.h) = us Asm:aeB:H (asmaabhiH) = by us Aesm: (asmi) = I am Aesm:t:a (asmitaa) = egotism, self righteousness Aesm:n: (asmin.h) = in this Aesm:ny: (asmindvaye) = in this pair Asy: (asya) = of it Asy:et: (asyati) = (4 pp) to throw Asy:a (asyaaM) = in this Asv:gy: (asvargyaM) = which does not lead to higher planets Asv:sT:t:a (asvasthataa) = illness Ah (aha) = said Ah (ahaM) = ii AhH (ahaH) = of daytime Ahr (aha.nkara) = tendency to identify oneself with external phenomena, 'the I-maker' Ahar (aha.nkaara) = Egoism, selfishness, ignorance Ahar (aha.nkaaraM) = false ego AharH (aha.nkaaraH) = false ego Aharev:m:Z (aha.nkaaravimuuDha) = bewildered by false ego Aharat: (aha.nkaaraat.h) = by false ego Aht:H (aha.nkR^itaH) = of false ego Ahtv:a (ahatvaa) = not killing Ahrag:m: (aharaagame) = at the beginning of the day Ahen:S: (aharnishaM) = ahaH and nishaa:day and night Aeh (ahi) = on earth Aehs:k (ahi.nsaka) = non-violent Aehs:a (ahi.nsaa) = non-violence Aeht: (ahita) = sorrow (antonym of hita) Aeht:aH (ahitaaH) = enemies Aeht:eNRkH (ahituNDikaH) = (m) a snake charmer Aht:k (ahaitukaM) = without cause Ah: (aho) = Oh ! Ah:ra*: (ahoraatra) = day and night Ax:m: (akShama) = (adj) incapable Ax:y: (akShayaM) = unlimited Ax:y:H (akShayaH) = eternal Ax:r (akShara) = Letter Ax:r (akSharaM) = indestructible Ax:rH (akSharaH) = infallible Ax:raN:a (akSharaaNaaM) = of letters Ax:rat: (akSharaat.h) = beyond the infallible Aex: (akShi) = (n) eye Aw (aGYa) = the ignorant person AwH (aGYaH) = a fool who has no knowledge in standard scriptures Awt:a (aGYataa) = ignorance Awan: (aGYaana) = ignorance Awan: (aGYaanaM) = nescience Awan:j: (aGYaanajaM) = due to ignorance Awan:s:mB:t: (aGYaanasambhuutaM) = born of ignorance Awan:a (aGYaanaaM) = of the foolish Awan:n: (aGYaanena) = by ignorance A: (aa) = from A:+G:a (aa+ghraa) = to smell A:+c:r (aa+char.h) = to practice A:+y:a (aa+yaa) = to come A:+,h (aa+ruh.h) = to climb A:ud: (aaudau) = in the beginning A:d:l:n: (aa.ndolana) = movement A:eS:k (aa.nshika) = partial A:H (aaH) = to sit A:kN: (aakarNa) = towards the ear A:kN:D:n:ras:n: (aakarNadhanuraasana) = the shooting bow posture A:k\: (aakarshha) = attracted A:k\:N: (aakarshhaNa) = attraction A:kax:a (aakaa.nkShaa) = wish, ambition A:kar (aakaara) = (masc) form, shape A:karm:an: (aakaaramaana) = volume A:kaerka (aakaarikaa) = (f) doorbell A:kaS: (aakaasha) = ether A:kaS: (aakaashaM) = the sky A:kaS:v:aN:i (aakaashavaaNii) = (f) radio A:kaS:esT:t:H (aakaashasthitaH) = situated in the sky A:kaS:at: (aakaashaat.h) = (abl.S)from space or sky A:kl: (aakula) = full of A:kel:t:m: (aakulitam.h) = sad, worried A:kt:ien: (aakR^itiini) = forms A:k (aakR^ishhTa) = (past part. of aa + kR^ishh) attracted A:#m: (aakram.h) = to attack A:#m:N: (aakramaNa) = attacks A:x:p:H (aakShepaH) = (m) insinuation, opposition A:K: (aakhu) = mouse A:Ky: (aakhya) = named A:Ky:a (aakhyaa) = (f) name A:Ky:at: (aakhyaataM) = described A:Ky:aeh (aakhyaahi) = please explain A:g:cCt: (aagachchhet.h) = one should come A:g:t:H (aagataH) = having attained A:g:t:aH (aagataaH) = attained A:g:m: (aagama) = arrival A:g:m:n: (aagamana) = coming A:g:m: (aagame) = on the arrival A:l: (aa.ngla) = English A:l:B:a\:a (aa.nglabhaashhaa) = English language A:c:r (aachar.h) = to behave, interact A:c:rt:H (aacharataH) = acting A:c:ret: (aacharati) = he does A:c:ran: (aacharaan.h) = performing A:c:arH (aachaaraH) = behavior A:c:ay: (aachaarya) = a religious teacher A:c:ay:( H) (aachaarya(H)) = (Masc.nom.S)teacher; preceptor A:c:ay: (aachaaryaM) = the teacher A:c:ay:aH (aachaaryaaH) = teachers A:c:ay:an: (aachaaryaan.h) = teachers A:c:ay::p:as:n: (aachaaryopaasanaM) = approaching a bona fide spiritual master A:cCadkm: (aachchhaadakam.h) = (n) covering sheet, chaddar A:j:an:b:ah (aajaanubaahuM) = the one whose arms extend upto his knees A:jy: (aajyaM) = melted butter A:H (aaDhyaH) = wealthy A:eN:H (aaNiH) = nail A:t: (aata.nka) = horror , terror A:t:t:aey:n:H (aatataayinaH) = aggressors A:t:p: (aatapa) = heat A:t:p:*: (aatapatraM) = sunshade A:t:v:adH (aata~NkvaadaH) = (m) terrorism A:et: (aatishhTha) = be situated A:t:r (aatura) = anxious A:: (aatta) = ready A:tT: (aattha) = have spoken A:tm: (aatma) = of the self A:tm:k (aatmakaM) = consisting of A:tm:kH (aatmakaH) = possessing or controlling A:tm:karN:at: (aatmakaaraNaat.h) = for sense enjoyment A:tm:j: (aatmaja) = son A:tm:j:H (aatmajaH) = son A:tm:j:a (aatmajaa) = daughter A:tm:t:pt:H (aatmatR^iptaH) = self-illuminated A:tm:n: (aatman.h) = Soul A:tm:n: (aatmana) = (Masc.instr.sing.) thro' the self A:tm:n:H (aatmanaH) = of the person A:tm:n:a (aatmanaa) = by the purified mind A:tm:en: (aatmani) = in himself A:tm:B:av: (aatmabhaava) = within their hearts A:tm:B:t:atm:a (aatmabhuutaatmaa) = compassionate A:tm:m:ay:y:a (aatmamaayayaa) = by My internal energy A:tm:y::g:at: (aatmayogaat.h) = by My internal potency A:tm:ret:H (aatmaratiH) = taking pleasure in the self A:tm:v:nt: (aatmavantaM) = situated in the self A:tm:v:Sy:H (aatmavashyaiH) = under one's control A:tm:v:an: (aatmavaan.h) = established in the self A:tm:ev:en:g:hH (aatmavinigrahaH) = self-control A:tm:ev:B:t:y:H (aatmavibhuutayaH) = personal opulences A:tm:ev::as:H (aatmavishvaasaH) = (m) confidence A:tm:s:y:m: (aatmasa.nyama) = of controlling the mind A:tm:s:st:et:H (aatmasa.nstutiH) = and praise of himself A:tm:s:sT: (aatmasa.nsthaM) = placed in transcendence A:tm:s:at: (aatmasaat.h) = to imbibe, to make one's own, to train oneself A:tm:hty:a (aatmahatyaa) = suicide A:tm:wan: (aatmaGYaana) = knowledge of self A:tm:a (aatmaa) = soul A:tm:a|t:v:m:es: (aatmaa.atattvamasi) = Thou art That Not (self + Self are differnt:Duality) A:tm:an: (aatmaanaM) = the mind A:tm:aen: (aatmaani) = in the pure state of the soul A:tm:as:mB:ev:t:aH (aatmaasambhavitaaH) = self-complacent A:etm:y:t:a (aatmiyataa) = the feeling of oneness A:tm:v: (aatmaiva) = the very mind A:ty:ent:k (aatyantikaM) = supreme A:d: (aadatte) = accepts A:dan: (aadaana) = taking A:ed (aadi) = beginning A:ed (aadiM) = the origin A:edH (aadiH) = the origin A:edk*: (aadikartre) = to the supreme creator A:edk\: (aadikeshhu) = etc etc A:edty: (aaditya) = a name of Sun, Vishnu is among twelve Aditya-s A:edty:H (aadityaH) = the Adityas A:edty:g:t: (aadityagataM) = in the sunshine A:edty:v:t: (aadityavat.h) = like the rising sun A:edty:v:N: (aadityavarNaM) = luminous like the sun A:edty:an: (aadityaan.h) = the twelve sons of Aditi A:edty:an:a (aadityaanaaM) = of the Adityas A:eddv: (aadidevaM) = the original Lord A:eddv:H (aadidevaH) = the original Supreme God A:edeB:H (aadibhiH) = by those A:ed (aadishhTa) = ordered A:edv:an: (aadishhTavaan.h) = (he was)commanded A:di:r (aadiishvara) = the primeval lord, a name of Shiva A:dt:H (aadR^itaH) = having begun A:d: (aadau) = First A: (aadya) = earliest A: (aadyaM) = original A: (aadye) = (Masc.loc.sing.) the first A:D:tsv: (aadhatsva) = fix A:D:ay: (aadhaaya) = resigning A:D:arH (aadhaaraH) = support or base A:eD:k (aadhika) = addition, plus A:eD:Vy: (aadhikya) = surplus A:eD:p:ty: (aadhipatya) = overlordship A:eD:p:ty: (aadhipatyaM) = supremacy A:Dy:aetm:k (aadhyaatmikaM) = super-natural, spiritual A:n:n: (aanana) = Face A:n:n: (aananaM) = face A:n:nd (aananda) = happiness A:n:ndn: (aanandana) = happiness A:n:ndm:y:H (aanandamayaH) = full of great happiness A:nt:rdS:iy: (aantaradeshiiya) = within the country mainly for transaction?? A:nt:j:al: (aantarjaalaM) = (n) internet A:p: (aap.h) = to obtain A:p:H (aapaH) = water A:p:N:H (aapaNaH) = (m) shop A:p:eN:kH (aapaNikaH) = (m) shop-keeper A:p:d (aapad.h) = calamity A:p:da (aapadaaM) = dangers A:p: (aapannaM) = achieved A:p:aH (aapannaaH) = gaining A:p:h (aapah) = water A:p:y:m:aN: (aapuryamaaNaM) = always being filled A:p:y: (aapuurya) = covering A:p:cC (aapR^ichchha) = take leave of A:p::eVl:m: (aapoklima) = The 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses A:pt: (aaptuM) = afflicts one with A:pn:y:a (aapnuyaaM) = may have A:pn:v:ent: (aapnuvanti) = attain A:pn::et: (aapnoti) = achieves A:)v:as:i (aapravaasii) = (m) immigrant A:pl:t:a (aaplutaa) = immersed A:bd (aabda) = year A:bdPl: (aabdaphala) = yearly prognostication, also varshhaphala A:b:B:v:n:at: (aabrahmabhuvanaat.h) = up to the Brahmaloka planet A:B:rN: (aabharaNaM) = ornaments A:B:rN:m: (aabharaNam.h) = (n) ornaments, jewellery A:B:a (aabhaa) = colour A:B:as: (aabhaasaM) = the original source A:m:n:sk (aamanaska) = the mind free from desire A:m:y: (aamaya) = disease A:m:Pl:m: (aamraphalam.h) = (n) mango (the king of fruits) A:ml: (aamla) = sour A:ml: (aamlaM) = (n) acid A:y:t:m: (aayatam.h) = (n) rectangle A:y:n:aS: (aayanaa.nsha) = Precession of Equinoxes. Used to convert Tropical positions to Sidereal A:y:at:H (aayaataH) = (m) import A:y:at:n: (aayaatana) = abode, resting place A:y:H (aayuH) = [long] life A:y:D: (aayudhaM) = weapons A:y:D:an:a (aayudhaanaaM) = of all weapons A:y:\kark (aayushhkaaraka) = Significator of Longevity which is Saturn A:y::g:H (aayogaH) = (m) commision A:rt:i (aaratii) = crying out of desperation for help, ritual A:rbD:t: (aarabdhat.h) = started A:rbD:m: (aarabdham.h) = started A:rB:t: (aarabhate) = begins A:rBy:t: (aarabhyate) = is begun A:rmB: (aarambha) = beginning A:rmB:H (aarambhaH) = endeavour A:rmB:S:r (aarambhashuura) = one who shows active participation in the beginning A:remB:kaH (aarambhikaaH) = beginners A:rx:kH (aarakShakaH) = (m) policeman A:rex:ka (aarakShikaa) = (f) policewoman A:raD:n: (aaraadhanaM) = for the worship A:raDy: (aaraadhya) = pleasable A:ram: (aaraama) = (m) garden A:ram:H (aaraamaH) = from rAma? source? A:,Z (aaruDha) = The sign which is as distant from the lord as the lord is from the house concerned A:,,x::H (aarurukShoH) = who has just begun yoga A:, (aaruhya) = having climbed A:-Zsy: (aaruuDhasya) = of one who has attained A:-Zaen: (aaruuDhaani) = being placed A:r:gy: (aarogya) = health A:r:gy:S:as*: (aarogyashaastra) = hygeine A:r:p:H (aaropaH) = (m) charges (judicial) A:r:p:y:et: (aaropayati) = to plant A:r:hN: (aarohaNa) = climbing A:r:het: (aarohati) = to climb, to ascend A:j:v: (aarjavaM) = simplicity A:t: (aarta) = intensely troubled A:t:H (aartaH) = the distressed A:edt: (aardita) = parched, dry A:d (aardra) = wet A:dec::a (aardrachittaa) = having emotional mind A:dt:a (aardrataa) = (f) moisture A:da (aardraa) = Sixth nakshatra A:y: (aarya) = wise man A:y:s:m:aj: (aaryasamaaja) = Aryan group A:y:a (aaryaa) = (f) a respected woman A:haH (aarhaaH) = deserving A:l:mb: (aalamba) = support A:l:mb:t: (aalambate) = to recline A:l:sy: (aalasya) = idleness A:el:et: (aali.ngati) = to embrace A:l::Vy:l:K:n: (aalokyalekhanaM) = graph A:l::c:t: (aalochate) = to think, to contemplate A:l::c:y: (aalochaya) = (verbal stem) consider A:v:y::H (aavayoH) = of ours A:v:rN: (aavaraNa) = a veil A:v:t:H (aavartaH) = (m) whirlpool A:v:t:t: (aavartate) = comes back A:v:et:n:H (aavartinaH) = returning A:v:el: (aavali) = (f) line, row A:v:as:H (aavaasaH) = (m) residence, living quarters A:ev:B:t: (aavirbhuutaM) = having taken a physical form or incarnation A:ev:Sy: (aavishya) = entering A:ev:\: (aavishh.h) = to be possesed by A:ev: (aavishhTaM) = overwhelmed A:ev:H (aavishhTaH) = overwhelmed A:ev:ex:t: (aavikShita) = descendent of avikshit (i.e, marutta) A:v:t: (aavR^ita) = encircled A:v:t: (aavR^itaM) = is covered A:v:t:H (aavR^itaH) = is covered A:v:t:a (aavR^itaa) = covered A:v:t:aH (aavR^itaaH) = covered A:v:e: (aavR^ittiM) = return A:v:ty: (aavR^itya) = covering A:v:e (aavR^ishhTi) = (fem) rain A:v:g:H (aavegaH) = (m) impulse A:v:eS:t: (aaveshita) = fixed A:v:Sy: (aaveshya) = establishing A:ev:y:t: (aavriyate) = is covered A:vhy:et: (aavhayati) = to call A:S:s: (aasha.ns.h) = to wish, to hope, to desire A:S:y: (aashaya) = (masc) resting place A:S:y:esT:t:aH (aashayasthitaaH) = situated within the heart A:S:a (aashaa) = desire A:S:ap:aS: (aashaapaasha) = entanglements in a network of hope A:S:aep:NR (aashaapiNDaM) = AshA+pindaM, desire+lump(piNDaM also means rice-ball given A:eS:t: (aashita) = (a) Eaten, given to eat; satisfied by eating A:eS:t: (aashitaM) = eating A:eS:n: (aashina) = old (also heard as aashiina) A:eS:\:et: (aashishhati) = to give aashirvaad A:S: (aashu) = fast A:S:lk (aashulkaM) = (n) import duty A::y: (aashcharyaM) = surprise A::y:m:y: (aashcharyamayaM) = wonderful A::y:v:t: (aashcharyavat.h) = with wonder, surprise A::y:aeN: (aashcharyaaNi) = all the wonders A::m: (aashrama) = a yoga centre or school A::y:tv: (aashrayatva) = dependence, leaning A::y:a (aashrayaa) = sheltor A::y:t: (aashrayet.h) = must come upon A:e: (aashri) = to take shelter A:e:t: (aashritaM) = assuming A:e:t:H (aashritaH) = taking refuge A:e:t:aH (aashritaaH) = accepting A:e:ty: (aashritya) = taking shelter of A:Sl:\: (aashleshha) = embrace A:Sl:\:a (aashleshhaa) = Ninth nakshatra A::as:n: (aashvaasanaM) = (n) assurance A::as:y:am:as: (aashvaasayaamaasa) = encouraged A:e:n:i (aashvinii) = First nakshatra A:\: (aashhu) = very soon A:s: (aas.h) = to sit A:s: (aasaM) = exist A:s:Vt: (aasakta) = attached A:s:Vt:m:n:aH (aasaktamanaaH) = mind attached A:s:n: (aasana) = seat A:s:n: (aasanaM) = seat A:s:n:sT:m: (aasanastham.h) = (lotus like-)posture-stood A:s:n: (aasane) = on the seat A:s:ady: (aasaadaya) = (causative of aa+sad) resort to A:s:a (aasaadya) = attaining A:es:t: (aasit.h) = was/existed A:es:n: (aasina) = by the weapon A:es:n: (aasinaM) = situated A:es:n:H (aasinaH) = eaters A:s:it: (aasiit.h) = was A:s:it: (aasiita) = does remain still A:s:in:H (aasiinaH) = situated A:s:r (aasuraM) = demonic A:s:rH (aasuraH) = demoniac A:s:ren::y:an: (aasuranishchayaan.h) = demons A:s:ri (aasurii) = demoniac qualities A:s:ri (aasuriiM) = atheistic A:s:ri\: (aasuriishhu) = demoniac A:est:Vy: (aastikyaM) = religiousness A:st: (aaste) = remains A:sT:a (aasthaa) = (f) confidence, interest A:sT:ay: (aasthaaya) = following A:esT:t:H (aasthitaH) = being situated A:esT:t:aH (aasthitaaH) = situated A:sy: (aasya) = (m) mouth A:sv:ad (aasvaada) = tasting A:h (aaha) = said A:het: (aahati) = striking, hitting A:ht: (aahartR^i) = (m adj.) a performer A:hv: (aahave) = in the fight A:har (aahaara) = Diet A:harH (aahaaraH) = eating A:haraH (aahaaraaH) = eating A:hH (aahuH) = are said A: (aahR^i) = to eat A:h: (aaho) = or else A:wa (aaGYaa) = command Et: (i.ngate) = waver EcC (ichchh.h) = to wish EcC (ichchha) = the will EcCet: (ichchhati) = (6 up) to wish EcCn: (ichchhan.h) = present participle of ishh, to wish EcCnt:H (ichchhantaH) = desiring EcCes: (ichchhasi) = you wish EcCa (ichchhaa) = desire EcCaem: (ichchhaami) = do I wish Ejy:t: (ijyate) = is performed Ejy:y:a (ijyayaa) = by worship ERa (iDaa) = the channel on the left of the spine E (iDyaM) = worshipable Et:H (itaH) = besides this Et:r (itara) = Other Et:rH (itaraH) = common Et:rt:r (itaretara) = mutual, each-other Et:st:t:H (itastataH) = (indecl) here and there Eet: (iti) = like that Eet:has: (itihaasa) = history Eet:has:( H) (itihaasa(H)) = history; epic EtT: (itthaM) = like that Ety:t: (ityuta) = thus it is said Ety:t:aen: (ityetaani) = iti+etAni, thus+ these Ety:v: (ityevaM) = knowing thus Ed (idaM) = this Edan:i (idaaniiM) = now Edk (idR^ik.h) = as it is End (indu) = moon EndH (indraH) = the god Indra Endc:ap: (indrachaapa) = (m) rainbow EndD:n:H (indradhanuH) = (m) rainbow Eendy: (indriya) = organ of sense or action Eendy:H (indriyaH) = senses Eendy:g::c:raH (indriyagocharaaH) = the objects of the senses Eendy:g:am: (indriyagraamaM) = the full set of senses Eendy:j:y: (indriyajaya) = mastery of the senses by controlling the desires Eendy:sy: (indriyasya) = of the senses Eendy:sy:aT: (indriyasyaarthe) = in the sense objects Eendy:aN:a (indriyaaNaaM) = of the senses Eendy:aeN: (indriyaaNi) = the senses Eendy:aram:H (indriyaaraamaH) = satisfied in sense gratification Eendy:aT:an: (indriyaarthaan.h) = sense objects Eendy:aT:By:H (indriyaarthebhyaH) = from the sense objects Eendy:aT:\: (indriyaartheshhu) = in sense gratification Eendy:By:H (indriyebhyaH) = more than the senses Eendy:H (indriyaiH) = by the senses End: (indro) = the Lord Indra EnD:n: (indhana) = fuel Em: (imaM) = (from idaM) this Em:aH (imaaH) = all these Em:an: (imaan.h) = these Em: (ime) = these Em:: (imau) = these Ey: (iyaM) = this Ev: (iva) = just like or as if ES:t: (ishat.h) = a little E\:eB:H (ishhubhiH) = with arrows E (ishhTa) = of all desirable things E (ishhTaM) = leading to heaven EaH (ishhTaaH) = palatable Ean: (ishhTaan.h) = desired Eeka (ishhTikaa) = (f) brick Ev:a (ishhTvaa) = worshiping Eh (iha) = here Ehv: (ihaiva) = in the present body Ex:H (ikShuH) = sugarcane Exv:akv: (ikShvaakave) = unto King Iksvaku IdS: (iidR^ishaM) = of this nature Id\: (iidR^ishhaM) = like this I\y:a (iirshhyaa) = (f) jealousy IS: (iisha) = God IS: (iishaM) = Lord Siva IS:av:asy: (iishaavaasyaM) = inhabited or manifested by the Master I:r (iishvara) = lord, the capable (here) I:r (iishvaraM) = the Supersoul I:rH (iishvaraH) = the Supreme Lord I:r)aeN:D:an: (iishvarapraaNidhaana) = attentiveness to god Ih (iih.h) = to wish Iht: (iihate) = he aspires Ihnt: (iihante) = they desire Iha (iihaa) = wish Ix: (iikSh.h) = to see Ix:N: (iikShaNa) = seeing Ix:N: (iikShaNaM) = eyes Ix:t: (iikShate) = (1 ap) to see uVt: (uktaM) = said uVt:H (uktaH) = addressed uVt:aH (uktaaH) = are said uVtv:a (uktvaa) = saying ug: (ugra) = powerful, noble ug: (ugraM) = terrible ug:H (ugraH) = terrible ug:km:aN:H (ugrakarmaaNaH) = engaged in painful activities ug:-p:H (ugraruupaH) = fierce form ug:as:n: (ugraasana) = the posterior stretch posture ug:H (ugraiH) = by terrible ucc:ar (uchchaara) = pronunciation ucc:ay: (uchchaarya) = having uttered or pronounced ucc:H (uchchaiH) = up ucc:H:v:s: (uchchaiHshravasaM) = Uccaihsrava ucC (uchchha) = Exalted Planet ucCbd (uchchhabda) = loud sound (masc) uecC (uchchhishhTaM) = remnants of food eaten by others ucC:\:N: (uchchhoshhaNaM) = drying up uecCt: (uchchhritaM) = high ucy:t: (uchyate) = is said ujjv:l: (ujjvala) = radiant uay:y:et: (uDDaayayati) = to fly uey:an: (uDDiyaana) = a fetter or binding involving the raising of the diaphragm ut: (uta) = it is said utkX (utkaTa) = fierce utkXas:n: (utkaTaasana) = the the hunkering posture utkNYy:a (utkaNThayaa) = (instr.sing.) feelings utkty:m:an: (utkR^ityamaana) = one who is cut up utk (utkR^ishhTa) = excellent utk:c:H (utkochaH) = (m) bribe ut#aent: (utkraanti) = evolution ut#am:et: (utkraamati) = gives up ut#am:nt: (utkraamantaM) = quitting the body u:t:a (utta.ngataa) = greatness u:m: (uttama) = exceptional u:m: (uttamaM) = transcendental u:m:H (uttamaH) = the best u:m:ev:da (uttamavidaaM) = of the great sages u:m:aH (uttamaa.ngaiH) = heads u:m::j:aH (uttamaujaaH) = Uttamauja u:r (uttaraM) = covering u:rdaey:tv: (uttaradaayitvaM) = (n) responsibility u:r-p: (uttararuupaM) = having it in the northern direction u:raPalg:en: (uttaraaphaalguni) = Twelfth nakshatra u:raB:adp:d (uttaraabhaadrapada) = Twenty-sixth nakshatra u:ray:N: (uttaraayaNaM) = when the sun passes on the northern side u:ra\:Za (uttaraashhaDhaa) = Twenty-first nakshatra u:an: (uttaana) = an intense stretch ue: (uttishhTha) = get up ue:t: (uttishhThata) = (Verb Imp.II up; stand up; rise; arise u:ؤ (uttu.nga) = tall utT: (utthaM) = produced of uetT:t: (utthita) = stretched uetT:t:a (utthitaa) = present utp:e: (utpatti) = production utp:d (utpad.h) = to obtain utp: (utpannaM) = produce utp:aeXn: (utpaaTin.h) = (masc) puller-up utp:at:y: (utpaataya) = (causative of ut+pat) produce utp:adk (utpaadaka) = producer utp:adn: (utpaadana) = production utp:adS:lk (utpaadashulkaM) = (n) excise utp:ieYka (utpiiThikaa) = (f) table ut)p:at:H (utprapaataH) = (m) cliff ut)v:as:i (utpravaasii) = (m) emigrant utpl:v:t: (utplavate) = to jump uts: (utsanna) = spoiled uts:v: (utsava) = festival uts:v:( H) (utsava(H)) = (Masc.Nom.sing.) festival uts:adn:aT: (utsaadanaarthaM) = for the sake of causing annihilation uts:ant: (utsaadyante) = are devastated uts:ah (utsaaha) = enthusiasm uts:idy:H (utsiideyuH) = would be put into ruin uts:j: (utsR^ija) = give up uts:j:aem: (utsR^ijaami) = send forth uts:jy: (utsR^ijya) = giving up ud.d:hH (ud.drohaH) = (m) uprising udG:aXy:et: (ud.hghaaTayati) = to open udk (udaka) = (n) water udeD: (udadhi) = sea udp:an: (udapaane) = in a well of water udy: (udaya) = rise udy:t: (udayat.h) = rising udr (udara) = bellies udren:em:: (udaranimittaM) = for the sake of the belly/living udrm: (udaram.h) = (n) stomach udan: (udaana) = the vital air controlling the intake of food and air udar (udaara) = generous udaraH (udaaraaH) = magnanimous udas:in: (udaasiina) = neutrals between belligerents udas:in:H (udaasiinaH) = free from care udas:in:v:t: (udaasiinavat.h) = as neutral udahrN: (udaaharaNa) = example udahrN:ay: (udaaharaNaaya) = for example udat: (udaahR^itaM) = exemplified udat:H (udaahR^itaH) = is said udaty: (udaahR^itya) = indicating udic:i (udiichii) = (f) north uddS:a (uduudashaa) = Vinshottari Dasha ucCet: (udgachchhati) = to overflow uar (udgaara) = expression ueSy: (uddishya) = desiring uS:t:H (uddeshataH) = as examples ur (uddhara) = uplift uret: (uddharati) = to draw up (water from a well) urt: (uddharet.h) = one must deliver uarN: (uddhaaraNa) = lifting up ut: (uddhR^itaM) = that which had been lifted uv:hnt:i (uddhvahantii) = she who is bearing or carrying the load uv: (udbhavaM) = produced uv:H (udbhavaH) = generation ut: (udyata) = uplifted ut:aH (udyataaH) = trying um: (udyama) = industriousness um:n: (udyamena) = (msc.instr.S) effort; exercise umy: (udyamya) = taking up uan: (udyaana) = garden uan:p:al:kH (udyaanapaalakaH) = (m) gardener, mali uan:m: (udyaanam.h) = (n) garden u:eg:n: (udyogin.h) = industrious ut: (udvarta) = plentiful uah (udvaaha) = (m) marriage uej:t: (udvijate) = are agitated uej:t: (udvijet.h) = become agitated ug:H (udvegaiH) = and anxiety uet:H (unnatiH) = (f) improvement uy:et: (unnayati) = to lift unm:n:i (unmanii) = samadhi uenm:\:n: (unmishhan.h) = opening unm:iel:t: (unmiilita) = opened unm:l:y:et: (unmuulayati) = to pull out, uproot up: (upa) = near up:+S: (upa+shaM) = to extinguish up:krN: (upakaraNa) = means up:klp:n:a (upakalpanaa) = (f) hypothesis up:kar (upakaara) = benefit up:kark (upakaaraka) = beneficial up:k (upakR^i) = to do a favour up:#m:H (upakramaH) = (m) project, undertaking up:g:hH (upagrahaH) = (m) satellite, spacecraft up:c:y: (upachaya) = Houses of earning (3,6,10,11) up:c:arH (upachaaraH) = (m) remedy, treatment up:c:aerka (upachaarikaa) = (f) nurse up:j:ay:t: (upajaayate) = takes place up:j:ay:nt: (upajaayante) = are born up:j:et: (upajuhvati) = offer up:dan: (upadaanaM) = (n) gratuity up:dS: (upadesha) = advice up:dS:H (upadeshaH) = advice up:dS:y:et: (upadeshayati) = giving advice up:dxy:ent: (upadekShyanti) = they will initiate up:da (upadrashhTaa) = overseer up:D:an:m: (upadhaanam.h) = (n) pillow up:D:ary: (upadhaaraya) = know up:n:g:rm: (upanagaram.h) = (n) suburb up:n:am: (upanaama) = alias up:en:\:t: (upanishhat.h) = says the `upanishat.h' up:en:\:d (upanishhad.h) = the philosophical parts of the Vedas. up:n:*:m: (upanetram.h) = (n) spectacles, glasses up:ny:as:kH (upanyaasakaH) = (m) lecturer up:p:e:\: (upapattishhu) = having obtained up:p:d (upapada) = The sign which is as apart from the 12th lord as the latter is from the 12th house up:p:t: (upapadyate) = is befitting up:p: (upapannaM) = arrived at up:b:nD:H (upabandhaH) = (m) provision up:B::g: (upabhoga) = consumption up:m: (upamaM) = compared to up:m:a (upamaa) = comparative up:y:aent: (upayaanti) = come up:y:j: (upayuj.h) = use up:y::g: (upayoga) = use up:y::eg:t:a (upayogitaa) = Utility up:rt: (uparataM) = ceased up:renj:t:H (uparanjitaiH) = splendid, resplendant up:rm:t: (uparamate) = cease (because one feels transcendental happiness) up:rm:t: (uparamet.h) = one should hold back up:er (upari) = (adv) above up:l:B: (upalabh.h) = to obtain up:l:By:t: (upalabhyate) = can be perceived up:el:py:t: (upalipyate) = mixes up:v:st: (upavastu) = (n) by-product up:ev:eD:H (upavidhiH) = (m) by-law up:ev:S:t: (upavishat.h) = sat down again up:ev:S:et: (upavishati) = to sit up:ev:Sy: (upavishya) = sitting up:ev: (upavishhTha) = seated up:s:my: (upasa.ngamya) = approaching up:s:g: (upasarga) = Prefix up:s: (upasR^i) = (root) go near up:s:v:t: (upasevate) = enjoys up:sT:a (upasthaa) = to stand near, to stand by up:sT: (upasthe) = on the seat up:sn:hH (upasnehaH) = (m) lubricant up:ht: (upahata) = overpowered up:hny:a (upahanyaaM) = would destroy up:harH (upahaaraH) = (m) gift up:a: (upaatta) = obtained up:aeD:H (upaadhiH) = (f) title up:ay: (upaaya) = (masc) means up:ay:t:H (upaayataH) = by appropriate means up:aj:n: (upaarjana) = earning/acquiring up:al:B:t: (upaalabhate) = to reproach up:ae: (upaashri) = to take shelter in up:ae:t:aH (upaashritaaH) = being fully situated up:ae:ty: (upaashritya) = taking shelter of up:as:t: (upaasate) = worship up:aharg:h (upaahaaragR^iha) = restaurant up:aharg:hm: (upaahaaragR^iham.h) = (n) restaurant up:t:H (upetaH) = haaving reached or attained up:ty: (upetya) = achieving up:x:a (upekShaa) = disregard up: (upai) = to go to up:et: (upaiti) = gets up:\y:es: (upaishhyasi) = you will attain upkarH (upkaaraH) = (m) cess uB:y: (ubhaya) = both uB:y:*: (ubhayatra) = at both places uB:y::H (ubhayoH) = both uB: (ubhe) = both uB:: (ubhau) = both um:a (umaa) = pArvatI urg:an: (uragaan.h) = serpents ursT:l: (urasthala) = place on the chest u, (uru) = thighs u,k (uruka) = (n) pant uej:t: (urjitaM) = glorious uDv:kH (urdhvakaH) = (m) tabla uv:a,k (urvaarukaM) = (Masc.Acc.S)water melon ; melon ul:kH (uluukaH) = (m) owl ulb:n: (ulbena) = by the womb ull:H (ullaH) = to shine ull:es:t: (ullasitaM) = shining ull::l: (ullola) = a large wave uv:ac: (uvaacha) = said uS:n:a (ushanaa) = Usana ue\:tv:a (ushhitvaa) = after dwelling u\X (ushhTra) = a camel u\XH (ushhTraH) = (m) camel u\Xp:x:i (ushhTrapakShii) = (m) ostrich u\Xas:n: (ushhTraasana) = the camel posture u\N: (ushhNa) = summer u\N:m:ap:km: (ushhNamaapakam.h) = (n) thermometer u\N:rx:km: (ushhNarakShakam.h) = (n) thermos flask u\N:i\:m: (ushhNiishham.h) = (n) turban u\m:p:aH (ushhmapaaH) = the forefathers UcCb:l: (uuchchhabala) = Exaltation strength part of Shad Bala Uy:t: (uuyate) = to weave U- (uuruu) = thighs U-H (uuruuH) = (m) thigh Uj:a (uurjaa) = (f) energy UN:n:aB:H (uurNanaabhaH) = (m) spider UN:a (uurNaa) = (f) wool UDv: (uurdhva) = raised UDv: (uurdhvaM) = upwards UDv:)s:aert:Okp:adas:n: (uurdhvaprasaaritaekapaadaasana) = balancing forward posture UDv:m:K: (uurdhvamukha) = face upwards UDv:rt:H (uurdhvaretaH) = a celibate intending to control(upward) the semen UDv:hst::n:as:n: (uurdhvahastattanaasana) = the up-stretched arms posture UDv:m:l: (uurdhvamuulaM) = with roots above UDv:at: (uurdhvaat.h) = from above Uem: (uurmi) = wave ?k (R^ik.h) = the Rg Veda ?c:H (R^ichaH) = the Rig Veda ?cCet: (R^ichchhati) = one attains ?j:H (R^ijuH) = (adj) straight ?N: (R^iNa) = debt ?N:p:*: (R^iNapatraM) = (n) debenture ?t: (R^itaM) = truth ?t: (R^itu) = season ?t:n:a (R^ituunaaM) = of all seasons ?t: (R^ite) = without, except for ? (R^iddhaM) = prosperous ?m: (R^iddham.h) = enriched ?\:y:H (R^ishhayaH) = those who are active within ?e\:H (R^ishhiH) = the sage ?e\:n: (R^ishhin.h) = great sages ?e\:eB:H (R^ishhibhiH) = by the wise sages ?Et: (R^iitaM) = truth Ok (eka) = one Ok (ekaM) = one OkH (ekaH) = one Oktv: (ekatvaM) = in oneness Oktv:n: (ekatvena) = in oneness Okdt: (ekada.ntaM) = one who has a single tusk Okdt:ay: (ekada.ntaaya) = to the one-tusked Okm:x:r (ekamakSharaM) = pranava Okm:v:aet:iy: (ekamevaadvitiiyaM) = one without a second Oky:a (ekayaa) = by one Okv:c:n: (ekavachanaM) = singular OksT: (ekasthaM) = in one place Okesm:n: (ekasmin.h) = in one OkaH (ekaaH) = one Okaeken: (ekaakini) = solitary woman Okaki (ekaakii) = alone Okag: (ekaagra) = one-pointed Okag: (ekaagraM) = with one attention Okag:N: (ekaagreNa) = with full attention Okant: (ekaantaM) = overly Okax:r (ekaakSharaM) = the one syllable Ok (eke) = in one Okn: (ekena) = alone Okk (ekaikaM) = one by one Okkm:x:r (ekaikamakSharaM) = each and every word Ok:|h (eko.ahaM) = I the one single being Ot:t: (etat.h) = it Ot:n: (etan.h) = this Ot:y::H (etayoH) = of these two Ot:sy: (etasya) = of this Ot:a (etaaM) = this Ot:an: (etaan.h) = all these Ot:aen: (etaani) = all these Ot:av:t: (etaavat.h) = this much Oet: (eti) = attains Ot: (ete) = they Ot:n: (etena) = by this Ot:\:a (eteshhaaM) = of the Pandavas Ot:H (etaiH) = all these OD:t: (edhate) = (1 ap) to grow OD:aes: (edhaa.nsi) = firewood On: (enaM) = this OeB:H (ebhiH) = by them OBy:H (ebhyaH) = to these demigods Ov: (eva) = ( used to put emphasis ) Ov: (evaM) = thus Ov:ev:D:H (eva.nvidhaH) = like this Ov:ev:D:aH (eva.nvidhaaH) = like this Ov:aep: (evaapi) = also O\:H (eshhaH) = this O\:a (eshhaa) = this O\:a (eshhaaM) = of them O\y:et: (eshhyati) = comes O\y:es: (eshhyasi) = you will attain Okaent:ksy: (aikaantikasya) = ultimate OVy: (aikya) = unity OcCt: (aichchhat.h) = desired Orav:t: (airaavataM) = Airavata O:r (aishvaraM) = divine O:y: (aishvarya) = desire for power A:ras:n: (o.nkaraasana) = the OM posture A:j:s: (ojasa) = concentrated psychic power A:j:s:a (ojasaa) = by My energy A:\:et: (oshhati) = (1 pp) to burn A::eg:k (audyogika) = industrial A:p:my:n: (aupamyena) = by comparison A:S:D: (aushadha) = medicine A:\:D: (aushhadha) = medicine A:\:D: (aushhadhaM) = medicine A:\:D:m: (aushhadham.h) = (n) medicine A:\:D:s:c:i (aushhadhasuuchii) = (f) syringe, injection A:\:eD:v:n: (aushhadhivana) = medicinal garden A:\:D:iH (aushhadhiiH) = vegetables k (ka) = what( use) is the k (kaM) = whom kkn: (ka.nkana) = bracelet kcn: (ka.nchna) = anyone (or someone) kXH (ka.nTaH) = (Masc,Nom.sing.) throat kY (ka.nThaM) = neck kY (ka.nThe) = in yhe neck kT:a (ka.nthaa) = rags? ksy: (ka.nsya) = bronze kH (kaH) = who kked (kakudi) = hump of an ox kecc:t: (kachchit.h) = whether kcCp: (kachchhapa) = (masc) tortoise kjj:l: (kajjala) = lamp black kWc:kH (kaJNchukaH) = blouse kXH (kaTaH) = (m) carpet kXax: (kaTaakSha) = glance keX (kaTi) = hip keXH (kaTiH) = waist keXkas:n: (kaTikaasana) = the front-stretching posture keXv:s*:m: (kaTivastram.h) = (n) underwear kXi (kaTii) = waist kX (kaTu) = (m) pungent, hot keYn: (kaThina) = tough kN: (kaNa) = small bit kN:tv: (kaNatva) = particularity keN:kap:it:a (kaNikaapiitaa) = a little droplet, drunk kN:iy: (kaNiiya) = particulate kNXkm: (kaNTakam.h) = (n) thorns kNY (kaNTha) = throat kNYH (kaNThaH) = (m) throat, neck kNYB:\:a (kaNThabhuushhaa) = (f) necklace kNYharH (kaNThahaaraH) = (m) necklace kNRy:et: (kaNDuuyati) = to scratch kNR:l:H (kaNDolaH) = (m) a wooden basket kt:rt: (katarat.h) = which ket:p:y: (katipaya) = Some kT: (kath.h) = to tell kT: (kathaM) = tell kT:nt: (kathanta) = howness kT:y: (kathaya) = describe kT:y:t:H (kathayataH) = speaking kT:y:et: (kathayati) = (10 up) to narrate, to tell kT:y:t: (kathayate) = (10 up) to narrate, to tell kT:y:nt:H (kathayantaH) = talking kT:ey:\y:ent: (kathayishhyanti) = will speak kT:ey:\y:aem: (kathayishhyaami) = I shall speak kT:a (kathaa) = story kT:am:t: (kathaamR^ita) = Gospel kT:am:t: (kathaamR^itaM) = Gospel keT:t: (kathita) = told kdel:Pl:m: (kadaliphalam.h) = (n) banana kdl:i (kadalii) = banana kdl:it:l: (kadaliitailaM) = banana oil kda (kadaa) = when kdac:n: (kadaachan.h) = never kdac:n: (kadaachana) = at any time kdaec:t: (kadaachit.h) = at any time (past, present or future) kdaep: (kadaapi) = at any time kn:k (kanaka) = gold kn:ien:ka (kaniinikaa) = (f) eyeball knY (kanTha) = throat knT:H (kanthaH) = throated man knd (kanda) = a knot, the place where the three main nadis join kndH (kandaH) = (m) root kndp:H (kandarpaH) = Cupid kndas:n: (kandaasana) = the upward ankle-twist posture kndk (kanduka) = (m) a ball kny:a (kanyaa) = Zodiacal sign Virgo kp:Xy::g:H (kapaTayogaH) = (m) intrigue kp:eXk (kapaTika) = cunning, scheming kp:t: (kapataM) = (n) plot, conspiracy kp:al: (kapaala) = forehead kp:al:H (kapaalaH) = (m) human skull kp:al:B:et: (kapaalabhati) = a process to clear the sinuses kp:aln:l: (kapaalnala) = fire in the forehead (??? again perhaps wrong) kep: (kapi) = monkey kep:H (kapiH) = (m) monkey kep:Dv:j:H (kapidhvajaH) = he whose flag was marked with Hanuman kp::t: (kapota) = pigeon, dove kp::t:as:n: (kapotaasana) = the dove posture kp::l:H (kapolaH) = (m) cheek kb:D:i (kaba.ndhii) = build km:n:iy:kr (kamaniiyakaraM) = desired hands km:l: (kamala) = Lotus km:l:p:*: (kamalapatra) = Lotus leaf km:l:p:*:ax: (kamalapatraakSha) = O lotus-eyed one km:l:a (kamalaa) = saraswati km:l:as:n:sT: (kamalaasanasthaM) = sitting on the lotus flower kmp:t: (kampate) = (1 ap) to shake kmp:y:et: (kampayati) = to shake kr (kara) = Hand kr (karaM) = the cause of krH (karaH) = (m) tax krN: (karaNaM) = the means krN:ay: (karaNaaya) = to do krN:iy: (karaNiiyaM) = to be done krt:l:eB:x:a (karatalabhikShaa) = alms in the palms krt:l:m: (karatalam.h) = (n) palm krdip:H (karadiipaH) = (m) torch, flashlight krB::, (karabhoru) = fair-limbed krl: (karalaM) = terrible krv:al: (karavaala) = sword krv:av:h (karavaavahai) = may we do krsT:aH (karasthaaH) = obtaining(literally standing) in his very hands kraS:km: (karaa.nshukam.h) = (n) full-sleeved shirt kral: (karaala) = dreadful kral: (karaalaM) = horrible kral:aen: (karaalaani) = terrible kery:adH (kariyaadaH) = (m) hippopotamus ker\y:et: (karishhyati) = can do ker\y:es: (karishhyasi) = perform ker\y: (karishhye) = I shall execute k,N:H (karuNaH) = kindly k,N:a (karuNaa) = the sentiment of sorrow k,N:akr (karuNaakara.n) = the one induces compassion k,N:aN:v: (karuNaarNavaM) = the ocean of `karuna' (compassion) kr:et: (karoti) = does kr:em: (karomi) = I do kr:es: (karosi) = you do kr: (karau) = hands (lower arms) kk (karka) = The Zodiacal sign Cancer kkeX (karkaTi) = (f) cucumber kkr:g:H (karkarogaH) = (m) cancer kN: (karNa) = ear, also KarNa from Mahabharata kN: (karNaM) = Karna kN:H (karNaH) = Karna kN:ep:Ras:n: (karNapiDaasana) = the ear-press posture keN:kar (karNikaara) = Himalayan tree kN:eB:H (karNebhiH) = through the ears kt:y:et: (kartayati) = to cut kt:ri (kartarii) = (f) scissors kt:vy: (kartavya) = should be done kt:vy: (kartavyaM) = prescribed duty kt:vy:aen: (kartavyaani) = should be done as duty kt:a (kartaa) = doer, also attributed to main person in a household kt:a|es: (kartaa.asi) = are the doer kt:ar (kartaaraM) = the father kt: (kartuM) = to perform kt:m:hes: (kartumarhasi) = kartuM + arhasi:to do + deserve (You are entitled or you should) kt:tv: (kartR^itvaM) = proprietorship kt:tv: (kartR^itve) = in the matter of creation kp:r (karpura) = camphor km: (karma) = Action or activity km:B:av: (karmabhaava) = The 10th house of Careers and Work km:j: (karmajaM) = due to fruitive activities km:j:a (karmajaa) = from fruitive work km:j:an: (karmajaan.h) = born of work km:N:H (karmaNaH) = than fruitive action km:N:a (karmaNaa) = by work km:N:a (karmaNaaM) = of prescribed duties km:eN: (karmaNi) = in action km:n: (karman.h) = work km:Pl: (karmaphala) = the result of an action km:Pl: (karmaphalaM) = the results of all activities km:Pl:ty:ag:H (karmaphalatyaagaH) = renunciation of the results of fruitive action km:Pl:as: (karmaphalaasa.ngaM) = attachment for fruitive results km:Pl: (karmaphale) = in fruitive action km:b:nD: (karmabandhaM) = bondage of reaction km:b:nD:n:H (karmabandhanaH) = bondage by work km:eB:H (karmabhiH) = from the bondage of the law of fruitive actions km:y::g: (karmayoga) = unselfish actions km:y::g: (karmayogaM) = devotion km:y::g:H (karmayogaH) = work in devotion km:y::g:N: (karmayogeNa) = by the linking process of devotion km:s:ny:as:at: (karmasa.nnyaasaat.h) = in comparison to the renunciation of fruitive work km:s:en:a (karmasa.nginaaM) = who are attached to fruitive work km:s:e\: (karmasa.ngishhu) = in the association of those engaged in fruitive activities km:s:n: (karmasa.ngena) = by association with fruitive activity km:s: (karmasu) = in all activities km:aN: (karmaaNaM) = the fruits of actions km:aN:a (karmaaNaaM) = whose work km:aeN: (karmaaNi) = deeds kem:By:H (karmibhyaH) = than the fruitive workers km:endy: (karmendriya) = an action organ, e.g. the hands or feet km:endy:aeN: (karmendriyaaNi) = the five working sense organs km:endy:H (karmendriyaiH) = by the active sense organs k\: (karshha) = attracted, contacted k\:k (karshhaka) = farmer k\:et: (karshhati) = (1 pp) to draw, to pull k\:y:nt:H (karshhayantaH) = tormenting kl:k:an:g:r (kalakattaanagaraM) = Calcutta kl:kl: (kalakala) = a sort of sound imitation (dhvnyanukaraNa) like a river flow kl:*:kark (kalatrakaaraka) = Significator of marriage partner which is Venus kl:y:t:a (kalayataaM) = of subduers kl:h (kalaha) = fight/discord/argument kl:a (kalaa) = Art kl:an:aT: (kalaanaatha) = moon (??? I may be wrong here) kl:ay:H (kalaayaH) = (m) groundnut kel: (kali) = Bud kel:y:g: (kaliyuga) = the current, pleasure-loving age kel:l: (kalilaM) = dense forest kl:\:H (kalushhaH) = smeared, blot kl:v:r (kalevara) = (neut) body kl:v:r (kalevaraM) = the body kl:: (kalau) = during the kali age klp:dm: (kalpadruma) = kalpa-vRiksha : the tree that will give you anything you can klp:t:, (kalpataru) = (m) The heavenly tree giving whatever one desires klp:t: (kalpate) = is considered eligible klp:v:x:aN:a (kalpavR^ikshaaNaaM) = the kalpa(imagined) vR^iksha trees (wish-yielding) klp:x:y: (kalpakShaye) = at the end of the millennium klp:ad: (kalpaadau) = in the beginning of the millennium kelp:t: (kalpita) = imagined klm:\:H (kalmashhaH) = all material contamination klm:\:aH (kalmashhaaH) = of sinful reactions kly:aN: (kalyaaNa) = well being (of others) kly:aN: (kalyaaNaM) = (n) welfare kly:aN:kt: (kalyaaNakR^it.h) = one who is engaged in auspicious activities kv:c:i (kavachii) = with armor kv:y:H (kavayaH) = the intelligent kv:ey:*:i (kavayitrii) = (f) poetess kv:l:ikt: (kavaliikR^ita) = (adj) swallowed kev: (kavi) = poet kev: (kaviM) = the one who knows everything kev:H (kaviH) = poet kev:t:a (kavitaa) = poetry kev:t:aS:aK:a (kavitaashaakhaaM) = the poetry-branch (of a tree) kv:in:a (kaviinaaM) = of all great thinkers kvy: (kavya) = poetry kS:a (kashaa) = (f) a whip kS:,H (kasheruH) = (m) spine, spinal chord k:n: (kashchana) = cerain ke:t: (kashchit.h) = someone kSm:l: (kashmalaM) = dirtiness k\:ay: (kashhaaya) = (m) astringent kst: (kaste) = kaH+te, who+your ksm:at: (kasmaat.h) = why ksm: (kasmai) = to `Ka' ksy: (kasya) = whose ksy:ec:t: (kasyachit.h) = anyone's khl:y::g: (kahalayoga) = Stubborness (Ranjan says laziness). Lords of 4th and 9th houses should be in Kendras from each other and the lord of Lagna should be strongly disposed kal:H (ka~NkaalaH) = (m) skeleton ka (kaa) = who kap:,\: (kaapurushha) = contemptible fellow ka (kaaM) = which kac:n:m:a:y:et: (kaa.nchanamaashraya.nti) = take refuge in gold or money kak (kaaka) = crow kakas:n: (kaakaasana) = the crow posture kaekN:i (kaakiNii) = the goddess in anaahata chakra kaktsT: (kaakutsthaM) = kAkutsthaH is another family name for rAma(kakutstha's kaktsT:H (kaakutsthaH) = descendant of `kakutstha' kag:dm: (kaagadam.h) = (n) paper ka{x:et: (kaa.nkShati) = desires ka{x:nt:H (kaa.nkShantaH) = desiring kae{x:t: (kaa.nkShitaM) = is desired ka{x: (kaa.nkShe) = do I desire kaWc:n: (kaaJNchana) = gold kaWc:n:H (kaaJNchanaH) = gold kat: (kaate) = kA+te, who+your kadb:ri (kaadaMbarii) = name of a girl or title of a novel kadmb:H (kaadambaH) = (m) duck kan:n: (kaanana) = forest kant: (kaantaM) = lovely , glowing kant:a (kaantaa) = wife kaent: (kaanti) = splendour kam: (kaama) = lust kam: (kaamaM) = desire kam:H (kaamaH) = desire kam:kam: (kaamakaama) = desirer of desires (kaamaan kaamayati iti aN) kam:kam:aH (kaamakaamaaH) = desiring sense enjoyments kam:kam:i (kaamakaamii) = one who desires to fulfill desires kam:kart:H (kaamakaarataH) = acting whimsically in lust kam:karN: (kaamakaareNa) = for enjoying the result of work kam:dam: (kaamadaam.h) = (the hymn which) gives (grants) all desires kam:D:k (kaamadhuk.h) = kaamadhenu : the cow who can milk out anything you wish kam:D:n: (kaamadhenu) = the heavenly cow kam:e) (kaamapri) = son of kaamapra kam:B::g:\: (kaamabhogeshhu) = to sense gratification kam:m:D:it: (kaamamadhiite) = desire, reads kam:y: (kaamaye) = (Vr.Pr.IP.S.AP)desire; wish for kam:-p: (kaamaruupaM) = in the form of lust kam:-p:N: (kaamaruupeNa) = in the form of lust kam:ev:karH (kaamavikaaraH) = sensual/sexual attraction kam:ht:k (kaamahaitukaM) = it is due to lust only kam:aH (kaamaaH) = desires kam:at: (kaamaat.h) = from desire kam:atm:an:H (kaamaatmaanaH) = desirous of sense gratification kam:an: (kaamaan.h) = desiring kaem:t: (kaamita) = something one has wished for kam:ps:n:a (kaamepsunaa) = by one with desires for fruitive results kam:By:H (kaamebhyaH) = material sense gratification kam::r (kaameshvara) = lord of desires kam:H (kaamaiH) = by desires kam::p:B::g: (kaamopabhoga) = sense gratification kamy:an:a (kaamyaanaaM) = with desire kay: (kaaya) = body (masc, neut) kay: (kaayaM) = the body kay:a (kaayaa) = body kaey:ka (kaayikaa) = pertaining to the body kay:n: (kaayena) = with the body kark (kaaraka) = Planetary Significator which remain the same for all houses karkH (kaarakaiH) = which are causes karN: (kaaraNa) = reason karN: (kaaraNaM) = the means karN:m: (kaaraNam.h) = reason karN:aen: (kaaraNaani) = causes kary:n: (kaarayan.h) = causing to be done karag:hm: (kaaraagR^iham.h) = (n) prison, jail kaer (kaari) = causing ka,Ny:-p: (kaaruNyaruupaM) = the personification of compassion kaet:ky: (kaartikeya) = the god of war, was reared by the Pleiades kap:Ny: (kaarpaNya) = of miserliness kap:Ny:v:adi (kaarpaNyavaadii) = adj. wrechedness incarnate kay: (kaarya) = work kay: (kaaryaM) = work kay:kt:a (kaaryakartaa) = worker, active participant in an organisation kay:t: (kaaryate) = is forced to do kay:al:y:H (kaaryaalayaH) = (m) office, place of work kay: (kaarye) = work kal: (kaala) = Time kal: (kaalaM) = time kal:H (kaalaH) = Master Time kal:*:y: (kaalatraya) = three states of time(present, past and future) kal:p:,\: (kaalapurushha) = Universal Prototypal Human. Spirit of Time kal:b:l: (kaalabala) = Temporal strength of planets used in Shad bala kal:b:am: (kaalabaahyam.h) = (adj) outdated, obsolete kal:B:rv:as:n: (kaalabhairavaasana) = Lord Kalabhairava's posture kal:s:p:y::g: (kaalasarpayoga) = Planets on one side of the Nodal Axis of Rahu-Ketu kal:an:l: (kaalaanala) = the fire of death kal:ay: (kaalaaya) = (masc.dat.S)to the (Lord of) Time kal:im:at:H (kaaliimaatuH) = Mother Kali's kal: (kaale) = time kal:n: (kaalena) = in the course of time kal:\: (kaaleshhu) = times kavy: (kaavya) = poetry kaS:t: (kaashate) = (1 ap) to shine kaeS:raj:H (kaashiraajaH) = Kasiraja kaSy:H (kaashyaH) = the King of Kasi (Varanasi) ka\:ay: (kaashhaaya) = saffron cloth ka (kaashhTa) = wood, branch ka (kaashhTha) = (neut) piece of wood kas:t: (kaasate) = to cough kas:arH (kaasaaraH) = lake ek (kiM) = what ekeN:i (ki.nkiNii) = (f) ghungroo ekWc:n: (kiJNchana) = any ekeWc:t: (kiJNchit.h) = a few, little eknt: (kintu) = but ekm: (kimuu) = how come ? ekrN: (kiraNa) = ray ekret: (kirati) = (6 pp) to scatter ekrieXn: (kiriiTin.h) = Arjuna ekrieXn: (kiriiTinaM) = with helmets ekelb:S: (kilbishaM) = sinful reactions ekelb:\:H (kilbishhaH) = all of whose sins ekelb:\:H (kilbishhaiH) = from sins ekS::r (kishora) = son ekS::ri (kishorii) = daughter eks:l:y: (kisalaya) = A sprout, a young and tender shoot or foliage kidS:i (kiidR^ishii) = how kit: (kiirt.h) = to tell kit:y:nt:H (kiirtayantaH) = chanting kiet: (kiirtiM) = reputation kiet:H (kiirtiH) = fame kit:i (kiirtii) = fame kp:rix:k (kupariikShaka) = one who cannot judge value correctly kj:rH (ku.njaraH) = (Masc.nom.S)elephant kkXas:n: (kukuTaasana) = the cockerel (rooster) posture kVkX (kukkuTa) = rooster kVkXH (kukkuTaH) = (m) cock kVkXi (kukkuTii) = (f) hen kVkrH (kukkuraH) = (m) dog k٨l:H (ku.nmalaH) = (m) button kj: (kuja) = Mars kj:d:\: (kujadoshha) = Affliction caused by Mars occupying the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses. There are some more details and it is best to learn more about this before delineating marital relationships kXi (kuTii) = (f) a small hut kXic:k (kuTiichaka) = the hut-builder kXilb:عi (kuTiilbuddhii) = adj. heinous, attrocious, nefarious kXb:k (kuTuMbakaM) = small family kXmb: (kuTumba) = family kXmb:k (kuTumbaka) = family k٬et: (kuTTati) = to grind, to pound kNR (kuNDa) = starting place of kundalini kNRl: (kuNDala) = coil of rope, ring kNRel: (kuNDali) = The Wheel or Horoscope Chart kNRel:n:i (kuNDalinii) = a coiled female snake, the latent energy at the base of the spine kt:H (kutaH) = from where k*: (kutra) = where ktsy: (kutsya) = despicable kenc:ka (kunchikaa) = (f) key knt:H (kuntaH) = (m) spear kent:B::j:H (kuntibhojaH) = Kuntibhoja knt:ip:*:H (kuntiiputraH) = the son of Kunti knd (kunda) = night lily kep:t: (kupita) = angered kep:t: (kupitaM) = angry kpy:et: (kupyati) = (4 pp) to be angry kpy:es: (kupyasi) = you get angry km:ar (kumaara) = (m) boy, young km:arH (kumaaraH) = boy km:aerka (kumaarikaa) = (f) girl km:ari (kumaarii) = (f) girl, young kmB: (kumbha) = The Zodiacal sign of Aquarius kmB:k (kumbhaka) = holding the breath kr (kura.nga) = deer k, (kuru) = do k,t: (kurute) = does (from kR^i) k,n:ndn: (kurunandana) = O beloved child of the Kurus k,)v:ir (kurupraviira) = O best among the Kuru warriors k,v:H (kuruvR^iddhaH) = the grandsire of the Kuru dynasty (Bhishma) k,: (kurushreshhTha) = O best of the Kurus k,\v: (kurushhva) = do k,s::m: (kurusattama) = O best amongst the Kurus k,x:*: (kurukShetre) = in the place named Kuruksetra k-n: (kuruun.h) = the members of the Kuru dynasty km: (kurma) = a tortoise, one of the vital airs - controls blinking km:as:n: (kurmaasana) = the tortoise (leg-lock) posture ky:a (kuryaaM) = I perform ky:at: (kuryaat.h) = must do kv:et: (kurva.nti) = (Vr.Pr.IIIP Pl.PP)do; act kv:n: (kurvan.h) = doing anything kv:ent: (kurvanti) = do (from kR^i) kv:nt: (kurvantu) = may do kv:ep: (kurvannapi) = although engaged in work kv:v:D:an: (kurvavadhaanaM) = pay attention kv:aN: (kurvaaNa) = one who does kv:aN:H (kurvaaNaH) = performing kv:an: (kurvaan.h) = doing kl: (kula) = family, dynasty kl: (kulaM) = family kl:g:,H (kulaguruH) = (m) chancellor kl:Gn:an:a (kulaghnaanaaM) = for those who are killers of the family kl:j:n:a (kulajanaa) = of noble people kl:D:m:aH (kuladharmaaH) = the family traditions kl:D:m:aN:a (kuladharmaaNaaM) = of those who have the family traditions kl:n:am: (kulanaama) = last name, surname kl:en:ht:ar: (kulaniha.ntaarau) = family+destroyers (2 persons) kl:ev:n:aS: (kulavinaasha) = the destroyer of the kula(dynasty, lineage) of (rAkShasaas) kl:es*:y:H (kulastriyaH) = family ladies kl:sy: (kulasya) = for the family kl:x:y: (kulakShaya) = in the destruction of a dynasty kl:x:y: (kulakShaye) = in destroying the family kl:aen: (kulaani) = lineages kl:al:H (kulaalaH) = (m) potter kl:in: (kuliina) = from a good family kl:irH (kuliiraH) = (m) a crab kl: (kule) = in the family kly:a (kulyaa) = (f) canal (carrying water for irrigation) kS: (kusha) = and kusa grass kS:l: (kushalaM) = welfare kS:l: (kushale) = in the auspicious kS:hst: (kushahasta) = holding kusha grass in hand ks:m: (kusuma) = flower ks:m:akrH (kusumaakaraH) = spring ks:em:t: (kusumita) = blooming ksy:et: (kusyati) = (4 pp) to embrace, to hug kj:t: (kuuja.ntaM) = making the `coo'ing sound kj:t: (kuujat.h) = the singing (chirping) one kXn:iet:H (kuuTaniitiH) = (f) strategy kXsT: (kuuTasthaM) = unchanging kXsT:H (kuuTasthaH) = spiritually situated kp:H (kuupaH) = (m) well kp:i (kuupii) = (f) bottle kec:ka (kuurchikaa) = (f) paint brush, drawing brush kdet: (kuurdati) = to jump kp:rH (kuurparaH) = (m) elbow km:H (kuurmaH) = tortoise k (kR^i) = to do kcCr (kR^ichchhara) = difficult kRet: (kR^iDati) = (1 pp) to play kNv:t:H (kR^iNva.ntaH) = that person who is doing kt: (kR^it.h) = the man who did (the destruction of raakshasa kula) kt: (kR^ita) = Done kt: (kR^itaM) = done kt:kty:H (kR^itakR^ityaH) = the most perfect in his endeavours kt:eD:y:a (kR^itadhiyaaM) = of sanes (stable-minded) kt:w (kR^itaGYa) = Grateful kt:wt:a (kR^itaGYataa) = gratitude kt:aWj:el:H (kR^itaaJNjaliH) = with folded hands kt:ant: (kR^itaante) = in the conclusion ket: (kR^iti) = Direction kt:n: (kR^itena) = by discharge of duty ke:ka (kR^ittikaa) = Third nakshatra kty: (kR^itya) = Deed kty:H (kR^ityaiH) = that which was done ktv:a (kR^itvaa) = after doing ktsn: (kR^itsnaM) = whole ktsn:km:kt: (kR^itsnakarmakR^it.h) = although engaged in all activities ktsn:v:t: (kR^itsnavat.h) = as all in all ktsn:ev:t: (kR^itsnavit.h) = one who is in factual knowledge ktsn:sy: (kR^itsnasya) = all-inclusive knt:et: (kR^intati) = (6 pp) to cut kp:H (kR^ipaH) = Krpa kp:N: (kR^ipaNa) = adj. niggardly kp:N:aH (kR^ipaNaaH) = misers kp:y:a (kR^ipayaa) = please kp:y:a|p:ar (kR^ipayaa.apaare) = out of boundless compassion kp:a (kR^ipaa) = compassion kp:aCay:a (kR^ipaachhaayaa) = care, protection kS: (kR^isha) = weak kS:H (kR^ishaH) = (adj) thin kS:et: (kR^ishati) = (6 pp) to plough k\:k (kR^ishhaka) = peasant k\:kH (kR^ishhakaH) = (m) farmer ke\: (kR^ishhi) = plowing k\:iv:l:H (kR^ishhiivalaH) = (m) farmer k\N: (kR^ishhNa) = the eighth incarnation of Vishnu i.e. Krishna k\N:p:x: (kR^ishhNapaksha) = Dark half of lunar month, also known as vadyapaksha k\N: (kR^ishhNaM) = unto KRishhNa k\N:H (kR^ishhNaH) = the fortnight of the dark moon k\N:aej:n:amb:r: (kR^ishhNaajinaambarau) = )two) persons wearing the deer-skin as clothes k\N:at: (kR^ishhNaat.h) = from KRishhNa k\N:as:n: (kR^ishhNaasana) = the Krishna posture k\N: (kR^ishhNe) = and darkness k (ke) = who kec:t: (kechit.h) = some of them kt:ki (ketakii) = a fragrant flower kt: (ketuu) = The south Lunar Node also known as Cauda Draconis in latin. The Dragon's tail in English kn: (kena) = by what kn:ec:t: (kenachit.h) = by somebody knd (kendra) = center kndk (kendraka) = nucleus knd (kendre) = (adv) at the centre km:dm: (kemadruma) = No planet flanking the Moon sign. Traditionally a sign of great misery and mental instability ky:r (keyuura) = armlet (bracelet worn on upper arm) kv:l: (kevala) = whole, pure kv:l: (kevalaM) = (adv) merely kv:l:H (kevalaiH) = purified kS: (kesha) = hair kS:v: (keshava) = O killer of the demon Kesi (KR^ishhNa) kS:v:sy: (keshavasya) = of KRishhNa keS:en:S:dn: (keshinishuudana) = O killer of the Kesi demon k\: (keshhu) = in which ks:rv:N:H (kesaravarNaH) = orange colour kH (kaiH) = by whom kl:as: (kailaasa) = a Himalayan mountain, home of Shiva kv:ly: (kaivalya) = spiritual independence and freedom k:|ep: (ko.api) = whosoever k:|h (ko.ahaM) = who am I k:ust:B: (koustubha) = gem named Kostubha k:ekl: (kokila) = the cuckoo k:eX (koTi) = (fem) extreme corner/edge k:eXB:ag: (koTibhaaga) = (masc) edge portion k:Xi (koTii) = 1 crore, 10 million k:N:H (koNaH) = (m) angle, corner of a room k:N: (koNe) = (adv) in the corner k:n: (kona) = an angle k:p: (kopa) = anger k:p:v:t:i (kopavatii) = when angry k:ep:t: (kopita) = angered k:l:ahl: (kolaahala) = (masc) uproar k:S: (kosha) = body or sheath k:\: (koshha) = a vessel, bucket, a box, seheath, cover, store, store-room, treasury, nutmeg, dictionary, lexicon, vocabulary k:\:H (koshhaH) = (m) pocket k:H (koshhThaH) = (m) room k:av:el:H (koshhThaavaliH) = apartment complex k:eka (koshhThikaa) = (f) cabin k:t:k (kautuka) = (neut) curiosity, eagerness k:nt:y: (kaunteya) = O son of Kunti k:nt:y:H (kaunteyaH) = the son of Kunti k:m:ar (kaumaaraM) = boyhood k:m:ay: (kaumaarya) = childhood k:m:di (kaumudii) = (f) moonlight k:S:l: (kaushalaM) = art k:s:ly:y:: (kausalyeyo) = kausalyA's (son) k:st:B: (kaustubha) = one of Vishnu's jewels #kc:H (krakachaH) = (m) a saw #t:v:H (kratavaH) = good deeds; sacrifices #t:H (kratuH) = Vedic ritual #aent: (kraanti) = revolution #aent:kark (kraantikaaraka) = revolutionary #am:et: (kraamati) = to cross e#kr (krikara) = one of the vital airs, causes coughing and sneezing e#y: (kriya) = action e#y:H (kriyaH) = and activities e#y:t: (kriyate) = is done e#y:nt: (kriyante) = are done e#y:m:aN: (kriyamaaNa) = someone in the process of doing e#y:m:aN:aen: (kriyamaaNaani) = being done e#y:a (kriyaa) = Purificationary rite, religious ceremony e#y:aH (kriyaaH) = performances e#y:at:v: (kriyaatattva) = action principle e#y:aeB:H (kriyaabhiH) = by pious activities e#y:aev:S:\: (kriyaavisheshha) = pompous ceremonies e#y:aS:il: (kriyaashiila) = active #iRet: (kriiDati) = plays #iRa (kriiDaa) = play #iRan:k (kriiDaanaka) = (n) a toy #iRal:H (kriiDaaluH) = (m) sportsman #iN:aet: (kriiNaati) = to buy #r (kruura) = cruel #rg:h (kruuragraha) = Malefic planet #ran: (kruuraan.h) = mischievous #:D: (krodha) = anger #:D: (krodhaM) = anger #:D:H (krodhaH) = and anger #:D:at: (krodhaat.h) = from anger #:S:et: (kroshati) = (1 pp) to cry #:c: (krau.ncha) = a mountain said to be pierced by Kartikeya #:c:p:et: (krau.nchapati) = kArtikeya #:Wc: (krauJNcha) = a heron #:Wc:as:n: (krauJNchaasana) = the heron posture eVl: (klinna) = wet Vl:dy:ent: (kledayanti) = moistens Vl:S: (klesha) = (masc) distress Vl:S:H (kleshaH) = trouble Vl:by: (klaibyaM) = impotence Vv: (kva) = where Vv:ec:t: (kvachit.h) = at any time Vv:T:et: (kvathati) = to boil kSHAm:t:a (kSHamataa) = (f) competency x:ekrN:H (kShakiraNaH) = (m) X-ray x:y:r:g:H (kShayarogaH) = (m) tuberculosis x:*:aeD:karH (kShetraadhikaaraH) = (m) jurisdiction K: (kha) = sky, aakaasha K: (khaM) = ether K:g: (khaga) = one traversing in the sky, a name of Sun, also birds K:g:H (khagaH) = bird (literally the sky-goer, 'khah' meaning sky K:g::l:S:as*:m: (khagolashaastram.h) = astronomy K:H (kha.ngaH) = (m) sword K:m:g:H (kha.ngamR^igaH) = (m) rhinoceros K:Wj:H (khaJNjaH) = (m) a handicapped person, lame K: (khaDga) = sword K:i (khaDgii) = with sword K:NR (khaNDa) = (masc, neut) piece K:NRn: (khaNDana) = to pound, cut into pieces, injuring, hurting K:NRep:Xas:n: (khaNDapiTaasana) = the ankle-twist posture K:NRy:et: (khaNDayati) = to grate (as in grating a coconut) K:NRS:skt:H (khaNDashaskR^itaH) = made into pieces K:n:et: (khanati) = (1 up) to dig K:r (khara) = sharp K:rDv:s:i (kharadhva.nsii) = he who smashed (killed) khara (a rAkshasa) K:l: (khala) = rouge K:l:y::g: (khalayoga) = The Yoga of a swindler or confidence trickster K:l: (khalu) = (indec.)indeed K:lv:aXH (khalvaaTaH) = (m) pate, baldness K:adt: (khaadat.h) = one who eats K:adet: (khaadati) = (1 pp) to eat eK: (khinna) = sad K: (khe) = in the sky K:c:ri (khecharii) = mudra where the tongue is inserted in the upper cavity K:XH (kheTaH) = (m) shield K:d (kheda) = sorrow Ky:at: (khyaata) = famous Ky:at:i (khyaatii) = an outlook of knowledge, fame eK:st: (khrista) = Christ eK:st:abd (khristaabde) = A. D., calendar year eK:est: (khristi) = Christian Ks:m:t:a (khsamataa) = capacity g: (ga.n) = the letter or sound `ga.n g:karH (gakaaraH) = beginning with the letter `ga' g:g:n:y:ae*:kH (gaganayaatrikaH) = (m) astronaut g:a (ga.ngaa) = river Ganga g:as:ag:r (ga.ngaasaagara) = the sea of Ganga (banks of the Ganges) g:cCt:am: (gachchhataam.h) = (may the two)go g:cCet: (gachchhati) = goes g:cCn: (gachchhan.h) = going g:cCent: (gachchhanti) = they reach g:j: (gaja) = Elephant g:j:H (gajaH) = elephant g:j:kS:ery::g: (gajakeshariyoga) = Yoga in which the Moon is in an angular position (Kendra) or 1,4,7,10 signs from Jupiter. Good Yoga for Wealth and Power based on strength and other factors in the chart g:j:ndaN:a (gajendraaNaaM) = of lordly elephants g:Wj:iPa (gaJNjiiphaa) = playing cards g:N: (gaN.h) = to count, to consider g:N: (gaNa) = Number g:N:k?e\:H (gaNakaR^ishhiH) = the rishi of this stotra is gaNaka g:N:n:a (gaNanaa) = consideration g:N:p:t:y: (gaNapataye) = to gaNapati g:N:p:et: (gaNapati) = gaNaanaaM pathiH or lord of groups (of devas) g:N:p:et: (gaNapatiM) = Ganesh g:N:p:et:dv:t:a (gaNapatirdevataa) = the god of this stotra g:N:p:t:i (gaNapatii) = god of luck and wisdom g:N:y:et: (gaNayati) = (10 up) to count g:eN:t: (gaNita) = mathematics g:N:S:ev:a (gaNeshavidyaa) = the knowledge of gaNeshha g:NR (gaNDa) = the cheek g:t: (gata) = gone g:t:( H) (gata(H)) = (Masc.Nom.S)having gone or the person who has gone g:t: (gataM) = reached (past part.) g:t:H (gataH) = returned g:t:ec:nt:a (gatachintaa) = thinking of g:t:rs: (gatarasaM) = tasteless g:t:v:et: (gatavati) = while gone g:t:vy:T:aH (gatavyathaaH) = freed from all distress g:t:s:sy: (gatasa.ngasya) = of one unattached to the modes of material nature g:t:a (gataa) = became g:t:aH (gataaH) = having achieved g:t:ag:t: (gataagataM) = death and birth g:t:as:n: (gataasuun.h) = gata + asuun.h:departed life (dead people) g:et: (gati) = the movement g:et: (gatiM) = progress g:et:H (gatiH) = entrance g:tv:a (gatvaa) = attaining g:det: (gadati) = (1 pp) to say g:edn: (gadinaM) = with maces g:nt:vy: (gantavyaM) = to be reached g:nt:aes: (gantaasi) = you shall go g:nD: (gandha) = smell (masc) g:nD:H (gandhaH) = fragrance g:nD:v: (gandharva) = of the Gandharvas g:nD:v:aN:a (gandharvaaNaaM) = of the citizens of the Gandharva planet g:nD:an: (gandhaan.h) = smells g:m:H (gamaH) = take to g:m:n: (gamana) = Going g:m:n: (gamanaM) = going g:my:t: (gamyate) = one can attain g:riy:H (gariiyaH) = better g:riy:es: (gariiyasi) = (fem.Nom.S) better (thing or person) g:riy:s: (gariiyase) = who are better g:riy:an: (gariiyaan.h) = glorious g:,R (garuDa) = eagle g:,Ras:n: (garuDaasana) = the eagle posture g:j: (garj.h) = to thunder g:j:n:m: (garjanam.h) = thundering sound g:t: (garta) = (m) pit, trench, cavity g:d (garda) = Dark shade g:dB: (gardabha) = donkey g:dB:H (gardabhaH) = (m) donkey g:B: (garbha) = womb g:B: (garbhaM) = pregnancy g:B:H (garbhaH) = embryo g:B:ep:NR (garbhapiNDa) = an embryo g:B:as:n: (garbhaasana) = the foetus posture g:eB:N:i (garbhiNii) = (f) a pregnant woman g:v: (garva) = vanity g:v: (garvaM) = arrogance/haughtiness g:l: (gala) = neck g:el:t: (galita) = (adj) dropped off g:el:t: (galitaM) = weakened g:v:ax:H (gavaakShaH) = (m) window, an opening for ventilation g:ev: (gavi) = in the cow g:hn:a (gahanaa) = very difficult g:a (gaaM) = the planets g:a (gaa.nga) = of the ganga river g:aNRiv: (gaaNDiivaM) = the bow of Arjuna g:a*:aeN: (gaatraaNi) = limbs of the body g:an: (gaana) = singing g:ay:kH (gaayakaH) = (m) singer g:ay:et: (gaayati) = (1 pp) to sing g:ay:*:i (gaayatrii) = the Gayatri hymns g:aey:ka (gaayikaa) = (f) singer g:aht: (gaahate) = (1 ap) to plunge g:ahm:an: (gaahamaana) = (present participle) swimming or floating eg:r (gir.h) = language eg:rH (giraH) = words eg:ra (giraaM) = of vibrations eg:er (giri) = mountain eg:erkndr (girikandara) = (neut) ravine eg:erj:a (girijaa) = paarvati eg:erS: (girish) = God of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva eg:l:et: (gilati) = to swallow g:it: (giita) = (n) song g:it: (giitaM) = described g:it:a (giitaa) = Shrimad.h Bhagavad.h gItA g: (gu) = darkness g:R (guDa) = jaggery g:RH (guDaH) = (m) jaggery g:RakS: (guDaakesha) = O Arjuna g:RakS:H (guDaakeshaH) = Arjuna, the master of curbing ignorance g:RakS:n: (guDaakeshena) = by Arjuna g:N: (guNa) = qualities g:N:kH (guNakaH) = (m) multiplier, coefficient g:N:kT:n:p:Ny:n: (guNakathanapuNyena) = through the merit from praising Thy glories g:N:km: (guNakarma) = of works under material influence g:N:km:s: (guNakarmasu) = in material activities g:N:t:H (guNataH) = by the modes of material nature g:N:*:y:H (guNatrayaH) = three qualities i.e satvaH , rajaH \tamaH g:N:D:m: (guNadharma) = property g:N:D:m: (guNadharma) = properties g:N:D:m: (guNadharma) = property g:N:n: (guNan.h) = praising g:N:n:m: (guNanam.h) = (n) multiplication g:N:en:eD: (guNanidhiM) = the stock-pile of good qualities g:N:B:dt:H (guNabhedataH) = in terms of different modes of material nature g:N:B::Vt: (guNabhoktR^i) = master of the gunas g:N:m:y:i (guNamayii) = consisting of the three modes of material nature g:N:m:y:H (guNamayaiH) = consisting of the gunas g:N:v:an: (guNavaan.h) = a man with good qualities g:N:s:Ky:an: (guNasa.nkhyaane) = in terms of different modes g:N:s:H (guNasa.ngaH) = the association with the modes of nature g:N:w (guNaGYa) = one who knows qualities (one who is a patron of good qualities) g:N:ak (guNaa.nka) = coefficient g:N:aH (guNaaH) = senses g:N:a (guNaa.nka) = coefficient g:N:a (guNaa.nka) = coefficient g:N:at:it:H (guNaatiitaH) = transcendental to the material modes of nature g:N:an: (guNaan.h) = the three modes of nature g:N:aenv:t: (guNaanvitaM) = under the spell of the modes of material nature g:N:By:H (guNebhyaH) = to the modes of nature g:N:\: (guNeshhu) = in sense gratification g:N:H (guNaiH) = by the qualities g:N:::r (guNottara) = ratio g:n:v:t: (gunavat.h) = man with good qualities g:p: (gup.h) = guard, hide g:pt: (gupta) = secret g:pt:as:n: (guptaasana) = the hidden posture g:, (guru) = teacher g:,H (guruH) = teacher; weighty g:,c:rN:amb:j: (gurucharaNaambuja) = the lotus feet of the teacher/guru g:,N:aep: (guruNaapi) = even though very difficult g:,tv: (gurutvaM) = (abstract noun)greatness;weeightiness g:,tv:aAk\:N: (gurutvaaakarshhaNa) = gravitational attraction g:,n: (gurun.h) = the superiors g:,v:ar (guruvaara) = Thrusday g:- (guruu) = teacher, preceptor, long syllables as against short(laghuu) g:el:ka (gulikaa) = (f) tablet, pill g:lm: (gulma) = the spleen g:ha (guhaa) = (fem) cave g: (guhyaM) = confidential subject g:t:m: (guhyatamaM) = the most confidential g:t:r (guhyataraM) = still more confidential g:at: (guhyaat.h) = than confidential g:an:a (guhyaanaaM) = of secrets g:Z (guuDha) = (adj) secret, mysterious g:Wj:n:km: (gR^iJNjanakam.h) = (n) carrot g:N:ent: (gR^iNanti) = are offering prayers g:N:aem: (gR^iNaami) = I hold g:D:H (gR^idhraH) = (m) eagle g:h (gR^iha) = house g:hg::eD:ka (gR^ihagodhikaa) = (f) house lizard g:hp:aYH (gR^ihapaaThaH) = (m) homework g:hsT:aH (gR^ihasthaaH) = householders g:haed\: (gR^ihaadishhu) = home, etc g:ehN:H (gR^ihiNaH) = ( house-holders g:hitv:a (gR^ihiitvaa) = holding the g:n: (gR^ihNan.h) = accepting g:aet: (gR^ihNaati) = to catch g:t: (gR^ihyate) = can be so controlled g:y: (geya) = that which can be sung g:y: (geyaM) = is to be sung g:h (gehe) = in the house g:: (go) = cow / bull g::A:i (gooshhThii) = (f) seminar g::*: (gotra) = family, race g::p:n:iy: (gopaniiya) = (adj) confidential g::m:K: (gomukha) = musical instrument resembling a cow's face g::m:K:aH (gomukhaaH) = horns g::m:K:as:n: (gomukhaasana) = the cow-faced posture g::rx:as:n: (gorakShaasana) = the cowherd posture g::ev:nd (govinda) = Lord KRishna g::ev:nd (govindaM) = Govinda g::r (gaura) = white g::rv: (gaurava) = glory g::rv: (gauravaM) = respect g:nT:al:y:H (granthaalayaH) = (m) library g:enT:H (granthiH) = (m) gland g:nT:i (granthii) = a knot, obstruction in the chitrini g:s:t: (grasate) = (1 pp) to swallow g:s:m:an:H (grasamaanaH) = devouring g:es:\N: (grasishhNu) = devouring g:st: (grastaM) = having been caught/seized g:h (graha) = Planet g:am:m: (graamam.h) = (n) village g:ahkH (graahakaH) = (m) customer g:ahy: (graahaya) = (verbal stem) to cause to be caught g:ahan: (graahaan.h) = things g:ahN: (graaheNa) = with endeavour g:a (graahya) = what is to be grasped g:a (graahyaM) = accessible g:iv: (griivaM) = neck gl:aen:H (glaaniH) = discrepancies gl:ay:et: (glaayati) = (1 pp) to fade G:X (ghaTa) = pot G:XH (ghaTaH) = (m) earthen pot G:Xk (ghaTaka) = component G:eX (ghaTi) = Hour G:t:H (ghataH) = (m) earthen pot G:n: (ghana) = dark, ghana also means cloud G:n:t:a (ghanataa) = density G:n:s:m: (ghanasama) = Like cloud G:en:\: (ghanishha) = well-built G:at:y:et: (ghaatayati) = causes to hurt G:at:kH (ghaatukaH) = (m) butcher G:N:a (ghR^iNaa) = (f) hatred G:t: (ghR^ita) = purified butter, Hindi ghee G:t: (ghR^itaM) = (Nr.nom. + acc. S) ghee; clarified butter G::r (ghoraM) = horrible G::r (ghore) = ghastly G::\: (ghoshha) = noise G::\:H (ghoshhaH) = vibration G::\:y:et: (ghoshhayati) = (10 up) to proclaim, announce Gn:t:H (ghnataH) = being killed Gn:i (ghnii) = destroying G:aN: (ghraaNaM) = smelling power c: (cha) = and (cha..ndramaa) = (Fem.nom.S)the moon c:dm:aH (cha.ndramaaH) = the Moon god c:kar (chakaara) = did (past perfect tense of kR^i+kar to do) c:kast: (chakaastu) = let it be shining c:# (chakra) = Circle, wheel, psychic centre in humans c:# (chakraM) = cycle c:#b:nD: (chakrabandha) = wheel pattern, a form of bandha poetry c:#m: (chakram.h) = (n) wheel, cycle, circle c:#v:at:H (chakravaataH) = (m) cyclone c:#hst: (chakrahastaM) = disc in hand c:#aAkar (chakraaakaara) = (bauvriihi) wheel-shaped c:#as:n: (chakraasana) = the wheel posture c:e#N: (chakriNaM) = with discs c:Wc:l: (chaJNchalaM) = flickering c:Wc:l:tv:at: (chaJNchalatvaat.h) = due to being restless c:XkH (chaTakaH) = (m) sparrow c:NRt:a (chaNDataa) = (f) intensity c:t:H (chatuH) = four c:t:rH (chaturaH) = capable / skiled/ clever c:t:rs*:H (chaturastraH) = (m) square c:t:rs*:km: (chaturastrakam.h) = (n) frame (of a photograph or a picture) c:t:T: (chaturtha) = fourth c:t:Ty:a (chaturthyaaM) = during the (auspicious)4th day (from New Moon, full moon) c:t:B:j:n: (chaturbhujena) = four-handed c:t:ev:D: (chaturvidhaM) = the four kinds c:t:ev:D:aH (chaturvidhaaH) = four kinds of c:t:hst: (chaturhastaM) = who has four hands c:t:\p:adraeS: (chatushhpaadaraashi) = Quadrupedal signs c:t:s: (chatus.h) = four c:t:ss:ag:rp:y:t: (chatussaagaraparya.ntaM) = till or upto the four oceans c:tv:arH (chatvaaraH) = four c:tv:aer (chatvaari) = four c:n: (cana) = cha(?)+na, and +not c:ndn: (chandana) = sandal c:nd (chandra) = Name for the Moon c:ndkNRl:i (chandrakuNDalii) = Chart where the Ascendant or lagna is the sign of the natal moon c:ndraeS: (chandraraashi) = Natal Moon sign. Used in India much like we use the Sun sign system in the West c:ndl:gn: (chandralagna) = Ascendant using the Natal lunar position c:ndeb:mb: (chandrabimba) = moon disc c:ndm:es: (chandramasi) = in the moon c:endk (chandrika) = moonlight c:nd:dy: (chandrodaya) = moon-rise c:p:l: (chapala) = fickle, unstable c:p:l: (chapalaM) = fickle-minded c:p:l:t:a (chapalataa) = agility c:m:s:H (chamasaH) = (m) spoon c:m: (chamuuM) = military force c:y: (chaya) = (m) a heap c:y:n:m: (chayanam.h) = (n) selection, choice c:r (char.h) = to wander c:r (chara) = moving c:rraeS: (chararaashi) = Moveable signs c:r (charaM) = moving c:rN: (charaNa) = foot c:rN:H (charaNaH) = (m) foot c:rt:a (charataaM) = while roaming c:ret: (charati) = (1 pp) to move, to roam c:rn: (charan.h) = acting upon c:rent: (charanti) = move or travel or wander c:rac:r (charaacharaM) = moving and nonmoving c:ert: (charita) = nature c:ert: (charitaM) = story, character c:er*: (charitra) = life c:er*:aeN: (charitraaNi) = tales of valour c:rv:et: (charaiveti) = chara:moving (things) +eva:alone; only + iti:thus c:c:a (charchaa) = discussion c:p:X (charpaTa) = torn/tattered cloth c:m:n: (charman.h) = (neu) skin, leather c:y:a (charyaa) = practise / observance c:l: (chal.h) = to walk c:l: (chala) = moving c:l: (chalaM) = flickering c:l:ecc:*: (chalachchitra) = movie c:l:et: (chalati) = (1pp) to walk c:el:t: (chalita) = deviated c:\:kH (chashhakaH) = (m) glass c:\:kaD:an:i (chashhakaadhaanii) = (f) saucer c:x: (chakShu) = eye c:x:H (chakShuH) = eyes c:x:s: (chakShus.h) = eye c:akl:hH (chaakalehaH) = (m) chocolate candy, toffee c:at:k (chaataka) = the ever thirsty chaataka bird that lives only on raindrops c:at:v:Ny: (chaaturvarNyaM) = the four divisions of human society c:andm:s: (chaandramasaM) = the moon planet c:any:*:k (chaanyatraika) = cha+anyatra+ekaH, and+in any other place+only one c:ap: (chaapaM) = the bow c:ap:b:aN:D:r: (chaapabaaNadharo) = bearing bow\arrow c:ap:ly: (chaapalya) = (from chapala) rashness c:aep: (chaapi) = also c:aerN:: (chaariNau) = blowing c:al:kH (chaalakaH) = (m) driver c:al:kH (chaalakaH) = A restive elephant c:aesm: (chaasmi) = as I am ec:ekts:k (chikitsaka) = remedy ec:ekts:al:y:m: (chikitsaalayam.h) = (n) hospital ec:ki\:v:H (chikiirshhavaH) = wishing ec:ki\:H (chikiirshhuH) = desiring to lead ec:#:RH (chikroDaH) = (m) squirrel ec:t: (chit.h) = pure consciousness ec:t:a (chitaa) = funeral pyre ec:: (chitta) = mind ec:: (chittaM) = mind ec::H (chittaH) = mind ec::l:y:H (chittalayaH) = absorbed mind ec::ev:x:p: (chittavikShepa) = confusion, distraction ec::v:e: (chittavR^itti) = a mode of behaviour ec::a (chittaa) = mind ec::atm:a (chittaatmaa) = mind and intelligence ec:*: (chitra) = strange ec:*: (chitraM) = surprising ec:*:kH (chitrakaH) = (m) a leopard ec:*:kar (chitrakaara) = (m) painter , artist ec:*:p:XH (chitrapaTaH) = (n) movie, film ec:*:p:t:H (chitrapata.ngaH) = (m) butterfly ec:*:m:endrm: (chitramandiram.h) = (n) movie theatre ec:*:rT:H (chitrarathaH) = Citraratha ec:*:ras:B:H (chitraraasabhaH) = (m) zebra ec:*:v:eH (chitraveshhTiH) = (m) lungi ec:*:a (chitraa) = Fourteenth nakshatra ec:e*:n:i (chitrinii) = a fine cord within the spine ec:*::\XH (chitroshhTraH) = (m) giraffe ec:n::et: (chinoti) = to collect, to gather ec:nt: (chint.h) = to think ec:nt:y: (chintaya) = (causative of cit) to think ec:nt:y:et: (chintayati) = (10 up) to think ec:nt:y:nt:H (chintayantaH) = concentrating ec:nt:y:t: (chintayet.h) = should think of ec:nt:a (chintaa) = worrying ec:nt:a (chintaaM) = fears and anxieties ec:nt:aj:R (chintaajaDaM) = mind dullened by worry ec:nt:am:eN: (chintaamaNi) = the gem that gives you anything you can think about ec:ent:t: (chintita) = something one has thought about ec:nm:y:H (chinmayaH) = full of the `mind' or consciousness ec:p:Ny:eB:m:K: (chipaNyabhimukha) = marketoriented ec:r (chira) = permanently ec:rkal: (chirakaala) = always, everpresent, permanent ec:rat: (chiraat.h) = after a long time ec:ray: (chiraaya) = for long ec:ray:H (chiraayuH) = long-life- span (`chira' actually means permanent cf. chiranjIvI) ec: (chihna) = sign c:i (chii) = to increase c:ir (chiira) = dress made of bark? c:b:k (chuMbaka) = magnet c:b:n: (chuMbana) = kiss c:Xet: (chuTati) = to pinch c:b:ks:m:ep:t:j:an: (chubukasamarpitajaanu) = face dedicated to(huddled up between) the knees c:mb:et: (chumbati) = to kiss c:erkab:nD: (churikaabandha) = pattern of sword, a form of bandha poetry c:ell: (chulli) = (f) cooking fire c:N:y:et: (chuurNayati) = to grind (as wheat to flour) c:eN:t:H (chuurNitaiH) = with smashed c:ekt:an:H (chekitaanaH) = Cekitana c:t: (chet.h) = if c:t:n:a (chetanaa) = the living force c:t:y:et: (chetayati) = to warn c:t:s: (chetas.h) = mind c:t:s:H (chetasaH) = their hearts c:t:s:a (chetasaa) = by consciousness c:t:s:a (chetasaaM) = of those whose minds c:t:aH (chetaaH) = in heart c:H (cheshhTaH) = the endeavours c:t: (cheshhTate) = (1 ap) to try, to attempt c:sy: (cheshhTasya) = of one who works for maintenance c:t:ny: (chaitanya) = energy, enthusiasm c:l:aej:n: (chailaajina) = of soft cloth and deerskin c::dn:a (chodanaa) = the impetus c::eD:t:krN: (chodhitakaraNa) = tested or awakened senses c::ry:et: (chorayati) = (10 up) to steal, to rob c::karH (chaukaaraH) = (m) boundary, four (cricket) cy:v:ent: (chyavanti) = fall down Cd (chha.nda) = Hobby CdH (chha.ndaH) = metre (poetic) C*: (chhatra) = umbrella C*:m: (chhatram.h) = (n) umbrella C*:akm: (chhatraakam.h) = (n) mushroom CedH (chhadiH) = (m) roof Cc:aerN:H (chhadmachaariNaH) = those who wander by adopting tricks such as becoming Cnds:a (chhandasaaM) = of all poetry Cndaes: (chhandaa.nsi) = the Vedic hymns Cnd:eB:H (chhandobhiH) = by Vedic hymns Cl:y:t:a (chhalayataaM) = of all cheats Cv:i (chhavii) = picture , portrait Ca*:aH (chhaatraaH) = students Cadn: (chhaadana) = covering Cay:a (chhaayaa) = shade Cay:aec:*: (chhaayaachitraM) = (n) photograph eCv: (chhittva) = cutting eCv:a (chhittvaa) = cutting off eCd (chhid.h) = to cut, break by cutting eCd (chhidra) = (neut in this sense) hole, cut eCn:e: (chhinatti) = to tear, to break eCndent: (chhindanti) = can cut to pieces eC (chhinna) = having torn off Cerka (chhurikaa) = (f) knife C:a (chhettaa) = remover C: (chhettuM) = to dispel Cdn: (chhedana) = cutting j: (ja) = Born j:G: (ja.nghe) = ankle j:t:n:a (ja.ntuunaaM) = ( living beings; insects j:g:j:*: (jagajaitra) = jagaje?+atra, in the world?+here j:g:t: (jagat.h) = universe j:g:t:H (jagataH) = of the world j:g:t:a (jagataaM) = of the Universe j:g:tp:t: (jagatpate) = O Lord of the entire universe j:g:n: (jagan.h) = (Nr.nom + acc.sing.)world j:g:ev:as: (jagannivaasa) = O refuge of the worlds j:g:t: (jagrat.h) = awakened j:g:t:H (jagrataH) = or one who keeps night watch too much j:G:ny: (jaghanya) = of abominable j:m: (ja.ngamaM) = moving j:Xam:kXm:eRt:m: (jaTaamukuTama.nDitam.h) = adorned by locks of hair forming a crown j:eXl:H (jaTilaH) = with knotted hair j:Yr (jaThara) = Intestine j:Yrp:erv:t:n:as:n: (jaTharaparivartanaasana) = the belly-turning posture j:Yr (jaThare) = in the stomach j:n: (jan.h) = to to be born or produced j:n: (jana) = man j:n:H (janaH) = people j:n:k (janaka) = father j:n:katm:j:a (janakaatmajaa) = janakA's daughter j:n:kady:aH (janakaadayaaH) = Janaka and other kings j:n:G:Xat:n*: (janaghaTaatantraM) = (n) mobocracy j:n:n: (janana) = birth j:n:n: (jananaM) = birth j:n:n:i (jananii) = mother j:n:p:dm: (janapadam.h) = (n) district j:n:p:d\: (janapadeshhu) = in the society (janapada really meaning a village ) j:n:y:t: (janayet.h) = causal form from jan.h meaning ``should generate'' j:n:s:p:k (janasaMparka) = public relations, contact with people j:n:s:s:ed (janasa.nsadi) = to people in general j:n:aH (janaaH) = persons j:n:aeD:p:H (janaadhipaH) = kings j:n:an:a (janaanaaM) = of the persons j:n:adn: (janaardana) = O maintainer of all living entities j:en:*: (janitraM) = (n) generator j:nt:v:H (jantavaH) = the living entities j:nt::H (jantoH) = of living beings j:nm: (janma) = birth, incarnation j:nm:H (janmaH) = (Mas.nom.Sing.)birth.janma:(Nr.) j:nm:km:Pl:)da (janmakarmaphalapradaaM) = resulting in good birth and other fruitive reactions j:nm:n: (janman.h) = birth j:nm:n:a (janmanaaM) = repeated births and deaths j:nm:b:nD: (janmabandha) = from the bondage of birth and death j:nm:raeS: (janmaraashi) = Sign occupied by the Moon at birth j:nm:s: (janmasu) = in births j:nm:aen: (janmaani) = births j:p: (japa) = Recitation j:p:et: (japati) = (1 pp) to mutter, mumble j:p:ety: (japannityaM) = japan+nityaM, chanting+ever j:p:y:wH (japayaGYaH) = chanting j:ptv:a (japtvaa) = having chanted j:mb:al: (jambaala) = (masc) mud j:mb:irm: (jambiiram.h) = (n) lemon j:mb:kH (jambuukaH) = fox j:y: (jaya) = victory j:y:H (jayaH) = victory j:y:t: (jayate) = becomes victorious; wins j:y:m:g:l:m: (jayama.ngalam.h) = victory that is auspicious j:y:aj:y:: (jayaajayau) = both victory and defeat j:y:m: (jayema) = we may conquer j:y:y:H (jayeyuH) = they conquer j:ra (jaraa) = old age j:j:r (jarjara) = old/digested (by disease etc) j:l: (jala) = Water j:l: (jalaM) = (Nr.non. + acc.S)water j:l:eD: (jaladhi) = sea/ ocean j:l:nD:r (jalandhara) = bandha where the chin rests in the notch between the collar bones j:l:p:t:n:s:hm: (jalapatanasaham.h) = Sensitive point relating to going on a voyage. One of many used in Varshaphal and similar in idea to Arabic parts j:l:p:at:H (jalapaataH) = (m) waterfall j:l:b:nD:H (jalabandhaH) = (m) dam j:l:l:v: (jalalava) = water drop j:l:aS:y: (jalaashaya) = lake, pond j:lp: (jalp.h) = to babble j:v:en:ka (javanikaa) = (f) towel j:haet: (jahaati) = can get rid of j:eh (jahi) = conquer j:hieh (jahiihi) = jahi+iha, leave/give up+here(in this world) j: (jahnu) = name of an ancient king who adopted the ganga river j:s:t:a (jahnusutaa) = ganga j:ewr (jaGYire) = (Verb, Past IIIP pl.PP) took birth; were born j:ag:et: (jaagarti) = is wakeful j:ag: (jaagR^i) = to stay awake j:ag:t: (jaagR^ita) = alert j:ag:t: (jaagrata) = (Vr.Imp.IIP.Pl.PP)Wake up; awake j:ag:t:av:sT:a (jaagrataavasthaa) = complete awareness of the state of the mind j:ag:et: (jaagrati) = are awake j:a (jaaDya) = laziness, inability to identify/appreciate good qualities (here) j:at: (jaata) = born, become (from jan.h, to be born, or created) j:at: (jaataM) = having become j:at:H (jaataH) = of all beings j:at:k (jaataka) = Nativity, literally means one who is born j:at:sy: (jaatasya) = of one who has taken his birth j:at:a (jaataa) = (part.fem.nom.S)is born j:at:aH (jaataaH) = born j:aet: (jaati) = circumstances of life to which one is born j:aet:D:m:aH (jaatidharmaaH) = community projects j:at: (jaatu) = at any time j:an:karaH (jaanakaaraaH) = knowledgeable j:an:kiv:ll:B:H (jaanakiivallabhaH) = the darling of jAnaki (sItA) j:an:n: (jaanan.h) = even if he knows j:an:aet: (jaanaati) = knows j:an:it: (jaaniite) = know j:an:im:H (jaaniimaH) = know j:an: (jaanu) = (n) knee j:an:eS:\:as:n: (jaanushirshhaasana) = the head-knee posture j:an:n:i (jaanunii) = knees j:an: (jaane) = I know j:apy:s:m:t: (jaapyasameta) = with chanting of the names of the lord j:am:dgny:ej:t: (jaamadagnyajit.h) = he who scored a victory over jAmadagni(ParashurAm, the son j:am:at:a (jaamaataa) = (m) son-in-law j:amb:v:da:y:H (jaambavadaashrayaH) = he who gave refuge to jhambava(the bear-chieftain of j:ay:t: (jaayate) = (4 ap) to be born j:ay:nt: (jaayante) = develop j:ay:a (jaayaa) = Wife, female companion, spouse, strii j:al: (jaala) = net j:al: (jaalaM) = (n) net, network j:al:m: (jaalam.h) = (n) net j:av:i (jaahnavii) = the River Ganges ej:vha (ji.nvhaa) = tongue ej:eg:\:t:a (jigishhataaM) = of those who seek victory ej:G:et: (jighrati) = (1 pp) to smell ej:G:n: (jighran.h) = smelling ej:j:iev:\:am:H (jijiivishhaamaH) = we would want to live ej:t: (jita) = having conquered ej:t:H (jitaH) = conquered ej:t:atm:n:H (jitaatmanaH) = of one who has conquered his mind ej:t:atm:a (jitaatmaa) = having control of the mind ej:t:endy: (jitendriyaM) = the conqueror of senses ej:t:endy:H (jitendriyaH) = having conquered the senses ej:tv:a (jitvaa) = by conquering ej:v:D:arN:kaer (jivadhaaraNakaari) = responsible for life's existence ej:v:B:t:a (jivabhuutaaM) = comprising the living entities ej:vy:t: (jivyate) = remain alive ej:vha (jivhaa) = (f) tongue ej:vha (jivhaaM) = tongue ej:was:H (jiGYaasuH) = inquisitive j:i (jii) = to live j:iN: (jiirNa) = very old, dilapidated, torn j:iN:aen: (jiirNaani) = old and useless j:iv: (jiiv.h) = to live j:iv: (jiiva) = life j:iv:l::k (jiivaloka) = the mortal world j:iv:H (jiivaH) = life j:iv:et: (jiivati) = while living(without earning) j:iv:n: (jiivana) = life j:iv:n: (jiivanaM) = life j:iv:nm:eVt:H (jiivanmuktiH) = salvation+freedom from bondage of birth j:iv:B:t:H (jiivabhuutaH) = the conditioned living entity j:iv:m:an: (jiivamaana) = one who lives j:iv:l::k (jiivaloke) = in the world of conditional life j:iv:S:as*: (jiivashaastraM) = (n) biology j:iv:sy: (jiivasya) = (masc.poss.S) of life j:iv:atm:n: (jiivaatman.h) = Also spelt Jeevatman. Is the soul within the human sphere j:iv:atm:a (jiivaatmaa) = the individual soul j:iev:t: (jiivita) = life j:iev:t:n: (jiivitena) = living j:iv:m:H (jiivemaH) = may we live j: (jushhTaM) = practiced by j:h:es: (juhosi) = you offer j:et: (juhvati) = offer j:mB:t: (jR^imbhate) = to yawn j:t:aes: (jetaasi) = you will conquer j:em:n:i (jaiminii) = Maharishi Jaimini a sage who wrote an elucidation of sections of Maharishi Parashara's work. This became the basis for another system of Astrology in India j::\:y:t: (joshhayet.h) = he should dovetail jy:ay:s:H (jyaayasaH) = gen. sing. of jyaayas, greater jy:ay:es: (jyaayasi) = better jy:ay:aH (jyaayaaH) = better jy:a (jyeshhThaa) = Eighteenth nakshatra jy::et:H (jyotiH) = light jy::et:Dy:an: (jyotirdhyaana) = luminous contemplation jy::et:\: (jyotishha) = The study of Illuminated bodies. The study of Astrology and Astronomy which were one science in the past jy::et:\:i (jyotishhii) = An Astrologer jy::t:i (jyotii) = inner light jy::t:i\:a (jyotiishhaaM) = of all luminaries jy::tsn: (jyotsna) = moonlight jy::tsn:a (jyotsnaa) = (f) moonlight jv:r (jvara) = fever jv:l:et: (jvalati) = (1 pp) to glow jv:l:eH (jvaladbhiH) = blazing jv:l:n: (jvalanaM) = a fire jv:al:H (jvaalaH) = (m) fuse J:\:aN:a (jhashhaaNaaM) = of all fish J:mb:N:m: (jhR^imbaNam.h) = (n) yawning Ry:t: (Dayate) = to fly RkWkrN: (DukR^iJNkaraNa) = grammatic formula ``DukRi.nkaraNa'' RkWkrN: (DukR^iJNkaraNe) = the grammatical formula ``DukRi.nkaraNe'' t: (taM) = him t:# (takraM) = (Nr.nom. + acc.S)curd or buttermilk t:j:k (tajaka) = A system of Solar Return Charts also known as Varshaphal t:R (taD.h) = to hit t:Rag:H (taDaagaH) = lake, pond t:NRv: (taNDava) = violent dance of Shiva t:t: (tat.h) = that t:t: (tataM) = pervaded t:t:H (tataH) = Then t:t:st:t:H (tatastataH) = from there t:t:: (tato) = then , afterwards t:t::hs:H (tatoha.nsaH) = tataH: then or from there + haMsaH:swan or Brahman t:v: (tattva) = an element, the twenty-four categories of thatness t:v: (tattvaM) = truth/nature t:v:t:H (tattvataH) = in reality t:v:ev:t: (tattvavit.h) = the knower of the Absolute Truth t:v:wan: (tattvaGYaana) = of knowledge of the truth t:v: (tattve) = truth t:v:n: (tattvena) = in reality t:tp:r (tatparaM) = afterwards t:tp:rH (tatparaH) = very much attached to it t:tp:ray:N:H (tatparaayaNaH) = who have completely taken shelter of Him t:t)s:adat: (tatprasaadaat.h) = by His grace t:tb:عy:H (tatbuddhayaH) = those whose intelligence is always in the Supreme t:*: (tatra) = there t:etv:dH (tatvidaH) = by those who know this t:ts:m:x: (tatsamakShaM) = among companions t:ets:eH (tatsiddhiH) = that materialisation t:T:a (tathaa) = and , also , like that t:T:aep: (tathaapi) = yet , even then t:T:v: (tathaiva) = similarly t:dn: (tadanu) = after that t:d (tad.h) = he/she/it t:dD:am: (tad.hdhaama) = that abode t:dn:t:r (tadana.ntaraM) = later to that t:dn:nt:r (tadanantaraM) = thereafter t:dep: (tadapi) = tat.h+api, then even t:da (tadaa) = then t:datm:an:H (tadaatmaanaH) = those whose minds are always in the Supreme t:edh (tadiha) = tat.h+iha, that+here t:t: (tadvat.h) = like that t:ee (tadviddhi) = you must know it t:n: (tana) = Body t:n:y: (tanaya) = (m) son t:n:y:a (tanayaa) = daughter t:n: (tanu) = body t:n:B:av: (tanubhaava) = First house or house of body t:n: (tanuM) = form of a demigod t:n: (tanuuM) = body t:n:j: (tanuuja) = son t:n:eB:H (tanuubhiH) = through the bodies (sharIra) t:nt: (tantu) = thread / stalk t:nt:v:ay:H (tantuvaayaH) = (m) spinner (one who spins cloth, not the bowler :) t:n*: (tantra) = treatises on ritual, meditation, discipline, etc t:eaH (tannishhThaaH) = those whose faith is only meant for the Supreme t:: (tanno) = he to us t:nm:a*:a (tanmaatraa) = the five potentials or senses t:nm:Ky: (tanmukhyaM) = tat.h + mukhyaM:that + important t:nm:m:n:H (tanmemanaH) = tat.h + me + manaH: that + my + mind t:env: (tanvi) = woman t:p: (tapa) = to burn, shine, suffer t:p:H (tapaH) = penance t:p:Hs: (tapaHsu) = in undergoing different types of austerities t:p:et: (tapati) = (1 pp) to heat up t:p:nt: (tapantaM) = heating t:p:s: (tapas.h) = sustained effort t:p:s:a (tapasaa) = by the penance t:p:s:a (tapasaaM) = and penances and austerities t:p:es: (tapasi) = in penance t:p:sy:es: (tapasyasi) = austerities you perform t:p:sy:a (tapasyaa) = (f) penance, meditation t:p:esv:By:H (tapasvibhyaH) = than the ascetics t:p:esv:\: (tapasvishhu) = in those who practice penance t:p:aem: (tapaami) = give heat t:p::eB:H (tapobhiH) = by serious penances t:p::y:waH (tapoyaGYaaH) = sacrifice in austerities t:pt: (tapta) = troubled, frustrated t:pt: (taptaM) = executed t:py:nt: (tapyante) = undergo t:m: (tam.h) = him t:m: (tama) = Anger t:m:H (tamaH) = (m) darkness, ignorance t:m:n:n: (tamanena) = that+thro' this t:m:s: (tamas.h) = darkness t:m:s: (tamasa) = darkness, inertia, ignorance t:m:s:H (tamasaH) = to darkness t:m:es: (tamasi) = the mode of ignorance t:m::arH (tamodvaaraiH) = from the gates of ignorance t:y:a (tayaa) = by her t:y::H (tayoH) = of them t:r (tara) = crossing over t:rt: (tara.ntu) = (Vr.Imp.IIIP.Pl.PP) let them cross t:rk (taraka) = a demon slain by Kartikeya t:r (tara.nga) = (m) wave t:rH (tara.ngaH) = (m) wave t:rN: (taraNe) = in crossing t:ret: (tarati) = (1 pp) to cross t:rn: (taran.h) = swimming or crossing t:rng:\: (tarangeshhu) = among the waves t:rent: (taranti) = overcome t:er\y:es: (tarishhyasi) = you will overcome t:, (taru) = Tree t:,N:H (taruNaH) = young man t:,N:i (taruNii) = young woman t:,N:: (taruNau) = (two)youngsters t:,t:l:v:as: (tarutalavaasaM) = living under the trees t:- (taruu) = Tree t:kN: (tarkeNa) = (masc.instr.Sing.)logic t:j:n: (tarjanaM) = the fear t:j:n:i (tarjanii) = Finger t:eh (tarhi) = then, in that case t:l: (tala) = Bottom t:lp:H (talpaH) = (m) mattress t:v: (tava) = Yours t:v: (tavaM) = you t:sT:: (tasthau) = stood t:sm:at: (tasmaat.h) = hence t:esm:n: (tasmin.h) = in that t:esm:nkay: (tasminkaaye) = tasmin.h+kaye, in that body t:sm: (tasmai) = (masc.dat.S)to him t:sy: (tasya) = its t:sy:s:.dr (tasyasu..ndaraM) = beautiful to him t:sy:a (tasyaaM) = in that t:sy:S: (tasyaisha) = tasya + esha(H):His + this t:x:kH (takShakaH) = (m) carpenter t:x:et: (takShati) = to sculpt, to carve t:a (taaM) = to that t:aR (taaDa) = a mountain t:aRy:et: (taaDayati) = (10 up) to beat, slap t:aN: (taaNa) = to stretch t:aNRl: (taaNDula) = (rice) grains t:at: (taat.h) = that location i, e.protect me from behind t:at: (taata) = My friend t:at:H (taataH) = father t:aedt: (taadita) = beaten t:an: (taan.h) = them t:aen: (taani) = his t:aen*:k (taantrik.h) = pertaining to Tantra t:ap: (taapa) = trouble t:ap:s: (taapasa) = austerity, purification t:ap:s:: (taapasau) = (2)penance-doers t:am:s: (taamasa) = to one in the mode of darkness t:am:s: (taamasaM) = in the mode of ignorance t:am:s:H (taamasaH) = in the mode of ignorance t:am:s:aH (taamasaaH) = in the mode of ignorance t:am:es:k (taamasika) = Planets that are slothful - Waning Moon, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mercury t:am:s:i (taamasii) = in the mode of ignorance t:ark (taaraka) = star, eye t:aereN: (taariNi) = the one who crosses t:arN: (taareNa) = thro' the star t:al:H (taalaH) = (m) lock t:ael:ka (taalikaa) = clap t:av:t: (taavat.h) = by that time(when it was over) t:av:ej: (taavannija) = tAvat.h+nija, till then+one's t:av:an: (taavaan.h) = similarly t:as:a (taasaaM) = of all of them et:Vt: (tikta) = (adj) bitter et:et:x:sv: (titikShasva) = just try to tolerate et:e:B: (tittibha) = a firefly et:e:B:as:n: (tittibhaasana) = the firefly posture et:en*:N:i (tintriNii) = (f) tamarind et:em:r (timira) = darkness et:l: (tila) = sesame seeds et:l:km: (tilakam.h) = (n) bindi (the "dot on the forehead") et:et: (tishhThati) = (1 pp) to stand et:en: (tishhThani) = stand (from sthaa) et:nt: (tishhThantaM) = residing et:ent: (tishhThanti) = dwell et:es: (tishhThasi) = remain t:ir (tiira) = (neut) edge, bank t:ixN: (tiikShNa) = pungent t: (tu) = but t:cC (tuchchha) = adj. trifling t:NR (tuNDaM) = jaws/mouth? t:m:l:H (tumulaH) = uproarious t:mb:r (tumbaraM) = (n) tanpura, tambora t:l:n:a (tulanaa) = comparison t:l:a (tulaa) = (f) balance, weighing scales t:ly: (tulya) = comparable t:ly: (tulyaM) = equivalent, comparable t:ly:H (tulyaH) = equal t:S: (tush.h) = to be satisfied t:\:ar (tushhaara) = (m) ice/snow t:H (tushhTaH) = satisfied t:eH (tushhTiH) = satisfaction t:e:ast: (tushhTishchaastu) = tushhTiH + cha + astu:happiness + and + let there be t:v:as:H (tushhTuvaa.nsaH) = May we satisfy or make them happy? t:e\N: (tushhNiM) = silent t:\y:et: (tushhyati) = (4 pp) to be pleased t:\y:ent: (tushhyanti) = become pleased t:N: (tuuNa) = quiver(arrow receptacle) t:l: (tuula) = air t:l:a (tuulaa) = Zodiacal Sign of Libra t:eX (tR^iTi) = defect t:N: (tR^iNa) = grass t:N:a (tR^iNaa) = grass t:pt: (tR^ipta) = satisfied t:pt:H (tR^iptaH) = being satisfied t:ept:H (tR^iptiH) = satisfaction t:\N:a (tR^ishhNaa) = desire t:\N:a (tR^ishhNaaM) = thirst/desire t: (te) = they t:|ep: (te.api) = even they t:j:H (tejaH) = prowess t:j:s: (tejas.h) = brilliance t:j:s: (tejasa) = radiant energy, majesty t:j:esv:n: (tejasvin.h) = one who has tej (brilliance) t:j:esv:n:a (tejasvinaaM) = of the powerful t:j:esv:n:av:D:it:m:st: (tejasvinaavadhiitamastu) = with glory \ strength, our study, be t:j::nv:\:H (tejonveshhaH) = (m) radar t:j::eB:H (tejobhiH) = by effulgence t:j::m:y: (tejomayaM) = full of effulgence t:j::raeS: (tejoraashiM) = effulgence t:n: (tena) = by that; with that t:n:v: (tenaiva) = in that t:S:a (teshaaM) = their t:\:a (teshhaaM) = their t:\: (teshhu) = on them t:H (taiH) = by them t:l: (taila) = oil t:l:ec:*: (tailachitra) = oil painting t:l:p:H (tailapaH) = (m) cockroach t:st:H (taistaiH) = various t::y: (toyaM) = water t::l: (tola) = a balance t::l:y:et: (tolayati) = (10 up) to weigh t::l:al:as:n: (tolaa.ngulaasana) = the balance posture t::l:as:n: (tolaasana) = the scales posture t:: (tau) = they t::sT:: (tausthau) = stood (motionless) (past perfect tense of sthaa tishhTha to stand) ty:k (tyak.h) = to sacrifice ty:Vt: (tyakta) = giving up ty:Vt:j:iev:t:aH (tyaktajiivitaaH) = prepared to risk life ty:Vt: (tyaktuM) = to be renounced ty:Vtv:a (tyaktvaa) = having abandoned/sacrificed ty:Vtv:a|tm:an: (tyaktvaa.atmaanaM) = having abandoned see as one's own self ty:j: (tyaj.h) = to leave ty:j:et: (tyajati) = (1 pp) to abandon, to relinquish ty:j:n: (tyajan.h) = quitting ty:j:t: (tyajet.h) = one must give up ty:ag: (tyaaga) = sacrificing/abandonment ty:ag: (tyaagaM) = renunciation ty:ag:H (tyaagaH) = renunciation ty:ag:sy: (tyaagasya) = of renunciation ty:ag:at: (tyaagaat.h) = by such renunciation ty:ag:i (tyaagii) = the renouncer ty:ag: (tyaage) = in the matter of renunciation ty:ajy: (tyaajyaM) = to be given up *:y: (trayaM) = three *:y:aN:a (trayaaNaaM) = three *:y:i (trayii) = triplet *:y: (traye) = in the three *:y::ev:S:et: (trayovi.nshati) = number 23 *:a (traa) = to save *:aXk (traaTaka) = an exercise to clear the vision *:aN: (traaNa) = protection *:at: (traatuM) = for protecting *:ay:t: (traayate) = releases *:ay:t:a (traayetaaM) = (may the two) protect, save (us).(for one persons the verb is *:aeh (traahi) = (Vr.Imp.II P.S PP)Protect e*: (tri) = three e*:k:N: (trikoNa) = a triangle e*:k:N:em:et: (trikoNamiti) = trigonometry e*:k:N:as:n: (trikoNaasana) = the triangle posture e*:k:n: (trikona) = Trinal houses or 1,5,9 e*:g:N: (triguNa) = three qualities (i.e. satva, rajas and tamas) e*:g:n:d:S:H (trigunadoshaiH) = having all three qualities as well as faults e*:j:g:et: (trijagati) = in the three worlds e*:D:a (tridhaa) = of three kinds e*:eB:H (tribhiH) = three e*:B:j:m: (tribhujam.h) = (n) triangle e*:ev:#m: (trivikrama) = fifth incarnation of Vishnu commonly known as vaamana e*:ev:D: (trividhaM) = of three kinds e*:ev:D:H (trividhaH) = of three kinds e*:ev:D:a (trividhaa) = of three kinds e*:\: (trishhu) = in the three *:ieN: (triiNi) = three *:in: (triin.h) = three *:Xy:H (truTayaH) = shortcomings, mistakes *:eX (truTi) = shortcomings, mistakes *:g:Ny: (traiguNya) = pertaining to the three modes of material nature *:l::Vy: (trailokya) = of the three worlds *:ev:H (traividyaH) = the knowers of the three Vedas tv: (tva) = suffix meaning property of. tv: (tvaM) = you tv:k (tvak.h) = skin tv:t: (tvat.h) = than you tv::H (tvattaH) = from You tv::: (tvatto) = from you tv:t)s:adat: (tvatprasaadaat.h) = by Your mercy tv:ts:m:H (tvatsamaH) = equal to You tv:dny:n: (tvadanyena) = besides you tv:m:v: (tvameva) = you only tv:y:a (tvayaa) = by you tv:ey: (tvayi) = in yourself tv:reN:*: (tvaraNitra) = accelerator tv:rt: (tvarate) = (1 ap) to hurry, to hasten tv:rm:aN:aH (tvaramaaNaaH) = rushing tv:ra (tvaraa) = hurry tv:ert: (tvarita) = quick, without delay tv:h (tvahaM) = tu + aham: emphasis + I tv:a (tvaa) = unto you tv:a (tvaaM) = to you tv: (tvai) = with regard to thee dRH (da.nDaH) = punishment dt:i (da.ntii) = the tusked one dS: (da.nsh.h) = to bite d\X (da.nshhTra) = tooth d\Xa (da.nshhTraa) = (fem) tooth, fang dx:t:a (dakShataa) = (f) efficiency, care deK:N: (dakhiNa) = right side dgD: (dagdha) = burned dNR (daNDa) = a staff, also monetary punishment for wrong doing dNR (daNDaM) = stick(walking) dNRas:n: (daNDaasana) = the staff posture dNRi (daNDii) = Dandii d: (dattaM) = given d:an: (dattaan.h) = things given ddet: (dadati) = give, donate ddaem: (dadaami) = I give ddaes: (dadaasi) = you give , confer upon dd: (dadau) = gave (from daa : to give) dD:t:m:,j:Xa (dadhatamurujaTaa) = bearing, head adornments dD:at: (dadhaatu) = let them give( us welfare) dD:aem: (dadhaami) = create deD:c:i (dadhichii) = a sage who gave his bones to the gods to make a thunderbolt dDm:H (dadhmuH) = blew dDm:: (dadhmau) = blew dnRdip: (danDadiipa) = (m) tubelight dnRy:et: (danDayati) = (10 up) to punish dnt:H (dantaH) = (m) tooth dnt:p:al:i (dantapaalii) = (f) gums dm: (dama) = self-control dm:H (damaH) = control of the senses dm:y:t:a (damayataaM) = of all means of suppression dmB: (dambha) = of pride dmB:H (dambhaH) = pride dmB:n: (dambhena) = out of pride dy:a (dayaa) = mercy dy:al:H (dayaaluH) = the kind-hearted dey:t: (dayita) = dear derdt:a (daridrataa) = poverty; shortage dp: (darpa) = pride (masc) dp: (darpaM) = pride dp:H (darpaH) = arrogance dp:N: (darpaNa) = Mirror dp:N:H (darpaNaH) = (m) mirror dB: (darbha) = a sweet-smelling dried grass dv:i (darvii) = (f) serving spoon, ladle dS:n: (darshana) = seeing dS:n: (darshanaM) = sight, Darshan dS:n:kae{x:N:H (darshanakaa.nkShiNaH) = aspiring to see dS:n:ay: (darshanaaya) = for seeing dS:n:iy: (darshaniiya) = handsome dS:n:n: (darshanena) = at the sight of dS:y: (darshaya) = show dS:y:am:as: (darshayaamaasa) = showed deS:t: (darshitaM) = shown deS:n:H (darshinaH) = seers deS:eB:H (darshibhiH) = by the seers dl: (dala) = leaf dl:m: (dalam.h) = (n) flower petal dv: (dava) = water dS: (dasha) = ten dS:et: (dashati) = (1 pp) to bite dS:n:ev:hin: (dashanavihiinaM) = dashana+vihInaM, teeth+bereft dS:n:ant:r\: (dashanaantareshhu) = between the teeth dS:em:k (dashamika) = (adj) decimal dS:m:K:ant:kH (dashamukhaantakaH) = the finisher (destroyer) of the ten-faced one (rAvaNa) dS:rT: (dasharatha) = dasharatha's dS:rT:t:n:y: (dasharathatanayaM) = the son of dasharatha dS:rT:sy:t:: (dasharathasyaitau) = dasharathasya+etaau, dasharatha's+this pair dS:l:x:aS: (dashalakShaa.nsha) = parts per million dS:a (dashaa) = Planetary period or system of directions. Also means the actual Major planetary period itself. There are many of these the most used being vi.nshottarii or 120 year cycle system. Others are ashhTottari (108), Chatursheetisama (84), Dwadashottari (112), Dwisaptatisama (72), Panchottari (105), ShashhTisama (60), Shatatri.nshatsama (36), Shodashottari (116), Yogini (30). These are lunar based. Then there are Rashi (sign) based systems: chara, sthira, kaala chakra and kendraadi dashas etc dS:aS: (dashaa.nsha) = One of the varga-s or harmonic divisions of a sign. This is the 10th division dS:an:n: (dashaanana) = Another name for Ravana dS:av:t:ar (dashaavataara) = the ten avataara-s of Vishnu dS:k (dashaikaM) = eleven d (dashhTa) = bite dh (dah.h) = to burn dht: (dahat.h) = one that burns dhet: (dahati) = (1 pp) to burn, to pain dx: (dakSha) = a lord of created beings dx:H (dakShaH) = expert dex:N: (dakShiNa) = South dex:N:a:at: (dakShiNaattaat.h) = from the southern direction dex:N:ay:n: (dakShiNaayanaM) = when the sun passes on the southern side dex:N: (dakShiNe) = in the southern direction dex:N::r (dakShiNeshvara) = Dakshineshvar, place near Calcutta da (daa) = to give daH (daaH) = giving daekN:i (daakiNii) = the goddess in mulaadhaara chakra daeRm:Pl:m: (daaDimaphalam.h) = (n) pomegranate, anaar dat:vy: (daatavya) = shouold be given dat:vy: (daatavyaM) = worth giving dat:a (daataa) = (masc.Nom.S) the giver dat:ar (daataaraM) = the giver dat:arm: (daataaram.h) = one who gives daD:ar (daadhaara) = holds dan: (daana) = the act of giving dan: (daanaM) = charity dan:v: (daanava) = a demon dan:v:H (daanavaH) = the demons dan: (daane) = in charity dan:n: (daanena) = by charity dan:\: (daaneshhu) = in giving charities dan:H (daanaiH) = by charity dant:: (daantau) = with good teeth? dam: (daama) = garland (like) damy:et: (daamyati) = (4 pp) to tame daey:tv: (daayitvaM) = (n) obligation daey:n:i (daayinii) = giver dara (daaraa) = woman daerdy: (daaridrya) = poverty da, (daaru) = (neut) tree, wood dav:aG:aXH (daarvaaghaaTaH) = (m) woodpecker daS:reT:H (daasharathiH) = dasharatha's son das:H (daasaH) = (male, nom.sing.) servant das::smy:hm: (daasosmyaham.h) = disciple+am+I dasy:nt: (daasyante) = will award dasy:aem: (daasyaami) = I shall give charity daxy: (daakShyaM) = resourcefulness edgb:l: (digbala) = Directional strength ed{en:N:y:y:n*: (di.n.hnirNayayantra) = compass edet: (diti) = mother of the daityas demons eddS:ey:\:n: (didarshayishhan.h) = wishing to show edn: (dina) = Day edn:deS:ka (dinadarshikaa) = (f) calendar edn:y:aem:ny:: (dinayaaminyau) = dina+yAminI, day + night edn:aH (dinaa.nkaH) = (m) date edn: (dine) = (Loc.sing.) during the day i.e day-by-day edv: (divaM) = to heaven edv:t:H (diva.ngataH) = died edv:s: (divasa) = day edv:s:kt: (divasakR^itaM) = day-time-done edv:s:sy: (divasasya) = of days edv:s: (divase) = on the day edv:a (divaa) = during the day edv:akr (divaakara) = sun edev: (divi) = in heaven edvy: (divya) = divine edvy: (divyaM) = transcendental edvy:aH (divyaaH) = divine edvy:an: (divyaan.h) = celestial edvy:an:a (divyaanaaM) = of the divine edvy:aen: (divyaani) = divine edvy:ay:D:H (divyaayudhaH) = the man with divine weapons edvy:: (divyau) = transcendental edS:H (dishaH) = on all sides edS:et: (dishati) = (6 pp) to show edS:a (dishaa) = directions edS:a (dishaaM) = direction edeS: (dishi) = in all directions din:j:n:ay: (diinajanaaya) = to the poor (humble state) people dip: (diip.h) = to adorn, to grace dip: (diipa) = light dip:H (diipaH) = lamp dip:k (diipaka) = Lamp dip:n: (diipena) = with the lamp dipt: (diipta) = blazing dipt: (diiptaM) = glowing dipt:an:l: (diiptaanala) = blazing fire diept:m:nt: (diiptimantaM) = glowing dipt:H (diiptaiH) = shining diy:t: (diiyate) = is given diG: (diirgha) = Long diG:s:*: (diirghasuutra) = one who works slowly, procrastinates diG:c:#i (diirghachakrii) = macrocyclic diG:s:*:i (diirghasuutrii) = procrastinating diG:a (diirghaa) = (adj) long d.H:ert: (du.Hshcharita) = adj. bad blooded dHK: (duHkha) = sorrow dHK: (duHkhaM) = distress dHK:t:r (duHkhataraM) = more painful dHK:s:y::g: (duHkhasa.nyoga) = of the miseries of material contact dHK:ha (duHkhahaa) = diminishing pains dHK:an:a (duHkhaanaaM) = material miseries dHK:al:y: (duHkhaalayaM) = place of miseries dHK: (duHkhe) = and distress dHK:n: (duHkhena) = by miseries dHK:\: (duHkheshhu) = in the threefold miseries dHK:H (duHkhaiH) = the distresses dHS:il: (duHshiila) = adj. bad-tempered dK:nd (dukhanda) = hot iron dgD: (dugdha) = milk dB:at: (durbhraatR^i) = bad brother drty:y:a (duratyayaa) = very difficult to overcome dratm:n: (duraatman.h) = evil natured, vile dras:d (duraasadaM) = formidable dg: (durga) = fort dg:et: (durgati) = bad state , defeat dg:et: (durgatiM) = to degradation dg:m: (durgam.h) = (n) fort dg:a (durgaa) = Goddess Durga dg:aeN: (durgaaNi) = impediments dG:Xn:a (durghaTanaa) = (f) calamity, disaster dj:n: (durjana) = wicked person dj:n: (durjanaM) = bad person den:g:h (durnigrahaM) = difficult to curb den:rixy: (durniriikShyaM) = difficult to see den:v:ar (durnivaara) = hard to correct db:l: (durbala) = weak db:e (durbuddhi) = stupid person, idiot db:H (durbuddheH) = evil-minded deB:x: (durbhikSha) = famine dm:et:H (durmatiH) = foolish dm:n:H (durmanaH) = (adj) evil-minded dm:D:a (durmedhaa) = unintelligent dy::D:n:H (duryodhanaH) = King Duryodhana dl:B: (durlabha) = ungettable dl:B: (durlabhaM) = rare (thing) dl:B:t:r (durlabhataraM) = very rare dv:c:n: (durvachana) = wicked statements dv:adl:Sy:am: (durvaadalashyaamaM) = black as the'durvA' (flower)petal dev:dgD: (durvidagdha) = foolishly puffed up, vain dv:: (durvR^itta) = those having wickedness dv:: (durvR^ittaM) = bad deed deSkt:i (dushkirtii) = adj. declared evil d\kt:a (dushhkR^itaaM) = of the miscreants d\ket:n:H (dushhkR^itinaH) = miscreants dg:h (dushhTagraha) = Aspected (Aspecting) Planet db:عi (dushhTabuddhii) = adj. evil spirited das: (dushhTaasu) = being so polluted d\p:r (dushhpuuraM) = insatiable d\p:rN: (dushhpuureNa) = never to be satisfied d\)ap:H (dushhpraapaH) = difficult to obtain dst:r (dustara) = hard to cross dssT:an: (dussthaana) = An evil position (6,8,12 Houses) deht:a (duhitaa) = (f) daughter dhK:H (duhkhaiH) = (instr.) by sorrow(s) dt: (duuta) = messenger dr (duura) = far drdS:km: (duuradarshakam.h) = (n) telescope drdS:n: (duuradarshana) = television drdS:n:m: (duuradarshanam.h) = (n) television drdS:i (duuradarshii) = one with far-sight especially a statesman drDv:n:i (duuradhvanii) = telephone drv:aN:iev:en:m:y:kndm: (duuravaaNiivinimayakendram.h) = (n) telephone exchange drsT: (duurasthaM) = far away drN: (duureNa) = discard it at a long distance dB:a\:H (duurbhaashhaH) = (m) telephone dv:akrH (duurvaa.nkuraiH) = with the bud of `dUrva' d\:N: (duushhaNaM) = contamination d\:y:et: (duushhayati) = to condemn, to contaminate dZ (dR^iDha) = unrelenting dZ (dR^iDhaM) = strongly dZt:a (dR^iDhataa) = firmness, strength dZen::y:H (dR^iDhanishchayaH) = with determination dZv:t:aH (dR^iDhavrataaH) = with determination dZas:n: (dR^iDhaasana) = the side relaxation posture dZn: (dR^iDhena) = strong dS:: (dR^ishau) = eyes d\: (dR^ishh) = (pashyati) to see dS:H (dR^ishaH) = eyes dH (dR^ishhTaH) = observed dv:an: (dR^ishhTavaan.h) = seeing dv:an:es: (dR^ishhTavaanasi) = as you have seen de (dR^ishhTiM) = vision di (dR^ishhTii) = Sight dig::c:r (dR^ishhTiigochara) = macroscopic diB:d (dR^ishhTiibheda) = difference in seeing, observing or outlook dv:a (dR^ishhTvaa) = having seen dxy:et: (dR^ikShyati) = see dy: (deyaM) = is to be given dy:t:a (deyataa) = (f) liaility dy:m: (deyam.h) = to be given dv: (deva) = God dv: (devaM) = God dv:H (devaH) = (masc.nom.sing.) god; demi-god dv:t:a (devataa) = goddess dv:t:aH (devataaH) = the demigods dv:d: (devadatta) = one of the vital airs, which causes yawning dv:d: (devadattaM) = the conchshell named Devadatta dv:das:i (devadaasii) = God's (female) servant (word degenerated to a temple prostitute) dv:dv: (devadeva) = O Lord of all demigods dv:dv:sy: (devadevasya) = of the Supreme Personality of Godhead dv:B::g:an: (devabhogaan.h) = the pleasures of the gods dv:y:j:H (devayajaH) = the worshipers of the demigods dv:rH (devaraH) = (m) husband's younger brother dv:e\:H (devarshhiH) = the sage among the demigods dv:\:iN:a (devarshhiiNaaM) = of all the sages amongst the demigods dv:l:H (devalaH) = Devala dv:v:r (devavara) = O great one amongst the demigods dv:v:t:aH (devavrataaH) = worshipers of demigods dv:eht: (devahitaM) = that which is healthy or `pro' or good for the Devas dv:aH (devaaH) = demigods dv:an: (devaan.h) = demigods dv:an:a (devaanaaM) = of the demigods dv:ay: (devaaya) = Divine dv:al:y:H (devaalayaH) = (m) temple dev: (devi) = Godess dv:i (devii) = Godess dv:S: (devesha) = O Lord of all lords dv:\: (deveshhu) = amongst the demigods dS: (desha) = country dS:d:hH (deshadrohaH) = (m) treason dS:at:g:t: (deshaa.ntargata) = within a country or region dS: (deshe) = land dh (deha) = body dh (dehaM) = body, existence dh*:y:H (dehatrayaH) = the three forms of bodies (corporal or physical, astral and causal dhB:t: (dehabhR^it.h) = the embodied dhB:t:a (dehabhR^itaa) = by the embodied dhB:t:a (dehabhR^itaaM) = of the embodied dhel: (dehali) = doorstep dhv:eH (dehavadbhiH) = by the embodied dhaH (dehaaH) = material bodies dhant:r (dehaantara) = of transference of the body dhap:ay: (dehaapaaye) = when life departs the body dehn: (dehin.h) = man dehn: (dehinaM) = of the embodied dehn:a (dehinaaM) = of the embodied dhi (dehii) = the self dhin: (dehiinaM) = the living entity dhin:H (dehiinaH) = of the embodied dh (dehe) = in the body dh|esm:n: (dehe.asmin.h) = in this body dh\: (deheshhu) = bodies dty: (daitya) = a demon son of Diti dty:an:a (daityaanaaM) = of the demons dny:y::g: (dainyayoga) = Combination of planets (Yoga) which give rise to poverty. Usually it is caused by the malefic conjunctions of house lords with the lords of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses dv: (daiva) = destiny dv: (daivaM) = in worshiping the demigods dv:H (daivaH) = godly dv:i (daivii) = transcendental dv:i (daiviiM) = divine d:egD: (dogdhi) = milks (from duh.h : to milk ) d:D:y:et: (dodhayati) = to explain d:rk (doraka) = (m) rope, string d:l:a (dolaa) = swing d:S:H (doshaiH) = by faults d:\: (doshha) = Blemish d:\: (doshhaM) = fault d:\:v:t: (doshhavat.h) = as an evil d:\:aH (doshhaaH) = the faults d:\:n: (doshhena) = with fault d:\:H (doshhaiH) = by such faults d:b:ly: (daurbalyaM) = weakness d:m:n:sy: (daurmanasya) = despair d:eh*: (dauhitra) = (m) grandson (daughter's son) d:ehe*: (dauhitri) = (m) granddaughter (daughter's daughter) am:t:m:a (dyaamutemaaM) = sky t: (dyutaM) = gambling et: (dyuti) = gleam et: (dyutiM) = the sunshine : (dyau) = from outer space dv: (drava) = liquid dv:N: (dravaNa) = melting dv:et: (dravati) = (1 pp) to melt dv:ent: (dravanti) = glide dv:aH (dravaa~NkaH) = (m) melting point dvy: (dravya) = money in terms of coins or jewlery dvy:m:y:at: (dravyamayaat.h) = of material possessions dvy:y:waH (dravyayaGYaaH) = sacrificing one's possessions dvy:N: (dravyeNa) = (instr.S) money or riches or wealth da (drashhTaa) = consciousness, the 'witness,' also a statesman with insight d (drashhTuM) = to be seen dxy:es: (drakShyasi) = you will see dax:a (draakShaa) = (f) grapes dp:dH (drupadaH) = Drupada dp:dp:*:N: (drupadaputreNa) = by the son of Drupada dm: (druma) = tree d\kaN: (dreshhkaaNa) = A Varga. This is a subdivision of one third or a sign. Also known as Dreshkana d:N: (droNa) = the teacher Drona d:N: (droNaM) = Drona d:N:H (droNaH) = Dronacarya d:N:i (droNii) = (f) bucket d:p:dy:aH (draupadeyaaH) = the sons of Draupadi n (dvandva) = couple n (dvandvaM) = tha pair nH (dvandvaH) = the dual nH (dvandvaiH) = from the dualities y: (dvayaM) = twin adS:m:Wj:erkaeB:H (dvaadashamaJNjarikaabhiH) = by the bouquet consisting of 12 flowers (12 ar (dvaara) = entry (neut) ar (dvaaraM) = door e (dvi) = two, both eg:N: (dviguNa) = twice ec:e#ka (dvichakrikaa) = (f) bicycle ej: (dvija) = brahmin, tooth ej:::m: (dvijottama) = O best of the brahmanas ep: (dvipa) = elephant ep:ad (dvipaada) = two feet eadS:a (dvirdvaadashaa) = 2nd and 12th house from each other eev:D:a (dvividhaa) = two kinds of e\:t:H (dvishhataH) = envious esv:B:av:raeS: (dvisvabhaavaraashi) = Common Signs ip:H (dviipaH) = (m) island (dve) = two S: (dvesha) = haterd \: (dveshha) = hatred \:H (dveshhaH) = hatred \:: (dveshhau) = also detachment e (dveshhTi) = envies \y: (dveshhya) = the envious \y:H (dveshhyaH) = hateful D:aH (dvaidhaaH) = duality : (dvau) = the two D:n: (dhana) = money D:n: (dhanaM) = wealth D:n:kark (dhanakaaraka) = Significator for Wealth which is Jupiter D:n:Wj:y: (dhanaJNjaya) = O conqueror of wealth D:n:Wj:y:H (dhanaJNjayaH) = Dhananjaya (Arjuna, the winner of wealth) D:n:p:et: (dhanapati) = kubera (Lord of the wealth) D:n:B:av: (dhanabhaava) = Second house ruling over Wealth D:n:m:an: (dhanamaana) = of wealth and false prestige D:n:y::g: (dhanayoga) = The 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th are Wealth producing houses. Any inter-relation of their lords, by way of position aspect or conjunction, will produce money. The more strongly they are inter-related, the more wealth is promised in the birth chart, which the native will get eventually in the related major or sub-periods D:n:adS:H (dhanaadeshaH) = (m) cheque D:n:aen: (dhanaani) = wealth D:en:kt:n*: (dhanikatantraM) = (n) plutocracy D:en:a (dhanishhThaa) = Twenty-third nakshatra D:n: (dhanu) = The Zodiacal sign Sagittarius D:n:H (dhanuH) = (m) a bow D:n:ras:n: (dhanuraasana) = the bow posture D:n:D:rH (dhanurdharaH) = the carrier of the bow and arrow D:n:\: (dhanushha) = The Zodiacal sign Sagittarius D:n:\: (dhanushhaM) = bow D:n:\:a (dhanushhaa) = thro'bow D:ny:H (dhanyaH) = are praiseworthy D:m:en: (dhamani) = a layer within a nadi allowing for the passage of energy D:r (dharaM) = wearing D:reN: (dharaNi) = earth D:ret: (dharati) = to wear D:ry:t: (dharayet.h) = bears D:t:a|es: (dhartaa.asi) = are the bearer or support D:m: (dharma) = religion D:m: (dharmaM) = doctrines D:m:H (dharmaH) = (masc.nom.sing.)(roughly)religion; life-code; way of good living;duty D:m:c:aerN:i (dharmachaariNii) = a wife or or a chaste virtuous wife D:m:c:aern: (dharmachaarin) = (adj) practicing virtue, observing the law, virtuous D:m:t:n*: (dharmatantraM) = (n) theocracy D:m:en:rp:x:t:a (dharmanirapekShataa) = (f) secularism D:m:p:tn:i (dharmapatnii) = respectable address for wife, wife from prescribed vedic rituals D:m:s:aD:n: (dharmasaadhanaM) = the means for doing one's duty D:m:sy: (dharmasya) = occupation D:m:x:*: (dharmakShetre) = in the place of pilgrimage D:m:at:r (dharmaa.ntara) = proselytization D:m:atm:a (dharmaatmaa) = righteous D:m:anD:H (dharmaandhaH) = (m) fundamentalist D:m:aT: (dharmaarthaM) = For the sake of dharma D:m:aev:,H (dharmaaviruddhaH) = not against religious principles D:m: (dharme) = religion D:m:N:hin:aH (dharmeNahiinaaH) = bereft of dharma or duty D:my: (dharmyaM) = as a religious duty D:my:aeN: (dharmyaaNi) = religious (used in plural ) D:my:at: (dharmyaat.h) = for religious principles D:emv:rhit: (dharmvirahiita) = adj. irreligious D:v:l: (dhavala) = white D:s:Wj:y: (dhasaJNjaya) = a vital air that stays in the body after death D:at:a (dhaataa) = supporter D:at:ar (dhaataaraM) = the maintainer D:at:arm: (dhaataaram.h) = the creator D:at: (dhaatu) = verb D:a*:i (dhaatrii) = (f) nurse D:any: (dhaanya) = grain D:am: (dhaama) = one who has the abode D:am:n: (dhaaman.h) = (n) lustre D:arN:a (dhaaraNaa) = concentration D:ary:t: (dhaarayate) = one sustains D:ary:n: (dhaarayan.h) = considering D:ary:aem: (dhaarayaami) = sustain D:ara (dhaaraa) = (fem) rain D:aereN: (dhaariNi) = wearer D:at:ra\Xsy: (dhaartaraashhTrasya) = for the son of Dhritarashtra D:at:ra\XaH (dhaartaraashhTraaH) = the sons of Dhritarashtra D:at:ra\XaN:a (dhaartaraashhTraaNaaM) = of the sons of Dhritarashtra D:at:ra\Xan: (dhaartaraashhTraan.h) = the sons of Dhritarashtra D:aem:km: (dhaarmikam.h) = the religious one D:ay:t: (dhaaryate) = is utilised or exploited D:av: (dhaav.h) = to run eD:k (dhik.h) = to be condemned eD:Vb:l: (dhikbalaM) = dhik.h:fie upon it + balam:power or strength D:im:t: (dhiimat.h) = learned man D:im:t:a (dhiimataa) = very intelligent D:im:t:a (dhiimataaM) = of those who are endowed with great wisdom D:im:eh (dhiimahi) = ? D:ir (dhiira) = courageous, steadfast D:ir (dhiiraM) = patient D:irH (dhiiraH) = the sober D:irt:a (dhiirataa) = courage D:iv:r (dhiivara) = (m) a fisherman D:t:v:s*: (dhutavastra) = Washed garment D:m:H (dhumaH) = smoke D:ra (dhuraa) = (f) yoke, responsibility D:erN: (dhuriNa) = awakened/aroused? D:m: (dhuuma) = smoke D:m:H (dhuumaH) = (m) smoke D:m:kt:H (dhuumaketuH) = (m) comet D:m:en:g:m:H (dhuumanirgamaH) = (m) chimney D:m:n: (dhuumena) = by smoke D:t: (dhuurta) = adj. clever D:s:rH (dhuusaraH) = grey D: (dhR^i) = to bear D:t: (dhR^ita) = ghee D:t:ra\Xsy: (dhR^itaraashhTrasya) = of Dhritarashtra D:et: (dhR^iti) = with determination D:et: (dhR^itiM) = steadiness D:et:H (dhR^itiH) = firmness D:et:g:hit:y:a (dhR^itigR^ihiitayaa) = carried by conviction D:t:H (dhR^iteH) = of steadiness D:ty: (dhR^itya) = by determination D:ty:a (dhR^ityaa) = determination D:kt:H (dhR^ishhTaketuH) = Dhrishtaketu D:Ľmn:H (dhR^ishhTadyumnaH) = Dhristadyumna (the son of King Drupada) D:n: (dhenu) = a cow D:n:n:a (dhenuunaaM) = of cows D:y: (dhairya) = courage D::t: (dhauta) = white Dm:aet: (dhmaati) = to blow air into, to inflate Dy:atv:a (dhyaatvaa) = having meditated Dy:an: (dhyaana) = contemplation Dy:an: (dhyaanaM) = meditation Dy:an:m: (dhyaanam.h) = meditation Dy:an:y::g:p:rH (dhyaanayogaparaH) = absorbed in trance Dy:an:at: (dhyaanaat.h) = than meditation Dy:an:n: (dhyaanena) = by meditation Dy:ay:et: (dhyaaya.nti) = meditate or think Dy:ay:t:H (dhyaayataH) = while contemplating Dy:ay:et: (dhyaayati) = meditates Dy:ay:nt:H (dhyaayantaH) = meditating Dy:ay:d (dhyaayed.h) = may we meditate Dy:y: (dhyeyaM) = is to be meditated D:v: (dhruvaM) = certainly D:v:H (dhruvaH) = a fact D:v:a (dhruvaa) = certain D:v:ikrN: (dhruviikaraNa) = polarization Dv:j:H (dhvajaH) = (m) flag Dv:en: (dhvani) = sound Dv:en:g:ahkm: (dhvanigraahakam.h) = (n) microphone Dv:en:v:D:km: (dhvanivardhakam.h) = (n) amplifier, loud-speaker Dv:n:i (dhvanii) = sound Dv:n:ieft: (dhvaniifita) = audio cassette n: (na) = not n:H (naH) = by us n:kl:H (nakulaH) = (m) a mongoose n:Vt: (naktaM) = in the night n:Vt:c:rant:km: (nakta.ncharaantakam.h) = the finisher(destroyer) of the n:# (nakra) = a crocodile n:K: (nakha) = nail n:g: (naga) = the vital air that causes burping n:eX (naTi) = Actress n:t: (nata) = Bowed n:t:raj: (nataraaja) = Lord of the dancers, a name of Shiva n:t:raj:as:n: (nataraajaasana) = the Lord of the Dance posture n:t:aH (nataaH) = bowed down n:d (nada) = The Universal Sound. Vibration n:ed (nadi) = (f) river n:din:a (nadiinaaM) = of the rivers n:n:nda (nanandaa) = (f) husband's or wife's sister n:n: (nanu) = really n:ndH (nandaH) = nanda n:ndet: (nandati) = revels n:ndty:v: (nandatyeva) = nandati+eva, revels alone/revels indeed n:ndn: (nandana) = child n:p:s:k (napu.nsakaM) = neuter n:B:H (nabhaH) = the sky n:B:Hsp:S: (nabhaHspR^ishaM) = touching the sky n:B:st:l: (nabhastala) = sky n:m: (nam.h) = to salute n:m:H (namaH) = a salute n:m:et: (namati) = to bow n:m:skar (namaskaara) = Salutation n:m:skarn:ic:m:n:i (namaskaaraniichamanii) = Salutation to evil minded n:m:sk, (namaskuru) = offer obeisances n:m:sktv:a (namaskR^itvaa) = offering obeisances n:m:st: (namaste) = offering my respects unto You n:m:sy:nt:H (namasyantaH) = offering obeisances n:m:sy:ent: (namasyanti) = are offering respects n:m:aem: (namaami) = I bow n:m:amy:hm: (namaamyaham.h) = namAmi+ahaM, bow+I n:m:rn: (nameran.h) = they should offer proper obeisances n:m:: (namo) = salutation n:my: (namya) = (adj) bendable n:y:n: (nayana) = eye n:y:n: (nayanaM) = eyes n:y:t: (nayet.h) = must bring under n:r (nara) = Man n:rH (naraH) = a man n:rk (naraka) = hell n:rksy: (narakasya) = of hell n:rkay: (narakaaya) = for the hell n:rk (narake) = in hell n:rj:nm: (narajanma) = human birh n:rp:ؤv:H (narapu.ngavaH) = hero in human society n:rrax:s: (nararaakShasa) = adj. devil incarnate n:rl::kv:iraH (naralokaviiraaH) = kings of human society n:res:h (narasi.nha) = the man-lion, fourth incarnation of Vishnu n:raN:a (naraaNaaM) = among human beings n:raD:m:aH (naraadhamaaH) = lowest among mankind n:raD:m:an: (naraadhamaan.h) = the lowest of mankind n:raeD:p: (naraadhipaM) = the king n:rH (naraiH) = by men n:k (narka) = Hell n:t:ki (nartakii) = (f) danseuse , a female dancer n:t:n: (nartana) = Dance n:el:n:i (nalinii) = lotus n:el:n:idl:g:t: (naliniidalagata) = nalinI+dala+gata, lotus+petal+reached/gone n:v: (navaM) = a boat n:v:km:l:dl: (navakamaladala) = newly blossomed lotus petal (another meaning for `nava' is n:v:ar (navadvaare) = in the place where there are nine gates n:v:em: (navami) = Ninth Tithi of the Moon n:v:v:st: (navavastu) = New article n:v:aS: (navaa.nsha) = A Varga. The Ninth divisional harmonic. Used with the Rashi, Chandra and bhaava charts to determine a basic delineation. Used for reading the delineations of the Spouse n:v:aen: (navaani) = new garments n:v:in:m: (naviinam.h) = (adj) new n:v:H (navaiH) = (instr.) new n:Sy:et: (nashyati) = (4 pp) to perish, to be destroyed n:Sy:ats: (nashyaatsu) = being annihilated n::r (nashvara) = Temporary n: (nashhTa) = Destroyed or missing birth data. A method of calculating the Chart when one has missing data n:H (nashhTaH) = scattered n:an: (nashhTaan.h) = all ruined n: (nashhTe) = being destroyed n:eh (nahi) = No; never n:et: (nahyati) = (4 pp) to bind n:x:*: (nakShatra) = A division of the Zodiac into 27 parts. There were originally 28 parts but one seems to have been dropped. Each Division is ruled by a planet and is further divided into Padas or quarters. The nakshatra contains 9 navaa.nshas and forms the base position for lunar Dasha systems n:x:*:m: (nakShatram.h) = (n) constellation n:x:*:aN:a (nakShatraaNaaM) = of the stars n:ak (naaka) = heaven, sky n:ag: (naaga) = snake n:ag:PN:i (naagaphaNii) = cactus n:ag:b:nD: (naagabandha) = cobra pattern, a form of poetry n:ag:v:ell: (naagavalli) = the paan (betel leaf) n:ag:an:a (naagaanaaM) = of the manyhooded serpents n:ag:aS:n: (naagaashana) = peacock (whose food is snakes) n:ag:nd (naagendra) = elephant n:aXk (naaTaka) = (m) a play , drama n:aRi (naaDii) = a channel within the subtle body n:aRiS::D:n: (naaDiishodhana) = the purification of the nadis n:aN:km: (naaNakam.h) = (n) coin n:aT: (naath) = lord n:aT: (naatha) = Protector n:aT:ay: (naathaaya) = to the protector or lord n:ad (naada) = Sound n:adH (naadaH) = the sound n:ad: (naadatte) = (verb) does not wear n:adb: (naadabrahma) = Blissful tone n:an:a (naanaa) = many n:an:aB:av:an: (naanaabhaavaan.h) = multifarious situations n:an:aev:D:aen: (naanaavidhaani) = variegated n:an:t: (naanR^itaM) = na + anR^itaM: not untruth n:ant: (naantaM) = no end n:any: (naanyaM) = na+anyaM, no other n:any:g:aem:n:a (naanyagaaminaa) = without their being deviated n:aeB: (naabhiM) = navel n:aeB:j:an:aet: (naabhijaanaati) = does not know n:aeB:p:das:n: (naabhipedaasana) = the upward ankle-twist posture n:aeB:y:an: (naabhiyaana) = focussing n:aB:idS: (naabhiideshaM) = nAbhI+deshaM, navel+region/country n:am: (naama) = Name n:am:n: (naaman.h) = name n:am:eB:H (naamabhiH) = the names of rAma n:am:eB:edvy:H (naamabhirdivyaiH) = by the divine `nAmAs'(names) n:am:y:et: (naamayati) = to bend n:am:sm:rN:at: (naamasmaraNaat.h) = (exceept) through/from rememberance of the lord's name n:ay:kaH (naayakaaH) = captains n:arPl:m: (naara.ngaphalam.h) = (n) orange n:ardH (naaradaH) = Narada n:ares:hi (naarasi.nhii) = pertaining to Narasimha n:aray:N:H (naaraayaNaH) = Lord Narayana n:aray:aN: (naaraayaaNa) = the supporter of life - Vishnu n:aerkl: (naarikela) = coconut n:aerkl:H (naarikelaH) = (m) coconut n:aerkl:m: (naarikelam.h) = (n) coconut n:ari (naarii) = female n:ariN:a (naariiNaaM) = of women n:ay:H (naaryaH) = ( women n:al:H (naalaH) = (m) tap n:ael:ka (naalikaa) = (f) pipe n:av: (naava) = a boat n:av:as:n: (naavaasana) = the boat posture n:aS: (naasha) = destruction n:aS:H (naashaH) = loss n:aS:n: (naashanaM) = the destroyer n:aS:n:m: (naashanam.h) = destroyer n:aS:y:et: (naashayati) = destroys n:aS:y:aem: (naashayaami) = dispel n:aS:ay: (naashaaya) = for destruction n:aeS:t: (naashitaM) = is destroyed n:a\: (naashha) = destruction n:as:aBy:nt:r (naasaabhyantara) = within the nostrils n:aes:ka (naasikaa) = nose n:aest: (naasti) = na+asti, not there en: (ni) = down en:+ev:d (ni+vid.h) = to tell en:+v:t: (ni+vR^it.h) = to go away en:.HkSYkl:in:H (ni.HkR^ishThkuliinaH) = adj. born to a lowly family en:H (niH) = without en:HS:\: (niHsheshha) = remainderless en:H:eN:ka (niHshreNikaa) = (f) ladder en:H:y:s:kr: (niHshreyasakarau) = leading to the path of liberation en:Hsp:hH (niHspR^ihaH) = desireless en:Hsv:n: (niHsvana) = silent (without sound) en:kH (nikaH) = rays en:k (nikR^ishhTa) = inferior en:g:cCet: (nigachchhati) = attains en:g:RH (nigaDaH) = (m) handcuffs en:g:m:H (nigamaH) = (m) corporation en:g:Za (niguuDhaa) = cast in en:g:hit:aen: (nigR^ihiitaani) = so curbed down en:g:aem: (nigR^ihNaami) = withhold en:g:h (nigrahaM) = subduing en:g:hH (nigrahaH) = repression en:c:ay:*:icCdH (nichR^idgaayatriichchha.ndaH) = the prosody form is `nichR^it.h gAyatrii' en:c::l:H (nicholaH) = (m) skirt en:j: (nija) = one's own en:j:km: (nijakarma) = nija+karma, one's+duty(normal work) en:t: (nitaM) = has been led en:ty: (nitya) = always en:ty: (nityaM) = daily/always en:ty:H (nityaH) = eternal en:ty:j:at: (nityajaataM) = always born en:ty:tv: (nityatvaM) = constancy en:ty:m: (nityam.h) = ever en:ty:m:D:iy:t:a (nityamadhiiyataaM) = daily, may be studied en:ty:y:Vt:H (nityayuktaH) = always engaged en:ty:y:Vt:aH (nityayuktaaH) = perpetually engaged en:ty:v:erN: (nityavairiNa) = by the eternal enemy en:ty:S:H (nityashaH) = regularly en:ty:s:v:sT:H (nityasattvasthaH) = in a pure state of spiritual existence en:ty:sy: (nityasya) = eternal in existence en:ty:aH (nityaaH) = in eternity en:edDy:as:n: (nididhyaasana) = meditation and contemplation en:d:l:H (nidolaH) = (m) pendulum en:da (nidraa) = sleep en:daeB:H (nidraabhiH) = and sleep en:D:n: (nidhanaM) = destruction en:D:n:aen: (nidhanaani) = when vanquished en:D:an: (nidhaanaM) = resting place en:D:aen:ka (nidhaanikaa) = (f) cupboard, almariah en:eD: (nidhi) = reservoir, treasure en:n:ad (ninaada) = sound en:nd (nind.h) = to condemn en:ndet: (nindati) = (1 pp) to blame en:ndnt:H (nindantaH) = while vilifying en:nda (nindaa) = in defamation en:p:an: (nipaana) = (n) a pond en:p:N:H (nipuuNaH) = (M) skilled en:b: (nibaddha) = tied down (from bandh) en:b:H (nibaddhaH) = conditioned en:b::ent: (nibadhnanti) = bind en:b::aet: (nibadhnaati) = binds en:b:Dy:t: (nibadhyate) = becomes affected en:b::ent: (nibadhnanti) = do bind en:b:nD:ay: (nibandhaaya) = for bondage en:b::D: (nibodha) = just take note of, be informed en:b::eD:t:( H) (nibodhita(H)) = (masc.Nom.sing.)having been enlightened en:B:t: (nibhR^ita) = are served en:m:jj:et: (nimajjati) = to drown en:em::m:a*: (nimittamaatraM) = just the cause en:em::aen: (nimittaani) = causes en:em:\:n: (nimishhan.h) = closing en:m:iel:t: (nimiilita) = closed en:m:\:at: (nimeshhaat.h) = in the twinkling of the eye en:mn:g:a (nimnagaa) = (f) river en:mb: (nimba) = neem en:y:t: (niyata) = Discipline en:y:t: (niyataM) = always en:y:t:m:n:s:H (niyatamanasaH) = with a regulated mind en:y:t:sy: (niyatasya) = prescribed en:y:t:aH (niyataaH) = controlled en:y:t:atm:eB:H (niyataatmabhiH) = by the self-controlled en:y:nt:a (niyantaa) = controller en:y:m: (niyama) = self-purification through discipline en:y:m: (niyamaM) = regulations en:y:m:adv: (niyamaadeva) = control alone(niyamAt.h eva) en:y:em:t: (niyamita) = regular, constant en:y:my: (niyamya) = regulating en:y::j:n: (niyojana) = planning en:y::j:y: (niyojaya) = (verbal stem) make ready en:y::j:y:es: (niyojayasi) = You are engaging en:y::ej:t:H (niyojitaH) = engaged en:y::xy:et: (niyokShyati) = will engage en:rWj:n: (niraJNjana) = pure, free from falsehood en:rt:H (nirataH) = engaged en:ret:y:S: (niratiyasha) = (adj) unsurpassed, perfect en:rp:v:adH (nirapavaadaH) = free from blemish en:ry:n: (nirayana) = Sidereal or fixed Zodiac without precession en:rT:k (nirarthakaM) = needlessly en:rst: (nirasta) = removed en:rharH (niraha.nkaaraH) = without false ego en:rS:t:a (nira~Nkushataa) = (f) despotism en:ram:y: (niraamaya) = (adj) healthy, disease-free en:ral:mb: (niraalamba) = unsupported en:raS:iH (niraashiiH) = without desire for profit en:ra:y:H (niraashrayaH) = without any shelter en:raharsy: (niraahaarasya) = by negative restrictions en:erx:k (nirikShaka) = inspector, observer en:erx:N: (nirikShaNa) = observation en:erx:N: (nirikShaNa) = inspection en:erx:N: (nirikShaNa) = observation en:rix:N: (niriikShaNaM) = (n) inspection en:rih (niriiha) = the desireless person en:riht:a (niriihataa) = Lack of desire en:rix: (niriikShe) = may look upon en:, (niruddhaM) = being restrained from matter en:,Dy: (nirudhya) = confining en:r:D: (nirodha) = control or restraint en:g:N: (nirguNaM) = without material qualities en:g:N:tv:at: (nirguNatvaat.h) = due to being transcendental en:G:at: (nirghaata) = trauma en:dal:n: (nirdaalana) = Destruction en:edS:et: (nirdishati) = to indicate, to point out en:dS:H (nirdeshaH) = indication en:dS:kH (nirdeshakaH) = (m) director en:d:\: (nirdoshhaM) = flawless en:nH (nirdvandvaH) = without duality en:D:n: (nirdhana) = poor en:D:n:y::g: (nirdhanayoga) = Combinations for poverty en:D:t: (nirdhuuta) = cleansed en:B:r (nirbhara) = dependent en:m:m:H (nirmamaH) = without a sense of proprietorship en:m:l: (nirmala) = clear en:m:l: (nirmalaM) = purified en:m:l:tv:at: (nirmalatvaat.h) = being purest in the material world en:m:a (nirmaa) = to create en:em:t: (nirmita) = made en:em:t:v:t:H (nirmitavataH) = of the author en:m:Vt:aH (nirmuktaaH) = free from en:m:l:n: (nirmuulana) = uprootment en:m::htv: (nirmohatvaM) = non-infatuated state/clearheadedness en:y:at:H (niryaataH) = (m) export en:y:as:H (niryaasaH) = (m) gum, glue en:y::g:x:m:H (niryogakShemaH) = free from ideas of gain and protection en:el:pt: (nirlipta) = unstainedness en:v:ac:n: (nirvaachana) = (m ?) election en:v:aN: (nirvaaNa) = freedom of the personal soul from the physical world en:v:aN:p:rm:a (nirvaaNaparamaaM) = cessation of material existence en:v:at: (nirvaata) = (adj) windless en:v:ap:y:et: (nirvaapayati) = to douse en:v:ahkH (nirvaahakaH) = (m) conductor en:ev:karH (nirvikaaraH) = without change en:ev:c:ar (nirvichaara) = non-investigational meditation en:ev:t:k (nirvitarka) = non-inspectional meditation en:ev:S:\: (nirvisheshha) = Ordinary en:v:et: (nirvR^itiM) = non-engagement, non-performance, release from bondage, salvation en:v:d (nirvedaM) = callousness en:v:rH (nirvairaH) = without an enemy en:el:mp: (nilimpa) = a pictured one: a god en:v:t:t: (nivarta.nte) = return(Verb Pr.III P. plural PP) en:v:t:t: (nivartate) = he ceases from en:v:t:ent: (nivartanti) = they come back en:v:t:nt: (nivartante) = come back en:v:et:t: (nivartituM) = to cease en:v:s:et: (nivasati) = lives/dwells en:v:es:\y:es: (nivasishhyasi) = you will live en:v:h (nivaha) = flow en:v:hn: (nivahena) = by carrying en:v:at:sT:H (nivaatasthaH) = in a place without wind en:v:as: (nivaasa) = residence en:v:as:H (nivaasaH) = living en:v:e: (nivR^ittiM) = not acting improperly en:v:S:y: (niveshaya) = apply en:S:a (nishaa) = Night en:S:ac:r (nishaachara) = animals who roam around in the dark or night en:S:ac:rc:m: (nishaacharachamuu) = the army of the night-wanderers(demons) en:eS:t: (nishita) = sharpened en:S:iT: (nishiitha) = night en:S:k (nisheka) = Coital Chart en::y: (nishchaya) = determination en::y: (nishchayaM) = certainty en::y:H (nishchayaH) = in certainty en::y:n: (nishchayena) = with firm determination en::l:t:v: (nishchalatattvaM) = tranquillity/imperturbability en::l:et: (nishchalati) = becomes verily agitated en::l:a (nishchalaa) = unmoved en::ay:k)m:aN:n: (nishchaayakapramaaNena) = thro'confirmation and proof en:e:t: (nishchita) = determined, ascertained en:e:t: (nishchitaM) = confidently en:e:t:aH (nishchitaaH) = having ascertained en:e:ty: (nishchitya) = ascertaining en:\kas:y:et: (nishhkaasayati) = to remove, to take off en:\k:\:y:et: (nishhkoshhayati) = to peel en:a (nishhThaa) = (f) trust en:iv:et: (nishhThiivati) = to spit en:\p:av:H (nishhpaavaH) = (m) peas en:\p:iRy:et: (nishhpiiDayati) = to squeeze en:s*:g:Ny:H (nistraiguNyaH) = transcendental to the three modes of material nature en:sp:hH (nispR^ihaH) = devoid of desire en:ss:tv: (nissa.ngatvaM) = aloneness/non-attachment/detachment en:ssp:h (nisspR^iha) = one who has no desire en:ht:aH (nihataaH) = killed en:hty: (nihatya) = by killing en:hn: (nihan.h) = destroy en:ex:p:et: (nikShipati) = to throw in en:x:p:N:y: (nikShepaNaya) = for putting down (the next step) n:i (nii) = to take n:ic: (niicha) = the inferior man n:ic: (niichaM) = low n:ic:B: (niichabha.nga) = neechabhanga Raja Yoga. A combination whereby a debilitated planet by virtue of its placement and association of relevant planets can reverse and bestow great wealth and power n:ic:m:n:i (niichamanii) = Evil minded n:iR (niiDa) = (masc, neut) nest n:it: (niita) = taken n:iet:H (niitiH) = morality n:irj: (niiraja) = (n) lotus n:irdaB:m: (niiradaabham.h) = bearing a resemblance to rain-bearing cloud i.e with n:i,j: (niiruja) = free from disease n:ir (niire) = water n:il: (niila) = (adj) blue n:il:l::eht:H (niilalohitaH) = navy blue colour n:il:abj: (niilaabja) = blue lotus n:il::tp:l:Sy:am: (niilotpalashyaamaM) = bearing the bluish black colour of blue lilies n: (nu) = of course n:t: (nuta) = praised n:n: (nuunaM) = really n: (nR^i) = man n:ty:et: (nR^ityati) = (6 pp) to dance n:p: (nR^ipa) = (m) king n:p:tv: (nR^ipatva) = The title of king n:l::k (nR^iloke) = in this material world n:S:s: (nR^isha.nsa) = wicked n:\: (nR^ishhu) = in men n: (ne) = not n:t:a (netaa) = (m) leader n:et: (neti) = not so n:et:y::g: (netiyoga) = cleansing of the nostrils n:t:v: (netR^ittva) = leadership n:*: (netra) = eye n:*: (netraM) = eyes n:y: (neyaM) = is to be lead/taken n:v: (naiva) = never is it so n:S:a (naishaa) = na + eshA:no + this(fem.) n:\kmy: (naishhkarmyaM) = freedom from reaction n:\kmy:km: (naishhkarmyakarma) = actionless action n:\kmy:es:e (naishhkarmyasiddhiM) = the perfection of nonreaction n:\ket:kH (naishhkR^itikaH) = expert in insulting others n:eki (naishhThikiiM) = unflinching n:s:eg:kb:l: (naisargikabala) = Natural strength and a part of Shad Bala or Six strength calculation method of planetary weighting n:: (no) = nor n:: (nau) = us n::ka (naukaa) = Boat n::kil:km: (naukiilakam.h) = (n) anchor n::el: (nauli) = an abdominal exercise (lauliki) ny:ay: (nyaaya) = justice ny:ay:l:y:H (nyaayalayaH) = (m) court ny:ay:v:adi (nyaayavaadii) = (m) lawyer ny:ay:aeD:S:H (nyaayaadhishaH) = (m) judge ny:ayy: (nyaayyaM) = right ny:as: (nyaasa) = set ny:as: (nyaasaM) = renunciation p:k (pa.nka) = mud p:g: (pa.ngu) = cripple p:c: (pa.ncha) = five p:c:tv:g: (pa.nchatva.ngaM) = to die p:c:m:H (pa.nchamaH) = (Masc.Nom.S)the fifth p:eRt:H (pa.nDitaH) = (Masc.nom.Sing.)learned person p:T:a (pa.nthaa) = way p:T:aH (pa.nthaaH) = (masc.Nom.Sing.) path; way p:T:an:H (pa.nthaanaH) = ways; paths p:Vv: (pakvaM) = ripe p:x:v:a (pakShavaadyaM) = (n) pakhaavaj p: (pa.nka) = mud p:et: (pa.nkti) = spectrum p:et:dS:i (pa.nktidarshii) = spectroscope p:et:m:ap:i (pa.nktimaapii) = spectrometer p:et:l:K:a (pa.nktilekhaa) = spectrograph p:c:et: (pachati) = (1 pp) to cook p:c:ent: (pachanti) = prepare food p:c:aem: (pachaami) = I digest p:cy:nt: (pachyante) = are cooked? p:Wc: (paJNcha) = five p:Wc:m: (paJNchamaM) = the fifth p:X (paTa) = spectrogram p:Xg:hm: (paTagR^iham.h) = (n) a tent p:X (paTu) = (adj) skilled, clever p:Y (paTh.h) = to read p:Yn: (paThanaM) = reading p:Yn:iy:a (paThaniiyaa) = should be read p:Yaem: (paThaami) = read p:eYtv:a (paThitvaa) = after reading p:Yt: (paThet.h) = may read p:N: (paNa) = Play p:N:n: (paNana) = bargain p:N:n:y::gy: (paNanayogya) = marketable p:N:n:y::gy:t:a (paNanayogyataa) = marketability p:N:v:an:k (paNavaanaka) = small drums and kettledrums p:eNRt: (paNDita) = learned man p:eNRt: (paNDitaM) = learned p:eNRt:aH (paNDitaaH) = the learned p:eNdt: (paNdita) = the wise man p:t: (pat.h) = to fall p:t:g: (pataga) = Bird p:t:aH (pata.ngaaH) = moths p:t:et: (patati) = (1 pp) to fall p:t:e*:n: (patatrin.h) = bird p:t:n: (patana) = falling p:t:ent: (patanti) = fall down p:t:y: (pataye) = husband p:et: (pati) = husband p:et:g:h (patigR^ihaM) = (Nr.Acc.sing.) husband's house p:et:t: (patitaM) = fallen (past part.) p:et:rk (patireka) = He is the One Lord p::H (pattaH) = (m) lease p:etn: (patni) = wife p:tn:i (patnii) = wife p:ty:H (patyuH) = Lord's p:*: (patraM) = a leaf p:*:karH (patrakaaraH) = (m) journalist p:*:t:a (patrataa) = (f) eligibility p:*:p:eXka (patrapeTikaa) = (m) letter-box p:*:m: (patram.h) = (n) a letter, note p:*:v:ahH (patravaahaH) = (m) postman p:*:al:y:m: (patraalayam.h) = (n) post office p:T: (path.h) = road p:eT: (pathi) = on the path p:eT:k (pathika) = traveller p:Ty: (pathya) = suitable p:d (pada) = step p:d (padaM) = the step p:dkm: (padakam.h) = (n) medal p:daen: (padaani) = words or steps p:dH (padaiH) = by the aphorisms p:d:et:H (padonnatiH) = (f) promotion p:et: (paddhati) = method p:et: (paddhati) = system p:et: (paddhati) = (f) mode p: (padma) = lotus p:n:aB: (padmanaabha) = a name of Vishnu p:p:*: (padmapatraM) = a lotus leaf p:as:n: (padmaasana) = the lotus posture p:ax: (padmaakShaM) = lotus-eyed p:n:p:rH (panaparaH) = Succedant houses. Houses 2, 5, 8 and 11 p:n:s:Pl:m: (panasaphalam.h) = (n) jackfruit p:nkj:sT:it: (pankajasthiita) = adj. gutter fallen p:nc:m:i (panchamii) = Fifth lunar Tithi p:nc:a (panchaa.nga) = Fivefold method of forecasting. Also the name of a Vedic Astrological Almanac. It is based upon Vara, nakshatra, Tithi, karaNa and Yoga p:nT: (pantha) = sects, based on the word path p:nT:H (panthaH) = wayfarer? p:p:kt:ery::g: (papakartariyoga) = Hemmed in between 2 malefics p:y:s: (payas.h) = water p:y::d (payoda) = cloud (one who gives water) p:y::D:r (payodhara) = cloud p:y::eD: (payodhi) = (m) sea, ocean p:y::D:i (payodhii) = sea (one that stores water) p:r (para) = other p:rp:iRa (parapiiDaa) = harrasment of others p:r (paraM) = better p:rt:p: (para.ntapa) = O chastiser of the enemies p:rp:ra (paraMparaa) = tradition p:rH (paraH) = in the next life p:rt:H (parataH) = superior p:rt:r (parataraM) = superior p:rt:rH (parataraH) = later p:rdS: (paradesha) = foreign land, foreign country p:rdS:s:hm: (paradeshasahama) = Sensitive point related to foreign travel p:rdS:i (paradeshii) = alien p:rD:m:H (paradharmaH) = duties prescribed for others p:rD:m:at: (paradharmaat.h) = than duties mentioned for others p:rnt:p: (parantapa) = O Arjuna, subduer of the enemies p:rnt:p:H (parantapaH) = the chastiser of the enemies p:rnt: (parantu) = but, on the other hand p:r)kaeS:t: (paraprakaashita) = reflectively illumined like planets or moon p:rm: (parama) = highest, the utmost, most excellent p:rm: (paramaM) = supreme p:rm:H (paramaH) = perfect p:rm:hs: (paramaha.nsa) = a highest spiritual/discriminatory state(from Swan) p:rm:a (paramaa) = greatest p:rm:a (paramaaM) = the supreme p:rm:aH (paramaaH) = the highest goal of life p:rm:aN:B:arH (paramaaNubhaaraH) = (m) atomic weight p:rm:atm: (paramaatma) = the Supersoul p:rm:atm:n: (paramaatman.h) = The soul within the Divine sphere p:rm:atm:a (paramaatmaa) = the supreme spirit p:rm:aeD:karH (paramaadhikaaraH) = (m) prerogative p:rm:an:nd (paramaananda) = one who leads to the greatest happiness p:rm:S: (paramesha) = God p:rm::r (parameshvara) = O Supreme Lord p:rm::r (parameshvaraM) = the Supersoul p:rm:\v:as:H (parameshhvaasaH) = the great archer p:rmp:ra (paramparaa) = by disciplic succession p:ry:a (parayaa) = of a high grade p:rS:H (parashuH) = (m) axe p:rS:ram: (parashuraama) = sixth incarnation of Vishnu p:r:H (parashvaH) = day after tomorrow p:rst:at: (parastaat.h) = transcendental p:rsp:r (paraspara) = mutually p:rsp:r (parasparaM) = mutually p:rsy: (parasya) = to others p:rhst: (parahaste) = (loc.sing.) in other person's hand p:rH (parahyaH) = day before yesterday p:ra (paraa) = beyond, higher p:ra (paraaM) = transcendental p:ra#m: (paraakrama) = valor p:ra#m:H (paraakramaH) = the daring warrior p:ra#m:aN:a (paraakramaaNaaM) = of valients p:ram:K:i (paraa.ngmukhii) = facing inwards p:raeN: (paraaNi) = superior p:rab::D:av:sT:a (paraabodhaavasthaa) = supramental p:ram:an:s:S:as*: (paraamaanasashaastra) = parapsychology p:ray:N: (paraayaNaM) = the one to be worshipped p:ray:N:H (paraayaNaH) = being so destined p:ray:N:aH (paraayaNaaH) = so inclined p:raD: (paraardha) = other end p:raS:r (paraashara) = Maharishi Parashar(a). One of the Fathers of Vedic Astrology. Author of the text which is the basis for the most commonly used Astrological System in India p:er (pari) = sufficiently p:er+AX (pari+aT.h) = to tour p:erkrH (parikaraH) = attempt p:erkiet:t:H (parikiirtitaH) = is declared p:ereVl: (pariklishhTaM) = grudgingly p:erg:iy:m:an: (parigiiyamaana) = singing p:erg:h (parigraha) = hoarding p:erg:h (parigrahaM) = and acceptance of material things p:erg:hH (parigrahaH) = sense of proprietorship over possessions p:erG: (parigha) = a bolt for shutting a gate p:erG:as:n: (parighaasana) = the locked gate posture p:erc:y: (parichaya) = familiarity p:erc:y:at: (parichayaat.h) = (masc.abl.sing.) from familiarity; from knowing the facts p:erc:y: (paricharya) = service p:erc:x:t: (parichakShate) = is called p:erec:nt:y:n: (parichintayan.h) = thinking of p:ereC (parichhinna) = precise (literally, cut around) p:erN:am: (pariNaama) = effect p:erN:am: (pariNaame) = at the end p:ert::\: (paritoshha) = satisfaction p:erty:Vt: (parityakta) = deprived of p:erty:j: (parityaj.h) = to sacrifice p:erty:jy: (parityajya) = abandoning p:erty:ag:H (parityaagaH) = renunciation p:erty:ag:i (parityaagii) = renouncer p:er*:aN:ay: (paritraaNaaya) = for the deliverance p:erdt: (paridahyate) = is burning p:erdv:n:a (paridevanaa) = lamentation p:erd:hH (paridrohaH) = (m) insurrection p:eren:y:m:H (pariniyamaH) = (m) statute p:eren:rix:a (pariniriikShaa) = (f) scrutiny p:erp:Vv:t:a (paripakvataa) = maturity p:erp:enT:n:: (paripanthinau) = stumbling blocks p:erp:al:n: (paripaalana) = Protection p:erp:al:n: (paripaalanaM) = observance/governance p:erp:al:y: (paripaalaya) = please maintain and cultivate p:erp:N: (paripuurNa) = full p:erp:cCa (paripR^ichchhaa) = (f) enquiry p:er)cC (pariprachchh.h) = to enquire p:er)Sn:n: (pariprashnena) = by submissive inquiries p:erB:av:y: (paribhaavaya) = deem well/visualise p:erm:aN: (parimaaNa) = quantity p:erm:aeg:t:vy: (parimaargitavyaM) = has to be searched out p:erem:et: (parimiti) = (f) limits, boundary p:erl::B:n: (parilobhanaM) = enticement p:erv:t:n: (parivartana) = Exchange of two signs p:erv:t:n: (parivartanaM) = (n) transformation, change p:erv:et:n: (parivartin.h) = one that changes p:erv:arH (parivaaraH) = (m) relatives, family p:erv:\:y:et: (pariveshhayati) = to serve food p:erv: (pariveshhTR^i) = attendent p:erv:aj:k (parivraajaka) = wanderer p:erS:ant:a (parishaantaa) = that gives peace or solace p:ereS: (parishishhTaM) = (n) appendix p:erS:\y:et: (parishushhyati) = is drying up p:ers:m:py:t: (parisamapyate) = end p:erharH (parihaaraH) = (m) compensation p:erhas:H (parihaasaH) = (m) joke p:er (parihR^i) = to abandon p:erx:a (parikShaa) = examination p:erx:a (parikShaa) = test p:erwat:a (pariGYaataa) = the knower p:rix:t: (pariikShate) = to examine p:rix:a (pariikShaa) = test p:,S: (parusha) = (adj) rough p:r (pare) = in the lofty;high;supreme p:r:p:kar (paropakaara) = benefitting others (para-upakAra) p:r:p:karay: (paropakaaraaya) = (Dative S) for helping others or for doing good to others p:r:p:dS: (paropadeshe) = (Loc.S) in advising others p:j:ny:H (parjanyaH) = rain p:j:ny:at: (parjanyaat.h) = from rains p:N: (parNa) = leaf p:N:kXi (parNakuTii) = (f) a thatched hut p:N:aen: (parNaani) = the leaves p:y: (parya.nka) = a bed p:y:nt: (paryantaM) = including p:y:v:x:N: (paryavekShaNaM) = (n) supervision p:y:apt: (paryaaptaM) = limited p:y:p:as:t: (paryupaasate) = worship perfectly p:y:e\:t: (paryushhitaM) = decomposed p:v:t: (parvata) = mountain p:v:t:as:n: (parvataasana) = the mountain posture p:l: (pala) = Moment p:l:aNRH (palaaNDuH) = (m) onion p:l:aey:t: (palaayituM) = to run away p:el:t: (palitaM) = ripened(grey) p:ll:v: (pallavaM) = (Nr.Acc,sing,) leaf/petal p:v:t:a (pavataaM) = of all that purifies p:v:n: (pavana) = breeze p:v:n:H (pavanaH) = air/breath p:v:n:m:Vt:as:n: (pavanamuktaasana) = the knee squeeze posture p:ev:*: (pavitraM) = sanctified p:S: (pashu) = animal p:S:eB:H (pashubhiH) = ( animals p::at: (pashchaat.h) = later p::ant: (pashchaaddhanta) = later on in the end p:e:m: (pashchima) = west, the back of the body p:e:m::::An:as:n: (pashchimottoanaasana) = the back-stretching posture p:Sy: (pashya) = see (from dR^ish.h) p:Sy:t:H (pashyataH) = for the introspective p:Sy:et: (pashyati) = sees p:Sy:n: (pashyan.h) = seeing p:Sy:ent: (pashyanti) = see p:Sy:ep: (pashyannapi) = even after seeing p:Sy:atm:an: (pashyaatmaanaM) = see your own self p:Sy:am: (pashyaama) = we see p:Sy:aem: (pashyaami) = I see p:Sy:t: (pashyet.h) = see p:Sy:m:ax:eB:H (pashyemaakShabhiH) = May we see through the eyes p:Sy:m:ax:eB:y:j:*:aH (pashyemaakShabhiryajatraaH) = may we see with eyes? p:x: (pakSha) = (m) political party, fortnight p:x:b:l: (pakShabala) = Strength based on the Lunar phases. Used in Shad Bala calculations p:x:y::H (pakShayoH) = to the parties p:ex:N:aA (pakShiNaaaM) = of birds p:ex:n: (pakShin.h) = (masc) bird p:xm: (pakShma) = eyelid p:Wc:t:n*:i (pa~nchatantrii) = (f) banjo, bulbul-tarang p:a (paa) = to bless p:aeRty: (paa.nDityaM) = punditry; expertise or scholarliness p:akS:al:a (paakashaalaa) = (f) kitchen p:akes:i (paakasiddhii) = cooking p:aWc:j:ny: (paaJNchajanyaM) = the conchshell named Pancajanya p:aWc:ael:ka (paaJNchaalikaa) = (f) doll p:aXl:m: (paaTalam.h) = (n) rose flower p:aYy:et: (paaThayati) = (1 pp, causative) to teach p:aYS:al:a (paaThashaalaa) = (f) school p:aYin:H (paaThiinaH) = (m) prawns p:a#m: (paaThyakrama) = syllabus p:aeN: (paaNi) = hands p:aNRv: (paaNDava) = O son of Pandu p:aNRv:H (paaNDavaH) = Arjuna (the son of Pandu) p:aNRv:aH (paaNDavaaH) = the sons of Pandu p:aNRv:an:a (paaNDavaanaaM) = of the Pandavas p:aNRv:an:ik (paaNDavaaniikaM) = the soldiers of the Pandavas p:aeNRty: (paaNDitya) = wisdom p:aNRp:*:aN:a (paaNDuputraaNaaM) = of the sons of Pandu p:at:k (paatakaM) = sinful reactions p:at:km:l: (paatakamuula) = adj. essentially criminal p:at:Wj:l:i (paataJNjalii) = author of the Yoga Sutras p:at:al: (paataala) = nether-world p:aet:t: (paatita) = taken down p:at: (paatu) = may he protect p:at: (paatuM) = (infinitive) to drink p:a*: (paatra) = vessel p:a*: (paatre) = to a suitable person p:ad (paada) = foot p:ad (paadaM) = and legs p:ad*:aN:m: (paadatraaNam.h) = (n) shoes p:adhst:as:n: (paadahastaasana) = the balancing forward bend posture p:adaS:km: (paadaa.nshukam.h) = (n) pyjama p:ada (paadaa.ngushhTha) = the big toe p:adas:n: (paadaasana) = the foot above posture p:ad: (paadau) = feet p:an: (paana) = drinking p:anT: (paantha) = traveller p:ap: (paapa) = Bad deed p:ap: (paapaM) = sin p:ap:k:m:H (paapakR^ittamaH) = the greatest sinner p:ap:Gn:i (paapaghniiM) = which kills the sins (the hymn) p:ap:j:ny: (paapajanya) = adj. derived from sin, son of sin :-) p:ap:y::n:y:H (paapayonayaH) = born of a lower family p:ap:v:as:n:ik (paapavaasaniik.h) = adj. desirous of sin p:ap:aH (paapaaH) = sinners p:ap:ac:rN: (paapaacharaNaM) = pApa+AcharaNa, sin-practising p:ap:at: (paapaat.h) = from sins p:ap:atm:n:a (paapaatmanaaM) = of the wicked people p:ap:atm:a (paapaatmaa) = wicked people, sinners p:ap:iy:an: (paapiiyaan.h) = sinner p:ap:n: (paapena) = by sin p:ap:By:H (paapebhyaH) = of sinners p:ap:\: (paapeshhu) = unto the sinners p:ap:H (paapaiH) = sin p:apm:an: (paapmaanaM) = the great symbol of sin p:ar (paaraM) = limit p:arp:aerk (paaraMpaarika) = traditional p:ardS:k (paaradarshaka) = (adj) transparent, clear p:arp:*: (paarapatraM) = (n) passport p:arm:\ (paarameshhTya) = supreme rulership p:aert::e\:k (paaritoshhikaM) = (n) reward, prize p:a,\y: (paarushhyaM) = harshness p:aT: (paartha) = O son of Pritha p:aT:H (paarthaH) = Arjuna p:aT:sy: (paarthasya) = and Arjuna p:aT:ay: (paarthaaya) = unto Arjuna p:a: (paarshva) = the side p:a:D:n:ras:n: (paarshvadhanuraasana) = the sideways bow posture p:a:eS:\:as:n: (paarshvashirshhaasana) = the headstand posture p:a:s:v:aas:n: (paarshvasarvaa.ngaasana) = the sideways shoulderstand posture p:a:hl:as:n: (paarshvahalaasana) = the lateral plough posture p:a:akkas:n: (paarshvaakakaasana) = the sideways crow posture p:ae\N:H (paarshhNiH) = (m) heel p:al:n:iy: (paalaniiya) = should be protected or observed p:al:y:et: (paalayati) = (10 up) to protect p:av:k (paavaka) = gold p:av:kH (paavakaH) = fire p:av:n:aen: (paavanaani) = purifying p:aS: (paasha) = a trap, noose, binding of the material world or relatives p:aS: (paashaM) = rope/ties p:aS:as:n: (paashaasana) = the noose posture p:aeh (paahi) = protect ep:R (pi.nDe) = truncated or lump of a body or rice/flourball given in oblation ep:kH (pikaH) = cuckoo ep:l:a (pi.ngalaa) = the channel on the right of the spine ep:cCm: (pichchham.h) = (n) feather ep:Wc: (piJNcha) = the chin, feather ep:Wj:H (piJNjaH) = (m) an electirc switch ep:Ra (piDaa) = pain ep:NR (piNDa) = morsel of food ep:t:rH (pitaraH) = fathers ep:t:a (pitaa) = father ep:t:am:h (pitaamaha) = (m) grandfather (father's father) ep:t:am:hH (pitaamahaH) = the grandfather ep:t:am:haH (pitaamahaaH) = grandfathers ep:t:am:han: (pitaamahaan.h) = grandfathers ep:t:am:eh (pitaamahi) = (f) grandmother (father's mother) ep:t:amb:r (pitaambara) = yellow sacred clean cloth worn by gods and priest ep:t: (pitR^i) = father ep:t:kark (pitR^ikaaraka) = Significator of Father which is the Sun ep:t:n: (pitR^in.h) = fathers ep:t:v:t:aH (pitR^ivrataaH) = worshipers of ancestors ep:t:EN:a (pitR^iiNaaM) = of the ancestors ep:t:En: (pitR^iin.h) = to the ancestors ep:t:v: (piteva) = like a father ep:: (pitta) = Biological Fire humour. Used in Ayurvedic Medical Typology ep:dD:aet: (pidadhaati) = to close ep:D:an:m: (pidhaanam.h) = (n) cork ep:p:as:a (pipaasaa) = thirst ep:p:aes:t: (pipaasita) = thirsty ep:p:iel:ka (pipiilikaa) = ant ep:b: (pib.h) = to drink ep:b:t: (piba.ntu) = (Vr.Imp.III P Pl.PP) let them drink ep:b:et: (pibati) = (1 pp) to drink ep:b:t: (pibet.h) = (Verb. Imp. III P.S.PP) may one drink ep:eht:p:*:m: (pihitapatram.h) = (n) an envelope p:iY (piiTha) = sitting base p:iRn: (piiDana) = harrasment p:iRy:et: (piiDayati) = (10 up) to oppress p:iRy:a (piiDayaa) = by torture p:ieRt: (piiDita) = Distress. Usually caused by Combust position of planet p:int: (piiDyante) = (Passive Verb.Pr.III Per.Pl.PP) are afflicted p:it: (piita) = yellow p:it: (piitaM) = yellow p:it:v:as:s:m: (piitavaasasam.h) = wearing the yellow dress p:Rrik (pu.nDariika) = lotus p:el:ng: (pu.nlingaM) = masculine p:s:H (pu.nsaH) = of a person p:s:a (pu.nsaaM) = to the males (to all people) p:s*:iel: (pu.nstriili.nge) = masculine p:cC (puchchha) = tail p:cCm: (puchchham.h) = (n) tail p:j:y:et: (pujayati) = (10 pp) to worship p:j:ari (pujaarii) = priest p:Xk (puTaka) = folliculus p:Xikr:et: (puTiikaroti) = to fold, to roll (a carpet) p:Ny: (puNya) = purification acquired by virtuous deeds p:Ny: (puNyaM) = pious p:Ny:H (puNyaH) = original p:Ny:km:N:a (puNyakarmaNaaM) = of the pious p:Ny:kt: (puNyakR^itaM) = of those who performed pious activities p:Ny:Pl: (puNyaphalaM) = result of pious work p:Ny:aH (puNyaaH) = righteous p:Ny:ap:Ny: (puNyaapuNya) = virtues \ + sins p:Ny:ay: (puNyaaya) = (Dative S) for virtu p:Ny: (puNye) = the results of their pious activities p:*: (putra) = son p:*:B:av: (putrabhaava) = House of children or the 5th p:*:H (putraH) = son p:*:kark (putrakaaraka) = Significator of Offspring p:*:kt:kan: (putrakR^itakaan.h) = as a son p:*:sy: (putrasya) = with a son p:*:aH (putraaH) = sons p:*:adep: (putraadapi) = even from the the son p:*:an: (putraan.h) = sons p:*:i (putrii) = with daughter(s)(here it may mean, a man with issues) p:*: (putre) = in(towards) the son p:*:: (putrau) = 2 sons of p:n:H (punaH) = again (on the other hand) p:n:rep: (punarapi) = punaH+api, again \ again p:n:rv:s: (punaravasuu) = Seventh nakshatra p:n:j:nm: (punarjanma) = rebirth p:n:: (punashcha) = and again p:n:aem: (punaami) = shall purify p:enK:t:S:r (punkhitashara) = feathered arrow p:m:an: (pumaan.h) = a person p:rH (puraH) = before or in front, East is considered front for auspicious occasion p:rk (puraka) = inhalation p:rt:H (purataH) = in front p:rt:: (purato) = in the front p:rnD:i (purandhrii) = wife p:rm:T:n: (puramathana) = O Destroyer of Tripura p:rskarH (puraskaaraH) = (m) prize, award p:rst:at: (purastaat.h) = from the front p:ra (puraa) = formerly p:rak:\:H (puraakoshhaH) = (m) lexicon p:raN: (puraaNaM) = the oldest p:raN:H (puraaNaH) = the oldest p:raN:p:,\:::m:H (puraaNapurushhottamaH) = the ancient \the best of men p:raN:aH (puraaNaaH) = Purana p:raN:i (puraaNii) = very old p:rat:n:H (puraatanaH) = very old p:ri (purii) = stronghold, city p:,ej:t: (purujit.h) = Purujit p:,\: (purushha) = man p:,\: (purushhaM) = to a person p:,\:H (purushhaH) = person p:,\:\:B: (purushharshhabha) = O best among men p:,\:vy:aG: (purushhavyaaghra) = O tiger among human beings p:,\:sy: (purushhasya) = of a man p:,\:aH (purushhaaH) = such persons p:,\:at: (purushhaat.h) = from the person p:,\:::m: (purushhottama) = O Supreme Person p:,\:::m: (purushhottamaM) = the Supreme Personality of Godhead p:,\:::m:H (purushhottamaH) = as the Supreme Personality p:,\:: (purushhau) = living entities p:r (pure) = in the city p:r:D:s:a (purodhasaaM) = of all priests p:r:eht: (purohita) = priest p:N:tv: (purNatva) = perfection p:v:::n: (purvottana) = the front of the body p:v:::n:as:n: (purvottanaasana) = the front-stretching posture p:l:ekt: (pulakita) = shivering with joy p:Skl: (pushkala) = a lot p:Sy: (pushya) = Eighth nakshatra p:\kl:aeB:H (pushhkalaabhiH) = Vedic hymns p:eH (pushhTiH) = (f) confirmation p:\N:aem: (pushhNaami) = am nourishing p:\p: (pushhpa) = flower p:\p: (pushhpaM) = a flower p:\p:D:an:i (pushhpadhaanii) = (f) vase, flower-pot p:e\p:t: (pushhpita) = one that has flowered p:e\p:t:a (pushhpitaaM) = flowery p:e\p:t:ag: (pushhpitaagraM) = flowertipped (also the metre with that name) p:\y: (pushhya) = Eighth nakshatra p:\y:et: (pushhyati) = (4 pp) to nourish p:st:k (pustaka) = book p:Wj:H (pu~njaH) = (m) mass (phy.) p:Wj:knd (pu~njakendraM) = (n) centre of mass p:j: (puuj.h) = to worship p:j: (puuja) = ritual p:j:n: (puujana) = worship p:j:y:et: (puujayati) = to worship p:j:a (puujaa) = Hindu ritual sometimes done to propitiate a planet p:j:a (puujaaM) = Worship p:j:ag:hm: (puujaagR^iham.h) = (n) the puja room p:j:an: (puujaanaM) = worship p:j:ah: (puujaarhau) = those who are worshipable p:j:aev:eD: (puujaavidhiM) = methods of worship p:j:asT:an: (puujaasthaanaM) = (Nr.nom. + acc.S) the place of worship; altar p:ej:t: (puujita) = worshiped p:jy:t: (puujya.nte) = are worshipped (verb passive Pr.IIIP, pl.) p:jy:H (puujyaH) = worshipable p:jy:t: (puujyate) = is worshipped p:t: (puuta) = purified p:t:aH (puutaaH) = being purified p:et: (puuti) = bad-smelling p:r (puur.h) = to fill p:r (puura) = flood p:ry: (puuraya) = (verbal stem) to fill p:ry:et: (puurayati) = to pour p:,\:H (puurushhaH) = a man p:N:H (puurNaH) = the complete, perfect one p:N:m:dH (puurNamadaH) = complete; whole; is that (the other worlds?) p:N:em:d (puurNamidaM) = complete and wwhole is this world p:N:m:dcy:t: (puurNamudachyate) = complete whole is produced p:N:ev:ram: (puurNaviraama) = full stop, period p:N:at: (puurNaat.h) = From he Complete whole p:n:ay: (puurnaayu) = Full lifespan taken as 75-120 years p:v: (puurva) = previous p:v: (puurvaM) = before, ago p:v:k (puurvaka) = (m) ancestors p:v:t:r (puurvataraM) = in ancient times p:v:m:v: (puurvameva) = by previous arrangement p:v:-p: (puurvaruupaM) = having this form in the beginning p:v:aeN: (puurvaaNi) = before p:v:aPlg:en: (puurvaaphalguni) = Eleventh nakshatra, (also just puurvaa) p:v:aB:dp:d (puurvaabhadrapada) = Twenty-fifth nakshatra p:v:a\:Za (puurvaashhaDhaa) = Twentieth nakshatra p:v: (puurve) = before p:v:H (puurvaiH) = by the predecessors p:\:a (puushhaa) = a god? p:\N: (puushhNa) = a name of Sun p:cCet: (pR^ichchhati) = inquires/asks/minds p:cCa (pR^ichchhaa) = demand p:cCaem: (pR^ichchhaami) = ask p:Cet: (pR^ichhati) = (6 pp) to ask, to question p:T:k (pR^ithak.h) = each separately p:T:VkrN:m: (pR^ithakkaraNam.h) = (n) analysis p:T:Vtv:n: (pR^ithaktvena) = in duality p:T:g:ev:D: (pR^ithag.hvidhaM) = of different kinds p:T:g:ev:D:aH (pR^ithag.hvidhaaH) = variously arranged p:T:g:ev:D:an: (pR^ithag.hvidhaan.h) = different p:T:gB:av: (pR^ithagbhaavaM) = separated identities p:eT:v:i (pR^ithiviiM) = Earth p:eT:v:ip:t: (pR^ithiviipate) = O King p:eT:vy:a (pR^ithivyaaM) = in the earth p:Tv:i (pR^ithvii) = earth p:t:H (pR^ishhThataH) = (adv) above p:B:an:H (pR^ishhThebhaanuH) = pRishhThe+bhaanuH, behind+sun p:y: (peya) = should be drunk p::Xel:ka (poTalikaa) = (f) a sack p::t:k (potaka) = young one of an animal p::\:k (poshhaka) = nutrient p::R (pau.nDraM) = the conch named Paundra p::*: (pautra) = (m) grandson (son's son) p::*:aH (pautraaH) = grandsons p::*:an: (pautraan.h) = grandsons p::e*: (pautri) = (f) granddaughter (son's daughter) p::r (paura) = (masc) townsman p::,\: (paurushha) = manliness, virility, courage, effort p::,\: (paurushhaM) = ability p::v:dehk (paurvadehikaM) = from the previous body p::l:sty: (paulastya) = ravaNa pkS: (pkasha) = (masc) wing )+c:l: (pra+chal.h) = to agitate )+S:s: (pra+sha.ns.h) = to praise )+s:h (pra+sah.h) = to withstand, endure )keXt:a (prakaTitaa) = has appeared , been bestowed )kr:et: (prakaroti) = do )kar (prakaara) = variety, options )karN: (prakaareNa) = means; method )kal: (prakaala) = Armageddon )kaS: (prakaasha) = shining, clear )kaS: (prakaashaM) = illumination )kaS:H (prakaashaH) = manifest )kaS:k (prakaashakaM) = illuminating )kaS:t: (prakaashate) = to shine )kaS:n: (prakaashana) = Publication )kaS:y:et: (prakaashayati) = discloses )kity: (prakiirtya) = by the glories )ket: (prakR^iti) = Nature )ket: (prakR^itiM) = nature )ket:H (prakR^itiH) = nature )ket:j:an: (prakR^itijaan.h) = produced by the material nature )ket:j:H (prakR^itijaiH) = born of the modes of material nature )ket:sT:H (prakR^itisthaH) = being situated in the material energy )kt:i (prakR^itii) = Nature )kt:H (prakR^iteH) = of material nature )kty:a (prakR^ityaa) = by nature )k:p: (prakopa) = aggravation )k:H (prakoshhThaH) = (m) room )e#y:a (prakriyaa) = process )e#y:a (prakriyaa) = process )g:et:H (pragatiH) = (f) progress )^y:a (praGyaa) = intellect )c:el:t: (prachalita) = something that has started )c:r (prachura) = many )c::dy:at: (prachodayaat.h) = (abl.Sing.)from His inducement or stirring the consciousness )cC (prachchhanna) = (adj) clandestine )j:n:H (prajanaH) = the cause for begetting children )j:haet: (prajahaati) = gives up )j:eh (prajahi) = curb )j:a (prajaa) = people, subjects (especially ruled and protected by a king) )j:aH (prajaaH) = generations )j:at:t: (prajaata.ntuM) = the umbilical cord? )j:an:a (prajaanaaM) = (dative of)people )j:an:aet: (prajaanaati) = knows )j:an:aem: (prajaanaami) = do I know )j:ap:et: (prajaapati) = Lord of created beings )j:ap:et:H (prajaapatiH) = the Lord of creatures )j:a)B:tv: (prajaaprabhutvaM) = (n) democracy )jv:ael:t:H (prajvaalitaH) = ( ger.asc.nom.sing.)rekindled; inflamed;fuelled the flames )N:my: (praNamya) = offering obeisances )N:y:n: (praNayena) = out of love )N:v: (praNava) = another name for AUM )N:v:H (praNavaH) = the three letters a-u-m )N:Sy:et: (praNashyati) = one falls down )N:Sy:ent: (praNashyanti) = become vanquished )N:Sy:aem: (praNashyaami) = am lost )N:H (praNashhTaH) = dispelled )N:ael: (praNaali) = (f) system )N:al:i (praNaalii) = system )eN:D:an: (praNidhaana) = dedication )eN:D:ay: (praNidhaaya) = laying down )eN:p:at:n: (praNipaatena) = by approaching a spiritual master )N:det: (praNudati) = to push, to press, to ring a bell )t: (prata) = Quality )t:p:ent: (pratapanti) = are scorching )t:ap:v:an: (prataapavaan.h) = the valiant )et: (prati) = towards )et:#aent: (pratikraanti) = counter )et:j:an:ieh (pratijaaniihi) = declare )et:j:an: (pratijaane) = I promise )et:edn: (pratidinaM) = every day )et:en:eD:H (pratinidhiH) = (m) representative )et:en:ev: (pratinivishhTa) = perverse, obstinate )et:p:e: (pratipatti) = (f) (noun-verb) getting (gerund) )et:p:d (pratipad.h) = root word for 'to get' )et:p:t: (pratipadyate) = attains )et:eb:mb:m: (pratibimbam.h) = (n) reflection )et:B:et: (pratibhuuti) = security )et:B:et: (pratibhuuti) = security )et:B:et:H (pratibhuutiH) = (m) secirities )et:m:a (pratimaa) = (f) statue )et:y::tsy:aem: (pratiyotsyaami) = shall counterattack )et:l::m: (pratiloma) = going against the grain )et:v:s:et: (prativasati) = lives adjunctly )et:v:ahkt:a (prativaahakataa) = susceptibility )et:v:: (prativR^itta) = report )et:v:eS:n: (prativeshin.h) = (m) neighbour )et:a (pratishhThaa) = the rest )et:apy: (pratishhThaapya) = placing )et:et: (pratishhThitaM) = situated )et:et:a (pratishhThitaa) = fixed )t:ic:i (pratiichii) = (f) west )ty:y: (pratyaya) = phenomenon )ty:v:ay:H (pratyavaayaH) = diminution )ty:x: (pratyakSha) = direct evidence )ty:x: (pratyakShaM) = standing before the eye )ty:aKy:aet: (pratyaakhyaati) = to rebuff )ty:an:ik\: (pratyaaniikeshhu) = on the opposite sides )ty:asT: (pratyaastha) = (adj) elastic )ty:ahar (pratyaahaara) = control of the senses )ty:p:karaT: (pratyupakaaraarthaM) = for the sake of getting some return )T:m: (prathama) = first )T:m: (prathamaM) = in the first place )T:m::p:c:arH (prathamopachaaraH) = (m) first-aid )T:a (prathaa) = (f) fame )eT:t: (prathita) = renowned )eT:t:H (prathitaH) = celebrated )dDm:t:H (pradadhmatuH) = sounded )dS:y:et: (pradarshayati) = to display, to exhibit )deS:n:i (pradarshinii) = (f) exhibition )da (pradaa) = one that bestows )daH (pradaaH) = causing )dan: (pradaana) = giving )edgD:an: (pradigdhaan.h) = tainted with )ed (pradishhTaM) = indicated )dip:H (pradiipaH) = (Masc.Nom.S)lamp; name of a person )dipt: (pradiiptaM) = blazing )d\y:ent: (pradushhyanti) = become polluted )dy: (pradeya) = worth diving )dS: (pradesha) = Territory )e\:nt:H (pradvishhantaH) = blaspheming )D:an: (pradhaana) = important )p:t: (prapadyate) = surrenders )p:nt: (prapadyante) = surrender )p: (prapadye) = surrender )p: (prapannaM) = surrendered )p:Sy: (prapashya) = just see )p:Sy:eH (prapashyadbhiH) = by those who can see )p:Sy:aem: (prapashyaami) = I see )ep:t:am:hH (prapitaamahaH) = the great-grandfather )b:nD:H (prabandhaH) = (m) thesis )B:v: (prabhavaM) = origin, opulences )B:v:H (prabhavaH) = the source of manifestation )B:v:et: (prabhavati) = is manifest )B:v:ent: (prabhavanti) = become manifest )B:v:sy: (prabhavasya) = of borned )B:v:an: (prabhavaan.h) = born of )B:ev:\N: (prabhavishhNu) = developing )B:v:H (prabhavaiH) = born of )B:a (prabhaa) = light )B:at: (prabhaata) = morning )B:av:H (prabhaavaH) = influence )B:a\:t: (prabhaashheta) = speaks )B: (prabhu) = lord, king (here) )B:H (prabhuH) = the master of the city of the body )B:ع: (prabhuddho) = having risen( after sleep, unconscious state) )B:t: (prabhuuta) = large quantity )B:et: (prabhR^iti) = from )B:: (prabho) = Oh Lord )m: (prama) = greatest )m:T:p:t:y: (pramathapataye) = to the lord destroying pride )m:dH (pramadaH) = (become) proud or arrogant )m:aN: (pramaaNa) = authority, an ideal )m:aN: (pramaaNaM) = example )m:aN:k (pramaaNakaM) = (n) voucher )m:aeT: (pramaathi) = agitating )m:aT:ien: (pramaathiini) = agitating )m:ad (pramaada) = indifference )m:adH (pramaadaH) = madness )m:adat: (pramaadaat.h) = out of foolishness )m:ad (pramaade) = in madness )m:K:t:H (pramukhataH) = in front of )m:K: (pramukhe) = in the front )m:cy:t: (pramuchyate) = is completely liberated )m:edt: (pramudita) = joyous )y:cCet: (prayachchhati) = offers )y:t:atm:n:H (prayataatmanaH) = from one in pure consciousness )y:tn: (prayatna) = excertion )y:tn:at: (prayatnaat.h) = by rigid practice )y:nt: (prayantu) = may go )y:aN: (prayaaNa) = of death )y:aN:kal: (prayaaNakaale) = at the time of death )y:at:aH (prayaataaH) = having departed )y:aet: (prayaati) = goes )y:aent: (prayaanti) = they go )y:ant: (prayaantu) = may go to )y:j:an:: (prayu.njaano) = combined )y:Vt:H (prayuktaH) = impelled )y:Vt:vy: (prayuktavyaM) = should be used )y:jy:t: (prayujyate) = is used )y:jy:t: (prayujyet.h) = is used )y::g: (prayoga) = practice )y::g:H (prayogaH) = (m) experiment )y::g:S:al:a (prayogashaalaa) = (f) laboratory )y::j:n: (prayojana) = (n) reason )y::j:n:iy: (prayojaniiyaM) = should use )l:p:n: (pralapan.h) = talking )l:y: (pralayaM) = dissolution )l:y:H (pralayaH) = annihilation )l:y:ant:a (pralayaantaaM) = unto the point of death )l:y: (pralaye) = in the annihilation )l:in:H (praliinaH) = being dissolved )l:iy:t: (praliiyate) = is annihilated )l:iy:nt: (praliiyante) = are annihilated )l::B:n: (pralobhanaM) = allure )v:c:n:n: (pravachanena) = (instr.sing.)thro' discourse or lecture )v:dt:a (pravadataaM) = of arguments )v:dent: (pravadanti) = say )v:t:k (pravartaka) = (adj m) a promoter )v:t:t: (pravartate) = act )v:t:nt: (pravartante) = they flourish )v:et:t: (pravartitaM) = established by the Vedas )v:xy:aem: (pravakShyaami) = I shall explain )v:xy: (pravakShye) = I shall explain )v:al:aH (pravaalaaH) = twigs )v:as:H (pravaasaH) = (m) journey, travel, trip )v:ah (pravaaha) = current )v:ahH (pravaahaH) = (m) current, flow )ev:B:Vt: (pravibhaktaM) = divided )ev:B:Vt:aen: (pravibhaktaani) = are divided )ev:l:iy:t: (praviliiyate) = merges entirely )ev:v:as:n: (pravivaasanaM) = deportation )ev:S: (pravish.h) = to enter )ev:S: (pravisha) = enter )ev:S:ent: (pravishanti) = enter )ev:st:rm: (pravistaram.h) = extensively )v:iN: (praviiNa) = expert )v:iN:H (praviiNaH) = (m) proficient )v::H (pravR^ittaH) = engaged )v:e: (pravR^itti) = tendancy, practice )v:e: (pravR^ittiM) = mission )v:e:H (pravR^ittiH) = activity )v:: (pravR^itte) = while about to engage )v:H (pravR^iddhaH) = great )v:aH (pravR^iddhaaH) = developed )v: (pravR^iddhe) = developed )v:D: (pravR^idh.h) = to grow fast )v:g:H (pravegaH) = (m) velocity )v: (praveshhTuM) = to enter into )vy:eT:t: (pravyathita) = perturbed )vy:eT:t: (pravyathitaM) = perturbed )vy:eT:t:aH (pravyathitaaH) = perturbed )S:st: (prashaste) = in bona fide )S:ant: (prashaanta) = unagitated )S:ant: (prashaantaM) = at rest or passionless )S:ant:sy: (prashaantasya) = who has attained tranquillity by such control over the mind )S:as:kH (prashaasakaH) = (m) administrator )S:lk (prashulkaM) = (n) tariff )SN: (prashNa) = Horary Astrology. The word means question or query )St:rakv:g: (prashtaraashhTakavarga) = Planetary spreadsheet of points used in transits and predictions )Sn: (prashnaM) = question ):as: (prashvaasa) = expiration )s:Vt:aH (prasaktaaH) = attached )s:Vt:an:a (prasaktaanaaM) = for those who are attached )s: (prasa.nga) = event, happenning, incidence )s:n: (prasa.ngena) = because of attachment )s:c:t:s:H (prasannachetasaH) = of the happy-minded )s:m: (prasannam.h) = with pleasant, satisfied look )s:a (prasannaa) = is pleased )s:atm:a (prasannaatmaa) = fully joyful )s:n: (prasannena) = happily )s:B: (prasabhaM) = by force )s:ev:\y:Dv: (prasavishhyadhvaM) = be more and more prosperous )s:s:aehn: (prasahyasaahin.h) = he who overcomes the powerful )s:ad (prasaadaM) = the mercy of the Lord )s:adj: (prasaadajaM) = born of the satisfaction )s:ady: (prasaadaye) = to beg mercy )s:adat: (prasaadaat.h) = by favour , grace )s:ad (prasaade) = on achievement of the causeless mercy of the Lord )s:aD:y:et: (prasaadhayati) = to comb )s:ary:et: (prasaarayati) = to spread )s:aert: (prasaarita) = stretched out )s:ay: (prasaarya) = (gerund) holding forth )es:dDy:t: (prasid.hdhyet.h) = is effected )es:H (prasiddhaH) = famous(Masc.nom.S) )s:id (prasiida) = be pleased )s:et: (prasuuti) = delivery as in birth )s:t:a (prasR^itaa) = extended )s:t:aH (prasR^itaaH) = extended )st:av:n:a (prastaavanaa) = (f) foreword )hr (prahara) = Part of the day )hrN: (praharaNa) = arms )hrN:aH (praharaNaaH) = equipped with )hret: (praharati) = to knock )hs:n: (prahasan.h) = smiling )hasy:es: (prahaasyasi) = you can be released from )ehN::eS: (prahiNoshi) = you strike ) (prahR^i) = to hit )ƶ: (prahR^ittaM) = ready to strike )\y:et: (prahR^ishhyati) = is rejoicing )\y:t: (prahR^ishhyet.h) = rejoices )ad (prahlaada) = a devotee of Vishnu )adH (prahlaadaH) = Prahlada )x:al:n: (prakShaalana) = washing off )x:al:y:et: (prakShaalayati) = to wash )wa (praGYaa) = (f) intelligence, grasping-power )wa (praGYaaM) = intelligence )wan: (praGYaanaM) = greater knowledge or awareness )wav:adan: (praGYaavaadaan.h) = learned talks )ak (praak.h) = a long time ago )akt:H (praakR^itaH) = materialistic )aVt:n:aH (praaktanaaH) = earlier ones? )ag:lBy: (praagalbhya) = development, depth, maturity )ac:ay:H (praachaaryaH) = (m) principal )ac:i (praachii) = (f) east )ac:in:m: (praachiinam.h) = (adj) old, ancient )aWj:l:y:H (praaJNjalayaH) = with folded hands )aN: (praaN.h) = life )aN: (praaNa) = Soul )aN: (praaNaM) = the air which acts outward )aN:km:aeN: (praaNakarmaaNi) = functions of the life breath )aN:dNRH (praaNadaNDaH) = (m) execution )aN:v:ay: (praaNavaayu) = a vital air that moves in the chest )aN:an: (praaNaan.h) = life (always used in plural ) )aN:ap:an:: (praaNaapaanau) = up-and down-moving air )aN:ay:am: (praaNaayaama) = control of the breath )aeN:n:a (praaNinaaM) = of all living entities )aN: (praaNe) = in the air going outward )aN::r (praaNeshvara) = husband )aN:\: (praaNeshhu) = in the outgoing air )at:H (praataH) = morning )at:Hkal: (praataHkaala) = morning )at:r (praatar.h) = in the morning )at:rD:iy:an:: (praataradhiiyaano) = morning-studied man )aD:any:t:H (praadhaanyataH) = which are principal )aeD:karH (praadhikaaraH) = (m) authority )aeD:karv:adH (praadhikaaravaadaH) = (m) authoritarianism )aDy:ap:kH (praadhyaapakaH) = (m) professor )ant: (praanta) = the end )ap: (praap.h) = to obtain )apt: (praapta) = occurred )apt: (praaptaM) = received )apt:H (praaptaH) = achieving )aept:H (praaptiH) = achievement )apn:y:at: (praapnuyaat.h) = he attains )apn:v:ent: (praapnuvanti) = achieve )apy: (praapya) = achieving )apy:t: (praapyate) = is achieved )apsy:es: (praapsyasi) = you gain )apsy: (praapsye) = I shall gain )am:aNy: (praamaaNyaM) = proof )ay:H (praayaH) = mostly, generally, as a general rule, for the most part; most likely, probably, perhaps; abundantly, largely )ay::j:kH (praayojakaH) = (m) sponsor )arB:aH (praaraMbhaaH) = (Masc.nom.S)beginning )arN:ec:*: (praaraNachitra) = radiography )arB:t: (praarabhate) = begins )armB: (praarambha) = beginning (more motivated than aarambha) )aT: (praarth.h) = to beg / pray )aT:n:a (praarthanaa) = Prayer )aT:y:nt: (praarthayante) = pray for )aT: (praarthe) = request, pray )av:arkm: (praavaarakam.h) = (n) coat )as:ad (praasaada) = palace )ah (praaha) = told )ahH (praahuH) = they say )aw (praaGYa) = wise man )awH (praaGYaH) = the learned man e)y: (priya) = dear e)y: (priyaM) = the pleasant e)y:H (priyaH) = dear e)y:k:m:H (priyakR^ittamaH) = more dear e)y:t:rH (priyataraH) = dearer e)y:m:NRn:a (priyamaNDanaa) = (fem.Nom.sing.) fond of decoraing/ornamenting oneself e)y:v:adi (priyavaadii) = one who speaks nice things e)y:aH (priyaaH) = palatable e)y:ay:aH (priyaayaaH) = with the dearmost )it:m:n:aH (priitamanaaH) = pleased in mind )iet: (priiti) = and satisfaction )iet:H (priitiH) = pleasure )iet:p:v:k (priitipuurvakaM) = in loving ecstasy )iy:m:aN:ay: (priiyamaaNaaya) = thinking you dear to Me )t:an: (pretaan.h) = spirits of the dead )ty: (pretya) = after death )ps:H (prepsuH) = desiring )\: (preshh.h) = to send )\:N: (preshhaNaM) = posting )\:N:aen: (preshhaNaani) = postings )\:y:ent: (preshhayanti) = post or send )\:y:aem: (preshhayaami) = present, post )\:y:t: (preshhayet.h) = present ) (preshhTha) = (past part.)sent (thing) ):Vt: (prokta) = said ):Vt: (proktaM) = is called ):Vt:H (proktaH) = spoken ):Vt:v:an: (proktavaan.h) = instructed ):Vt:a (proktaa) = were said ):Vt:aH (proktaaH) = spoken ):Vt:aen: (proktaani) = said ):Vt:any:n:v: (proktaanyenaiva) = proktAn.h + ena + eva:said + this + alone ):cy:t: (prochyate) = are said ):cy:m:an: (prochyamaanaM) = as described by Me ):t: (protaM) = is strung ):cc:aert: (prauchchaarita) = (adj) loud, prominent phT:m:ax:r (prhathamaakSharaM) = initial (in a name) pl:v:t: (plavate) = to swim epl:ha (plihaa) = the spleen PXaX:p: (phaTaaTopa) = (m) expanding of the hood by a cobra PeN:n: (phaNin.h) = snake Pl: (phal.h) = to bear fruit Pl: (phala) = fruit Pl: (phalaM) = results Pl:da (phaladaa) = giver of fruits (rewards , results ) Pl:diep:k (phaladiipika) = A classical work on Astrology by Mantreswara Pl:ht:v:H (phalahetavaH) = those desiring fruitive results Pl:aka{x:i (phalaakaa.nkShii) = desiring fruitive results Pl:aen: (phalaani) = results Pl:an:m:y:aH (phalaanumeyaaH) = fruits resembling actions Pl: (phale) = in the result Pl:\: (phaleshhu) = in the fruits Pl:H (phalaiH) = results Pll: (phulla) = open, flowered Pn:H (phenaH) = (m) foam Pn:km: (phenakam.h) = (n) soap b:D:n:at: (ba.ndhanaat.h) = (Nr.abl.S) bondage; tie b:k (baka) = stork b:kH (bakaH) = (m) crane b:kl: (bakulaM) = blossom (bakula tree blossom b:kl:H (bakulaH) = type of tree/shrub b:kl:a (bakulaa) = (f)pr.n b:B:a\:a (ba.ngabhaashhaa) = Bengali language b:eRS:m: (baDisham.h) = (n) fishing rod b:t: (bata) = how strange it is b:derka (badarikaa) = the jujube fruit (``bora'' in marathi) b: (baddha) = caught b:p: (baddhapadma) = having bound himself in lotus- b:hst:eS:\:as:n: (baddhahastashirshhaasana) = the bound hands headstand posture b:aH (baddhaaH) = being bound b:D: (badh) = to tie up b:D: (badh.h) = to trap, to tie down b::aet: (badhnaati) = to tie, to pack b:Dy:t: (badhyate) = becomes entangled b:ndi (bandii) = prisoner, detainee b:nD: (bandha) = a form of poetry b:nD: (bandhaM) = bondage b:nD:H (bandhaH) = (m) bonds b:nD:kH (bandhakaH) = (m) mortgage b:nD:p:as:n: (bandhapadmaasana) = the bound lotus posture b:nD:n: (bandhana) = retriction b:nD:n:H (bandhanaiH) = from the bondage b:nD:at: (bandhaat.h) = from bondage b:nD: (bandhu) = brother b:nD:H (bandhuH) = friend b:nD:v:g:H (bandhuvargaH) = relatives b:nD:\: (bandhushhu) = and the relatives or well-wishers b:nD:n: (bandhuun.h) = relatives b:nD:: (bandhau) = in (towards) relatives b:B:v: (babhuuva) = became (from bhuu, to become) b:hm: (barham.h) = (n) peacock feather b:l: (bala) = strength b:l: (balaM) = army b:l:v:t: (balavat.h) = strong b:l:v:t:a (balavataaM) = of the strong b:l:v:an: (balavaan.h) = powerful b:l:hin:n: (balahiinena) = (instr.sing.) by the person bereft of power or strength b:l:a (balaa) = force b:l:at: (balaat.h) = by force b:l:aer (balaarishhTa) = Infant mortality b:el: (balishhTha) = strong b:l:i (balii) = a demon king b:est: (basti) = method for cleaning the intestines b:hv:H (bahavaH) = in great numbers b:ehH (bahiH) = outside b:h (bahu) = a lot b:hkt: (bahukR^ita) = variously done/made-up b:hkt:v:\:H (bahukR^itaveshhaH) = various make-ups/roles b:hj:n:s:K:ay: (bahujanasukhaaya) = (dat.Sing.) for he happiness of many b:hj:n:eht:ay: (bahujanahitaaya) = (dat.Sing.)for the welfare of many b:hZa (bahuDhaa) = (indec.)in many ways or differently b:hd\Xa (bahuda.nshhTraa) = many teeth b:hdst:ar (bahudustaare) = fordable with great difficulty b:hD:a (bahudhaa) = in many ways b:hn:a (bahunaa) = many b:hm:t: (bahumataM) = (n) majority b:hm:t:H (bahumataH) = in great estimation b:hl:a (bahulaaM) = various b:hl:ay:as: (bahulaayaasaM) = with great labor b:hv:c:n: (bahuvachanaM) = plural b:hev:D:aH (bahuvidhaaH) = various kinds of b:hS:aK:aH (bahushaakhaaH) = having various branches b:hsy:a (bahusyaaM) = may exist as many b:hdr (bahuudaraM) = many bellies b:hn: (bahuun.h) = many b:hn:a (bahuunaaM) = many b:hen: (bahuuni) = many b:aN: (baaNa) = Arrow b:aN:H (baaNaH) = (m) arrow b:aN:p:aeN: (baaNapaaNiM) = with hand holding arrow (and Bow) b:aD:t: (baadhate) = (1 ap) to obstruct b:aDy:t: (baadhyate) = affected, afflicted b:anD:v: (baandhava) = brother b:al: (baala) = child b:al:H (baalaH) = young boy b:al:kH (baalakaH) = boy b:al:kv:i (baalakavii) = young poet b:al:b:عi (baalabuddhii) = adj. childish b:al:a (baalaa) = Girl b:al:aH (baalaaH) = the less intelligent b:ael:ka (baalikaa) = girl b:ael:kaH (baalikaaH) = girl b:al::nm::v:dv: (baalonmattavadeva) = like a child who has gone mad b:aly:kal:at: (baalyakaalaat.h) = from a young age b:a\p:v:e: (baashhpavR^itti) = the continuity of tears b:a\p:sT:al:i (baashhpasthaalii) = (f) pressure cooker b:ah (baahu) = arm b:ah (baahuM) = arms b:ahly: (baahulya) = plentitude b:asp:S:\: (baahyasparsheshhu) = in external sense pleasure b:aag: (baahyaa.nga) = outer appearance, outer body, outer cover, external nature b:aan: (baahyaan.h) = unnecessary eb:Ral:H (biDaalaH) = (m) cat eb:nd (bindu) = dot eb:ndH (binduH) = (m) point, drop eb:nd (binduu) = a drop, a dot eb:B:et: (bibharti) = is maintaining eb:B:i\:N::idH (bibhiishhaNashriidaH) = the man who gave `shrI' riches etc, to vibhIshhaNa eb:B:et: (bibheti) = fears eb:B:e\: (bibheshhi) = afraid eb:By:et: (bibhyati) = is afraid;fears eb:mb:H (bimbaH) = (m) disk, diskette eb:l: (bila) = hole (neut) b:ij: (biija) = seed b:ij: (biijaM) = the seed b:ij:g:eN:t: (biijagaNita) = algebra b:ij:)dH (biijapradaH) = the seed-giving b:ij:arny:ay: (biijaa.nkuranyaaya) = maxim of seed and shoot b:iB:ts: (biibhatsa) = the sentiment of disgust (nauseating, revolting ) b:iB:ts:km:n: (biibhatsakarman.h) = adj. repulsive worker b:dDy:a (bud.hdhyaa) = by intelligence b:dDv:a (bud.hdhvaa) = knowing b:db:daH (bud.hbudaaH) = (m) bubbles b:ع (buddha) = one who has known hence the enlightened. b:ع (buddha) = Buddha b:عg:t: (buddhagataM) = having gone to Buddhaor due to Buddha b:عy:H (buddhayaH) = intelligence b:e (buddhi) = intelligence b:e (buddhiM) = intelligence b:eH (buddhiH) = intellect b:en:aS:H (buddhinaashaH) = loss of intelligence b:en:aS:at: (buddhinaashaat.h) = and from loss of intelligence b:eB:d (buddhibhedaM) = disruption of intelligence b:em:t:a (buddhimataaM) = of the intelligent b:em:an: (buddhimaan.h) = is intelligent b:ey:Vt:H (buddhiyuktaH) = one who is engaged in devotional service b:ey:Vt:aH (buddhiyuktaaH) = being engaged in devotional service b:ey::g: (buddhiyogaM) = real intelligence b:ey::g:at: (buddhiyogaat.h) = on the strength of KRishhNa consciousness b:es:y::g: (buddhisa.nyogaM) = revival of consciousness b:عi (buddhii) = Intelligence b:عH (buddheH) = more than the intelligence b:ع: (buddhau) = in such consciousness b:غdaH (budbudaa~NkaH) = (m) boiling point b:D: (budh) = to know. b:D: (budha) = wise b:D:H (budhaH) = the intelligent person b:D:k:eS:k (budhakaushika) = the person budhakaushika b:D:k:eS:kH (budhakaushikaH) = budhakaushikaH (the author of this hymn) b:D:v:ar (budhavaara) = Wednesday b:D:aH (budhaaH) = those who know b:D:aedty:y::g: (budhaadityayoga) = Combination for learning b:eD:H (budhiH) = mind b:ht: (bR^ihat.h) = greater, long, macro, encompassing larger domain b:ht:det:a (bR^ihat.hdR^ishhTitaa) = macropsia b:hetS:\:i (bR^ihatshirshhii) = macrocephalic b:hts:am: (bR^ihatsaama) = the Braahat-sama b:hsp:et: (bR^ihaspatiM) = Brhaspati b:hsp:et:H (bR^ihaspatiH) = the teacher of the Devas called "Brihaspati" literally b:hsp:et:dD:at: (bR^ihaspatirdadhaatu) = Brihaspadi may give us b:hsp:t:i (bR^ihaspatii) = A name of the planet Jupiter b:hsp:t:iv:\: (bR^ihaspatiivarshha) = The Jovian or Jupiter Year. Cycle of 60 years which starts with the first New Moon in Tropical Aries. Mundane Astrology term b:hsp:t:iv:ar (bR^ihaspatiivaara) = Thursday b::vy: (boddhavyaM) = should be understood b::D:y:nt:H (bodhayantaH) = preaching b::eD: (bodhi) = enlightenment b::eD: (bodhi) = supreme knowledge b::eD:t: (bodhita) = having been taught/enlightened b::eD:s:v: (bodhisattva) = the one whose sattva essence is enlightenment. b: (braM) = (root) to wander b:v:iem: (braviimi) = I am speaking b:v:ie\: (braviishhi) = You are explaining b: (brahma) = cosmos b: (brahmaM) = (Acc.S)the great self b:c:y: (brahmacharya) = control of sexual impulses b:c:y: (brahmacharyaM) = celibacy b:c:y:as:n: (brahmacharyaasana) = the posterior stretch posture b:c:aerN:: (brahmachaariNau) = (2)bachelors b:c:aern: (brahmachaarin.h) = celebates, established in (the persuit of) Brahma b:c:aerv:t: (brahmachaarivrate) = in the vow of celibacy b:ej:was:a (brahmajiGYaasaa) = desire to know or understand Brahman b:N:H (brahmaNaH) = gen. sing. of brahman b:N:a (brahmaNaa) = by the spirit soul b:eN: (brahmaNi) = Brahman.h ;God b:t:j::b:l: (brahmatejobalaM) = the power or might arising out of the effulgence of Brahman b:dNRn: (brahmadaNDena) = (Nr.instr.S) the big egg i.e Universe b:ɾar (brahmadvaara) = the door where kundalini enters the spine b:n: (brahman.h) = the preceptor b:en:v:aN: (brahmanirvaaNaM) = the spiritual kingdom of God b:p:d (brahmapadaM) = the state/position of Brahma/god-realised state b:B:H (brahmabhuH) = the earth b:B:y:ay: (brahmabhuyaaya) = elevated to the Brahman platform b:B:t: (brahmabhuutaM) = liberation by identification with the Absolute b:B:t:H (brahmabhuutaH) = being self-realised b:B:y:ay: (brahmabhuuyaaya) = for self-realisation b:m:y:H (brahmamayaH) = full of Brahma (Ananda) i.e.bliss b:y::g: (brahmayoga) = by concentration in Brahman b:v:aedn:a (brahmavaadinaaM) = of the transcendentalists b:ev:t: (brahmavit.h) = one who knows the Supreme perfectly b:ev:dH (brahmavidaH) = who know the Absolute b:s:sp:S: (brahmasa.nsparshaM) = being in constant touch with the Supreme b:s:m:aj: (brahmasamaaja) = Brahmasamaj, a movement in 19-20th century near Calcutta b:s:*: (brahmasuutra) = of the Vedanta b:a (brahmaa) = non. sing of brahman, masc b:aN: (brahmaaNaM) = Lord Brahma b:aNR (brahmaaNDa) = macrocosm b:aNR)aN: (brahmaaNDapraaNa) = cosmic breath b:adin:am:ep: (brahmaadiinaamapi) = even of Brahma and others b:aac:rN: (brahmaadyaacharaNaM) = practises this brahma science b:aes: (brahmaasi) = are Brahma b:aesm: (brahmaasmi) = brahmA and asmi: Brahma and am b:aN: (braahmaNa) = Brahmin, priest, knower of Brahma (brahmaM jaanaati iti) b:aN:H (braahmaNaH) = )Masc.Nom.S) the Brahmin b:aN:sy: (braahmaNasya) = of the man who knows the Supreme Brahman b:aN:a (braahmaNaa) = sacrificial formulae b:aN:aH (braahmaNaaH) = brahmanas b:aN:an: (braahmaNaan.h) = Brahmins b:aN: (braahmaNe) = in the brahmana b:ai (braahmii) = spiritual b: (bruu) = to speak b:eh (bruuhi) = tell B:g: (bha.nga) = (masc) break B:kt:H (bhakataH) = devotee B:Vt: (bhakta) = devotee B:Vt:H (bhaktaH) = devotee B:Vt:aH (bhaktaaH) = devotees B:Vt:an:kep:n:a (bhaktaanukaMpinaaM) = compassionate to the devotees B:eVt: (bhakti) = devotion, worship B:eVt: (bhaktiM) = devotional service B:eVt:H (bhaktiH) = in devotional service B:eVt:m:an: (bhaktimaan.h) = devotee B:eVt:y::g:n: (bhaktiyogena) = by devotional service B:Vt:\: (bhakteshhu) = amongst devotees B:Vty:a (bhaktyaa) = in full devotion B:Vty:p:t: (bhaktyupahR^itaM) = offered in devotion B:g:v:t: (bhagavat.h) = God B:g:v:d (bhagavad.h) = god's B:g:v:dg:it:a (bhagavad.hgiitaa) = the dialogues between Krishna and Arjuna B:g:v:n: (bhagavan.h) = O Supreme B:g:v:an: (bhagavaan.h) = O Personality of Godhead B:g:v:an: (bhagavaana) = holy B:eg:n:i (bhaginii) = sister B:gn:S:kam:kH (bhagneshakaarmukaH) = the man who broke the bow of Isha(shiva) i.e. rAma B:j: (bhaj.h) = to practice / incur B:j: (bhaja) = worship B:j:k (bhajaka) = worshippers B:j:t:a (bhajataaM) = in rendering devotional service B:j:et: (bhajati) = (1 pp) to divide, to allocate B:j:t: (bhajate) = renders transcendental loving service B:j:n: (bhajana) = a hymn B:j:ent: (bhajanti) = render service B:j:nt: (bhajante) = render services B:j:sv: (bhajasva) = be engaged in loving service B:j:aem: (bhajaami) = reward B:j: (bhaje) = I worship B:kv:ar (bhaTTakavaara) = Sunday B:d (bhadraM) = (Nr.nom. + acc.sing.)goodness B:daH (bhadraaH) = goodness B:das:n: (bhadraasana) = the auspicious posture B:y: (bhaya) = fear B:y: (bhayaM) = fear B:y:s:kiN: (bhayasa.nkiirNa) = phobia B:y:at: (bhayaat.h) = out of fear B:y:an:k (bhayaanaka) = the sentiment of fear, terror B:y:an:kaen: (bhayaanakaani) = very fearful B:y:av:hH (bhayaavahaH) = dangerous B:y:n: (bhayena) = out of fear B:r (bhara) = weight B:reN: (bharaNi) = jewel B:rN:i (bharaNii) = Second nakshatra B:rt: (bharata) = Bharat B:rt:\:B: (bharatarshhabha) = O chief amongst the descendants of Bharata B:rt:v:edt:H (bharatava.nditaH) = the who has been saluted by Bharata B:rt:: (bharatashreshhTha) = O chief of the Bharatas B:rt:s::m: (bharatasattama) = O best of the Bharatas B:rt:ag:j: (bharataagraja) = the one going before Bharata (elder of bharata) B:j:n: (bharjanaM) = nourisher? B:j:y:et: (bharjayati) = to fry B:t:a (bhartaa) = sustainer B:ts:y:t: (bhartsayate) = to snub B:ll:t:kH (bhallatakaH) = (m) cashewnut B:ll:kH (bhallukaH) = (m) bear B:v: (bhav.h) = to be B:v: (bhava) = become B:v:t: (bhava.ntu) = let them be or become B:v:H (bhavaH) = birth B:v:t:H (bhavataH) = Thy B:v:t:rN: (bhavataraNe) = for crossing the ocean of births \ deaths B:v:t:a (bhavataaM) = (Masc.poss.Pl.) your B:v:et: (bhavati) = becomes B:v:t:i (bhavatii) = you B:v:t: (bhavatu) = let there be B:v:n: (bhavana) = home, residence, place B:v:n:\: (bhavaneshhu) = in the homes of B:v:nt: (bhavantaM) = You B:v:nt:H (bhavantaH) = you B:v:ent: (bhavanti) = grow B:v:b:ij:an:a (bhavabiijaanaaM) = the birth-seeds B:v:s:ag:r (bhavasaagaraM) = the ocean of births and deaths B:v:an: (bhavaan.h) = you B:v:aem: (bhavaami) = I become B:v:ay: (bhavaaya) = for the sake of the world B:v:aN:v: (bhavaarNava) = bhava+arNava, birth\death+ocean B:ev:t:a (bhavitaa) = will come to be B:ev:\y: (bhavishhya) = future B:ev:\y:t:a (bhavishhyataaM) = of future manifestations B:ev:\y:et: (bhavishhyati) = it will increase in the future B:ev:\y:ent: (bhavishhyanti) = will be B:ev:\y:aeN: (bhavishhyaaNi) = future B:ev:\y:am:H (bhavishhyaamaH) = shall exist B:v:t: (bhavet.h) = would be B:\:et: (bhashhati) = to bark B:es*:ka (bhastrikaa) = the bellows breath B:sm: (bhasma) = ash B:sm: (bhasmaM) = ashes B:sm:s:at: (bhasmasaat.h) = to burn to ashes B:sm:av:S:\: (bhasmaavasheshhaM) = ashes+remains B:x: (bhakSha) = Food B:x:y:et: (bhakShayati) = (10 up) to eat, to devour B:aH (bhaaH) = light B:ag: (bhaaga) = quota, portion B:ag: (bhaaga) = part B:ag:D:y: (bhaagadheya) = fortune B:agy: (bhaagya) = Blessing B:agy:B:av: (bhaagyabhaava) = Ninth house of Luck B:agy: (bhaagyaM) = fortune; luck B:agy::dy: (bhaagyodaya) = prosperity, rise of wealth and belongings B:aj:n:m: (bhaajanam.h) = (n) division B:aj:a (bhaajaaM) = acquiring peeople B:aet: (bhaati) = light B:an: (bhaanuu) = a name of Sun B:ar (bhaara) = load B:arH (bhaaraH) = (m) burden, onus B:art: (bhaarata) = O descendant of Bharata B:art:i (bhaaratii) = Utterance B:art: (bhaarate) = (Loc.S)in India or Bharat B:arv:ahkm: (bhaaravaahakam.h) = (n) a truck B:ay:a (bhaaryaa) = wife B:ay:aB:av: (bhaaryaabhaava) = Seventh house of spouse (wife) B:ay:an:rag:H (bhaaryaanuraagaH) = attachment to wife B:al: (bhaalaM) = forehead B:av: (bhaava) = House and is also used to indicate the chart that uses Porphyry's Cusps B:av: (bhaavaM) = nature B:av:H (bhaavaH) = (m) sentiment B:av:n:a (bhaavanaa) = (f) emotions, feelings B:av:y: (bhaavaya) = deem/consider/visualise/imagine B:av:y:t:a (bhaavayataa) = having pleased B:av:y:nt:H (bhaavayantaH) = pleasing one another B:av:y:nt: (bhaavayantu) = will please B:av:s:m:env:t:H (bhaavasamanvitaH) = with great attention B:av:aH (bhaavaaH) = natures B:aev:t:aH (bhaavitaaH) = remembering B:av:\: (bhaaveshhu) = natures cintyah B:av:H (bhaavaiH) = by the states of being B:aS:t: (bhaashate) = (1 ap) to speak B:aeS:n: (bhaashin.h) = one who talks B:a\: (bhaashh.h) = to speak B:a\:N: (bhaashhaNa) = speech B:a\:s: (bhaashhase) = speaking B:a\:a (bhaashhaa) = language B:a\:ay:a (bhaashhaayaaM) = in the language B:ae\:eN: (bhaashhiNi) = speaker B:ae\:t: (bhaashhita) = speech B:a\*: (bhaashhtraM) = (n) furnace B:as:H (bhaasaH) = effulgence B:as:y:t: (bhaasayate) = illuminates B:as:sy: (bhaasasya) = Bhasa's B:as# (bhaaskra) = a name of Sun B:asv:t:a (bhaasvataa) = glowing eB:eNRH (bhiNDiH) = (f) ladies-finger, okra eB:t:aH (bhitaaH) = out of fear eB:e:H (bhittiH) = (m) walls eB:d (bhid.h) = to break eB:H (bhinna~NkaH) = (m) fractional number eB:a (bhinnaa) = separated eB:ll: (bhilla) = tribal eB:x:kH (bhikShukaH) = (m) beggar B:it: (bhiitaM) = fearful B:it:B:it:H (bhiitabhiitaH) = fearful B:it:aen: (bhiitaani) = out of fear B:iet: (bhiiti) = fear B:iet: (bhiitiM) = fear B:iet:H (bhiitiH) = fear B:im: (bhiima) = terrible B:im:km:a (bhiimakarmaa) = one who performs herculean tasks B:im:aj:n: (bhiimaarjuna) = to Bhima and Arjuna B:i\m: (bhiishhma) = by Grandfather Bhishma B:i\m: (bhiishhmaM) = unto Grandfather Bhishma B:i\m:H (bhiishhmaH) = Grandfather Bhishma B:eVt: (bhukti) = The Sub-period in a Dasha. Also known as the Antara B:Vtv:a (bhuktvaa) = enjoying B:آt: (bhu.nkte) = enjoys B:آ\v: (bhu.nkShva) = enjoy B:j: (bhuj.h) = to eat B:j: (bhuja) = arm or shoulder B:j:g: (bhuja.nga) = snake B:j: (bhuja.nga) = snake B:j:n:.g:as:n: (bhujan.gaasana) = the cobra posture B:j:as:n: (bhujaasana) = the arm posture B:j:: (bhujau) = upper arms B:Wj:t: (bhuJNjate) = enjoy B:Wj:an: (bhuJNjaanaM) = enjoying B:Wj:iy: (bhuJNjiiya) = one has to enjoy B:t:H (bhutaH) = (past part.)was there B:dan: (bhudaana) = the donation of land B:n:Vt: (bhunaktu) = (may) eat or enjoy B:em:H (bhumiH) = the earth B:em:ktv: (bhumikatva) = firm ground B:m:i (bhumii) = the object of meditation B:m:: (bhumau) = on the earth B:v:H (bhuvaH) = the upper world B:v:n: (bhuvana) = home B:ev: (bhuvi) = in this world B:S:NRi (bhushuNDii) = (f) rifle, gun B: (bhuu) = to be B:H (bhuuH) = become B:t: (bhuuta) = happened B:t: (bhuutaM) = created being B:t:g:N:an: (bhuutagaNaan.h) = ghosts B:t:g:am: (bhuutagraamaM) = all the cosmic manifestations B:t:g:am:H (bhuutagraamaH) = the aggregate of all living entities B:t:B:t: (bhuutabhartR^i) = the maintainer of all living entities B:t:B:av:n: (bhuutabhaavana) = O origin of everything B:t:B:av:n:H (bhuutabhaavanaH) = the source of all manifestations B:t:B:av::v:krH (bhuutabhaavodbhavakaraH) = producing the material bodies of the living entities B:t:B:t: (bhuutabhR^it.h) = the maintainer of all living entities B:t:l: (bhuutala) = on the surface of the earth B:t:s:g:: (bhuutasargau) = created living beings B:t:sT:H (bhuutasthaH) = in the cosmic manifestation B:t:sy: (bhuutasya) = of forms B:t:an:a (bhuutaanaaM) = of living entities B:t:aen: (bhuutaani) = living entities (that are born) B:t:an:i (bhuutaanii) = all that are created B:et:H (bhuutiH) = exceptional power B:t:jy:aH (bhuutejyaaH) = worshipers of ghosts and spirits B:t:S: (bhuutesha) = O Lord of everything B:t:\: (bhuuteshhu) = living entities B:tv:a (bhuutvaa) = having come into being B:d (bhuud.h) = was B:p: (bhuupa) = king B:p:XH (bhuupaTaH) = (m) map, chart B:p:et: (bhuupati) = lord of the earth (king) B:B:t: (bhuubhR^it.h) = mountain B:em:H (bhuumiH) = earth B:em:et: (bhuumiti) = geometry B:m:is:t: (bhuumiisuta) = A name for the planet Mars B:y:H (bhuuyaH) = repeatedly B:y:: (bhuuyo) = again B:er (bhuuri) = much, great B:S:n: (bhuushanaM) = ornament (Nr.nom.sing.) B:\:N: (bhuushhaNa) = ornament B:e\:t: (bhuushhita) = adorned B:keX (bhR^ikuTi) = upper part of the eye-lashes and lower part of the forehead B:g:H (bhR^iguH) = Bhrigu B:jj:et: (bhR^ijjati) = to bake B:t: (bhR^it.h) = one who carries B:ty: (bhR^itya) = servant B:S: (bhR^isha) = (adv) ample B:k (bheka) = a frog B:d (bheda) = break, pierce, also difference B:d (bhedaM) = the differences B:dn: (bhedana) = breaking through, piercing B:dn: (bhedanaM) = (n) incision B:dawan: (bhedaaGYaanaM) = difference/otherness/duality B:,NR (bheruNDa) = terrible B:,NRas:n: (bheruNDaasana) = the formidable posture B:y:H (bheryaH) = large drums B:\:j: (bheshhaja) = medicine B:\:j:S:as*:m: (bheshhajashaastram.h) = therapy B:rv: (bhairava) = terrible, one of the forms of Shiva B:xy: (bhaikShyaM) = by begging B:: (bho) = exclamatory word for addressing a person B::uet:kS:as*:m: (bhoutikashaastram.h) = physics B::Vt:vy: (bhoktavya) = should be used, enjoyed B::Vt:a (bhoktaa) = the enjoyer B::Vt:ar (bhoktaaraM) = the beneficiary B::eVt:A: (bhoktiaa) = one who enjoys B::Vt: (bhoktuM) = to enjoy life B::Vt:tv: (bhoktR^itve) = in enjoyment B::g: (bhoga) = enjoyment B::g:rt:H (bhogarataH) = indulging in worldly pleasures B::g:aH (bhogaaH) = material enjoyment B::g:an: (bhogaan.h) = enjoyable things B::eg: (bhogi) = serpent (that has bhoga, meaning hood) B::g:i (bhogii) = the enjoyer B::g:H (bhogaiH) = enjoyment B::j:n: (bhojanaM) = eating B::j:n:S:al:a (bhojanashaalaa) = (f) dining room B::j:n:\: (bhojaneshhu) = or while eating together B::xy:s: (bhokShyase) = you enjoy B::jy: (bhaujya) = enjoyment (of kingship) B::et:k (bhautika) = material B::m: (bhauma) = A name for the planet Mars B:m:et: (bhramati) = (1 pp) to roam, to wander B:m:r (bhramara) = a large bee B:m:rkm: (bhramarakam.h) = (n) a top (spun using a thread) B:m:ri (bhramarii) = the bee breath B:em:H (bhramiH) = a screw B:at:H (bhraataH) = brother B:at:r: (bhraatarau) = the two brothers B:at:a (bhraataa) = brother B:at: (bhraatR^i) = brother B:at:kark (bhraatR^ikaaraka) = Significator of Brother which is Mars B:at:n: (bhraatR^in.h) = brothers B:ant: (bhraanta) = lost B:aent: (bhraanti) = confusion B:aent:dS:n: (bhraantidarshana) = a delusion B:am:y:n: (bhraamayan.h) = causing to travel B:v::H (bhruvoH) = the eyebrows B:H (bhruuH) = brow m:.d:|ep: (ma..ndo.api) = mandaH + api:though dull or slow m:g:l: (ma.ngalaM) = (Nr. nom. + accc.S)auspiciousness m:*:sy: (ma.ntrasya) = mantra's m:*:N: (ma.ntreNa) = thro' the mantra m:d (ma.nda) = Dull m:edr (ma.ndira) = temple m:sy:nt: (ma.nsyante) = they will consider m:kr (makara) = crocodile m:krH (makaraH) = crocodile m:kras:n: (makaraasana) = the crocodile posture m:K:*:at:a (makhatraataa) = the protector, saviour of makha (Indra) m:gn: (magna) = (adj) immersed m:G:a (maghaa) = Also known as makka. Tenth nakshatra m:l: (ma.ngala) = Mars. Also Auspiciousness and well-being m:l:v:ar (ma.ngalavaara) = Tuesday m:ecc::H (machchittaH) = in consciousness of Me m:ecc::aH (machchittaaH) = their minds fully engaged in Me m:ej:n: (majina) = deer skin? m:jj:t: (majjat.h) = one who takes a dip m:jj:et: (majjati) = (6 pp) to sink, to drown m:Wc:H (maJNchaH) = (m) bed m:eN: (maNi) = gem m:eN:g:N:aH (maNigaNaaH) = pearls m:eN:p:r (maNipura) = a chakra near or at the navel m:eN:b:nD:H (maNibandhaH) = (m) wrist m:NRl: (maNDala) = circle m:eNRt: (maNDita) = shining m:NRk (maNDuka) = a frog m:NRkas:n: (maNDukaasana) = the frog posture m:t: (mat.h) = upon Me (KR^ishhNa) m:t: (mata) = Opinion m:t: (mataM) = injunctions m:t:H (mataH) = is considered m:t:a (mataa) = is considered m:t:aH (mataaH) = are considered m:et: (matiM) = intellect m:et:H (matiH) = intellect , thought ,opinion m:et:rap:n:y:a (matiraapaneyaa) = matiH + ApaneyA:mind + to be led m:et:eB:H (matirbhinnaH) = mind +different (different opinions or views) m:et:m:m: (matirmama) = my opinion m:t:ra (maturaa) = the city of mathura m:t: (matR^i) = mother m:t: (mate) = in the opinion m:t:Vy: (mataikyaM) = (n) consensus m:tkm: (matkarma) = My work m:tkm:kt: (matkarmakR^it.h) = engaged in doing My work m:tkN: (matkuNa) = bed-bug m:tkN:H (matkuNaH) = (m) bedbug, khatamal m::H (mattaH) = beyond Me m:tp:r (matparaM) = subordinate to Me m:tp:rH (matparaH) = in relationship with Me m:tp:rm:H (matparamaH) = considering Me the Supreme m:tp:rm:aH (matparamaaH) = taking Me, the Supreme Lord, as everything m:tp:raH (matparaaH) = being attached to Me m:tp:ray:N:H (matparaayaNaH) = devoted to Me m:t)s:adat: (matprasaadaat.h) = by My mercy m:tv:a (matvaa) = having thought ,thinking that m:ts:sT:a (matsa.nsthaaM) = the spiritual sky (the kingdom of God) m:ts:r (matsara) = Anger, Jealousy, Envy, Hostility m:tsT:aen: (matsthaani) = in Me m:tsy: (matsya) = a fish m:tsy:NRi (matsyaNDii) = (n) molasses m:tsy:as:n: (matsyaasana) = the fish posture m:tsy:ndas:n: (matsyendraasana) = the posture of Matsyendra m:dB:Vt:H (mad.hbhaktaH) = My devotee m:dB:eVt: (mad.hbhaktiM) = My devotional service m:dB:av: (mad.hbhaavaM) = transcendental love for Me m:dvy:p:a:y:H (mad.hvyapaashrayaH) = under My protection m:d (mada) = Intoxication m:d (madaM) = illusion m:dn: (madana) = manmatha (god of Love) m:dn: (madanaM) = god of love, Cupid m:dn:g:hay: (madanugrahaaya) = just to show me favour m:dT: (madarthaM) = for My sake m:dT: (madarthe) = for my sake m:danD: (madaandha) = blind from lust m:daenv:t:aH (madaanvitaaH) = absorbed in the conceit m:da:y:H (madaashrayaH) = in consciousness of Me (KR^ishhNa consciousness) m:edr (madira) = (f) wine m:diy: (madiiya) = Mine m:t:)aN:aH (madgatapraaNaaH) = their lives devoted to Me m:t:n: (madgatena) = abiding in Me, always thinking of Me m:Vt:H (madbhaktaH) = engaged in My devotional service m:av: (madbhaavaM) = My nature m:av:aH (madbhaavaaH) = born of Me m:av:ay: (madbhaavaaya) = to My nature m: (madya) = liqour m:aj:i (madyaajii) = My worshiper m:D: (madhu) = Sweet m:D:kr (madhukara) = bee m:D:kri (madhukarii) = bee m:D:kkeX (madhukarkaTi) = (f) papaya m:D:k:S:H (madhukoshaH) = (m) beehive m:D:m:ex:ka (madhumakShikaa) = (f) bee m:D:r (madhura) = sweet m:D:r (madhuraM) = sweet m:D:rtv: (madhuratva) = sweetness m:D:rax:rm: (madhuraakSharam.h) = sweet letter(s) m:D:s:dn: (madhusuudana) = O killer of the demon Madhu (KR^ishhNa) m:D:s:dn:H (madhusuudanaH) = the killer of Madhu m:D:sPit:a (madhusphiitaa) = sweet m:Dy: (madhya) = middle m:Dy: (madhyaM) = middle m:Dy:m: (madhyama) = medium m:Dy:m:-p: (madhyamaruupaM) = having this form in the middle m:Dy:sT: (madhyastha) = mediators between belligerents m:Dy:aen: (madhyaani) = in the middle m:Dy:ay: (madhyaayu) = Medium span of life 32-75 years m:Dy: (madhye) = among, in m:Dy::t:kac:H (madhyonnatakaachaH) = (m) magnifying lens m:n: (man.h) = to imagine/fancy/conceive/think/contemplate. m:n: (man.h) = to think m:n: (mana) = Mind m:n:H (manaH) = heart m:n:H)s:adH (manaHprasaadaH) = satisfaction of the mind m:n:n: (manana) = Reflection m:n:)v:ah (manapravaaha) = Stream of thought m:n:v:H (manavaH) = Manus m:n:v: (manave) = unto the father of mankind (of the name Vaivasvata) m:n:s: (manas.h) = mind m:n:s: (manasaM) = whose mind m:n:s:H (manasaH) = more than the mind m:n:s:a (manasaa) = by the mind m:n:es: (manasi) = in the mind m:n:st:ap: (manastaapa) = mental pain m:n:ie\:N:H (maniishhiNaH) = great sages or devotees m:n:ie\:N:a (maniishhiNaaM) = even for the great souls m:n:ie\:t: (maniishhita) = (n) a wish m:n: (manu) = father of the human race m:n:H (manuH) = the father of mankind m:n:\y: (manushhya) = man m:n:\y:l::k (manushhyaloke) = in the world of human society m:n:\y:aH (manushhyaaH) = all men m:n:\y:aN:a (manushhyaaNaaM) = of such men m:n:\y:\: (manushhyeshhu) = in human society m:n::g:t:an: (manogataan.h) = of mental concoction m:n::G:Xn:av:ad (manoghaTanaavaada) = mentalism m:n::j:v: (manojavaM) = having the speed of mind m:n::ddS:a (manodurdashaa) = psychosis m:n::B:av:H (manobhaavaH) = (m) attitude m:n::eB:H (manobhiH) = and mind m:n::m:en: (manomani) = samadhi m:n::rWj:n: (manoraJNjana) = entertainment, pleasant to mind m:n::rT: (manoratha) = wish m:n::rT: (manorathaM) = according to my desires m:n::rm: (manorame) = another appellation to PArvati here meaning `pleasing to the mind' m:n::ras:ay:en:k (manoraasaayanika) = mental chemistry m:n::,gN: (manorugNa) = mental patient m:n::ev:ket: (manovikR^iti) = psychiatry m:n::ev:ket: (manovikR^iti) = mental disorder m:n::v:e: (manovR^itti) = mentality m:n::hr (manohara) = beautiful m:ng:l: (mangalaM) = auspiciousness m:nt:vy:H (mantavyaH) = is to be considered m:n*: (mantra) = spell m:n*:H (mantraH) = transcendental chant m:n*:y:t: (mantrayate) = (10 ap) to consult m:n*:hin: (mantrahiinaM) = with no chanting of the Vedic hymns m:nT:et: (manthati) = to churn (as in to get butter from curds) m:ndaekn:i (mandaakinii) = the ganges m:ndan: (mandaan.h) = lazy to understand self-realisation m:ndar (mandaara) = mountain used by the gods to stir the cosmic ocean m:end (mandi) = A mathematical point that arises every day a certain number of hours after sunset. Used in Electional Astrology or Muhurtha m:endr (mandira) = abode m:endr (mandire) = in the temple m:nm:T: (manmatha) = god of love, Cupid m:nm:n:aH (manmanaaH) = always thinking of Me m:nm:y:a (manmayaa) = fully in Me m:ny:t: (manyate) = (4 ap) to think, to believe m:ny:nt: (manyante) = think m:ny:s: (manyase) = you so think m:ny: (manye) = think m:ny:t: (manyeta) = thinks m:m: (mama) = mine m:m:aep: (mamaapi) = even my m:y: (mayaM) = full of/completely filled m:y:H (mayaH) = full of m:y:a (mayaa) = by me m:ey: (mayi) = in myself m:y:ras:n: (mayuraasana) = the peacock posture m:y:r (mayuura) = a peacock m:y:rH (mayuuraH) = (m) peacock m:yy:s:eh\N: (mayyasahishhNu) = mayi+asahishhNuH, in me+intolerant m:rN: (maraNa) = death m:rN: (maraNaM) = death m:rN:at: (maraNaat.h) = than death m:ric: (mariicha) = a name of Sun m:riec: (mariichi) = rays m:riec:H (mariichiH) = Marici m:riec:ka (mariichikaa) = (f) chillies m:riec:m:ael:n: (mariichimaalin.h) = (adj) garlanded with rays, sun m:, (maru) = desert m:,t: (marut.h) = wind m:,t:H (marutaH) = the forty-nine Maruts (demigods of the wind) m:,t:a (marutaaM) = in the air or thoro' the air m:,B:em:H (marubhuumiH) = (m) desert, barren land m:j:arH (marjaaraH) = (m) cat m:ty: (martya) = mortal m:ty:l::k (martyalokaM) = to the mortal earth m:ty:\: (martyeshhu) = among those subject to death m:l: (mala) = dirt, rubbish m:l:y: (malaya) = malaya mountain m:l:y:j: (malayaja) = A sandal tree (born in malaya mountain range), sandal wood m:l:y:j: (malayaja) = arising out of mount malaya m:l:n: (malena) = by dust m:ll:H (mallaH) = (m) wrestler m:ll:y:عm: (mallayuddham.h) = (n) wrestling m:S:k (mashaka) = gnat, small fly m:S:kH (mashakaH) = (m) mosquito m:S:kj:al:H (mashakajaalaH) = (m) mosquito net m:S:i (mashii) = (f) ink m:ht: (mahat.h) = great man m:ht:H (mahataH) = from very great m:ht:a (mahataa) = great m:het: (mahati) = in a great m:ht:i (mahatiiM) = great m:h::nm:ad (mahattonmaada) = macromania m:hdv:D:an: (mahadavadhaanaM) = great care \ attention m:h:en:H (mahadyoniH) = source of birth in the material substance m:hn:iy: (mahaniiya) = great person m:h\:y:H (maharshhayaH) = great sages m:he\: (maharshhi) = great sages m:h\:iN:a (maharshhiiNaaM) = of the great sages m:ha (mahaa) = m:ha (mahaa) = Big m:hakavy: (mahaakaavya) = epic poem, very long poem m:haj:n:H (mahaajanaH) = great man m:hatm:n: (mahaatman.h) = great man m:hatm:n:H (mahaatmanaH) = the great souls m:hatm:a (mahaatmaa) = Great man m:hatm:an:H (mahaatmaanaH) = the great souls m:hadv: (mahaadeva) = the great god - Shiva m:had:\:at: (mahaadoshhaat.h) = from the great defects, wrongs m:han: (mahaan.h) = great m:han:a (mahaanadyaaM) = in the great river m:han:B:v:an: (mahaanubhavaan.h) = great souls m:hap:at:k (mahaapaataka) = great sins m:hap:ap:at: (mahaapaapaat.h) = from the great sins m:hap:apm:a (mahaapaapmaa) = greatly sinful m:hap:,\:y::g: (mahaapurushhayoga) = Combination for an extraordinary personality. Usually a planet is in Exaltation and in a Kendra (Angular sign or house) m:hab:nD: (mahaabandha) = types of mudraa m:hab:l:: (mahaabalau) = (two)great powerful persons m:hab:ahH (mahaabaahuH) = mighty-armed m:hab:ah: (mahaabaaho) = O mighty-armed one m:haB:art:H (mahaabhaarataH) = epic Mahabharat, part of itihas (history) m:haeB:y::g:H (mahaabhiyogaH) = (m) impeachment m:haB:t:an:i (mahaabhuutaanii) = the great elements m:ham:da (mahaamudraa) = types of mudraa m:hay::g::rH (mahaayogeshvaraH) = the most powerful mystic m:harT:H (mahaarathaH) = great fighter m:harT:aH (mahaarathaaH) = great chariot fighters m:hara\*: (mahaaraashhtra) = Indian state m:hah (mahaarha) = great (those that deserve to be called great) m:haev:Gn:at: (mahaavighnaat.h) = from the great obstacles m:hav:ir (mahaaviira) = Mahavir m:haS: (mahaasha.nkhaM) = the terrific conchshell m:haS:n:H (mahaashanaH) = all-devouring m:ehp:al: (mahipaala) = (m) king m:ehm:a (mahimaa) = Glory m:ehm:an: (mahimaanaM) = glories m:ehmn:H (mahimnaH) = of greatness m:ehS: (mahisha) = he - buffalo m:eh\: (mahishha) = (m) buffalo m:eh\:H (mahishhaH) = demon m:eh\:as:rsy: (mahishhaasurasya) = of demon mahisha m:eh\:as:rN: (mahishhaasureNa) = by the demon mahishasura m:hi (mahiiM) = the world m:hikt: (mahiikR^ite) = for the sake of the earth m:hip:t: (mahiipate) = O King m:hiex:t:a (mahiikShitaaM) = chiefs of the world m:hnd (mahendra) = Indra, god of gods m:h:r (maheshvaraM) = the Supreme Lord m:h:rH (maheshvaraH) = the Supreme Lord m:h:as:aH (maheshvaasaaH) = mighty bowmen m:h:deD: (mahodadhi) = ocean m:m: (mahyam.h) = Mine m:ex:ka (makShikaa) = bee m:a (maa) = Do not m:a (maaM) = me m:ag:el:k (maa.ngalika) = auspicious m:as:av:s:aed (maa.nsaavasaadi) = mAmsau+Adi, flesh+etc m:ag:a (maagaa) = mA+gaa, Don't+go m:aeN:Vy: (maaNikya) = perl m:at: (maata) = mother m:at:g: (maata.nga) = Matang m:at:r (maataraM) = (fem.acc.Sing.)mother m:at:a (maataa) = mother m:at:am:h (maataamaha) = (m) grandfather (mother's father) m:at:am:eh (maataamahi) = (f) grandmother (mother's mother) m:at:l: (maatula) = maternal uncle m:at:l:aH (maatulaaH) = maternal uncles m:at:l:an: (maatulaan.h) = maternal uncles m:at: (maatR^i) = mother m:at:B:av: (maatR^ibhaava) = The 4th house of Mother m:a*: (maatra) = only m:a*:asp:S:H (maatraasparshaH) = sensory perception m:aet: (maadyati) = (4 pp) to be glad m:aD:v: (maadhava) = vishnu, krishhna m:aD:v:H (maadhavaH) = KR^ishhNa (the husband of the goddess of fortune) m:aD:y: (maadhurya) = Sweetness m:aDy:m: (maadhyama) = media m:aDy:m:aeN: (maadhyamaaNi) = media m:an: (maana) = Respect m:an:v: (maanava) = human m:an:v:H (maanavaH) = a man m:an:v:D:m: (maanavadharma) = humanity based ideology, prescribed behavior for humans m:an:v:aH (maanavaaH) = human beings m:an:v:i (maanavii) = (adj) done by human m:an:s: (maanasa) = mind m:an:s: (maanasaM) = of the mind m:an:s:H (maanasaH) = within the mind m:an:s:ec:*: (maanasachitra) = mental picture m:an:s:S:eVt: (maanasashakti) = mental power m:an:s:S:as*: (maanasashaastra) = psychology m:an:s:S:as*: (maanasashaastra) = psychology m:an:s:aH (maanasaaH) = from the mind m:an:es:k (maanasika) = of the mind m:an:\: (maanushhaM) = human m:an:\:i (maanushhiiM) = in a human form m:an:\: (maanushhe) = in human society m:ap:n: (maapana) = measurement m:ap:n:dNRH (maapanadaNDaH) = (m) ruler, scale m:aep:ka (maapikaa) = (f) scale, ruler m:am: (maam.h) = me m:am:k (maamakaM) = from Me m:am:kaH (maamakaaH) = my party (sons) m:aem:ka (maamikaaM) = My m:ay:y:a (maayayaa) = by the illusory energy m:ay:a (maayaa) = Unreality, illusion, prakRitii m:ay:am:t:a (maayaametaaM) = this illusory energy m:arN: (maaraNaM) = (n) killing m:ary: (maaraya) = (verbal stem) to kill m:aratm:k (maaraatmaka) = habitual killer m:a,t: (maaruta) = wind m:a,t:H (maarutaH) = wind m:a,t:t:ly:v:g:m: (maarutatulyavegam.h) = with the speed equal to that of wind-god(his father m:a,et:y:sy: (maarutiryasya) = mArutiH+yasya, Hanuman+whose m:ag: (maarga) = way (masc) m:ag:S:i\:H (maargashiirshhaH) = the month of November-December m:ag:ac:l: (maargaachala) = mountain coming in the way m:aj:n: (maarjana) = cleaning m:aj:n: (maarjanaM) = correcting, rubbing m:aj:ar (maarjaara) = cat m:adv: (maardavaM) = gentleness m:al: (maala) = a wreath m:al:a (maalaa) = Garland m:al:akar (maalaakaara) = (m) gardener m:al:akari (maalaakaarii) = (f) a woman selling flowers and garlands m:al:as:n: (maalaasana) = the garland posture m:ael:ka (maalikaa) = Garland m:ael:n:i (maalinii) = shining, also maalinii metre, the one with garland m:aly: (maalya) = garlands m:a\: (maashha) = (m) a gold coin m:as: (maasa) = month m:as:an:a (maasaanaaM) = of months m:ahatmy: (maahaatmyaM) = glories m:aharajy: (maahaaraajya) = being the great king em:t: (mita) = a few, a little em:*: (mitra) = (neut) friend em:*:d:h (mitradrohe) = in quarreling with friends em:*: (mitre) = in (towards) the friend em:T:n: (mithuna) = Sexual union. The Zodiacal sign Gemini em:TTy:ac:areN: (miththyaachaaraNi) = adj. living in the falsehood em:TTy:av:adi (miththyaavaadii) = adj. adherent to improper philosophy em:Ty:a (mithyaa) = (fem.nom.S)false; unreal em:Ty:ac:arH (mithyaachaaraH) = pretender em:Ty:awan:n: (mithyaaGYaanena) = (instr.) through false knowledge em:Ty:\:H (mithyaishhaH) = this is all false em:m:a (mimaaM) = this em:m:as:a (mimaa.nsaa) = one of the schools (systems) of Indian philosophy em:l:et: (milati) = ( 6 pp) to join, meet em:: (mishraM) = mixed em::N:iy: (mishraNiiya) = miscible em::y:et: (mishrayati) = to mix em:ehr (mihira) = sun m:in: (miina) = The Zodiacal sign Pisces m:kl: (mukula) = A bud, anything like a bud, the body, the soul or spirit m:kl:m: (mukulam.h) = (n) a bud m:Vt: (mukta) = liberated m:Vt: (muktaM) = liberated m:Vt:H (muktaH) = released m:Vt:hst:eS:\:as:n: (muktahastashirshhaasana) = the freehand headstand posture m:Vt:s:H (muktasa.ngaH) = liberated from association m:Vt:sy: (muktasya) = of the liberated m:Vt:an:a (muktaanaaM) = pearls or released m:Vt:as:n: (muktaasana) = the liberated posture m:eVt: (muktiM) = salvation/freedom m:Vtv:a (muktvaa) = quitting m:K: (mukha) = mouth m:K: (mukhaM) = mouth m:K:arm: (mukhadvaaram.h) = (n) the main entrance gate (of a house) m:K:p:Xl:K:H (mukhapuTalekhaH) = (m) cover story m:K:aen: (mukhaani) = faces m:K: (mukhe) = through the mouth m:Ky: (mukhyaM) = the chief m:gD:aex: (mugdhaakShi) = the woman with innocent eyes m:cy:nt: (muchyante) = get relief m:Wc:et: (muJNchati) = (6 pp) to loosen m:NR (muNDaM) = head m:NRi (muNDii) = shaven head m:edt: (mudita) = delight m:طr (mudgara) = hammer, mallet m:طrH (mudgaraH) = (m) hammer m:dkH (mudrakaH) = (m) printer m:dN: (mudraNa) = printing, publication m:da (mudraa) = a seal, postures especially with hands and face m:edka (mudrikaa) = money, coin m:n:y:H (munayaH) = the sages m:en:H (muniH) = a sage m:n:in:a (muniinaaM) = of the sages m:n:H (muneH) = sage m:m:x:eB:H (mumukShubhiH) = who attained liberation m:m::c: (mumocha) = left , gave up m:reB:t: (murabhit.h) = one who has killed Mura - Lord Vishnu m:rl:i (muralii) = flute m:rl:iD:r (muraliidhara) = one who holds flute attribute to Krishna m:raer (muraari) = the enemy of `Muraa' (Lord Krishna) m:rar (muraare) = Oh Muraa's enemy!(KrishhNa) m:Ca (murchhaa) = mind-fainting m:eH (mushhTiH) = (m) fist m:s:l: (musala) = pestle m:esl:m: (muslima) = Muslim m:hm:hH (muhurmuhuH) = repeatedly m:et: (muhyati) = (4 pp) to faint m:ent: (muhyanti) = are bewildered m:ex:y: (mukShiya) = release (Verb) m:k (muuka) = dumb m:Z (muuDha) = foolish person m:ZH (muuDhaH) = the fool m:Zm:t: (muuDhamate) = O, foolish mind! m:Zy::en:\: (muuDhayonishhu) = in animal species m:Za (muuDhaa) = fools m:ZaH (muuDhaaH) = foolish men m:D: (muudha) = foolish man m:K: (muurkha) = fool m:t:y:H (muurtayaH) = forms m:et: (muurti) = idol m:D:j:a (muurdhajaa) = hair (from the head) m:D:n: (muurdhan.h) = head m:e: (muurdhni) = on the head m:l: (muula) = Also spelt Moola. The nineteenth nakshatra m:l: (muulaM) = rooted m:l:t:v: (muulatattva) = element m:l:e*:k:n: (muulatrikona) = Root trine. Specially favourable sign positions for planets. Almost as good as Exaltation m:l:b:nD:as:n: (muulabandhaasana) = the ankle-twist posture m:l:S::D:n: (muulashodhana) = cleansing the rectum m:l:aen: (muulaani) = roots m:l:aeS:n:: (muulaashinau) = roots-eaters (2 persons) m:ly: (muulya) = price m:ly:p:*:k (muulyapatraka) = cost quotation m:ly:aH (muulyaa.nkaH) = (m) postage stamp m:\:kH (muushhakaH) = (m) mouse m:\:kDv:j:m: (muushhakadhvajam.h) = having the mouse as the flag m:L (muuLa) = Nineteenth nakshatra m:g: (mR^iga) = animal m:g:t:e\N:ka (mR^igatR^ishhNikaa) = mirage m:g:aN:a (mR^igaaNaaM) = of animals m:g:dt:a (mR^ige.ndrataa) = the nature of the king of animals m:g:ndH (mR^igendraH) = the lion m:N:al: (mR^iNaala) = soft m:t: (mR^ita) = Dead m:t: (mR^itaM) = dead m:t:sy: (mR^itasya) = of the dead m:t:as:n: (mR^itaasana) = the corpse posture m:e:ka (mR^ittikaa) = mud m::l: (mR^ittailaM) = (n) kerosene m:ty: (mR^ityu) = of death m:ty:B:av: (mR^ityubhaava) = House of Death or the 8th m:ty: (mR^ityuM) = death m:ty:H (mR^ityuH) = death m:ty: (mR^ityuu) = death m:ty::H (mR^ityoH) = (masc.poss.S) death's m:dg: (mR^ida.nga) = drum m:d (mR^ida.nga) = Drum m:d (mR^iduu) = soft m:y:t: (mR^iyate) = (6 ap) to die m:ES:et: (mR^iishati) = (6 pp) to ponder, to reflect m: (me) = mine m:G: (megha) = cloud m:dH (medaH) = (neu) fat m:D:y:a (medhayaa) = (fem.instr.S)intellect m:D:a (medhaa) = (f) memory, ability to remember things m:D:av:an: (medhaavaan.h) = well- read man , intellectual m:D:av:i (medhaavii) = intelligent m:,H (meruH) = Meru m:,dNR (merudaNDa) = the spinal column m:l:n: (melanaM) = (n) meeting m:\: (meshha) = First Zodiacal sign Aries m:\:H (meshhaH) = (m) sheep m:*:H (maitraH) = friendly m:*:i (maitrii) = friendship m:T:n: (maithuna) = sacramental intercourse m::G: (moghaM) = uselessly m::G:km:aN:H (moghakarmaaNaH) = baffled in fruitive activities m::G:wan:aH (moghaGYaanaaH) = baffled in knowledge m::G:aS:aH (moghaashaaH) = baffled in their hopes m::c:y: (mochaya) = (verbal stem) to make free m::dk (modaka) = with the sweetened rice-balls m::dt: (modate) = (1ap) to rejoice, to be happy m::ed\y: (modishhye) = I shall rejoice m::h (moha) = temptation m::h (mohaM) = infatuation m::hH (mohaH) = illusion m::hn: (mohanaM) = the delusion m::hy:es: (mohayasi) = You are bewildering m::hat: (mohaat.h) = by illusion m::haasy:et: (mohaaddaasyati) = out of infatuation+ will give m::hav:S: (mohaaveshaM) = infatuated state(moha+AveshaM-seizure) m::eht: (mohitaM) = deluded m::eht:aH (mohitaaH) = are bewildered m::ehn:i (mohiniiM) = bewildering m::hn: (mohena) = by the illusion m::h: (mohau) = and illusion m::x: (mokSha) = emancipation of the soul from rebirth m::x: (mokShaM) = the liberation m::x:kae{x:eB:H (mokShakaa.nkShibhiH) = by those who actually desire liberation m::x:ey:\y:aem: (mokShayishhyaami) = will deliver m::x:ay: (mokShaaya) = for the purpose of liberation m::xy:s: (mokShyase) = you will be liberated m::n: (mauna) = silence m::n: (maunaM) = silence m::n:n:m:et:H (maunanumatiH) = connivance m::en: (mauni) = silent mWj:\:a (mJNjushhaa) = (f) a box em:y:t: (mriyate) = dies ml:cC (mle.nchchha) = adj. barbarian y: (ya) = who y: (yaM) = one to whom y:t: (ya.ntu) = reach us y:H (yaH) = anyone who y:kt: (yakR^it.h) = liver y:ktk:p:H (yakR^itkopaH) = (m) hepatitis y:j:et: (yajati) = (1 pp) to sacrifice y:j:*:aH (yajatraaH) = doing yAga or yagya or sacrifice? y:j:nt:H (yajantaH) = sacrificing y:j:ent: (yajanti) = they worship y:j:nt: (yajante) = they worship by sacrifices y:j:am: (yajaama) = I pl `imperative' parasmaipada of yaj y:ej:n:H (yajinaH) = devotees y:j:H (yajuH) = the Yajur Veda y:j:v:dH (yajurvedaH) = Yajur Veda y:t: (yat.h) = to strive y:t: (yata) = controlled y:t:H (yataH) = because y:t:ec:: (yatachitta) = controlling the mind y:t:ec::sy: (yatachittasya) = whose mind is controlled y:t:ec::atm:a (yatachittaatmaa) = always careful in mind y:t:c:t:s:a (yatachetasaaM) = who have full control over the mind y:t:t:H (yatataH) = while endeavouring y:t:t:a (yatataa) = while endeavouring y:t:t:a (yatataaM) = of those so endeavouring y:t:et: (yatati) = endeavours y:t:t: (yatate) = (1 app) to attempt, to try y:t:nt:H (yatantaH) = fully endeavouring y:t:ent: (yatanti) = endeavour y:t:m:an:H (yatamaanaH) = endeavouring y:t:y:H (yatayaH) = enlightened persons y:t:sy:t:H (yatasyataH) = wherever y:t:atm: (yataatma) = self-controlled y:t:atm:n:aH (yataatmanaaH) = engaged in self-realisation y:t:atm:v:an: (yataatmavaan.h) = self-situated y:et: (yati) = Mendicant y:t:in:a (yatiinaaM) = of the saintly persons y:tn: (yatna) = effort y:tn: (yatnaM) = effort y:*: (yatra) = wherein y:T:a (yathaa) = just as (or how) y:T:aB:ag: (yathaabhaagaM) = as differently arranged y:T:av:t: (yathaavat.h) = as they are y:da (yadaa) = when y:day:H (yadaayuH) = yat+AyuH y:ed (yadi) = if y:dcCy:a (yadR^ichchhayaa) = by its own accord y:dcCa (yadR^ichchhaa) = out of its own accord y:dv: (yadeva) = yat.h + eva: whatever + itself or alone y:t: (yadyat.h) = whatever y:ep: (yadyapi) = even though y:t: (yadvat.h) = as y:a (yadvaa) = whether y:nt: (yantR^i) = charioteer y:n*: (yantra) = a design used in meditation y:n*:m: (yantram.h) = (n) machine y:n*:ag:arm: (yantraagaaram.h) = (n) factory y:m: (yama) = the god of death, also the five moral commandments y:m:H (yamaH) = the controller of death y:m:dt:an:a (yamaduutaanaaM) = the messengers of the lord of death (yama) y:m:n: (yamena) = by Yama, the lord of Death y:m:v:S: (yamevaisha) = yaM + eva + esha: him + itself or alone + this y:y:a (yayaa) = by which y:y:: (yayau) = went (past perfect tense of yaa gachha meaning to go) y:ll:B:s: (yallabhase) = yat.h+labhase, whatever+(you)obtain y:v:n: (yavana) = Foreign y:v:en:ka (yavanikaa) = (f) curtain y:S: (yasha) = Success y:S:H (yashaH) = fame y:S:s: (yashas.h) = glory y:S:aes: (yashaa.nsi) = reputation y:S::v:an: (yashovaan.h) = man with fame y:vy: (yashhTavyaM) = must be performed y:ekas:n: (yashhTikaasana) = the stick posture y:e#iRa (yashhTikriiDaa) = (f) dandia (a dance using wooden sticks) y:sm:at: (yasmaat.h) = from whom y:esm:n: (yasmin.h) = in which y:sm: (yasmai) = that person to whom y:sy: (yasya) = whose y:sy:et: (yasyati) = (verb, future,III P.sing.PP) will presently go y:sy:a (yasyaaM) = in which y:sy:aH (yasyaaH) = (fem.poss.sing.) her(whose) y:x: (yakSha) = the Yaksas y:x:rx:s:a (yakSharakShasaaM) = of the Yaksas and Raksasas y:x:rx:aes: (yakSharakShaa.nsi) = demons y:xy: (yakShye) = I shall sacrifice y:w (yaGYa) = a sacrifice y:w (yaGYaM) = sacrifice y:wH (yaGYaH) = performance of yajna y:wB:aev:t:aH (yaGYabhaavitaaH) = being satisfied by the performance of sacrifices y:wev:dH (yaGYavidaH) = conversant with the purpose of performing sacrifices y:weS: (yaGYashishhTa) = of the result of such performances of yajna y:weS:a (yaGYashishhTaa) = of food taken after performance of yajna y:wx:ep:t: (yaGYakShapita) = being cleansed as the result of such performances y:waH (yaGYaaH) = sacrifices y:wat: (yaGYaat.h) = from the performance of sacrifice y:wan:a (yaGYaanaaM) = sacrifices y:way: (yaGYaaya) = for the sake of Yajna (KR^ishhNa) y:waT:at: (yaGYaarthaat.h) = done only for the sake of Yajna, or Visnu y:w (yaGYe) = in sacrifice y:wn: (yaGYena) = by sacrifice y:wS:H (yaGYeshaH) = lord of all sacrifices, worshipping rites y:w\: (yaGYeshhu) = in the performances of yajna, sacrifice y:wH (yaGYaiH) = with sacrifices y:a (yaa) = to go y:ac:k (yaachaka) = begger y:ac:t: (yaachate) = (1 ap) to beg, to plead y:aej: (yaaji) = worshiper y:at:y:am: (yaatayaamaM) = food cooked three hours before being eaten y:at:a (yaataa) = (f) husband's brother's wife y:aet: (yaati) = goes y:a*:a (yaatraa) = maintenance y:aT:aTy:m:v: (yaathaarthyameva) = the original nature of things or the natural states + alone y:ads:a (yaadasaaM) = of all aquatics y:adk (yaadR^ik.h) = as it is y:an: (yaan.h) = those who y:aent: (yaanti) = undergo y:aeB:H (yaabhiH) = by which y:am: (yaama) = one-eighth part of day, three yaamaas constitute one night y:aem:en: (yaamini) = night y:aem:m:a (yaamimaaM) = all these y:am:n: (yaamuna) = of the yamunaa river y:av:cc:.d: (yaavachcha..ndrashcha) = yAvat.h + chandraH + cha:till the moon and (sun last) y:av:t: (yaavat.h) = by the time when y:av:nt:H (yaavantaH) = as many as y:av:an: (yaavaan.h) = all that y:asy:es: (yaasyasi) = you will go y:Vt: (yukta) = used y:Vt:H (yuktaH) = dovetailed y:Vt:c:t:s:H (yuktachetasaH) = their minds engaged in Me y:Vt:t:m:H (yuktatamaH) = the greatest yogi y:Vt:t:m:aH (yuktatamaaH) = most perfect in yoga y:Vt:sy: (yuktasya) = engaged y:Vt:a (yuktaa) = with y:Vt:aH (yuktaaH) = engaged y:Vt:atm: (yuktaatma) = having the mind firmly set on y:Vt:atm:a (yuktaatmaa) = self-connected y:eVt: (yukti) = utility ; proportion y:Vt: (yukte) = being yoked y:Vt:n: (yuktena) = being engaged in meditation y:Vt:H (yuktaiH) = engaged y:Vtv:a (yuktvaa) = being absorbed y:g: (yuga) = World Ages y:g:p:t: (yugapat.h) = simultaneously y:g:l: (yugale) = dual y:g: (yuge) = millennium y:j: (yuj.h) = to yoke, join, concentrate on y:jy:t: (yujyate) = is engaged y:jy:sv: (yujyasva) = engage (fight) y:Wj:t:H (yuJNjataH) = constantly engaged y:Wj:n: (yuJNjan.h) = practicing y:Wj:it: (yuJNjiita) = must concentrate in KRishhNa consciousness y:Wjy:at: (yuJNjyaat.h) = should execute y:t: (yuta) = equipped with y:t:k (yutaka) = (n) shirt y:ع (yuddha) = Planetary War y:ع (yuddhaM) = war y:عev:S:ardaH (yuddhavishaaradaaH) = experienced in military science y:عat: (yuddhaat.h) = than fighting y:عay: (yuddhaaya) = for the sake of fighting y:ع (yuddhe) = in the fight y:D:am:ny:H (yudhaamanyuH) = Yudhamanyu y:eD: (yudhi) = in the fight y:eD:erH (yudhishhThiraH) = Yudhisthira y:Dy: (yudhya) = fight y:Dy:t: (yudhyate) = (4 ap) to fight y:Dy:sv: (yudhyasva) = fight y:y:ts:v:H (yuyutsavaH) = desiring to fight y:y:ts: (yuyutsuM) = all in a fighting spirit y:y:D:an:H (yuyudhaanaH) = Yuyudhana y:v:n: (yuvan.h) = young y:v:a (yuvaa) = the two youths y:\m:as: (yushhmaasu) = (Masc.Loc.Pl.) among yourselves y:T: (yuutha) = (neut) collection, troop y: (ye) = those who y:T:cc:y:a (yethechchayaa) = (adverb) at will y:n: (yena) = by whom y:n:kn:ec:t: (yenakenachit.h) = with anything y:\:a (yeshhaaM) = whose y:: (yo) = who y::|D:it: (yo.adhiite) = who studies y::|y: (yo.ayaM) = this system y::Vt:vy:H (yoktavyaH) = must be practiced y::g: (yoga) = effort y::g: (yogaM) = self-realisation y::g:H (yogaH) = KRishhNa consciousness y::g:kark (yogakaaraka) = Planet in both its Rashi and navaa.nsha sign giving it SwakShetra-like strength. Also a combination that produces a Yoga y::g:dNRas:n: (yogadaNDaasana) = the yogin's staff posture y::g:D:arN:a (yogadhaaraNaaM) = the yogic situation y::g:en:da (yoganidraa) = the sleep of yoga, where the body is resting but the mind is awake y::g:en:y::ej:t: (yoganiyojita) = ccontrolled by yoga y::g:Pl: (yogaphalaM) = (n) sum, addition y::g:b:l:n: (yogabalena) = by the power of mystic yoga y::g:B:H (yogabhrashhTaH) = one who has fallen from the path of self-realisation y::g:m:ay:a (yogamaayaa) = by internal potency y::g:m::r (yogamaishvaraM) = inconceivable mystic power y::g:y:waH (yogayaGYaaH) = sacrifice in eightfold mysticism y::g:y:Vt:H (yogayuktaH) = engaged in devotional service y::g:y:Vt:atm:a (yogayuktaatmaa) = one who is dovetailed in KRishhNa consciousness y::g:rt:H (yogarataH) = indulging in yoga y::g:ev::m:aH (yogavittamaaH) = the most perfect in knowledge of yoga y::g:s:es:e (yogasa.nsiddhiM) = the highest perfection in mysticism y::g:s:ewt: (yogasa.nGYitaM) = called trance in yoga y::g:s:v:y:a (yogasevayaa) = by performance of yoga y::g:sT:H (yogasthaH) = equipoised y::g:sy: (yogasya) = about yoga y::g:x:m: (yogakShemaM) = family welfare y::g:at: (yogaat.h) = from the mystic link y::g:ay: (yogaaya) = for the sake of devotional service y::g:a-ZH (yogaaruuDhaH) = elevated in yoga y::g:as:n: (yogaasana) = the anchor posture y::eg:n: (yogin.h) = one who practices yoga (Male) y::eg:n: (yoginaM) = yogi y::eg:n:H (yoginaH) = mystics y::eg:n:a (yoginaaM) = of the devotees y::eg:n:i (yoginii) = one who practices yoga (Female) y::g:i (yogii) = one who practices yoga (Male) y::g: (yoge) = in work without fruitive result y::g:n: (yogena) = in devotional service y::g::r (yogeshvara) = O Lord of all mystic power y::g::rH (yogeshvaraH) = the master of mysticism y::g::rat: (yogeshvaraat.h) = from the master of all mysticism y::g:H (yogaiH) = by devotional service y::g:: (yogau) = work in devotional service y::gy: (yogya) = like y::gy:t:a (yogyataa) = (f) ability y::j:kst:*: (yojakastatra) = yojakaH + tatra:the joiner and there y::ej:n:i (yojinii) = (f) stapler y::tsy:m:an:an: (yotsyamaanaan.h) = those who will be fighting y::vy: (yoddhavyaM) = have to fight y::kam:an: (yoddhukaamaan.h) = desiring to fight y::D:m:Ky:H (yodhamukhyaiH) = chiefs among the warriors y::D:v:iran: (yodhaviiraan.h) = great warriors y::D:aH (yodhaaH) = the soldiers y::n:y:H (yonayaH) = sources of y::en: (yoni) = species of life y::en: (yoniM) = species y::en:H (yoniH) = source of birth y::en:\: (yonishhu) = into the wombs y::n:i (yonii) = vagina, womb, or the source y::n:ien: (yoniini) = whose source of birth y::v:n: (yauvana) = youth y::v:n: (yauvanaM) = youth rg:av:l:i (ra.ngaavalii) = (f) spectrum, coloured design rj:. (ra.nj..h) = to entertain rVt: (rakta) = red rVt: (raktaM) = the red one (raktaM may mean blood also) rVt:H (raktaH) = attached rVt:g:D: (raktaga.ndha) = red scent rVt:p:s\p:H (raktapusshhpaiH) = with red flowers rVt:reWj:t: (raktaraJNjita) = bloody rVt:v:as:s:m: (raktavaasasam.h) = haaving red dress rVt:hin: (raktahiina) = bloodless rG:kl:et:l:k (raghukulatilakaM) = the mark (e.g. one on the forehead) of the Raghu family rG:ض:m:H (raghuttamaH) = best of the Raghu race rG:n:dn: (raghuna.ndana) = the delighter of the Raghus rG:n:dn:m: (raghuna.ndanam.h) = thedelighter of Raghus rG:n:ndn: (raghunandana) = Rama rG:n:aT:sy: (raghunaathasya) = lord of the Raghu's(rAma descended from the famous rG:n:aT:ay: (raghunaathaaya) = to the lord of Raghus rG:v:S:n:aT:m: (raghuva.nshanaatham.h) = the lord of the Raghu family rG:v:r (raghuvaraM) = the chosen Raghu rG:ܶ:m:H (raghuuttamaH) = the best of the raghus (raghu-descendants) rG:ܶ:m:: (raghuuttamau) = the best two of the Raghu race rv:ell: (ra.ngavalli) = (f) rangoli rc: (rach.h) = to form rc:n:a (rachanaa) = structure, construction rc:n:a (rachanaa) = construction, arrangement rc:n:a (rachanaa) = construction, arrangement rc:n:atm:k (rachanaatmaka) = constructional, polyschematic rc:y:et: (rachayati) = (10 up) to arrange rj:H (rajaH) = the mode of passion rj:kH (rajakaH) = (m) washerman, dhobi rj:en: (rajani) = night rj:n:i (rajanii) = night rj:n:ic:r (rajaniichara) = moon, demon rj:s: (rajasa) = mobility rj:s:H (rajasaH) = from the mode of passion rj:es: (rajasi) = of the mode of passion rj::g:N: (rajoguNa) = the mode of passion rjj: (rajju) = (fem) rope, straight line rjj:H (rajjuH) = (m) rope rWj:n: (raJNjana) = entertainment, delight rWj:n:a (raJNjanaa) = (f) a giver of delight rN: (raNa) = battle rN:kkS: (raNakarkasha) = the vanquishing one in the war rN:rg:D:irm: (raNara.ngadhiiram.h) = the brave in the stage of war rN:at: (raNaat.h) = from the battlefield rN: (raNe) = on the battlefield rt: (rata) = engaged in rt:aH (rataaH) = engaged ret:A: (ratio) = guNottara rtn: (ratna) = precious stones rT: (ratha) = chariot rT: (rathaM) = the chariot rT:::m: (rathottamaM) = the finest chariot rTy:a (rathyaa) = ? rd (radaM) = ? renD:ka (randhrikaa) = (f) punching machine rB:t: (rabhate) = (1 ap) to begin, start rm:t: (rama.nte) = revel; enjoy (Vr.Pr.III P Pl.AP) rm:t: (ramate) = delights rm:ent: (ramanti) = enjoy transcendental bliss rm:av:as: (ramaavaasa) = the abode of rama (lakshmi) rm: (rame) = Oh! ramA (Shiva tells this shloka to his consort PArvati rm:S: (rameshaM) = the lord of ramA(sItA) rmB:aPl: (rambhaaphala) = plantain rerj:n: (rarijana) = Entourage rev: (ravi) = a name of Sun rev:H (raviH) = the sun rev:v:ar (ravivaara) = Sunday rs: (rasa) = enjoyment, interest rs:H (rasaH) = sense of enjoyment rs:n: (rasanaM) = tongue rs:v:j: (rasavarjaM) = giving up the taste rs:atm:kH (rasaatmakaH) = supplying the juice rs:ay:n: (rasaayanaM) = (n) chemical rs:ay:n:S:as*: (rasaayanashaastra) = chemistry rs:ay:n:S:as*:m: (rasaayanashaastram.h) = chemistry rs:al: (rasaala) = mango rsy:aH (rasyaaH) = juicy rhes: (rahasi) = in a secluded place rhsy: (rahasyaM) = mystery rx: (rakSh.h) = to protcet rx:H (rakShaH) = the rAkshasaas rx:kH (rakShakaH) = (m) guard, protector rx:N: (rakShaNa) = protection rx:N:ay: (rakShaNaaya) = for protection rx:et: (rakShati) = (1 pp) to protect rx:s: (rakShasa) = adj. devil rx:a (rakShaa) = protection rx:a (rakShaaM) = protecting armour rx:aes: (rakShaa.nsi) = the demons rex:t: (rakShitaM) = the person who has ben protected(by) rex:t:H (rakShitaH) = (past part.masc.nom.S) the protected one rxy: (rakShya) = protection raekN:i (raakiNii) = the goddess in svadhishthana rag: (raaga) = Anger rag:v:et: (raagavati) = red-coloured, passionate rag:atm:k (raagaatmakaM) = born of desire or lust rag:i (raagii) = very much attached raG:v: (raaghavaM) = thew descendant of Raghu raG:v:H (raaghavaH) = RAghava (RAma) raj:g: (raajaguhyaM) = the king of confidential knowledge raj:d:hH (raajadrohaH) = (m) sedition raj:ar (raajadvaara) = doors of apalace raj:n: (raajan.h) = king raj:en:et: (raajaniti) = (f) politics raj:m:eN:H (raajamaNiH) = the jewel of the kings or the king of jewels raj:y::g: (raajayoga) = Combinations for Status and Power raj:\:y:H (raajarshhayaH) = the saintly kings raj:ev:a (raajavidyaa) = royal policy, king-craft, statesmanship, state-policy, the training in the traits and skills of nobility raj:s: (raajasaM) = in the mode of passion raj:s:H (raajasaH) = in the mode of passion raj:s:B:a (raajasabhaa) = assembly of king, advisors, and subjects raj:s:sy: (raajasasya) = to one in the mode of passion raj:s:aH (raajasaaH) = those situated in the mode of passion raj:es:k (raajasika) = Regal planets - Sun, Mars and Venus raj:s:i (raajasii) = in the mode of passion raj:hs: (raajaha.nsa) = swan raj:hs:H (raajaha.nsaH) = the royal swan raj:a (raajaa) = a ruler, king raj:aeD:raj: (raajaadhiraaja) = Overking of kings raj:iv: (raajiiv) = lotus raj:iv: (raajiiva) = lotus raj:iv:n:*: (raajiivanetraM) = the lotus-eyed raj:d (raaje.ndraM) = the lord of kings rajy: (raajya) = Kingdom rajy: (raajyaM) = kingdom rajy:s:K:l::B:n: (raajyasukhalobhena) = driven by greed for royal happiness rajy:sy: (raajyasya) = for the kingdom rajy:n: (raajyena) = is the kingdom ra*: (raatra) = night rae*: (raatri) = night rae*: (raatriM) = night rae*:H (raatriH) = night rae*:kt: (raatrikR^itaM) = night-done rae*:c:nd: (raatrichandrau) = the pair of night and moon ra*:: (raatrau) = in the night ra*y:ag:m: (raatryaagame) = at the fall of night raD:a (raadhaa) = Radha, Krishna's beloved ram: (raama) = Rama, deity Shrii Rama ram: (raamaM) = rAma ram:H (raamaH) = Rama ram:kv:c: (raamakavachaM) = rAma-armour ram:k\N: (raamakR^ishhNa) = Commonly known Ramakrishna, a saint from Bengal ram:k\N:sy: (raamakR^ishhNasya) = of Ramakrishna ram:c:d (raamacha.ndra) = rAmachandra ram:c:dH (raamacha.ndraH) = rAma ram:c:dm: (raamacha.ndram.h) = rAmachandra ram:c:day: (raamacha.ndraaya) = to rAmachandra ram:c:det: (raamacha.ndreti) = saying `rAmachandra' ram:c:d: (raamacha.ndro) = Lord RAmachandra ram:n:am: (raamanaama) = the name of rAma (uttering of the word `rAma' only once is ram:n:amn:a (raamanaamnaa) = by the name of rAma ram:b:l::p:t:a (raamabalopetaaM) = that which has been attained through rAma'a strength, power ram:B:d (raamabhadra) = raama who gives the well-being ram:B:day: (raamabhadraaya) = to the good-giving, protecting RAma ram:B:det: (raamabhadreti) = rAmabhadra+iti, saying `rAmabhadra"(raama who gives the ram:rx:a (raamarakShaa) = rAma armour or rama- protection ram:rx:a (raamarakShaaM) = raamarakshA (hymn) ram:rx:ast::*:j:p: (raamarakShaastotrajape) = in the chanting of rAmaraksha hymn ram:l:xm:N:: (raamalakShmaNau) = raama \ lakshmaNa ram:sy: (raamasya) = rAmaa's ram:h (raamah) = Lord Rama ram:aaest: (raamaannaasti) = no one is except from rAma ram:aB::g: (raamaabhoga) = sexual pleasures? ram:ay: (raamaaya) = to rAma ram:ay:N:H (raamaayaNaH) = epic Ramayana, part of itihas (history) ram: (raame) = in RAma ram:N:aeB:ht:a (raameNaabhihataa) = the one struck by rAma ram:et: (raameti) = rAma+iti saying thus rAma ram:: (raamo) = rAma rav:N: (raavaNa) = a demon king from Lanka who abducted the wife of Rama rav:N:aerm: (raavaNaarim.h) = rAvaNasya ariM, the enemy of rAvaNa raeS: (raashi) = Sign of the Zodiac raSX (raashTra) = nation rae\XkH (raashhTrikaH) = A inhabitant of a kingdom or country, a subject, governor rae\Xy: (raashhTriya) = belonging to a kingdom or country, national ra\*: (raashhtraM) = kingdom, empire, territory, country, nation, people, subjects ras:l:asy: (raasalaasya) = raasa dance rah (raahuu) = North Lunar Node. Caput Draconis or Dragon's head rax:s: (raakShasa) = demon rax:s:i (raakShasiiM) = demonic rawi (raaGYii) = (f) queen eret: (ri.ngati) = to crawl erp:v:H (ripavaH) = enemies erp: (ripu) = Enemy erp:H (ripuH) = enemy riet:H (riitiH) = procedure/practice/custom , (ru) = light ,ec:H (ruchiH) = taste; flavour ,d (rud.h) = to cry ,dDv:a (rud.hdhvaa) = checking ,d (rudra) = a form of Shiva ,dH (rudraH) = the Destroying God ,daN:a (rudraaNaaM) = of all the Rudras ,dan: (rudraan.h) = the eleven forms of Rudra ,D: (rudh.h) = to stop, control ,eD:r (rudhira) = blood ,p: (rupaM) = beauty ,x: (rukSha) = dry -p: (ruupa) = beautiful form -p: (ruupaM) = beaut -p:m::r (ruupamaishvaraM) = universal form -p:s:p:: (ruupasa.npannau) = (two)persons endowed with beautiful appearance -p:sy: (ruupasya) = form -p:aeN: (ruupaaNi) = forms -ep:*: (ruupitraM) = (n) camera -p:N: (ruupeNa) = form rK:n: (rekhana) = etching rK:a (rekhaa) = line rK:aec:*: (rekhaachitra) = line drawing, sketch rK:aec:*: (rekhaachitraM) = (n) diagram, chart rc:k (rechaka) = outbreathing rN: (reNu) = molecule rt: (reta) = semen rv:et: (revati) = Twenty-seventh nakshatra r\:a (reshhaa) = line r:kp:al:H (rokapaalaH) = (m) cashier r:g: (roga) = disease r:g:i (rogii) = patient, ill or sick person r:c:t: (rochate) = (1 ap) to like r:edet: (roditi) = to cry r:eD:t:a (rodhitaa) = resistivity r:m:h\:H (romaharshhaH) = standing of hair on end r:m:h\:N: (romaharshhaNaM) = making the hair stand on end r:het: (rohati) = (1 pp) to grow r:ehN:i (rohiNii) = Fourth nakshatra r:d (raudra) = the sentiment of violence, wrath, rage has: (rhaasa) = deterioration l:G: (la.ngh.h) = to climb l:b::dr (laMbodaraM) = having a long stomach l:b::dray: (laMbodaraaya) = to the long-stomached l:g:R (laguDa) = a club, a stick l:gn: (lagna) = The Ascendant or 1st house l:gn:kH (lagnakaH) = (m) bail l:gn:eD:p:et: (lagnadhipati) = Ascendant lord l:G: (laghu) = small / inferior / light l:G:H (laghuH) = light l:G:R (laghuDa) = club, stick l:G:tv: (laghutvaM) = lightness l:Gv:aS:i (laghvaashii) = eating a small quantity l:a (la.nkaa) = the kingdon of Ravana, Ceylon or Sri Lanka l:jj:a (lajjaa) = modesty l:jjy:t: (lajjyate) = (1 ap) to be ashamed, embarrassed l:t: (lata) = creeper l:t:a (lataa) = (f) creeper, vine l:k (ladduka) = laddoo, a sweet-ball l:bD: (labdhaM) = gained l:bD:a (labdhaa) = regained l:bDv:a (labdhvaa) = having achieved l:B: (labh.h) = to obtain l:B:t: (labhate) = (1 ap) to get, to obtain l:B:nt: (labhante) = do achieve l:B:sv: (labhasva) = gain l:B: (labhe) = I obtain l:B:t: (labhet.h) = gains l:By: (labhya) = Easy l:By:H (labhyaH) = can be achieved l:y: (laya) = Decline l:y: (layaM) = tranquillity or the lull after destruction or the Deluge l:y:y::g: (layayoga) = yoga using the latent power of kundalini l:l:aX (lalaaTa) = the forehead l:l:aXk (lalaaTaka) = (n) forehead l:el:t: (lalita) = (a) playing, sporting, dallying; amorous, lovely, beautiful; grace, charm l:el:t: (lalita) = lovely, beautiful, elegant, graceful l:el:t:a (lalitaa) = A women; wanton woman; musk; a form of goddess Durga; various metres l:v: (lava) = Piece l:v: (lava.nga) = clove l:v:H (lava.ngaH) = (m) cloves l:v:N: (lavaNa) = (m) salty l:v:N:m: (lavaNam.h) = (n) salt l:S:n:m: (lashunam.h) = (n) garlic l:s:etB:H (lasatbhiH) = glowing l:es:t: (lasitaM) = beautified l:x: (lakSha) = Lakh, 100,000 in number, also sight l:x: (lakShaM) = target l:x:N: (lakShaNaM) = symptom; indication; aspect; characteristics l:xm:N:p:v:j: (lakShmaNapuurvajaM) = the (earlier-born)elder of LakShmaNa l:xm:N:an:c:r: (lakShmaNaanucharo) = having LakshmaNa as the follower l:xm:N:: (lakShmaNo) = laksshmaNaH l:xm:N::p:t: (lakShmaNopetaM) = having Lakshmana nearby l:exm: (lakShmi) = goddess of wealth, beauty and luck, wife of Vishnu l:xm:i (lakShmii) = wealth l:xy:m: (lakShyam.h) = (n) aim, target, goal l:xy:m:a*:vy:ap:kH (lakShyamaatravyaapakaH) = lakshyam + atra + vyApakaH:goal or target + here + manifested l:aekN:i (laakiNii) = the goddess in manipuraka l:aG:v: (laaghava) = sweetness, kindness, lightness l:aG:v: (laaghavaM) = with ease or lightness l:aj:H (laajaiH) = with the roasted rice, wheat flakes l:aB: (laabha) = acquirement, acquisition l:aB: (laabhaM) = gain l:aB:al:aB:: (laabhaalaabhau) = both profit and loss l:al: (laal.h) = to pamper l:al:a (laalaa) = (f) saliva el:K: (likh.h) = to write el:K:et: (likhati) = wrote el:eK:t:v:an: (likhitavaan.h) = wrote el: (li.ngaM) = gender el:an:a (li.ngaanaaM) = genders el:aen: (li.ngaani) = genders el:H (li.ngaiH) = symptoms el:p: (lip) = to smear el:ep:kH (lipikaH) = (m) clerk el:py:t: (lipyate) = is affected el:mp:et: (limpati) = (6 pp) to anoint el:mp:ent: (limpanti) = do affect l:il:a (liilaa) = legend (?) l:eWCt:kS: (luJNchhitakesha) = hair cut here and there l:pt: (lupta) = stopped l:bD:H (lubdhaH) = greedy l:bD:k (lubdhaka) = (m) hunter l:By:et: (lubhyati) = (4 pp) to covet l:mp:et: (lumpati) = (6 pp) to break l:K: (lekha) = writings, article l:K:n:i (lekhanii) = (f) pencil l:K:Pl:km: (lekhaphalakam.h) = (n) slate l:K:akn: (lekhaa.nkana) = accounting l:K:aen: (lekhaani) = writings l:p: (lepa) = smearing l:p:karH (lepakaaraH) = (m) person who builds houses l:el:s: (lelihyase) = You are licking l:S: (lesha) = little-bit, slight l::k (loka) = this world l::k (lokaM) = world;people l::kH (lokaH) = world l::kt:n*: (lokatantraM) = (n) democracy l::k*:y: (lokatraye) = in the three planetary systems l::ky: (lokaya) = (verbal stem) to see l::ky:an:m: (lokayaanam.h) = (n) car l::ks:g:h (lokasa.ngrahaM) = the people in general l::ksy: (lokasya) = of the people l::kaH (lokaaH) = all the world l::kat: (lokaat.h) = from people l::kan: (lokaan.h) = to heaven l::kap:v:ad (lokaapavaada) = general infamy l::kaeB:ram: (lokaabhiraamaM) = the laudable one of the people l::k (loke) = in the world l::k\: (lokeshhu) = planetary systems l::c:n: (lochana) = eye l::c:n:m: (lochanam.h) = eyes l::B: (lobha) = greed l::B: (lobhaM) = greed l::B:H (lobhaH) = greed l::B:ev:rh (lobhaviraha) = greedless l::B:aev: (lobhaavishhTa) = (adj) greedy l::m: (loma) = hair l::l: (lola) = swinging l::l:as:n: (lolaasana) = the swing posture l:: (loshhTa) = clay l::\X (loshhTra) = pebbles l::h (loha) = iron l::hm:ag:H (lohamaargaH) = (m) railway track l::el:ki (laulikii) = a movement of the abdominal muscles and organs v:d (va.nda) = Worship v:d (va.nde) = (Vr. Pr.I. P.Sing.AP)bow; salute v:S: (va.nsha) = family v:S:s:harH (va.nshasa.nhaaraH) = (m) genocide v:S:hin: (va.nshahiina) = without family v:H (vaH) = your v:Vt:arm: (vaktaaram.h) = the man who speaks or utters v:Vt: (vaktuM) = to say v:Vt: (vaktR^i) = orator v:V*: (vaktra) = the mouth v:V*: (vaktraM) = face v:V*:aeN: (vaktraaNi) = the mouths v:# (vakra) = Retrograde v:#g:et: (vakragati) = not straight v:#t:NRay: (vakratuNDaaya) = to one who has crooked limb or part(the twised broken tusk) v:#a (vakraa) = (adj) curved, crooked v:#as:n: (vakraasana) = the curved posture v: (va.nga) = Bengal v:c:H (vachaH) = words v:c:n: (vachana) = talk v:c:n: (vachanaM) = word v:c:n: (vachane) = (loc.sing) in words or speech v:c:s:a (vachasaa) = with words v:ecm: (vachmi) = vachAmi or shall speak v:$ (vajra) = one of the channels in the spine, a thunderbolt, diamond v:$m:N:i (vajramaNii) = diamond v:$ (vajraM) = the thunderbolt v:$m: (vajram.h) = (n) diamond v:$as:n: (vajraasana) = the thunderbolt posture v:$:l:i (vajrolii) = the thunderbolt contraction v:Wc:n:a (vaJNchanaa) = cheating v:Xv:x:H (vaTavR^ikShaH) = (m) a banyan tree v:tsy: (vatsya) = reside v:d (vad.h) = to talk v:d (vada) = please tell v:det: (vada.nti) = ( tell; speak v:det: (vadati) = (1 pp) to speak v:dn: (vadana) = face v:dn:m: (vadanam.h) = (n) mouth v:dn:H (vadanaiH) = by the mouths v:dent: (vadanti) = say v:des: (vadasi) = You tell v:ed\y:ent: (vadishhyanti) = will say v:p:x: (vadyapakSha) = Dark half of the lunar month v:D:H (vadhaH) = (m) murder v:D: (vadhuu) = (f) bride v:n: (vana) = forest v:n: (vanaM) = forest v:n:c:r (vanachara) = animal v:n:sp:et:S:as*:m: (vanaspatishaastram.h) = botany v:nt:H (vantaH) = subject to v:nd (vand.h) = to bow down v:nd (vanda) = Worship v:ndt: (vandate) = (1 ap) to salute v:endt: (vandita) = praised, saluted v:nd (vande) = worship v:enhH (vanhiH) = fire v:p:et: (vapati) = (1 pp) to sow v:p:H (vapuH) = body v:m:et: (vamati) = (1 pp) to vomit v:y: (vaya) = age v:y: (vayaM) = we v:y:s: (vayas.h) = age v:y:es: (vayasi) = of age v:y:es:g:t: (vayasigate) = vayasi+gate, when age has advanced/gone v:r (vara) = Groom v:r (varaM) = better v:rH (varaH) = better v:rd (varada) = the one granting boons v:rd (varadaM) = that which gives boons v:rdm:t:y: (varadamuurtaye) = to the personified boongiver v:ran: (varaan.h) = (masc.Acc.Pl.) boons; bridegrooms v:ran:n: (varaanane) = Oh! lady having the best face! v:rah (varaaha) = the boar v:rahH (varaahaH) = (m) pig, boar v:erm: (varishhTham.h) = the foremost v:,N:H (varuNaH) = the demigod controlling the water v:g: (varga) = Divisional or Harmonic Charts v:g:m:l: (vargamuula) = square root v:g:::m: (vargottama) = Same sign in navaa.nsha as in Bhavi usually increasing power for good or bad v:j:y:t: (varjayet.h) = (verb III P.sing.PP) should be avoided ; given up v:ej:t:aH (varjitaaH) = are devoid of v:N: (varNa) = colour v:N: (varNaM) = colours v:N:y:a (varNayaaM) = do we describe v:N:l:K:n: (varNalekhana) = chromatography v:N:l:K:a (varNalekhaa) = chromatogram v:N:s:r (varNasa.nkara) = of unwanted children v:N:s:rH (varNasa.nkaraH) = unwanted progeny v:N:adi (varNaadii.n) = the letter groups or caste groups v:t:t: (vartate) = (1 ap) to exist, to be v:t:n: (vartana) = Behavior v:t:nt: (vartante) = are being engaged v:t:m:an: (vartamaana) = Present v:t:m:an:H (vartamaanaH) = being situated v:t:m:an:aen: (vartamaanaani) = present v:t:y: (vartaya) = to operate (causal from vart.h) v:et:n: (vartin.h) = one who lives / behaves v:t: (varte) = I am engaged v:t:t: (varteta) = remains v:t:y: (varteyaM) = thus engage v:tm: (vartma) = path v:tm:en: (vartmani) = on the path v:D:t: (vardhate) = (1 ap) to grow, to increase v:D:n: (vardhana) = Who prospers v:D:m:an:kH (vardhamaanakaH) = (m) special containers used to store pickles v:S: (varsha) = Year v:S:Pl: (varshaphala) = Annual results. Method of Progression using Solar Returns v:\: (varshh.h) = to pour v:\: (varshha) = year v:\: (varshhaM) = rain v:\:t: (varshhatu) = (Vr.Imp.IIIP S)let it rain v:\:a (varshhaa) = monsoon v:l:eK:ly: (valakhilya) = a class of tiny entities, about the size of a thumb v:l:y: (valaya) = circle v:l:y:m: (valayam.h) = (n) bangle v:ell: (valli) = (fem) creeper v:S: (vasha) = Agree v:S: (vashaM) = control v:S:aH (vashaaH) = (Nom.Pl.) (are under) control or influence v:S:at: (vashaat.h) = under obligation v:S:i (vashii) = one who is controlled v:S:i+k (vashii+kR^i) = to conquer, overcome v:S: (vashe) = in full subjugation v:Sy: (vashya) = under control v:s: (vas.h) = to live v:s:t: (vasat.h) = one who lives v:s:et: (vasati) = (1 pp) to stay, dwell v:s:n: (vasana) = dwelling v:s:nt: (vasanta) = the deity of Spring, also Spring itself v:s:nt:: (vasantau) = (and) Spring season v:s:v:H (vasavaH) = the Vasus v:s:an: (vasaanaM) = having worn v:s:D:a (vasudhaa) = earth v:s:D:v: (vasudhaiva) = vasudhA(fem.nom.sing.)earth;world + eva:alone;itself v:s:n: (vasun.h) = the eight Vasus v:s:nD:ra (vasundharaa) = (f) earth v:s::n:a (vasaunaaM) = of the Vasus v:est: (vasti) = internal cleansing v:st: (vastu) = Article v:st:t:H (vastutaH) = actually, in reality v:st:m:an: (vastumaana) = mass v:st:m:an::uj:a (vastumaanauurjaa) = mass-energy v:st:x:y: (vastukShaya) = wasting v:st: (vastuu) = goods v:st:en: (vastuuni) = objects v:s*: (vastra) = Garment v:het: (vahati) = (1 pp) to carry v:hn: (vahan.h) = counterrotaing field of light affecting body \ spirit v:hmy:h (vahamyahaM) = vahAmi + ahaM:bear or carry + I v:ha (vahaa) = Porter v:haem: (vahaami) = carry v:e (vahni) = fire v:eH (vahniH) = fire ( for worship) v:ekN: (vahnikaNa) = spark v:x: (vakSha) = chest v:x:HsT:l:m: (vakShaHsthalam.h) = (n) breasts, chest v:x::j: (vakShoja) = breasts v:xy:aem: (vakShyaami) = shall explain v:a (vaa) = or v:agm:y: (vaa.ngmaya) = full of speech v:aC (vaa.nchh.h) = to want v:aCa (vaa.nchhaa) = (fem) desire v:ak (vaak.h) = language/speech v:aVy: (vaakya) = sentence v:aVy: (vaakyaM) = words v:aVy:aen: (vaakyaani) = sentences v:aVy:n: (vaakyena) = words v:agm:i (vaagmii) = master of speech v:ay: (vaa.nmayaM) = of the voice v:ay:H (vaa.nmayaH) = full of the `word' i.e. master of the word \ language v:ac: (vaachaM) = words v:ac:H (vaachaH) = the Vedas v:ac:a (vaachaa) = speech v:ac:al: (vaachaala) = capable of talking v:acy: (vaachyaM) = to be spoken v:aWCes: (vaaJNchhasi) = you desire v:aeWCt: (vaaJNchhita) = desired v:aeXka (vaaTikaa) = (f) garden v:aeN:jy: (vaaNijyaM) = trade v:aN:i (vaaNii) = language v:aN:i (vaaNiiM) = speech v:at: (vaata) = (masc) wind v:at:y: (vaataya) = blow (like a wind?) v:at:aXH (vaataaTaH) = (m) kite v:at:atm:j: (vaataatmajaM) = the son of the wind-god (`vAta' or `vAyu) v:at:ay:n: (vaataayana) = a horse v:at:ay:n: (vaataayanaM) = window v:at:ay:n:as:n: (vaataayanaasana) = the horseface posture v:at:av:rN:m: (vaataavaraNam.h) = (n) environment, also used to mean weather v:at::nm:ad (vaatonmaada) = hysteria v:ad (vaada) = argument v:adH (vaadaH) = the natural conclusion v:ady:et: (vaadayati) = to play (a musical instrument) v:adan: (vaadaan.h) = fabricated words v:aedn:H (vaadinaH) = the advocates v:aedn:i (vaadinii) = she who speaks v:av:dH (vaadyavR^idaH) = (m) orchestra v:an:r (vaanara) = monkey v:an:ry:T:m:Ky:m: (vaanarayuuthamukhyam.h) = the chieftain of the monkey brigade v:aep: (vaapi) = at all v:am: (vaama) = left side v:am:dv:as:n: (vaamadevaasana) = Vamadeva's posture v:am:n: (vaamana) = Vishnu's fifth incarnation also known as trivikrama v:am:)kaS: (vaamaprakaasha) = lovely shiningness v:am:aka-Z (vaamaa.nkaaruuDha) = having the left side of the body climbed, occupied by v:am: (vaame) = left side v:ay: (vaayu) = wind v:ay:H (vaayuH) = the vital airs v:ay::H (vaayoH) = of the wind v:ay:: (vaayau) = air(life-breath) v:ar (vaara) = Day v:ar (vaaraM) = and again v:areD:p:et: (vaaradhipati) = Ruler of the Day v:aer (vaari) = water v:aerD:r (vaaridhara) = water-carrier(cloud ) v:aereN: (vaariNi) = the one who prevents v:aerd (vaarida) = cloud (one who gives water) v:aerv:ah (vaarivaaha) = (m) cloud v:at:a (vaartaa) = news v:at:a (vaartaaM) = word (here enquiry/inquiry) v:a\N:y: (vaarshhNeya) = O descendant of VRishhNi v:alm:iekk:ekl:m: (vaalmiikikokilam.h) = the vAlmIki-cuckoo v:as:H (vaasaH) = (m) living, habitation v:as:n:a (vaasanaa) = longings, craving v:as:r (vaasara) = Day v:as:v: (vaasava) = indra v:as:v:H (vaasavaH) = the heavenly king v:as:s: (vaasas.h) = apparel / clothes v:as:aes: (vaasaa.nsi) = garments v:aes:t: (vaasita) = made fragrant v:as:ekH (vaasukiH) = Vasuki v:as:ki (vaasukii) = a name of Shesha v:as:dv:H (vaasudevaH) = the Personality of Godhead, KRishhNa v:as:dv:sy: (vaasudevasya) = of KRishhNa v:as:dv:aH (vaasudevaaH) = KRishhNa v:as:: (vaaso) = cloth, dress v:ast:S:as*: (vaastushaastra) = study of architecture v:ast: (vaastuu) = place, residence v:ahn: (vaahana) = vehicle v:ahn:kark (vaahanakaaraka) = Significator of vehicles which is Venus v:aehka (vaahikaa) = transportation ev:+Ap:+g:m: (vi+apa+gam.h) = to go away ev:+ec:nt: (vi+chint.h) = think ev:+B:a (vi+bhaa) = to adorn ev:+sm: (vi+smR^i) = to forget ev:+wa (vi+GYaa) = to know ev:det: (vi.ndati) = enjoys ev:S:S: (vi.nsha.nsha) = A Varga. The harmonic twentieth division. Used for delineating Religious fervour and accrued spiritual merit ev:S:::er (vi.nshottari) = The most popular Dasha method in use today ev:S::p:k (vi.nshopaka) = A method of calculating planetary strength using the Vargas ev:kemp:t: (vikampituM) = to hesitate ev:kr (vikara) = enzyme ev:krH (vikaraH) = (m) enzyme ev:kN:H (vikarNaH) = Vikarna ev:km:N:H (vikarmaNaH) = of forbidden work ev:kl: (vikala) = disabled ev:kl: (vikalaM) = not related or joined ev:kl:k (vikalaka) = differential ev:kl:n: (vikalana) = differentiation ev:klp: (vikalpa) = imagination, fancy ev:kar (vikaaraM) = appearance (generally, grotesque/ugly) ev:karan: (vikaaraan.h) = transformations ev:kaer (vikaari) = changes ev:kas:H (vikaasaH) = (m) development ev:ekret: (vikirati) = to cast a net ev:kiN: (vikiirNa) = scattered ev:k (vikR^i) = modify, alter ev:kt: (vikR^ita) = Ugly ev:kt:v:ha (vikR^itavahaa) = Ugly porter ev:#ant:H (vikraantaH) = mighty ev:#iN:it: (vikriiNiite) = to sell ev:Vt:ac:rN:i (vikrtaacharaNii) = adj. mentally disturbed behaviour ev:K:NRn: (vikhaNDanaM) = (n) fission ev:Ky:at: (vikhyaata) = famous ev:g:t: (vigata) = having discarded ev:g:t:H (vigataH) = is removed ev:g:t:jv:rH (vigatajvaraH) = without being lethargic ev:g:t:B:iH (vigatabhiiH) = devoid of fear ev:g:t:sp:hH (vigataspR^ihaH) = without being interested ev:g:N:H (viguNaH) = even faulty ev:g:h (vigraha) = attack ev:g:hs:nD:: (vigrahasandhau) = for war(dissension) or peace-making ev:G:et: (vighati) = Equivalent to 24 seconds of clock time ev:Gn: (vighna) = calamity ev:Gn:n:aeS:n: (vighnanaashine) = to the destroyer of all obstacles ev:Gn:H (vighnaiH) = difficulties, obstacles ev:c:r (vichar.h) = to think ev:c:x:N: (vichakShaNa) = clever, wise ev:c:x:N:H (vichakShaNaH) = the experienced ev:c:ar (vichaara) = thought ev:c:ar (vichaaraM) = thought ev:c:al:y:t: (vichaalayet.h) = should try to agitate ev:c:aly:t: (vichaalyate) = becomes shaken ev:ec:*: (vichitra) = foolish, extraordinary, strange ev:ec:*:H (vichitraH) = wonderful/mysterious ev:ec:nt:y: (vichintaya) = think well ev:ec:nty: (vichintya) = having thought ev:c:t:s:H (vichetasaH) = bewildered ev:j:y: (vijayaM) = victory ev:j:y:H (vijayaH) = victory ev:j:y:t: (vijayate) = is victorious ev:j:y:i (vijayii) = victorious man ev:j:an:t:H (vijaanataH) = who is in complete knowledge ev:j:an:it:aH (vijaaniitaaH) = are in knowledge ev:j:an:iy: (vijaaniiyaM) = shall I understand ev:ej:t:atm:a (vijitaatmaa) = self-controlled ev:ej:t:endy:H (vijitendriyaH) = sensually controlled ev:t:t:H (vitataH) = are spread ev:t:ret: (vitarati) = to distribute ev:t:k (vitarka) = discernment ev:t: (vitR^i) = to distribute ev:t:\N:a (vitR^ishhNaaM) = desirelessness ev:: (vitta) = money ev:: (vittaM) = wealth ev::k:\:H (vittakoshhaH) = (m) bank ev:: (vitte) = wealth ev::S:H (vitteshaH) = the lord of the treasury of the demigods ev:d (vid.h) = to obtain ev:dH (vidaH) = who understand ev:dD:aem: (vidadhaami) = give ev:dary:et: (vidaarayati) = to split apart ev:daehn:H (vidaahinaH) = burning ev:edt:m: (viditam.h) = known ev:edt:atm:n:a (viditaatmanaaM) = of those who are self-realised ev:edtv:a (viditvaa) = having known/realised ev:edS:a (vidishaaM) = non-direction ev:dH (viduH) = understood ev:d\:kH (viduushhakaH) = (m) clown, joker ev:dS: (videsha) = foreign land ev:dS:i (videshii) = foreigner ev:e (viddhi) = know for sure ev:H (vidmaH) = do we know ev:h (vidmahe) = ? ev:t: (vidyate) = there is ev:en:p:N: (vidyanipuNai) = by the ace scholar Shankara (Plural is used for reverance) ev:y:a (vidyayaa) = (fem.instr.sing.) by knowledge ev:a (vidyaa) = knowledge ev:at: (vidyaat.h) = you must know ev:at:ran:a (vidyaaturaanaaM) = ( of people who are indulging in knowledge ev:an:a (vidyaanaaM) = of all education ev:aen:eD:H (vidyaanidhiH) = the stock-pile of knowledge (here rAma) ev:am:h (vidyaamahaM) = shall I know ev:aeT:n:i (vidyaarthinii) = (f) student ev:aT:i (vidyaarthii) = (m) student ev:al:y:H (vidyaalayaH) = (m) school ev:av:an: (vidyaavaan.h) = a knowledgeable manor scholar ev:t:kndH (vidyut.hkandaH) = (m) incandescent bulb ev:d:h (vidroha) = revolt ev:d:hH (vidrohaH) = (m) rebellion ev:t: (vidvat.h) = scholar ev:v: (vidvattva) = scholarliness ev:an: (vidvaan.h) = learned ev:e\:av:h (vidvishhaavahai) = may us not quarrel or hate ev:D:at: (vidhaatR^i) = the creator ev:D:an: (vidhaana) = placing ev:D:an: (vidhaanaM) = (n) legislation ev:D:an: (vidhaanaM) = Arranging, disposing; Performing, making, doing, executing; Creation, creating; Ordinance, Sacred rule or precept, sacred injunction; Mode, manner; Wealth; Pain, agony, torment, distress; ev:D:an::Vt:H (vidhaanoktaH) = according to scriptural regulation ev:eD: (vidhi) = ritual ev:eD:H (vidhiH) = (m) law, ritual ev:eD:edH (vidhidishhTaH) = according to the direction of scripture ev:eD:hin: (vidhihiinaM) = without scriptural direction ev:D:iy:t: (vidhiiyate) = does take place ev:D:t: (vidhuuta) = moving ev:D:m: (vidhema) = make ev:D:y:atm:a (vidheyaatmaa) = one who follows regulated freedom ev:Dv:s: (vidhva.nsa) = destruction ev:n: (vina) = without ev:n:\y:es: (vina.nkShyasi) = you will be lost ev:n: (vinadya) = vibrating ev:n:y: (vinaya) = humility ev:n:y:i (vinayii) = man with humility ev:n:S:y:es: (vinashayasi) = you destroy ev:n:Sy:et: (vinashyati) = falls back ev:n:Sy:ts: (vinashyatsu) = in the destructible ev:n:a (vinaa) = without ev:n:am:ly: (vinaamuulya) = free, without cost ev:n:aS: (vinaasha) = total destruction ev:n:aS: (vinaashaM) = destruction ev:n:aS:H (vinaashaH) = destruction ev:n:aS:ay: (vinaashaaya) = for the annihilation ev:en:g:hH (vinigrahaH) = control ev:en:ndet: (vinindati) = to scold ev:en:y:t: (viniyataM) = particularly disciplined ev:en:y:m:H (viniyamaH) = (m) regulation ev:en:y:em:t: (viniyamita) = regulated ev:en:y:my: (viniyamya) = regulating ev:en:y::g:H (viniyogaH) = distribution (of various limbs, postures) ev:en:m:Vt:aH (vinirmuktaaH) = liberated ev:en:v:t:nt: (vinivartante) = are practiced to be refrained from ev:en:v:: (vinivR^itta) = disassociated ev:en:e:t:H (vinishchitaiH) = certain ev:en:hes: (viniha.nsi) = you kill ev:n::d (vinoda) = humor ev:n::dH (vinodaH) = (m) humour, joke ev:n::dy: (vinodaya) = divert/recreate(be happy) ev:ndet: (vindati) = (6 pp) to find ev:ndt: (vindate) = enjoys ev:ndaem: (vindaami) = I have ev:p:N:n: (vipaNana) = marketing ev:p:eN:H (vipaNiH) = market-place, mall ev:p:N:i (vipaNii) = market ev:p:N:i (vipaNii) = market ev:p:e: (vipatti) = calamity ev:p:erv:t:t: (viparivartate) = is working ev:p:rit: (vipariita) = inverted, contrary to rule, wrong ev:p:rit: (vipariitaM) = the opposite ev:p:rit:krN:i (vipariitakaraNii) = the upside-down posture ev:p:rit:an: (vipariitaan.h) = in the wrong direction ev:p:rit:aen: (vipariitaani) = just the opposite ev:p:y:y: (viparyaya) = inversion ev:p:y:y:N:a|ep: (viparyayeNaa.api) = by changing also ev:p:y:ay: (viparyaaya) = a mistaken view ev:p:e:t: (vipashchit.h) = (m) a learned man, scholar ev:p:e:t:H (vipashchitaH) = full of discriminating knowledge ev:p:x: (vipakSha) = of the opposite side ev:p:ak (vipaaka) = the distressing results of karmas ev:p:l: (vipula) = ample ev:p:l: (vipulaM) = more than enough, plenty ev:)et:p: (vipratipanna) = adj. perplexed ev:)et:p:a (vipratipannaa) = without being influenced by the fruitive results ev:)e)y: (viprapriyaM) = the loved of the Brahmins ev:)aH (vipraaH) = (masc.nom.Pl.)Brahmins ev:pl:v:H (viplavaH) = (m) revolt ev:Pl:H (viphalaH) = not good fruitless ev:B:Vt: (vibhaktaM) = divided ev:B:Vt:\: (vibhakteshhu) = in the numberless divided ev:B:ag:y::H (vibhaagayoH) = differences ev:B:ag:S:H (vibhaagashaH) = in terms of division ev:B:aj:n: (vibhaajana) = distribution ev:B:aj:n: (vibhaajana) = partition ev:B:av:s:: (vibhaavasau) = in the fire ev:B: (vibhuM) = greatest ev:B:H (vibhuH) = the Supreme Lord ev:B:m: (vibhum.h) = the Lord who shines ev:B:t:y:H (vibhuutayaH) = opulences ev:B:et: (vibhuuti) = divine power ev:B:et: (vibhuutiM) = opulence ev:B:et:n:a (vibhuutinaaM) = opulences ev:B:et:eB:H (vibhuutibhiH) = opulences ev:B:t:H (vibhuuteH) = of opulences ev:B:S: (vibhuush.h) = to decorate ev:B:\:N: (vibhuushhaNa) = ornament, asset ev:B:m:H (vibhramaH) = bewilderment ev:B:H (vibhrashhTaH) = deviated from ev:B:ant:aH (vibhraantaaH) = perplexed ev:m:ts:rH (vimatsaraH) = free from envy ev:m:an:m: (vimaanam.h) = (n) an aircraft, plane ev:m:Vt:H (vimuktaH) = liberated ev:m:Vt:an:a (vimuktaanaaM) = of those who are liberated ev:m:Vt:H (vimuktaiH) = by one who has become free from ev:m:cy: (vimuchya) = being delivered from ev:m:Wc:et: (vimuJNchati) = one gives up ev:m:et: (vimuhyati) = one is bewildered ev:m:Z (vimuuDha) = foolish ev:m:ZH (vimuuDhaH) = bewildered ev:m:ZB:av:H (vimuuDhabhaavaH) = bewilderment ev:m:ZaH (vimuuDhaaH) = foolish persons ev:m:Zan: (vimuuDhaan.h) = perfectly befooled ev:m:Sy: (vimR^ishya) = deliberating ev:m::c:n: (vimochana) = freedom ev:m::hy:et: (vimohayati) = bewilders ev:m::eht:aH (vimohitaaH) = deluded ev:m::x:N:at: (vimokShaNaat.h) = giving up ev:m::x:ay: (vimokShaaya) = meant for liberation ev:m::xy:s: (vimokShyase) = you will be liberated ev:y::g: (viyogaM) = extermination ev:rVt: (virakta) = uninerested ev:reVt:H (viraktiH) = (f) aversion ev:rec:t: (virachita) = created ev:rec:t: (virachitaM) = created, composed ev:rl: (virala) = rare ev:rh (viraha) = separation ev:reht: (virahitaM) = without ev:rag:H (viraagaH) = Non-attachment/desirelessness ev:raXH (viraaTaH) = Virata ev:ram: (viraam.h) = to stop ev:ram: (viraama) = stop ev:ram:H (viraamaH) = respite, full stop ev:r:c:n: (virochana) = a demon prince ev:r:D: (virodha) = opposition ev:l:g:n: (vilagana) = parting ev:l:gn: (vilagna) = separate ev:l:gn:t:a (vilagnataa) = segragation ev:l:gn:aH (vilagnaaH) = becoming attached ev:l:y:m: (vilayamaM) = extinct ev:l:p:n: (vilepana) = smearing ev:l::ky:t:a (vilokayataaM) = of those who are seeing ev:l::Vy: (vilokya) = on seeing ev:l::m: (viloma) = against the natural order of things ev:v:ej:t: (vivarjita) = without/ having abandoned ev:v:ej:t: (vivarjitaM) = devoid of ev:v:D:n:aH (vivardhanaaH) = increasing ev:v:sv:t:H (vivasvataH) = of the sun-god ev:v:sv:t: (vivasvate) = unto the sun-god ev:v:sv:an: (vivasvaan.h) = Vivasvan (the sun-god's name) ev:v:x:a (vivakShaa) = choice ev:v:ah (vivaaha) = Wedding ev:v:ah (vivaahaM) = marriage ev:ev:Vt: (vivikta) = to solitary ev:ev:Vt:s:v:i (viviktasevii) = living in a secluded place ev:ev:D: (vividha) = varied ev:ev:D:H (vividhaH) = various ev:ev:D:aH (vividhaaH) = various ev:ev:D:H (vividhaiH) = various ev:v:N:t: (vivR^iNute) = (Vr. Pr.III Per.S.AP)chooses ev:v: (vivR^iddhaM) = increased ev:v: (vivR^iddhe) = when developed ev:v:k (viveka) = (m)discretion ev:v:ekn: (vivekin.h) = one who is thoughtful and just ev:S:t: (vishate) = he enters ev:S:ent: (vishanti) = enter ev:S:m:v::i (vishamavR^ittii) = uneven or strained movement whilst breathing ev:S:a (vishaaM) = and the vaisyas ev:S:aK:a (vishaakhaa) = Sixteenth nakshatra ev:S:al: (vishaala) = very great ev:S:al: (vishaalaM) = vast ev:S:al:kH (vishaalakaH) = (m) magnifier ev:S:al:ax:: (vishaalaakShau) = (two)persons with (lotus-like)large eyes ev:eS:aH (vishishhTaaH) = especially powerful ev:eS:\y:t: (vishishhyate) = is by far the better ev:S:ع (vishuddha) = pure ev:S:عy:a (vishuddhayaa) = fully purified ev:S:عy: (vishuddhaye) = for clarifying ev:S:عatm:a (vishuddhaatmaa) = a purified soul ev:S:\: (visheshha) = particular ev:S:\:t:H (visheshhataH) = especiaaly ev:S:\:s:an: (visheshhasa.nghaan.h) = specifically assembled ev:S:\:w (visheshhaGYa) = the knowledgeable or wise person ev:Sy:et: (vishyati) = (4 pp) to pierce ev:Sl:\: (vishleshha) = lonely (antonym of aashleshha which is embrace) ev:Sl:\:( H) (vishleshha(H)) = separation ev:Sl:\:N: (vishleshhaNa) = macroanalysis ev:: (vishvaM) = the universe ev::k:\:H (vishvakoshhaH) = (m) encyclopedia ev::t:aH (vishvataaH) = from all around the world ev::t::m:K: (vishvatomukhaM) = and in the universal form ev::t::m:K:H (vishvatomukhaH) = Brahma ev::m:ay: (vishvamaaryaM) = vishvaM:Universe and AryaM: (acc.sing.):noble person ev::m:t: (vishvamuurte) = O universal form ev::-p: (vishvaruupa) = in the form of the universe ev::ev:al:y:H (vishvavidyaalayaH) = (m) university ev::v:daH (vishvavedaaH) = one who has understood the world(vishva) ev::s:n:iy: (vishvasaniiya) = (adj) reliable ev::sy: (vishvasya) = universe ev::aem:*: (vishvaamitra) = vishvAmitra's ev::as: (vishvaasa) = faith ev::as:H (vishvaasaH) = (m) belief ev::as:B:em: (vishvaasabhuumi) = trustworthy ev:: (vishve) = the Visvedevas ev:::r (vishveshvara) = O Lord of the universe ev:\: (vishha) = poison ev:\:m: (vishhama) = odd (as in odd or even) ev:\:em:v: (vishhamiva) = like poison ev:\:m: (vishhame) = in this hour of crisis ev:\:y: (vishhaya) = kingdom (here) ev:\:y:aH (vishhayaaH) = on the subject matter ev:\:y:an: (vishhayaan.h) = sense objects ev:\:y: (vishhaye) = in topics, in subjects ev:\:aN: (vishhaaNa) = horns ev:\:ad (vishhaadaM) = moroseness ev:\:aed (vishhaadi) = morose ev:\:idn: (vishhiidan.h) = while lamenting ev:\:idnt: (vishhiidantaM) = lamenting ev:\:sp:S: (vishhuspR^isha) = touched, tinged with poison (poison-tipped arrow?) ev:\:S:aeD:karH (vishheshaadhikaaraH) = (m) privilege ev:\:\:t:a (vishheshhataa) = difference ev:\::p:m:y: (vishhopameyaM) = poison-like ev:By: (vishhTabhya) = pervading ev:et: (vishhThitaM) = situated ev:\N: (vishhNu) = the preserver of life ev:\N:H (vishhNuH) = the Lord MahaavishhNu ev:\N:tv: (vishhNutvaM) = the quality/state of Brahman/god-realisation ev:\N:: (vishhNo) = O Lord Visnu ev:\l:\:N: (vishhleshhaNa) = analysis ev:s:m::hn: (visaMmohana) = infatuation ev:s:g:H (visargaH) = creation ev:s:j:n: (visR^ijan.h) = giving up ev:s:j:aem: (visR^ijaami) = I create ev:s:jy: (visR^ijya) = putting aside ev:st:rH (vistaraH) = the expanse ev:st:rS:H (vistarashaH) = in detail ev:st:rsy: (vistarasya) = to the extent ev:st:rN: (vistareNa) = in detail ev:st:ar (vistaaraM) = the expansion ev:st:arH (vistaaraH) = (m) amplitude ev:st:aert: (vistaarita) = expanded ev:sPrN: (visphuraNai) = by emanation ev:sm:y:H (vismayaH) = wonder ev:sm:y:p:d (vismayapadaM) = object of wonder ev:sm:y:aev:H (vismayaavishhTaH) = being overwhelmed with wonder ev:esm:t:aH (vismitaaH) = in wonder ev:hg: (vihaga) = bird ev:hg:H (vihagaH) = Bird, cloud, arrow, sun, moon, a planet in general, some thing that moves in the sky ev:hay: (vihaaya) = giving up ev:har (vihaara) = in relaxation ev:harsy: (vihaarasya) = recreation ev:haereN: (vihaariNi) = one who strolls ev:ehA: (vihiaa) = vihitA?, understood ev:eht: (vihita) = prescribed ev:eht: (vihitaM) = directed ev:eht:aH (vihitaaH) = used ev:eht:an: (vihitaan.h) = arranged ev:hin: (vihiina) = without ev:hin:a (vihiinaa) = bereft ev: (vihR^i) = to roam ev:ex:pt: (vikShipta) = mental aggitation ev:x:p: (vikShepa) = confusion ev:wat: (viGYaataM) = has been known ev:wat: (viGYaatuM) = to know ev:wan: (viGYaana) = comprehension, Science ev:wan: (viGYaanaM) = numinous knowledge ev:wan:m:y: (viGYaanamaya) = full of greater(scientific in a way) knowledge ev:wan:i (viGYaanii) = scientist ev:way: (viGYaaya) = after understanding v:ix:H (viikShaH) = (m) lens v:ij:et: (viijati) = to fan v:it: (viita) = free from v:it:rag:aH (viitaraagaaH) = in the renounced order of life v:ieT: (viithi) = (f) road, way v:ir (viira) = the sentiment of valor v:irWc: (viiraJNcha) = name of Brahma v:irB:das:n: (viirabhadraasana) = the arrow posture v:iras:n: (viiraasana) = the hero posture v:iy: (viirya) = vitality, enthusiasm, semen v:iy: (viiryaM) = valour v:iy:v:an: (viiryavaan.h) = very powerful v:iy:a (viiryaaM) = glories v:ix: (viikSh.h) = to see v:ix:nt: (viikShante) = are beholding v:ixy: (viikShya) = having seen v:k (vR^ika) = wolf v:k:drH (vR^ikodaraH) = the voracious eater (Bhima) v:j:n: (vR^ijanaM) = the ocean of miseries v:N:t: (vR^iNute) = chooses v:t: (vR^it.h) = to exist v:: (vR^itta) = desire v::p:e*:ka (vR^ittapatrikaa) = (f) newspaper v:e:sT:aH (vR^ittisthaaH) = whose occupation v::i (vR^ittii) = tendancy v:T:a (vR^ithaa) = (indecl) wanton, uselessly, idly v: (vR^iddha) = aged v:H (vR^iddhaH) = old man v::v:aH (vR^iddhashravaaH) = having become old with years of hearing knowledge v:e (vR^iddhi) = growth v:e (vR^iddhi) = growth v:nt:m: (vR^intam.h) = (n) the stem of a flower v:nt:akm: (vR^intaakam.h) = (n) brinjal v:nd (vR^inda) = (n) group v:S:S:l: (vR^ishashaila) = vRishaa hill v:e:k (vR^ishchika) = The Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio v:e:kas:n: (vR^ishchikaasana) = the scorpion posture v:\:B: (vR^ishhabha) = The Zodiacal Sign of Taurus v:\:B:H (vR^ishhabhaH) = (m) bull, the Zodiacal Sign of Taurus v:e (vR^ishhTi) = rain v:eH (vR^ishhTiH) = (m) rain, showers v:\N:in:a (vR^ishhNiinaaM) = of the descendants of VRishhNi v:x: (vR^ikSha) = tree v:x:as:n: (vR^ikShaasana) = the tree posture v:ex: (vR^ikShi) = I sing. aatmane. `injunctive' of vRij, `to avoid v:g: (vegaM) = urges v:g:H (vegaH) = (m) speed v:N:i (veNii) = (f) pigtail, ponytail v:N:H (veNuH) = flute v:t:n:m: (vetanam.h) = (n) salary v:: (vetta) = the knower v:e: (vetti) = knows v:tT: (vettha) = know v:d (veda) = Ancient Indian Religious Texts v:dH (vedaH) = (masc.nom.sing.)the Veda v:d#m: (vedakrama) = vedaas v:dn:a (vedanaa) = feelings of pain v:dy:w (vedayaGYa) = by sacrifice v:dv:adrt:aH (vedavaadarataaH) = supposed followers of the Vedas v:dev:t: (vedavit.h) = the knower of the Vedas v:dev:dH (vedavidaH) = persons conversant with the Vedas v:daH (vedaaH) = Vedic literatures v:dan:a (vedaanaaM) = of all the Vedas v:dant: (vedaanta) = Vedic method of Self-Realisation v:dant:kt: (vedaantakR^it.h) = the compiler of the Vedanta v:dant:v:: (vedaantavedyo) = one knowable thro' `upanishat.h' v:edt:vy: (veditavyaM) = to be understood v:edt: (vedituM) = to understand v:d (vede) = in the Vedic literature v:d\: (vedeshhu) = Vedic literatures v:dH (vedaiH) = by study of the Vedas v: (vedyaM) = what is to be known v:H (vedyaH) = knowable v:D:s: (vedhas.h) = brahmaa v:D:s: (vedhase) = to the Brahman (like rAma) v:p:T:H (vepathuH) = trembling of the body v:p:T:m:T:i (vepathumathii) = she who is sweating v:p:m:an:H (vepamaanaH) = trembling v:l:a (velaa) = (fem) time v:S: (vesha) = dress v:\:H (veshhaH) = make-ups/garbs/roles v:eH (veshhTiH) = (m) dhoti v: (vai) = emphasis v:kNY (vaikuNTha) = the abode of Vishnu v:kNYaeD:p:t:i (vaikuNThaadhipatii) = ruler of vaikuNTha which is Vishnu v:Vl:vy: (vaiklavyaM) = (Nr.Nom.sing.) sorrow v:H (vaidyaH) = doctor v:D: (vaidha) = (adj) legal v:n:t:y:H (vainateyaH) = Garuda v:m:aen:kH (vaimaanikaH) = (m) pilot v:y:eVt:k (vaiyaktika) = (adj) personal v:y:akrN: (vaiyaakaraNa) = Grammar v:y:akrN:sy:\:H (vaiyaakaraNasyaishhaH) = to the grammarian+this v:r (vaira) = enmity v:ragy: (vairaagya) = uncolouredness, not desiring physical objects v:ragy: (vairaagyaM) = renunciation v:ragy:N: (vairaagyeNa) = by detachment v:rajy: (vairaajya) = excelent rulership v:erN: (vairiNaM) = greatest enemy v:er\: (vairishhu) = on enemies v:S:eS:ka (vaisheshikaa) = one of the schools (systems) of Indian philosophy v:Sy: (vaishya) = the caste of merchants and professionals v:Sy:H (vaishyaH) = mercantile people v::v:N: (vaishravaNa) = son of Vishravas (typically applied only to Kubera) v::an:rH (vaishvaanaraH) = My plenary portion as the digesting fire v:\N:v: (vaishhNava) = a large sect of the followers of Sri Vishnu v:waen:kH (vaiGYaanikaH) = (m) scientist vy:Vt: (vyakta) = made known vy:Vt:y:H (vyaktayaH) = living entities vy:eVt: (vyaktiM) = personality vy:eVt:g:t: (vyaktigata) = (adj) individual vy:j:n:m: (vyajanam.h) = (n) fan vy:et:t:er\y:et: (vyatitarishhyati) = surpasses vy:t:it:aen: (vyatiitaani) = have passed vy:: (vyatta) = open vy:T:ent: (vyathanti) = are disturbed vy:T:y:ent: (vyathayanti) = are distressing vy:T:a (vyathaa) = trouble vy:eT:aH (vyathishhThaaH) = be disturbed vy:dary:t: (vyadaarayat.h) = shattered vy:p:dS: (vyapadesha) = (m) mention, name vy:p:a:y:H (vyapaashrayaH) = taking shelter of vy:p:ae:ty: (vyapaashritya) = particularly taking shelter vy:p:t:B:iH (vyapetabhiiH) = free from all fear vy:eB:c:aern: (vyabhichaarin.h) = adj. deviate vy:y:B:av: (vyayabhaava) = House of Expenditure/Loss or 12th vy:y:m: (vyayam.h) = (n) expenditure, spending vy:rs:it: (vyara.nsiit.h) = passed, elapsed vy:T: (vyartha) = u(adj)seless, purposelss vy:v:kl:n:m: (vyavakalanam.h) = (n) subtraction vy:v:cCts:iH (vyavachchhetsiiH) = cut or dissect vy:v:s:ay:H (vyavasaayaH) = enterprise or adventure vy:v:s:ay:aetm:ka (vyavasaayaatmikaa) = resolute in KRishhNa consciousness vy:v:es:t:H (vyavasitaH) = situated in determination vy:v:es:t:a (vyavasitaa) = engaged vy:v:esT:t:an: (vyavasthitaan.h) = situated vy:v:esT:et:H (vyavasthitiH) = the situation vy:v:esT:t:: (vyavasthitau) = put under regulations vy:v:sy:et: (vyavasyati) = (verb Pr.III P.sing.PP) tries vy:v:harH (vyavahaaraH) = (m) business, transaction vy:v:aes:t:aH (vyavaasitaaH) = have decided vy:S:m: (vyashema) = ? vy:s:n: (vyasana) = addiction vy:akrN: (vyaakaraNaM) = (n) grammar vy:akl: (vyaakula) = alarmed (adj) vy:akl:tv: (vyaakulatva) = (neut) sorrow, concern vy:akel:t:a (vyaakulitaa) = she who has been afflicted/affected vy:aKy:an: (vyaakhyaanaM) = (n) lecture vy:aG:H (vyaaghraH) = (m) tiger vy:aD:H (vyaadhaH) = (m) hunter vy:aeD: (vyaadhi) = disease vy:aeD:m:eVt: (vyaadhimukti) = healing vy:aD:i (vyaadhii) = illness vy:an: (vyaana) = one of the vital airs, circulates energy all over the body vy:ap:ar (vyaapaara) = affair (masc) vy:ap:ari (vyaapaarii) = (m) merchant, trader vy:apt: (vyaaptaM) = pervaded vy:apy: (vyaapya) = pervading vy:aem::N: (vyaamishreNa) = by equivocal vy:al: (vyaala) = elephant vy:av:haerk (vyaavahaarika) = (adj) practical vy:as: (vyaasa) = diameter vy:as:H (vyaasaH) = Vyasa vy:as: (vyaasa.nga) = varied interests, (involvement in) many hobbies vy:as:)s:adat: (vyaasaprasaadaat.h) = by the mercy of Vyasadeva vy:as::ecC (vyaasochchhishhThaM) = vyAsa + uchchhishhThaM:by VyAsa + mouth-dropped vy:ahrn: (vyaaharan.h) = vibrating vy:dsy: (vyudasya) = laying aside vy:Z (vyuuDhaM) = arranged in a military phalanx vy:Za (vyuuDhaaM) = arranged vy::m:c:aerN:H (vyomachaariNaH) = the people who wander over the sky (and `pAtAla'\bhUtala') vy::m:n: (vyoman.h) = (n) the sky v:j: (vraja) = go v:j:t: (vrajeta) = walks v:N: (vraNa) = injury, wound (masc, neut) v:t: (vrata) = austerities v:t:aH (vrataaH) = avowed v:at: (vraata) = disciplined course ev:ҹ (vriddha) = old, aged S:s:et: (sha.Nsati) = (1 pp) to praise S:kr (sha.nkara) = Shankara S:ka (sha.nkaa) = fear S:s: (sha.nsa) = praise S:s:es: (sha.nsasi) = You are praising S:knt:l:a (shakuntalaa) = the heroine of the play S:knt:l:a (shakuntalaa) = shakuntalA (the heroine of the Drama 'AbhiGYAna shAkuntalam') S:Vt: (shakta) = strong S:Vt:aH (shaktaaH) = capable S:eVt: (shakti) = strength S:eVt:H (shaktiH) = power; might S:eVt:c:al:n:i (shaktichaalanii) = one of the mudras, involves contracting the rectum S:eVt:c:ael:n:i (shaktichaalinii) = the nerve-power posture S:eVt:*:y:H (shaktitrayaH) = three powers of `ichcha', `kriya' and `gyana' S:Vn:v:am: (shaknavaama) = I pl `imperative' paras. of shak, be able S:Vn::et: (shaknoti) = (5 pp) to be able S:Vn::em: (shaknomi) = am I able S:Vn::e\: (shaknoshhi) = you are able S:Vy: (shakya) = possible S:Vy: (shakyaM) = is able S:Vy:H (shakyaH) = practical S:Vy:v:at: (shakyattvaat.h) = from capability S:Vy:s: (shakyase) = are able S:#sy: (shakrasya) = (masc.poss.S)of God Indra S:rH (sha.nkaraH) = Lord Siva S:a (sha.nkaa) = doubt S: (sha.nkha) = conch shell S: (sha.nkhaM) = conchshell S:H (sha.nkhaH) = (m) a conch S:aH (sha.nkhaaH) = conchshells S:an: (sha.nkhaan.h) = conchshells S:: (sha.nkhau) = conchshells S:Y (shaTha) = Rogue S:YH (shaThaH) = deceitful S:Rb:l: (shaD.hbala) = Six Strengths. A method of determining planetary powers S:Rv:g: (shaD.hvarga) = The Six Harmonic Charts: Rashi, Hora, dreshhkaaNa, navaa.nsha, dvadasha.nsha and tri.nsha.nsha S:t: (shata) = Hundred S:t: (shataM) = a hundred S:t:k:eX (shatakoTi) = 100 koti or 1000 millions S:t:t:n*:i (shatatantrii) = (f) santoor (shatatanrii viiNaa) S:t:t:arka (shatataarakaa) = Twenty-fourth nakshatra, hundred minor stars S:t:p:di (shatapadii) = (f) centipede S:t:S:H (shatashaH) = hundreds S:t:aeB:S:k (shataabhishaka) = Twenty-fourth nakshatra (also shatataarakaa) S:t:n: (shatena) = hundred S:t:H (shataiH) = by hundreds S:*: (shatru) = enemy S:*:B:av: (shatrubhaava) = House of Enemies or 6th S:*: (shatruM) = the enemy S:*:H (shatruH) = enemy S:*:tv: (shatrutve) = because of enmity S:*:n: (shatrun.h) = enemies S:*:v:t: (shatruvat.h) = as an enemy S:*:: (shatrau) = in (towards)the enemy S:en: (shani) = Saturn S:en:v:ar (shanivaara) = Saturday S:n:H (shanaiH) = slowly S:ent: (shantiM) = perfect peace S:p:et: (shapati) = (1 pp) to curse S:bd (shabda) = Word S:bd (shabdaM) = sound S:bdH (shabdaH) = combined sound S:bdk:\: (shabdakoshha) = dictionary, lexicon, vocabulary, glossary S:bdk:\:H (shabdakoshhaH) = (m) dictionary S:bdb: (shabdabrahma) = ritualistic principles of scriptures S:bds:g:h (shabdasa.ngraha) = vocabulary S:bds:m:h (shabdasamUha) = a group of words, a collection of words, glossary S:bdaedn: (shabdaadin.h) = sound vibration, etc S:bdaT: (shabdaartha) = meaning of (any) word S:bdav:el:H (shabdaavaliH) = (f) glossary S:bD:aT: (shabdhaartha) = word by word meaning S:m: (shama) = Tranqulity S:m: (shamaM) = mental tranquillity S:m:H (shamaH) = cessation of all material activities S:m:n: (shamanaM) = subsiding S:mb:kH (shambuukaH) = (m) snail S:mB: (shambhu) = a name of Shiva S:y: (shaya) = Sleep S:y:n: (shayana) = a bed S:y:n: (shayanaM) = sleep S:y:n:)k:H (shayanaprakoshhThaH) = (m) bedroom S:y:n:ag:ar (shayanaagaaraM) = (n) dormitory S:y:n:as:n: (shayanaasana) = the repose posture S:yy:a (shayyaa) = (f) bed S:r (shara) = Arrow S:rN: (sharaNa) = Refuge S:rN: (sharaNaM) = resort/surrender S:rN:aT:i (sharaNaarthii) = Refugee S:rNy:: (sharaNyau) = the refuge , people who are worthy of giving asylum, protection to S:rd (sharad.h) = autumn S:rdH (sharadaH) = (autumnal seasons) years S:rir (shariira) = body (neut) S:rir (shariiraM) = body S:rirm:a (shariiramaadyaM) = body + the beginning S:rirsT: (shariirasthaM) = situated within the body S:rirsT:H (shariirasthaH) = dwelling in the body S:riraeN: (shariiraaNi) = bodies S:rierN:H (shariiriNaH) = of the embodied soul S:rir (shariire) = in the body S:kra (sharkaraa) = (f) sugar S:m: (sharma) = grace S:l:B: (shalabha) = a locust S:l:B:H (shalabhaH) = (m) grasshopper S:l:B:as:n: (shalabhaasana) = the locust posture S:l:aka (shalaakaa) = a small twig (in this case, like an eye-pencil) S:ly:H (shalyaH) = (m) porcupine S:ly:karH (shalyakaaraH) = (m) surgeon S:ly:ec:ekts:kH (shalyachikitsakaH) = (m) surgeon S:v: (shava) = cadaver S:v:p:et:ka (shavapetikaa) = (f) coffin S:v:as:n: (shavaasana) = the corpse posture S:S: (shasha) = rabbit S:S:H (shashaH) = (m) rabbit S:S:a (shashaa.nka) = moon S:S:aH (shashaa.nkaH) = the moon S:eS: (shashi) = moon S:eS:s:y:y::H (shashisuuryayoH) = of the moon and the sun S:S:i (shashii) = the moon S::cCaent: (shashvachchhaantiM) = lasting peace S:k (shashhTashhTaka) = 6th and 8th from each other S:\aS: (shashhTyaa.nsha) = A varga. The 60th Harmonic Chart. Used in cases of delineation of twins S:s*: (shastra) = weapon S:s*: (shastraM) = weapon S:s*:p:aN:y:H (shastrapaaNayaH) = those with weapons in hand S:s*:p:t:aH (shastrapuutaaH) = having become holy by (strike of) weapon S:s*:B:t:a (shastrabhR^itaaM) = of the carriers of weapons S:s*:s:mp:at: (shastrasampaate) = in releasing his arrows S:s*:aeN: (shastraaNi) = weapons S:fri (shafarii) = a very small fish S:at:m:et:m: (shaa.ntamuurtim.h) = the personification of peace or unruffled benign-looking S:aet:H (shaa.ntiH) = peace S:akahar (shaakaahaara) = macrobiotic, vegetarian S:aekN:i (shaakiNii) = the goddess in vishuddha chakra S:aK: (shaakha) = branch S:aK: (shaakhaM) = branches S:aK:a (shaakhaa) = (fem) branch S:aK:aH (shaakhaaH) = branches S:aeXka (shaaTikaa) = (f) saree S:aeD: (shaadhi) = just instruct S:ant: (shaanta) = the sentiment of happiness, peace, pleasure S:ant:H (shaantaH) = peaceful S:ant:rj:s: (shaantarajasaM) = his passion pacified S:aent: (shaanti) = calmness S:aent: (shaantiM) = peace S:aent:H (shaantiH) = peace S:anty:-p: (shaantyaruupaM) = the letter `shA'+ANTYARUPAM , having this form in the end S:amB:v:i (shaambhavii) = related to Shiva who is known as shambhu S:amB:v:im:da (shaambhaviimudraa) = gazing between ones eyes S:amy:et: (shaamyati) = (4 pp) to stop S:arda (shaaradaa) = Wife of Sri Ramakrishna (also Goddess Sarasvati) S:arir (shaariiraM) = in keeping body and soul together S:adl:H (shaardulaH) = tiger S:a:t: (shaashvataM) = original S:a:t:H (shaashvataH) = permanent S:a:t:D:m:g::pt:a (shaashvatadharmagoptaa) = maintainer of the eternal religion S:a:t:sy: (shaashvatasya) = of the eternal S:a:t:aH (shaashvataaH) = eternal S:a:t:iH (shaashvatiiH) = many S:a:t: (shaashvate) = of the Vedas S:as*: (shaastra) = science S:as*: (shaastraM) = revealed scripture S:as*:ev:eD: (shaastravidhiM) = the regulations of the scriptures S:as*:aeN: (shaastraaNi) = sciences (Scriptures) S:as*: (shaastre) = (loc.S) in the scriptures eS:K:NRi (shikhaNDii) = Sikhandi eS:K:r (shikhara) = tip, peak eS:K:rm: (shikharam.h) = (n) summit, mountain top eS:K:erN:a (shikhariNaaM) = of all mountains eS:eK: (shikhi.n) = peacock eS:rH (shiraH) = head eS:rs: (shiras.h) = head eS:rs:a (shirasaa) = with the head eS:rs*:aN: (shirastraaNa) = (m) helmet eS:ri\: (shiriishha) = name of a flower eS:r:v:dn:a (shirovedanaa) = (f) headache eS:\: (shirshha) = the head eS:\:as:n: (shirshhaasana) = the head-stand posture eS:s:as:n: (shirsa.ngushhThaasana) = the deep lunge posture eS:l:a (shilaa) = (fem) stone eS:elp:n: (shilpin.h) = sculptor eS:lp:i (shilpii) = (m) sculptor eS:v: (shiva) = the destroyer eS:v:s:t:ay: (shivasutaaya) = to the son of `shiva' eS:eS:r (shishira) = frosty season eS:tv: (shishhTatva) = wisdom eS:\y: (shishhya) = student eS:\y:H (shishhyaH) = disciple eS:\y:m: (shishhyam.h) = the disciple. the student eS:\y:an: (shishhyaan.h) = desciples eS:\y:N: (shishhyeNa) = disciple eS:\y:H (shishhyaiH) = disciples eS:x:N: (shikShaNa) = teaching eS:x:N: (shikShaNa) = education eS:x:N: (shikShaNaM) = of teaching eS:x:t: (shikShate) = (1 ap) to learn S:i (shii) = to sleep S:ig: (shiigraM) = hurry; quickness S:iG: (shiighraM) = immediately S:it: (shiita) = cold S:it:k (shiitaka) = (m) refrigerator S:it:l: (shiitala) = cool S:iS: (shiirsha) = head S:i\: (shiirshha) = head S:il: (shiila) = character S:il: (shiilaM) = chastity S:il:m: (shiilam) = good conduct, virtue S:iSkarH (shiishkaaraH) = (m) a whistle S:YH (shu.nThaH) = roasted? S:k (shuka) = parrot S:kH (shukaH) = (m) parrot S:khert:H (shukaharitaH) = dark green colour (literally, parrot green) S:eVt:H (shuktiH) = oyster S:# (shukra) = The planet Venus. The word means Semen or Sexual Secretions S:#v:ar (shukravaara) = Friday S:Vl: (shukla) = light S:Vl:H (shuklaH) = the white fortnight S:c:H (shuchaH) = worry S:ec: (shuchi) = clean S:ec:H (shuchiH) = pure S:c:in:a (shuchiinaaM) = of the pious S:c:: (shuchau) = in a sanctified S:NYi (shuNThii) = (f) ginger S:NRa (shuNDaa) = (f) elephant's trunk S:ع (shuddha) = pure S:عp:x: (shuddhapakSha) = Bright side of the lunar month, also shuklapaksha S:عy: (shuddhaye) = for the purpose of purification S:d (shudra) = the caste of servants and labourers S:n:k (shunaka) = (m) dog S:en: (shuni) = in the dog S:b:t:a (shubrataa) = whiteness S:B: (shubha) = good, auspicious S:B: (shubhaM) = good , auspicious S:B:g:h (shubhagraha) = Benefic planet S:B:ed (shubhadi) = giver of auspicious S:B:sy: (shubhasya) = of good things S:B:an: (shubhaan.h) = the auspicious S:B:ast: (shubhaaste) = shubhAH + te:good + your S:B: (shubhra) = clean S:lk (shulkaM) = (n) fees, duty S::S:a (shushruushaa) = service S:\k (shushhke) = in the drying up of S:\y:et: (shushhyati) = (4 pp) to dry S:d (shuudra) = untouchable S:dH (shuudraH) = lower-class men S:dsy: (shuudrasya) = of the shudra S:daN:a (shuudraaNaaM) = of the shudras S:ny: (shuunya) = zero S:ny: (shuunyaM) = zero S:ny:t:a (shuunyataa) = vacuum S:r (shuura) = valiant S:raH (shuuraaH) = heroes S:r: (shuuro) = warrior or skilled one S:p:kN:k (shuurpakarNakaM) = having long ears S:l: (shuula) = triant , trishuula S:g:ar (shR^i.ngaara) = the sentiment of love S:g:al:H (shR^igaalaH) = fox S:l:a (shR^i.nkhalaa) = (f) a chain S:m: (shR^i.ngam.h) = (n) horn S:N: (shR^iNu) = just hear S:N:y:at: (shR^iNuyaat.h) = does hear S:N:y:am: (shR^iNuyaama) = May we hear S:N::et: (shR^iNoti) = (5 pp) to listen S:Nv:t:H (shR^iNvataH) = hearing S:Nv:n: (shR^iNvan.h) = hearing S:eN:\:v:t: (sheNishheveta) = does not marry S:\: (sheshha) = remaining S:by:H (shaibyaH) = Saibya S:l: (shaila) = shell S:l:aeD:raj: (shailaadhiraaja) = the king of mountains(Himaalayaas) S:l:i (shailii) = (f) style S::uc:g:hm: (shouchagR^iham.h) = (n) toilet S::k (shoka) = sorrow S::k (shokaM) = lamentation S::kht: (shokahataM) = attacked(hata) by grief(shoka) S::c:et: (shochati) = (1 pp) to grieve S::c:n:iy: (shochaniiya) = adj. lamentable S::ec:t: (shochituM) = to lament S::cy: (shochya) = (participle,fem.)fit to be worried about;worth-concern S::eN:t: (shoNita) = red (adj); blood (neut) S::T:H (shothaH) = (m) swelling S::dS:aS: (shodashaa.nsha) = A Varga. The 16th Harmonic Chart. Used for deeper delineation of Fourth House matters S::D:n: (shodhana) = purification S::B: (shobh.h) = to shine, look good S::eB:en: (shobhini) = person glowing with S::B:t: (shobheta) = shine S::\:y:et: (shoshhayati) = dries S::c: (shaucha) = mental and bodily cleanliness S::c: (shauchaM) = cleanliness S::y: (shauryaM) = heroism Sm:: (shmashru) = moustache, beard Sy:et: (shyati) = to sharpen Sy:am:l: (shyaamala) = dark Sy:am:l: (shyaamalaM) = the dark-complexioned one Sy:al:aH (shyaalaaH) = brothers-in-law :Zav:an: (shraDhaavaan.h) = believer; man of faith :D:an:aH (shraddadhaanaaH) = with faith :H (shraddhaH) = faith :y:a (shraddhayaa) = with faith :y:aenv:t:H (shraddhayaanvitaH) = accompanied with faith :y:aenv:t:aH (shraddhayaanvitaaH) = with faith :a (shraddhaa) = (f) faith :a (shraddhaaM) = faith :av:nt:H (shraddhaavantaH) = with faith and devotion :av:an: (shraddhaavaan.h) = a faithful man :m: (shrama) = (masc) excertion :m:j:iev:v:adH (shramajiivivaadaH) = (m) proletarianism :y:et: (shrayati) = (1 pp) to reach :v:H (shravaH) = having heard(old learned man?) :v:N: (shravaNa) = Twenty-second nashaktra :ev:a (shravishhTaa) = Twenty-third nakshatra also known as dhanishhThaa :amy:et: (shraamyati) = (4 pp) to be tired e:t:aH (shritaaH) = taking shelter of e:v:ts: (shrivatsa) = the curl on Vishnu's breast :i (shrii) = Added before a name to show respect :iH (shriiH) = wealth :ig:N:S:ay: (shriigaNeshaaya) = to Lord Ganesh :id-p: (shriidaruupa) = resembling lakshmii :ip:et: (shriipati) = LakShmi's consort MahAvishhNu's :ib:D:k:eS:k (shriibudhakaushika) = sHrI budhakaushika (the author of this hymn) :iB:g:v:an:v:ac: (shriibhagavaanuvaacha) = the Supreme Personality of Godhead said :im:cCnkrB:g:v:t:+c:rN:H (shriimachchhankarabhagavat.h+charaNaiH) = by the Shankaracharya who is known :im:t: (shriimat.h) = honourable prefix :im:t: (shriimataM) = of the prosperous :im:d (shriimad.h) = respectful prefix :im:an: (shriimaan.h) = the man with `shrI' i.e. the endowed man :iram: (shriiraama) = Lord Rama :iram: (shriiraamaM) = shri rAma :iram:c:dc:rN:: (shriiraamacha.ndracharaNau) = the two feet of rAmachandra :iram:c:d)ity:T: (shriiraamacha.ndrapriityarthe) = For pleasing the Lord sItArAma :iram:c:dm: (shriiraamacha.ndram.h) = rAma :iram:dt: (shriiraamaduutaM) = the messenger of rAma :iram:rx:a (shriiraamarakshaa) = the protection of Lord Rama :N::et: (shruNoti) = (5 pp) to hear :t: (shruta) = knowledge :t: (shrutaM) = heard :t:v:an: (shrutavaan.h) = knowledgeable :t:sy: (shrutasya) = all that is already heard :et: (shruti) = ear or veda :et:p:ray:N:aH (shrutiparaayaNaaH) = inclined to the process of hearing :et:m:t: (shrutimat.h) = having ears :t:i (shrutii) = that which hears i.e.ears :t:n: (shrutena) = (instr.S)thro' hearing, or thro' Veda :t:: (shrutau) = have been heard :tv:a (shrutvaa) = having heard :N:i (shreNii) = scale :y:H (shreyaH) = good :y:an: (shreyaan.h) = far better : (shreshhTha) = best :H (shreshhThaH) = a respectable leader :: (shreshhThau) = the best (2 persons) ::t:vy:sy: (shrotavyasya) = toward all that is to be heard ::t:arm: (shrotaaram.h) = one who hears ::*: (shrotraM) = ears ::*:adien: (shrotraadiini) = such as the hearing process Sl:aG:t: (shlaaghate) = (1 ap) to praise :H (shvaH) = tomorrow :p:ak (shvapaake) = in the dog-eater (the outcaste) :S:r (shvashura) = father-in-law :S:ran: (shvashuraan.h) = fathers-in-law :S:raH (shvashuuraaH) = fathers-in-law :s:n: (shvasan.h) = breathing :es:et: (shvasiti) = breathe :an: (shvaana) = Dog :as: (shvaasa) = Breath :as:):as: (shvaasaprashvaasa) = heaving and sighing :t: (shveta) = (adj) white :t:kt:H (shvetaketaH) = Shvetaketu(maan with white flag?) :t:ay:s:H (shvetaayasaH) = (m) steel :t:H (shvetaiH) = with white \:Xp:d (shhaTpada) = one with six legs (insect); here, a bumble bee \:R (shhaD.h) = six \:n*: (shhaDyantraM) = (n) conspiracy \:N: (shhaN.h) = six \:NR (shhaNDa) = (masc/neut) collection. \:Nm:as:aH (shhaNmaasaaH) = the six months \:Nm:K: (shhaNmukha) = with six mouths, a name of Kartikeya \:tkarH (shhatkaaraH) = (m) sixer (cricket) \:d (shhad.h) = to sit \:aeN: (shhashhThaaNi) = the six \::RS: (shhoDasha) = number sixteen \::RS:H (shhoDashaH) = number sixteen s: (sa) = he s:g:hH (sa.ngrahaH) = collection, repertoire, conglomeration, sum, totality, compilation, epitome, summary s:c:al:k (sa.nchaalaka) = manager, coordinator s:p:adk (saMpaadaka) = s:p:adkiy: (saMpaadakiiya) = editorial s:p:adn: (saMpaadanaM) = editing, accomplishing, effecting, fulfilment, gaining, obtaining, acquiring, cleaning, clearing s:t: (sat) = existence. s:v: (sattva) = essence, main quality or essence of being. s:m:env:t: (samanvita) = (p.p) Connected with, connected in natural order; followed; Endowed with; affected by; collected together (sam.h + anu+ root i). s:m:hH (samUhaH) = group, collection, multitude, assemblage, aggregate, number, flock, troop s:m:hn: (samuuhanaM) = bringing together, collection, plenty s:y:t: (sayata) = attempting s:m:ZB:aev:n: (saMmuuDhabhaavin.h) = adj. deluded s: (saM) = prefix for well s:+t: (saM+tR^i) = to cross s:kX (sa.nkaTa) = calamity / danger s:kc:n: (sa.nkuchana) = shrinkage s:g:et: (sa.ngati) = company s:g:et:rka (sa.ngatiraikaa) = sa.ngatiH+ekA, company+(only) one (way) s:g:r (sa.ngara) = (m) a vow s:g:v:ej:t:H (sa.ngavarjitaH) = freed from the contamination of fruitive activities and mental speculation s:g:it: (sa.ngiita) = music s:g:h (sa.ngraha) = collection s:g:hH (sa.ngrahaH) = the accumulation s:g:hN: (sa.ngraheNa) = in summary s:g:am:B:em: (sa.ngraamabhuumi) = (fem) battleground s:g:am: (sa.ngraamaM) = fighting s:G:Xn: (sa.nghaTana) = organisation s:G:n:n: (sa.nghanana) = condensation s:G:\: (sa.ngharshha) = conflict s:G: (sa.nghe) = (loc.sing.) in Union or togetherness or group s:c:y: (sa.nchaya) = collection s:t:l:n: (sa.ntulana) = balance s:dm:n: (sa.ndamana) = inhibition s:dS:y: (sa.ndarshaya) = (verbal stem) to show s:D:an: (sa.ndhaanaM) = combination? s:en:D:: (sa.nnidhau) = in the presence of, close s:ny:es: (sa.nnyasi) = one who has renounced the world s:ny:st: (sa.nnyasta) = one who has renounced s:ny:sy: (sa.nnyasya) = giving up completely s:ny:as: (sa.nnyaasa) = of renunciation s:ny:as: (sa.nnyaasaM) = renunciation s:ny:as:H (sa.nnyaasaH) = renunciation of work s:ny:as:n:at: (sa.nnyaasanaat.h) = by renunciation s:ny:as:sy: (sa.nnyaasasya) = of renunciation s:ny:as:i (sa.nnyaasii) = renouncer s:ny:as:in:a (sa.nnyaasiinaaM) = for the renounced order s:ny:as:n: (sa.nnyaasena) = by the renounced order of life s:p:k (saMparka) = contact s:p:Sy:n: (saMpashyan.h) = (pr.participle) looking at s:p:N: (saMpuurNa) = total s:p:N:m: (saMpuurNam.h) = complete, finis, over s:)apt: (saMpraapte) = ( when you have) reached/obtained s:)apn::et: (saMpraapnoti) = attains s:b:nD: (saMbandha) = relationship s:B:av:n:am:a*:N: (saMbhaavanaamaatreNa) = by honouring (with gifts) alone s:m:aj:y:et: (saMmaarjayati) = to clean, to wash, to wipe s:em::N: (saMmishraNaM) = mixed s:y:t: (sa.nyata) = controlled s:y:m: (sa.nyama) = dharana, dhyana and samadhi taken together s:y:m:t:a (sa.nyamataaM) = of all regulators s:y:em:n:H (sa.nyaminaH) = tamed or self-denying like that of a hermit s:y:m:i (sa.nyamii) = the self-controlled s:y:my: (sa.nyamya) = keeping under control s:y:aet: (sa.nyaati) = verily accepts s:y:av:H (sa.nyaavaH) = (m) haluwa, sweet-dish s:y:Vt:aH (sa.nyuktaaH) = engaged s:y:j:a (sa.nyujaa) = valency s:y::g: (sa.nyogaM) = connection s:y::g:at: (sa.nyogaat.h) = by the union between s:y::j:y:et: (sa.nyojayati) = to thread (i.e. pass a thread through the eye of a needle) s:rc:n:a (sa.nrachanaa) = structure s:l:gn: (sa.nlagna) = adjacent, next to each other, close s:l:K:H (sa.nlekhaH) = (m) instrument (financial) s:v:ts:r (sa.nvatsara) = Designated year, 60 in number and change cyclically s:v:ad (sa.nvaada) = (m) conversation , dialouge s:v:ad (sa.nvaadaM) = conversation s:ev:gn: (sa.nvigna) = distressed s:ev:dakarH (sa.nvidaakaaraH) = (m) contractor s:v::H (sa.nvR^ittaH) = settled s:S:y: (sa.nshaya) = doubt s:S:y: (sa.nshayaM) = doubts s:S:y:H (sa.nshayaH) = doubt s:S:y:sy: (sa.nshayasya) = of the doubt s:eS:t:v:t:aH (sa.nshitavrataaH) = taken to strict vows s:S:ع (sa.nshuddha) = washed off s:S:eH (sa.nshuddhiH) = purification s:S::D:n: (sa.nshodhana) = research s:S::D:n:m: (sa.nshodhanam.h) = (n) research, discovery s:e:t:aH (sa.nshritaaH) = having taken shelter of s:s:g: (sa.nsarga) = company s:s:aD:n:m: (sa.nsaadhanam) = (n) resource s:s:ar (sa.nsaara) = world s:s:arH (sa.nsaaraH) = world/family s:s:arat: (sa.nsaaraat.h) = fromthe world s:s:aerN:: (sa.nsaariNo) = ordinary family man s:s:ar (sa.nsaare) = world s:s:ar\: (sa.nsaareshhu) = into the ocean of material existence s:es:H (sa.nsiddhaH) = he who is mature s:es:e (sa.nsiddhiM) = in perfection s:es:: (sa.nsiddhau) = for perfection s:skar (sa.nskaara) = impression, conditioning s:skaraH (sa.nskaaraaH) = (Masc.Nom.Pl.) prescribed ritual duties(16?) s:skt: (sa.nskR^it.h) = Sanskrit s:skt: (sa.nskR^ita) = refined s:skt:eS:x:N: (sa.nskR^itashikshaNaM) = learning of Sanskrit s:sket: (sa.nskR^iti) = culture s:st:By: (sa.nstabhya) = by steadying s:sT:a (sa.nsthaa) = (f) institution s:sT:an: (sa.nsthaanaM) = (n) institute s:sT:ap:n:aT:ay: (sa.nsthaapanaarthaaya) = to reestablish s:sp:S:j:aH (sa.nsparshajaaH) = by contact with the material senses s:sp:S:n: (sa.nsparshana) = (neut) contact s:sm:ty: (sa.nsmR^itya) = remembering s:hrt: (sa.nharate) = winds up s:har (sa.nhaara) = destroy (take away) s:harH (sa.nhaaraH) = (m) slaughter, destruction s:eht: (sa.nhita) = sandhi : the phonetic combination of words in sanskrit s:eht:a (sa.nhitaa) = (f) code s:eht:as:eD:H (sa.nhitaasa.ndhiH) = sa.nhitaa+sandhiH joined together? s: (sa.nhR^i) = to completely destroy s: (sa.nhR^ishhTa) = (adj) happy s:wk (sa.nGYake) = which is called s:waT: (sa.nGYaarthaM) = for information s:ewt: (sa.nGYitaM) = in the matter of s:ewt:H (sa.nGYitaH) = is called s:wH (sa.nGYaiH) = named s:H (saH) = He s:kl: (sakala) = the entire s:kl:aen: (sakalaani) = all s:kl:ap:dam: (sakalaapadaam.h) = all dangers' s:karN:m: (sakaaraNam.h) = with reason s:kaS: (sakaasha) = company s:kt: (sakR^it.h) = (ind) once s:kdep: (sakR^idapi) = once even s:Vt: (sakta) = attached s:Vt: (saktaM) = attached s:Vt:H (saktaH) = attached, engrossed, absorbed s:Vt:h (saktah) = capable of s:Vt:aH (saktaaH) = being attached s:eVT:n:i (sakthinii) = pivotal region? s:K:a (sakhaa) = friend s:eK: (sakhi) = friend s:K:in: (sakhiin.h) = friends s:K:v: (sakhaiva) = like a friend s:Ky:H (sakhyuH) = with a friend s:g:d (sagadgadaM) = with a faltering voice s:Xas:n: (sa.nkaTaasana) = the dangerous posture s:rH (sa.nkaraH) = such unwanted children s:rsy: (sa.nkarasya) = of unwanted population s:l:n:m: (sa.nkalanam.h) = (n) addition s:lp: (sa.nkalpa) = determination s:lp:H (sa.nkalpaH) = (m) decision, resolution, plan s:ec:t: (sa.nkuchit.h) = (adj) limited, narrow s:t: (sa.nketa) = indication s:t:H (sa.nketaH) = (m) address, information s:{#m:N: (sa.nkramaNa) = concurrence, coming together s:{#aent: (sa.nkraanti) = the festival of makara sankraant s:y:a (sa.nkhyaa) = (f) number, count s:y: (sa.nkhye) = in the battlefield s: (sa.nga) = togetherness, closeness s: (sa.ngaM) = attachment s:H (sa.ngaH) = attachment s:N:k (sa.ngaNaka) = computer s:rt:H (sa.ngarataH) = indulging in good company s:reht: (sa.ngarahitaM) = without attachment s:ev:v:ej:t:H (sa.ngavivarjitaH) = free from all association s:v:iehn:H (sa.ngaviihinaH) = bereft of company s:at: (sa.ngaat.h) = from attachment s:it: (sa.ngiita) = music s:it:km: (sa.ngiitakam.h) = (n) a music concert s: (sa.nge) = in the company s:n: (sa.ngena) = by association s:{g:am: (sa.ngraama) = battle, battlefield s: (sa.ngha) = group, organisation, gathering s:eXt: (sa.nghaTita) = united s:aH (sa.nghaaH) = the assemblies s:at:H (sa.nghaataH) = the aggregate s:H (sa.nghaiH) = the groups s:c:nt: (sachanta) = to accompany, procure s:ec:v: (sachiva) = (m) minister s:ec:v:H (sachivaH) = (m) secretary s:c:t:aH (sachetaaH) = in my consciousness s:cCbdH (sachchhabdaH) = the sound sat s:j:l: (sajala) = With water s:jj: (sajja) = adorned, equipped s:jj:t: (sajjate) = becomes attached s:jj:n: (sajjana) = good man s:jj:nt: (sajjante) = they become engaged s:Wc:y: (saJNchaya) = collection s:Wc:y:an: (saJNchayaan.h) = accumulation s:eWc:ka (saJNchikaa) = (f) file s:eWC (saJNchhinna) = cut s:Wj:n:y:n: (saJNjanayan.h) = increasing s:Wj:y: (saJNjaya) = O Sanjaya s:Wj:y:et: (saJNjayati) = binds s:Wj:ay:t: (saJNjaayate) = develops s:Wj:iv:n:i (saJNjiivanii) = a life-restoring elixir or herb s:NG:Xn: (saNghaTana) = organisation, unity s:t: (sat.h) = a good man s:t:ec:t:A:n:nd (sat.hchit.haananda) = bliss consciousness s:t:H (sataH) = of the eternal s:t:t: (satata) = always s:t:t: (satataM) = always s:t:t:y:Vt:an:a (satatayuktaanaaM) = always engaged s:t:a (sataaM) = of saintly people s:et: (sati) = being s:t:i (satii) = Sati s:tkar (satkaara) = respect s:tkay: (satkaarya) = good or useful work particularly helpful to many s:v: (sattva) = inner strength s:v: (sattvaM) = the strength s:v:v:t: (sattvavataM) = of the strong s:v:s:S:eH (sattvasa.nshuddhiH) = purification of one's existence s:v:sT:aH (sattvasthaaH) = those situated in the mode of goodness s:v:at: (sattvaat.h) = from the mode of goodness s:v:an:a (sattvaanaaM) = good beings' s:v:an:-p:a (sattvaanuruupaa) = according to the existence s:v: (sattve) = the mode of goodness s:tp:,\: (satpurushha) = good man s:ty: (satya) = Truth s:ty: (satyaM) = Truth s:ty:m:v: (satyameva) = Truth alone s:ty:s:D: (satyasa.ndhaM) = the one bound by Truth s:ty:sy: (satyasya) = of truth s:*: (satraM) = (n) session s:ts:tv: (satsa.ngatve) = in good company s:dB:v: (sad.hbhave) = in the sense of the nature of the Supreme s:dy: (sadaya) = compassionate s:ds:t: (sadasat.h) = to cause and effect s:da (sadaa) = always s:dac:ar (sadaachaar) = good conduct / behaviour s:dan:nd (sadaananda) = ever joyous s:daeS:v: (sadaashiva) = a form of Shiva s:dp:y::g: (sadupayoga) = correct or right use derived from sat.h + upayoga s:dS: (sadR^isha) = (adj) similar, looking like s:dS: (sadR^ishaM) = accordingly s:dS:H (sadR^ishaH) = like s:dS:i (sadR^ishii) = like that s:dv: (sadaiva) = always s:d:edt: (sadodita) = always, constant s:d:\: (sadoshhaM) = with fault s:m:y: (sadgamaya) = sat.h and gamaya: Truth and lead(causal of 'go') s:e (sadbuddhiM) = sat.h+buddhiM, good+awareness(loosely speaking:mind) s:H (sadyaH) = instantly s:h (sadyah) = immediately s:n: (san.h) = being so s:n:at:n: (sanaatana) = ancient s:n:at:n: (sanaatanaM) = eternal atmosphere s:n:at:n:H (sanaatanaH) = eternally the same s:n:at:n:aH (sanaatanaaH) = eternal s:nklp:m:st: (sankalpamastu) = saMkalpaM + astu:resolution + let there be s:nt:H (santaH) = the devotees s:nt:t: (santata) = repeated s:nt:t:g:m:n: (santatagamana) = unbroken togetherness s:nt:pt: (santapta) = burning s:nt:er\y:es: (santarishhyasi) = you will cross completely s:nt:aH (santaaH) = are respected s:nt:ap: (santaapa) = harrasment s:ent: (santi) = there are s:nt: (santushhTa) = satisfied s:nt:H (santushhTaH) = perfectly satiated s:nt::S: (santosha) = satisfaction s:nt::\: (santoshha) = satisfaction s:ndB: (sandarbha) = reference s:ndSy:nt: (sandR^ishyante) = are seen s:ndS: (sandesha) = message s:ndhH (sandehaH) = (m) doubt s:enD: (sandhi) = The junctional point of two consecutive bhaavas s:nD:ikal: (sandhiikaala) = twilight (both morning and evening time) s:H (sannaddhaH) = fully armed, prepared s:eB:aen: (sannibhaani) = as if s:ey:my: (sanniyamya) = controlling s:eev:H (sannivishhTaH) = situated s:eeht: (sannihite) = (in the) presence/nearness of s:p:tn:an: (sapatnaan.h) = enemies s:pt: (sapta) = seven s:pt:v:g: (saptavarga) = Seven Vargas a sequence of varga or harmonic charts. Consists of Rashi, Hora, Drekkana, navaa.nsha, dvaadasha.nsha, tri.nshaa.nsha and Saptaa.nsha s:pt:aS: (saptaa.nsha) = A varga. The harmonic Seventh Division. Used for delineations of Children and Grandchildren and one's creative projections s:Pl: (saphala) = fruitful s:b:anD:v:an: (sabaandhavaan.h) = along with friends s:B:a (sabhaa) = assembly s:B:as:d (sabhaasada) = literally one who sits in the assembly s:m: (sama) = Equal s:m: (samaM) = in equanimity s:m:t:at: (sama.ntaat.h) = from all around s:m:H (samaH) = equipoised s:m:k:n:as:n: (samakonaasana) = the sideways leg-splits posture s:m:g: (samagraM) = in total s:m:g:an: (samagraan.h) = all s:m:G:n:t:a (samaghanataa) = isodensity s:m:ec::H (samachittaH) = equal-minded/equanimity s:m:ec::tv: (samachittatvaM) = equilibrium s:m:c:mb:kS:il: (samachumbakashiila) = isoclinic s:m:t:l: (samatala) = Level surface s:m:t:a (samataa) = equilibrium s:m:et:ty: (samatitya) = transcending s:m:t:it:aen: (samatiitaani) = completely past s:m:t::l: (samatola) = equillibrium s:m:tv: (samatvaM) = equanimity s:m:d (samada) = furious s:m:dS:n:H (samadarshanaH) = seeing equally s:m:deS:n:H (samadarshinaH) = who see with equal vision s:m:eD:g:cCet: (samadhigachchhati) = attains s:m:nt:t:H (samantataH) = from all sides s:m:nt:at: (samantaat.h) = everywhere s:m:nv:y:H (samanvayaH) = (m) co-ordination s:m:env:t:H (samanvitaH) = qualified s:m:)et:dvy: (samapratidravya) = isoantibody s:m:b:aa (samabaahyaa.nga) = isocortex s:m:b:عy:H (samabuddhayaH) = equally disposed s:m:b:eH (samabuddhiH) = having equal intelligence s:m:B:ar (samabhaara) = isobaric s:m:B:arv: (samabhaarattva) = isobarism s:m:B:aerk (samabhaarika) = isobar s:m:B:j:iy: (samabhujiiya) = (adj) equilateral s:m:m:ly:t:a (samamuulyataa) = equivalence s:m:y: (samaya) = time s:m:c:a (samarchaa) = well worshipped s:m:v:eN:k (samavarNika) = isochromatic s:m:v:t:t:ag: (samavartataagre) = was there before s:m:v:esT:t: (samavasthitaM) = equally situated s:m:v:ay:H (samavaayaH) = (m) company s:m:ev:l::p:i (samavilopii) = isobestic s:m:v::i (samavR^ittii) = prANayAma with equally long inhalation, exhalation, suspension s:m:v:t:aH (samavetaaH) = assembled s:m:v:t:an: (samavetaan.h) = assembled s:m:vy:aes:k (samavyaasika) = isodiametric s:m:s:l:gn:k (samasa.nlagnaka) = isoagglutinative s:m:s:l:gn:t:a (samasa.nlagnataa) = isoagglutination s:m:s:l:gn:v: (samasa.nlagnattva) = isoagglutinin s:m:st: (samasta) = all s:m:st: (samastaM) = entire s:m:st:aH (samastaaH) = all; the entire s:m:esT:t:i (samasthitii) = standing still s:m:aH (samaaH) = like s:m:akl: (samaakula) = (adj) confused, bewildered s:m:ag:t:aH (samaagataaH) = assembled s:m:ac:r (samaachara) = do perfectly s:m:ac:rn: (samaacharan.h) = practicing s:m:aj: (samaaja) = Society s:m:aj:t:n*: (samaajatantra) = democratic s:m:aj:v:ad (samaajavaada) = socialism s:m:aj:s:v:a (samaajasevaa) = social service benefiting society s:m:aD:at: (samaadhaatuM) = to fix s:m:aD:ay: (samaadhaaya) = fixing s:m:aeD:n:a (samaadhinaa) = by complete absorption s:m:aeD:ev:D:an: (samaadhividhaana) = in the state of trance s:m:aeD:sT:sy: (samaadhisthasya) = of one situated in trance s:m:aD:i (samaadhii) = state where the aspirant is one with the object of his meditation s:m:aD:: (samaadhau) = in the controlled mind s:m:an: (samaana) = identical, likeness, comparable s:m:an:aH (samaanaaH) = ( are equal s:m:apt:m: (samaaptam.h) = is complete or over s:m:apn::e\: (samaapnoshhi) = You cover s:m:ay:Vt:H (samaayuktaH) = keeping in balance s:m:armB:aH (samaarambhaaH) = attempts s:m:ar:h (samaaroha) = programme s:m:ar:hH (samaarohaH) = (m) function s:m:aev:H (samaavishhTaH) = absorbed s:m:av:t:H (samaavR^itaH) = covered s:m:as: (samaasa) = compound word s:m:as:t:H (samaasataH) = in summary s:m:as:n: (samaasena) = in summary s:m:aht: (samaahartuM) = in destroying s:m:aeht: (samaahita) = (adj) content, satisfied s:m:aeht:H (samaahitaH) = approached completely s:em:et:Wj:y:H (samitiJNjayaH) = always victorious in battle s:em:t:i (samitii) = committee s:em:H (samiddhaH) = blazing s:m:ikrH (samiikaraH) = (m) electric iron s:m:ikrN: (samiikaraNa) = equation s:m:ip:sT: (samiipastha) = (standing) nearby s:m:ip: (samiipe) = (adv) near s:m:ix: (samiikSh.h) = to examine s:m:ixy: (samiikShya) = after seeing s:m:tT:n: (samutthena) = arisen from s:m:tp: (samutpanna) = arisen s:m:day: (samudaaya) = assembled crowd s:m:day:H (samudaayaH) = (m) community s:m:edt: (samudita) = (adj) flourishing s:m:عt:a (samuddhartaa) = the deliverer s:m:ػv: (samudbhavaM) = directly manifested s:m:ػv:H (samudbhavaH) = born of s:m:ػv:an: (samudbhavaan.h) = produced of s:m:ؽm: (samudyame) = in the attempt s:m:d (samudra) = sea s:m:dp:y:nt:a (samudraparyantaa) = bounded by ocean s:m:d (samudraM) = the ocean s:m:d\: (samudreshhuu) = among the oceans s:m:et: (samunnati) = prosperity s:m:p:v:t: (samupavR^it.h) = Thus s:m:p:esT:t: (samupasthita) = present s:m:p:esT:t: (samupasthitaM) = present s:m:p:ae:t:H (samupaashritaH) = having taken shelter of s:m:h (samuha) = (m) group s:m:h (samuhe) = in group s:m:h (samuuha) = (m) a multitude, crowd s:m: (samR^iddha) = with full s:m: (samR^iddhaM) = flourishing s:m:v:g:H (samR^iddhavegaH) = with full speed s:m: (same) = in equanimity s:m:t: (sametaM) = come together with s:m:: (samau) = in suspension s:mp:t: (sampat.h) = assets s:mp:e: (sampatti) = prosperity s:mp:d (sampadaM) = assets s:mp:t: (sampadyate) = he attains s:mp: (sampanna) = endowed with s:mp: (sampanne) = fully equipped s:mp:k (samparka) = contact s:mp:Sy:n: (sampashyan.h) = considering s:mp:adk (sampaadaka) = (m) editor s:mp:adkH (sampaadakaH) = (m) editor s:mp:adn: (sampaadana) = editting s:mp:aedka (sampaadikaa) = (f) editor s:mp:iRkH (sampiiDakaH) = (m) compressor s:mp:eH (sampushhTiH) = (f) corroboration s:mp:N: (sampuurNa) = full s:m)kiet:t:H (samprakiirtitaH) = is declared s:m)et:a (sampratishhThaa) = the foundation s:m)p:d (samprapad.h) = to become s:m)v::aen: (sampravR^ittaani) = although developed s:m)xy: (samprekShya) = looking s:mpl:t::dk (samplutodake) = in a great reservoir of water s:mb:nD: (sambandha) = Full relationship between planets s:mb:enD:n:H (sambandhinaH) = relatives s:mB:v: (sambhava) = birth s:mB:v: (sambhavaM) = born of s:mB:v:H (sambhavaH) = production s:mB:v:et: (sambhavati) = occur, arise s:mB:v:ent: (sambhavanti) = they appear s:mB:v:aH (sambhavaaH) = produced of s:mB:v:an: (sambhavaan.h) = produced of s:mB:v:aem: (sambhavaami) = I do incarnate s:mB:aev:t:sy: (sambhaavitasya) = for a respectable man s:mB:t: (sambhuutaM) = arisen kim s:mm:j:n:i (sammarjanii) = (f) broom s:mm:Z (sammuuDha) = bewildered s:mm:ZaH (sammuuDhaaH) = befooled by material identification s:mm:l:n: (sammelanaM) = (n) conference s:mm::h (sammohaM) = into delusion s:mm::hH (sammohaH) = perfect illusion s:mm::hat: (sammohaat.h) = from illusion s:my:k (samyak.h) = proper s:my:gg:ahey:tv:a (samyaggraahayitvaa) = well+captured s:rH (saraH) = (neut) lake s:ret: (sarati) = (1 pp) to go s:rl: (sarala) = straight, candid s:rs: (saras.h) = lake s:rs: (sarasa) = Excellent s:rs:a (sarasaaM) = of all reservoirs of water s:rs:ang:y:\T:i (sarasaangayashhthii) = she whose body is like a (lean)stick s:rsv:et: (sarasvati) = goddess of speech and learning s:ert:a (saritaa) = (f) river s:r:j: (saroja) = lotus ( one that is born in a lake) s:r:v:rm: (sarovaram.h) = (n) lake s:g:H (sargaH) = birth and death s:g:aN:a (sargaaNaaM) = of all creations s:g: (sarge) = while taking birth s:g:|ep: (sarge.api) = even in the creation s:p: (sarpa) = snake s:p:aN:a (sarpaaNaaM) = of serpents s:v: (sarva) = all s:v: (sarvaM) = all s:v:H (sarvaH) = all s:v:km: (sarvakarma) = of all activities s:v:km:aeN: (sarvakarmaaNi) = all reactions to material activities s:v:karH (sarvakaaraH) = (m) coalition s:v:g:t: (sarvagataM) = all-pervading s:v:g:t:H (sarvagataH) = all-pervading s:v:g:t:m: (sarvaguhyatamaM) = the most confidential of all s:v:j:g:t: (sarvajagat.h) = the eentire world s:v:t:H (sarvataH) = on/from all sides (indecl) s:v:t:: (sarvato) = from all (sides) s:v:*: (sarvatra) = everywhere s:v:*:g: (sarvatragaM) = all-pervading s:v:*:g:H (sarvatragaH) = blowing everywhere s:v:T:a (sarvathaa) = in all respects s:v:da (sarvadaa) = always s:v:dehn:a (sarvadehinaaM) = of all embodied beings s:v:araeN: (sarvadvaaraaNi) = all the doors of the body s:v:ar\: (sarvadvaareshhu) = in all the gates s:v:D:n:\m:t:am: (sarvadhanushhmataam.h) = of all shooters (bow, arrow carriers) s:v:D:m:an: (sarvadharmaan.h) = all varieties of religion s:v:p:ap:H (sarvapaapaiH) = from all sinful reactions s:v:B:av:n: (sarvabhaavena) = in all respects s:v:B:t: (sarvabhuuta) = to all living entities s:v:B:t:sT: (sarvabhuutasthaM) = situated in all beings s:v:B:t:esT:t: (sarvabhuutasthitaM) = situated in everyone's heart s:v:B:t:eht: (sarvabhuutahite) = for the welfare of all living entities s:v:B:t:an:a (sarvabhuutaanaaM) = of all living entities s:v:B:t:aen: (sarvabhuutaani) = all created entities s:v:B:t:an:i (sarvabhuutaanii) = all living entities s:v:B:t:\: (sarvabhuuteshhu) = among all living beings s:v:B:t: (sarvabhR^it.h) = the maintainer of everyone s:v:m:t:n: (sarvamatena) = according to all schools of thought/unanimously s:v:y::en:\: (sarvayonishhu) = in all species of life s:v:l::k (sarvaloka) = of all planets and the demigods thereof s:v:ev:t: (sarvavit.h) = the knower of everything s:v:ev:d (sarvavid.h) = one who knows everything s:v:v:x:aN:a (sarvavR^ikShaaNaaM) = of all trees s:v:S:H (sarvashaH) = all s:v:s:p:dam: (sarvasaMpadaam.h) = all wealth s:v:s:lp: (sarvasa.nkalpa) = of all material desires s:v:s:mm:et:H (sarvasammatiH) = unanimity s:v:esm:ep: (sarvasminnapi) = in all beings s:v:sy: (sarvasya) = of everyone s:v:sv: (sarvasvaM) = all of one's belongings, holding s:v:hrH (sarvaharaH) = all-devouring s:v:wan: (sarvaGYaana) = in all sorts of knowledge s:v:aH (sarvaaH) = all s:v:a (sarvaa.nga) = the whole body s:v:aas:n: (sarvaa.ngaasana) = the shoulderstand posture s:v:aeN: (sarvaaNi) = all s:v:an: (sarvaan.h) = all kinds of s:v:armB: (sarvaarambha) = of all endeavours s:v:armB:H (sarvaarambhaH) = all ventures s:v:aT: (sarvaartha) = for all worthy or meaningful or riches s:v:aT:an: (sarvaarthaan.h) = all things s:v: (sarve) = all s:v:By:H (sarvebhyaH) = of all s:v:\:a (sarveshhaaM) = all s:v:\: (sarveshhu) = in all the s:v:x:N:m: (sarvekShaNam.h) = (n) survey, poll s:v:( H) (sarvai(H)) = ( by all s:v:H (sarvaiH) = all s:l:xm:N:H (salakShmaNaH) = with LakshmaNa s:el:l: (salila) = water s:ev:kar (savikaaraM) = with interactions s:ev:c:ar (savichaara) = investigational meditation s:ev:t:k (savitarka) = inspectional meditation s:ev:t: (savitR^i) = a name of Sun s:vy:s:aec:n: (savyasaachin.h) = O Savyasaci s:S:*: (sashatra) = with weapons,armed s:S:r (sasharaM) = along with arrows s:sy: (sasya) = grain s:h (saha) = With s:hS: (saha.nsha) = Special positions or points signifying important events in life. They are somewhat similar to Arabic parts s:hH (sahaH) = force, strangth (neut) s:hkay: (sahakaaryaM) = (n) co-operation s:hj: (sahaja) = the karma to which one is born s:hj:B:av: (sahajabhaava) = House of Siblings or 3rd s:hj: (sahajaM) = born simultaneously s:ht: (sahate) = (1 ap) to bear s:hdv:H (sahadevaH) = Sahadeva s:hn:v:v:t: (sahanavavatu) = saha + nau + avatu: together + us + (You)protect s:hn:: (sahanau) = together us s:hy::g:H (sahayogaH) = (m) colloboration s:hs:a (sahasaa) = (adv) hastily, perforce s:hs*:av:t:n:at: (sahastraavartanaat.h) = according to the prescribed shAstrA cycle s:h+ (sahasra) = one thousand s:h+ (sahasraM) = 1000 times s:h+ktv:H (sahasrakR^itvaH) = a thousand times s:h+p:at: (sahasrapaat.h) = thousand-footed s:h+b:ah: (sahasrabaaho) = O thousand-handed one s:h+S:H (sahasrashaH) = thousands s:h+S:i\:a (sahasrashiirshhaa) = thousand-headed s:h+sy: (sahasrasya) = of many thousands s:h+ant:a (sahasraantaaM) = similarly, ending after one thousand s:h+ar (sahasraara) = the thousand-petalled lotus within the cerebral cavity s:h+ax:H (sahasraakShaH) = thousand-eyed s:h+N: (sahasreNa) = by thousand s:h+\: (sahasreshhu) = out of many thousands s:hay: (sahaaya) = helper, friend, ally s:has: (sahaasaM) = with smile s:eht: (sahitaM) = with s:x:i (sakShii) = witness s::i (sa~NgoshhTii) = (f) symposium s:t:kH (sa~NghatakaH) = (m) component s:WG:n:kH (sa~nghanakaH) = (m) condenser s:a (saa) = that is s:a)t: (saaMprataM) = (indeclinable) now s:asket:k (saa.nskR^itika) = cultural s:ak (saakaM) = with s:ag:r (saagaraM) = (masc.Acc.S)ocean s:ag:rH (saagaraH) = the ocean s:ag:rat: (saagaraat.h) = from the ocean s:ay: (saa.nkhya) = one of the schools(systems) of Indian philosophy s:ay: (saa.nkhyaM) = analytical study s:ay:y::g: (saa.nkhyayoga) = the yoga of science s:ay:an:a (saa.nkhyaanaaM) = of the empiric philosophers s:ay: (saa.nkhye) = in the fight s:ay:n: (saa.nkhyena) = of philosophical discussion s:ay:H (saa.nkhyaiH) = by means of Sankhya philosophy s:ajy:s:em:eH (saajyasamidbhiH) = with ghee(clarified butter) and `samidhaa' sticks s:aX:p: (saaTopa) = (adj) proud s:aRs:aet: (saaDesaati) = Saturn's transit of the lunar 12,1,2 houses. It lasts about 7 1\/2 years and is regarded as problematic for the Native by some Jyotishi. If the sarvaashhTakavarga of the signs in 12th, 1st and 2nd from the Moon have more than 30 points this relieves a lot of the above malefic side-effects. One should also judge the whole chart and see whether there is real malevolence to this transit s:aev:k (saattvika) = to one in goodness s:aev:k (saattvikaM) = in the mode of goodness s:aev:kH (saattvikaH) = in the mode of goodness s:aev:kaH (saattvikaaH) = in goodness s:aev:ki (saattvikii) = in the mode of goodness s:aty:ekH (saatyakiH) = Satyaki (the same as Yuyudhana, the charioteer of Lord KR^ishhNa) s:aetv:k (saatvika) = Pure Planets i.e. Waxing Moon, Jupiter and Mercury s:aD:k (saadhaka) = an aspirant, seeker s:aD:k (saadhakaM) = means s:aD:n: (saadhana) = instrument s:aD:n:a (saadhanaa) = practice, a quest s:aD:y:t: (saadhayet.h) = achieves s:aD:my: (saadharmyaM) = same nature s:aeD:B:t: (saadhibhuuta) = and the governing principle of the material manifestation s:aeD:y:w (saadhiyaGYaM) = and governing all sacrifices s:aD: (saadhu) = good man s:aD:H (saadhuH) = a saint s:aD:B:av: (saadhubhaave) = in the sense of the nature of the devotee s:aD:\: (saadhushhu) = unto the pious s:aD:n:a (saadhuunaaM) = of the devotees s:aDy:aH (saadhyaaH) = the Sadhyas s:aDv:i (saadhvii) = (feminine form of saadhu ie , a virtuos person ) s:antv:y:et: (saantvayati) = (10 up) to console s:am: (saama) = the Sama Veda s:am:Ty: (saamarthyaM) = capacity, strength s:am:v:dH (saamavedaH) = the Sama Veda s:am:aej:k (saamaajika) = social s:am:aen: (saamaani) = Sama Veda s:am:any: (saamaanya) = common s:am:aes:ksy: (saamaasikasya) = of compounds s:amn: (saamnaM) = of the Sama Veda songs s:amy:v:adH (saamyavaadaH) = (m) communism s:amy: (saamye) = in equanimity s:amy:n: (saamyena) = generally s:am:ajy: (saamraajya) = universal soverignty s:ay: (saayaM) = evening s:ay:)at:H (saayaMpraataH) = both evening \ morning s:ay:n: (saayana) = The Tropical Zodiac with precession s:ay:m:D:iy:an:: (saayamadhiiyaano) = evening studied man s:ar (saara) = essence s:aerka (saarikaa) = a bird (nightingale / cuckoo ? ) s:aT:v:ah (saarthavaaha) = (m) a merchant s:av:B::m: (saarvabhauma) = of the whole earth s:av:ay:\: (saarvaayushha) = of full life-span s:al:mb: (saalamba) = supported s:al:mb:s:v:aas:n: (saalambasarvaa.ngaasana) = the supported shoulderstand posture s:av:D:an: (saavadhaana) = attention s:aharN: (saaha.nkaareNa) = with ego s:ahs: (saahasa) = adventure s:ahs: (saahase) = (loc.sing.) in bravery or adventure s:ahayy:k (saahaayyaka) = (m) assitant , helper s:ahayy:m: (saahaayyam.h) = (n) help, assistance s:aehty: (saahitya) = literature s:ax:tkar (saakShatkaara) = the spirit s:ax:at: (saakShaat.h) = directly es:h (si.nha) = lion es:hH (si.nhaH) = (m) lion es:hn:ad (si.nhanaadaM) = roaring sound, like that of a lion es:has:n: (si.nhaasana) = the lion posture es:has:n:m: (si.nhaasanam.h) = (n) throne es:kt:a (sikataa) = salt es:Vt: (sikta) = sprayed es:VT: (sikthaM) = (n) wax es:VT:v:et:ka (sikthavartikaa) = (f) candle es:Wc:et: (siJNchati) = (6 pp) to sprinkle es:t: (sita) = Blank es:dDy:es:dDy::H (sid.hdhyasid.hdhyoH) = in success and failure es: (siddha) = a prophet or adept, ever-ready, having psychic power es:H (siddhaH) = perfect es:y:H (siddhayaH) = great achievements including mystic powers es:y: (siddhaye) = for perfection es:s:aH (siddhasa.nghaaH) = perfect beings es:aS: (siddhaa.nsha) = A Varga. The 24th Harmonic Chart. Also known as Chaturvi.nsha.nsha. Used in delineating Spiritual Gifts es:an:a (siddhaanaaM) = of those who have achieved perfection es:ant: (siddhaanta) = thesis es:as:n: (siddhaasana) = the adept's posture es:e (siddhi) = success, achievement es:e (siddhiM) = powers es:eH (siddhiH) = success es:i (siddhii) = a psychic (or occult) power es:: (siddhau) = in success es:D: (sidh.h) = to be accomplished es:D:m:*:: (sidhama.ntro) = having got the effect of the mantra es:Dd (sidhda) = accomplished es:DdaT: (sidhdaa.rth) = (m) pr.n es:Dy:et: (sidhya.nti) = (Vr.Pr.III es:Dy:et: (sidhyati) = (4 pp) to reach es:nD:H (sindhuH) = ocean s:ikt:a (siikataa) = (f) sand s:it:a (siitaa) = the wife of Rama s:it:ap:et: (siitaapatiM) = siotA's husband s:it:ap:et:H (siitaapatiH) = the husband or lord of sItA s:it:ay:aH (siitaayaaH) = sItA's s:idet: (siidati) = (1 pp) to sit s:ident: (siidanti) = are quivering s:im:a (siimaa) = limit, boundary s:im:aS:lk (siimaashulkaM) = (n) customs duty s:ivy:et: (siivyati) = to sew s:is: (siisaM) = (n) lead (Pb) s: (su) = good, used as a prefix s:ndr (sundara) = beautiful, lovely, handsome, charming s:ndri (sundarii) = beautiful woman s:v:t:-t:v: (suvR^it-tattva) = the principle of goodness s:drm: (su.ndaram.h) = the handsome one s:H?d (suHR^id.h) = affectionate s:kr (sukara) = easy s:km:ar: (sukumaarau) = (two) handsome young lads s:kt: (sukR^itaM) = pious activities s:kt:d\kt: (sukR^itadushhkR^ite) = good and bad results s:kt:sy: (sukR^itasya) = pious s:ket: (sukR^itiM) = good deed s:ket:n:H (sukR^itinaH) = those who are pious s:ket:n:a (sukR^itinaaM) = of the good-doer s:kt:i (sukR^itii) = the man with good deeds s:K: (sukha) = happiness s:K: (sukhaM) = easily s:K:H (sukhaH) = and happiness s:K:t:H (sukhataH) = for happiness s:K:d (sukhada) = the one giving comfort s:K:dHK: (sukhaduHkha) = happiness and distress s:K:m:D:t: (sukhamedhate) = happiness, obtains s:K:l:S:H (sukhaleshaH) = (even a little) happiness s:K:s:mp:dam: (sukhasampadaam.h) = of the happiness and wealth s:K:sy: (sukhasya) = of happiness s:K:aen: (sukhaani) = happiness thereof s:K:aeT:n:H (sukhaarthinaH) = (of) a man seeking happiness s:K:as:n: (sukhaasana) = the easy posture s:K:as:n:m: (sukhaasanam.h) = (n) a reclining chair, rocking chair s:eK:n:H (sukhinaH) = happy s:K:i (sukhii) = happy s:K: (sukhe) = in happiness s:K:n: (sukhena) = in transcendental happiness s:K:\: (sukheshhu) = in happiness s:g:enD: (sugandhiM) = one that has a nice fragrance s:g:iv:S:H (sugriiveshaH) = master-sugrIva, the monkey king (literally meaning the one s:G::\:m:eN:p:\p:k: (sughoshhamaNipushhpakau) = the conches named Sughosa and Manipuspaka s:j:n: (sujana) = good man s:t: (suta) = son s:t:a (sutaa) = daughter s:det: (sudati) = woman s:drac:arH (suduraachaaraH) = one committing the most abominable actions s:ddS: (sudurdarshaM) = very difficult to see s:dl:B:H (sudurlabhaH) = very rare to see s:d\kr (sudushhkaraM) = difficult s:D:a (sudhaa) = Nectar s:D:a (sudhaaM) = (fem.Acc. Sing.)nectar s:D:akr (sudhaakar) = Moon s:D:aK:NRH (sudhaakhaNDaH) = (m) chalk s:en:y:m:n:y: (suniyamanaya) = with good niyama or GYaana, also with na, ya, ma, na, ya gaNaas s:en:e:t: (sunishchitaM) = definitely s:ndr (sundara) = beautiful s:ndri (sundariiM) = (sundari in objective case) s:p:*: (suputra) = good son s:p:ej:t:m: (supuujitam.h) = well worshipped s:pt: (supta) = asleep s:pt:j:an:eS:\:as:n: (suptajaanushirshhaasana) = the supine head-knee posture s:pt:p:esc:m:::n:as:n: (suptapaschimottanaasana) = the supine back-stretching posture s:pt:p:adaas:n: (suptapaadaa.ngushhThaasana) = the supine big toe posture s:pt:b:p:as:n: (suptabaddhapadmaasana) = the supine bound lotus posture s:pt:v:$as:n: (suptavajraasana) = the supine thunderbolt posture s:m:n:sy: (sumanasya) = benevolence s:em:*:a (sumitraa) = dasharath's wife, laxman's mother s:r (sura) = god s:rg:N:aH (suragaNaaH) = the demigods s:rg:r:H (suraguroH) = of Brihaspati (the teacher of Gods) s:rek (sura.ngika) = (f) a small tunnel s:rs:aH (surasa.nghaaH) = groups of demigods s:raN:a (suraaNaaM) = of the demigods s:rnd (surendra) = king of gods s:y: (surya) = A name for the Sun s:y::dy: (suryodaya) = sun-rise s:l:B: (sulabha) = Easy s:l:B:H (sulabhaH) = very easy to achieve s:v:N:karH (suvarNakaaraH) = (m) goldsmith s:ev:p:l: (suvipulaM) = great , in bulk s:ev:-Z (suviruuDha) = strongly s:vy:v:esT:t:a (suvyavasthitaa) = well organised s:S:il: (sushiila) = of good character s:S:il:tv: (sushiilatva) = good character s:S:mn:a (sushumnaa) = the spinal cord s:\:ept:H (sushhuptiH) = deep sleeping s:\:ept:krN: (sushhuptikaraNa) = hypnosis s:\:pt:iAv:sT:a (sushhuptiiavasthaa) = the state of the mind in dreamless sleep s:s:K: (susukhaM) = very happy s:esm:t: (susmita) = endowed with good smiles s:t: (suhR^it.h) = to well-wishers by nature s:d (suhR^id.h) = (bahuvriihi) friend s:d (suhR^idaM) = the benefactor s:dH (suhR^idaH) = well-wishers s:wan:ay: (suGYaanaaya) = (instr.S) thro'good knowledge s: (suu) = to produce s:Vt: (suukta) = good words s:c:n:a (suuchanaa) = suggestion s:ec: (suuchi) = (fem) needle, pointer s:ec:ka (suuchikaa) = (f) safety pin s:c:i (suuchii) = (f) needle, list s:c:ip:*: (suuchiipatraM) = (n) catalogue s:t: (suuta) = the chariot driver s:t:p:*:H (suutaputraH) = Karna s:*: (suutra) = a thread s:*:c:#m: (suutrachakram.h) = (n) spinning wheel, charkha s:*: (suutre) = on a thread s:y:t: (suuyate) = manifests s:y: (suurya) = sun s:y:H (suuryaH) = the sun s:y:kant: (suuryakaanta) = Effulgent like Sun s:y:g:h (suuryagR^ihe) = in the home of sun(during the solar eclipse) s:y:n:m:skar (suuryanamaskaara) = the homage to the sun posture s:y:n:aray:N: (suuryanaaraayaNa) = used for addressing Sun s:y:v:c:sv:i (suuryavarchasvii) = with the prowess and brilliance of sun s:y:: (suuryashcha) = sun + and s:y:ast:H (suuryaastaH) = (m) sunset s:y::dy:H (suuryodayaH) = (m) sunrise s:xm: (suukShma) = minute, extremely small, keen s:xm:tv:at: (suukShmatvaat.h) = on account of being subtle s:xm:dS:km: (suukShmadarshakam.h) = (n) microscope s:xm:S:rir (suukShmashariira) = the astral body s:j:et: (sR^ijati) = (6 pp) to create s:j:aem: (sR^ijaami) = manifest s:t:i (sR^itii) = different paths s:eH (sR^ishhTiH) = creation s:i (sR^ishhTii) = World s:v:a (sR^ishhTvaa) = creating s:c:n:n:al:H (sechananaalaH) = (m) a water-gun used during Holi, pichkaari s:t: (setu) = a bridge s:t:ktp:at: (setukR^itpaatu) = may the builder of bridge (over the sea) protect s:t:b:nD:as:n: (setubandhaasana) = the bridge posture s:t:b:D:n: (setuba.ndhanaM) = bridging s:n:y::H (senayoH) = of the armies s:n:an:in:a (senaaniinaaM) = of all commanders s:endy:m:an:s: (sendriyamaanasa) = sa+indriya+mAnasa, wwith senses and mind s:v: (sev.h) = to serve s:v:k (sevaka) = (m) servant s:v:t: (sevate) = (1 ap) to serve s:v:m: (sevama) = (n) apple s:v:y:a (sevayaa) = by the rendering of service s:v:a (sevaa) = service s:v:am:h (sevaamahe) = (verb.Pr.I Per.Pl.Atma.Pada) s:ev:tv: (sevitvaM) = aspiring s:en:kH (sainikaH) = (m) soldier s:ny:sy: (sainyasya) = of the soldiers s:\:a (saishhaa) = saa+eshhA, that feminine form s::Z (soDhuM) = to tolerate s::p:an:m: (sopaanam.h) = (n) staircase, steps s::m: (soma) = The Moon s::m:H (somaH) = the moon s::m:p:aH (somapaaH) = drinkers of soma juice s::m:v:ar (somavaara) = Monday s::dy:m:ael:ka (sau.ndaryamaalikaa) = Garland of beauty s::H?d (sauHR^ida) = friendship s::ec:kH (sauchikaH) = (m) tailor s::daem:n:i (saudaaminii) = (f) lightning s::B:dH (saubhadraH) = the son of Subhadra s::B:agy:v:t:i (saubhaagyavatii) = Mrs s::m:de:H (saumadattiH) = the son of Somadatta s::em:e*:v:ts:l:H (saumitrivatsalaH) = he who is affectionate to LakshmaNa s::my: (saumyaM) = very beautiful s::my:tv: (saumyatvaM) = being without duplicity towards others s::my:v:p:H (saumyavapuH) = the beautiful form s::rB: (saurabha) = fragrance s::rvy:hH (sauravyuuhaH) = (m) the solar system s::v:N: (sauvarNa) = golden s::d (sauhR^ida) = friendship s::xmy:at: (saukShmyaat.h) = due to being subtle s:H?d (sHR^id.h) = friend skD:: (ska.ndhau) = shoulders sknd (skanda) = a name of Kartikeya, god of war skndH (skandaH) = Kartikeya sknD:H (skandhaH) = (m) shoulder sK:l:n:S:il: (skhalanashiila) = adj. liable to lapse st:H (staH) = is st:n:B:r (stanabhara) = breasts that are(full-with milk) st:bD:H (stabdhaH) = impudent st:B: (stabh) = (root) to make immobile, to stun st:mB:H (stambhaH) = (m) pillar st:mB:n: (stambhana) = Stationary planet st:t: (stuta) = praised st:et: (stuti) = praise st:et:H (stutiH) = praise st:et:eB:H (stutibhiH) = with prayers st:v:et: (stuva.nti) = praise, flatter st:v:ent: (stuvanti) = are singing hymns st:n:H (stenaH) = thief st:y: (steya) = robbery st::*: (stotra) = hymn st::*: (stotraM) = hymn st::*: (stotre) = in composing a hymn sty:n: (styana) = sloth s*:s:t: (stra.nsate) = is slipping s*:v:et: (stravati) = (1 pp) to flow es*:y:H (striyaH) = women es*:y::er*: (striyashcharitraM) = the characater of a woman s*:i (strii) = (f) woman s*:ikark (striikaaraka) = Significator of wife or partner Venus s*:i\: (striishhu) = by the womanhood sT:H (sthaH) = situated sT:g:y:et: (sthagayati) = to stop someone sT:emb:t:H (sthambitaH) = (gerund) startled/overwhelmed sT:l:a (sthalaa) = (f) tiles (on the floor) sT:a (sthaa) = to stand sT:a( et:et:) (sthaa(tishhThati)) = to stand sT:aN:H (sthaaNuH) = unchangeable sT:an: (sthaana) = place, house, position sT:an: (sthaanaM) = place sT:an:k (sthaanaka) = (m) station, base sT:an:B:SX (sthaanabhrashTa) = adj. skidrow bum sT:an:ant:rN: (sthaanaantaraNa) = transfer sT:aen: (sthaani) = situated sT:an: (sthaane) = rightly sT:ap:y: (sthaapaya) = please keep sT:ap:y:et: (sthaapayati) = to put, to keep sT:ap:ey:tv:a (sthaapayitvaa) = placing sT:ael:ka (sthaalikaa) = (f) plate, dish sT:av:r (sthaavara) = not moving sT:av:raN:a (sthaavaraaNaaM) = of immovable things sT:asy:et: (sthaasyati) = remains esT:t: (sthitaM) = situated esT:t:H (sthitaH) = situated esT:t:D:iH (sthitadhiiH) = one fixed in KRishhNa consciousness esT:t:)wH (sthitapraGYaH) = transcendentally situated esT:t:)wsy: (sthitapraGYasya) = of one who is situated in fixed KRishhNa consciousness esT:t:aH (sthitaaH) = are situated esT:t:an: (sthitaan.h) = standing esT:et: (sthiti) = position esT:et: (sthitiM) = situation esT:et:H (sthitiH) = situation esT:t:i (sthitii) = existing esT:t:: (sthitau) = situated esT:tv:a (sthitvaa) = being situated esT:r (sthira) = fixed esT:rraeS: (sthiraraashi) = Fixed Signs esT:r (sthiraM) = firm esT:rH (sthiraH) = still esT:rt:a (sthirataa) = steadiness esT:rb:eH (sthirabuddhiH) = self-intelligent esT:ra (sthiraaM) = stable esT:raH (sthiraaH) = enduring esT:raH (sthiraa~NkaH) = (m) constant number/variable esT:rH (sthiraiH) = with firm or strong (limbs) sT:l: (sthuula) = (adj) strong, big sT:l:H (sthuulaH) = (adj) fat sT:l:m:a*:a (sthuulamaatraa) = macro sT:l:S:rir (sthuulashariira) = (bahuvriihi) big-bodied sT:l:sPeXki (sthuulasphaTikii) = macrocrystaline sT:y: (sthairyaM) = steadfastness sn:at:k::r (snaatakottara) = post graduate sn:aet: (snaati) = to bathe sn:an: (snaana) = bath, ablution sn:an:S:il: (snaanashiila) = (metaphorically) pure sn:an:g:hm: (snaanagR^iham.h) = (n) bathroom sn:ay: (snaayu) = sinew sn:ay:ev:t:n:n: (snaayuvitananaM) = sprain esn:gD: (snigdha) = affectionate; also oily,greasy esn:gD:aH (snigdhaaH) = fatty sn:\:a (snushhaa) = (f) daughter-in-law sn:h (sneha) = love sn:hH (snehaH) = friendship (oil) sn:hat: (snehaat.h) = (Masc.absol.sing.) from affection sn:hn: (snehena) = (Masc.instr.sing.) through affection sp:ndt: (spandate) = (1 ap) to throb sp:S:n: (sparshanaM) = touch sp:S:an: (sparshaan.h) = sense objects, such as sound sp: (spashhTa) = Longitude of planet or house (bhaava) sp:S: (spR^ish) = to touch sp:S:et: (spR^ishati) = (6 pp) to touch sp:S:n: (spR^ishan.h) = touching sp: (spR^ishhTaM) = (past participle) touched sp:ha (spR^ihaa) = aspiration es)heN:y:-p: (sprihaNiyaruupaM) = desirable form (personal appearance) sPit: (sphiita) = (adj) prosperous sPeXt: (sphuTita) = overt sPret: (sphurati) = (6 pp) to throb sPert: (sphurita) = shining sP:t:kH (sphotakaH) = (m) bomb, explosive sm: (sma) = an indeclinable that changes the sentence to past tense from present tense sm:y:t: (smayate) = (1 ap) to smile sm:ret: (smarati) = (1 pp) to remember, recollect sm:rn: (smaran.h) = thinking of sm:raem: (smaraami) = remember sm:rt: (smaret.h) = remembers, recalls sm:aS:n: (smaashana) = graveyard sm:t: (smR^ita) = remembered sm:t: (smR^itaM) = is considered sm:t:H (smR^itaH) = is considered sm:t:a (smR^itaa) = when remembered sm:et: (smR^iti) = of memory sm:et:H (smR^itiH) = memory sm:et:B:S:at: (smR^itibhra.nshaat.h) = after bewilderment of memory sm:t:i (smR^itii) = memory sy:ndn: (syandane) = chariot sy:endn: (syandin.h) = oozing sy:a (syaaM) = would be sy:at: (syaat.h) = may be sy:am: (syaama) = will we become sy:H (syuH) = form from ``as.h'' meaning ``those who may be'' sy:t:m: (syutam.h) = (n) a bag +:t:s:a (srotasaaM) = of flowing rivers sv: (sva) = Self sv: (svaM) = own sv:H (svaH) = the nether world(?) sv:k (svakaM) = His own sv:km: (svakarma) = in his own duty sv:km:N:a (svakarmaNaa) = by his own duties sv:kiy: (svakiiya) = (asj) private sv:c:x:\:a (svachakShushhaa) = your own eyes sv:cC (svachchha) = pure sv:cCdi (svachchha.ndii) = adj. self-absorbed sv:j:n: (svajanaM) = kinsmen sv:t:*: (svata.ntra) = Free sv:t:j:s:a (svatejasaa) = by Your radiance sv:dS: (svadesha) = one's own country sv:D:m: (svadharmaM) = your religious duty sv:D:m:H (svadharmaH) = one's prescribed duties sv:D:m: (svadharme) = in one's prescribed duties sv:D:a (svadhaa) = oblation sv:n: (svana) = sound sv:n:et:at: (svanushhThitaat.h) = perfectly done sv:p:et: (svapati) = (2pp) to sleep sv:p:n: (svapan.h) = dreaming sv:pn: (svapna) = dream sv:pn: (svapnaM) = dreaming sv:pn:H (svapnaH) = dreaming sv:pn:S:il:sy: (svapnashiilasya) = of one who sleeps sv:pn:av:b::D:sy: (svapnaavabodhasya) = sleep and wakefulness sv:pn:av:sT:a (svapnaavasthaa) = the state of the mind in a dream sv:pn: (svapne) = in dream sv:B:av: (svabhaava) = nature, personal mental attributes sv:B:av:H (svabhaavaH) = characteristics sv:B:av:j: (svabhaavajaM) = born of his own nature sv:B:av:j:a (svabhaavajaa) = according to his mode of material nature sv:B:av:j:n: (svabhaavajena) = born of your own nature sv:B:av:en:y:t: (svabhaavaniyataM) = prescribed according to one's nature sv:m:et:p:erN:am:av:eD: (svamatipariNaamaavadhi) = according to one's intellectual capacity sv:y: (svayaM) = herself sv:y:)kaeS:t: (svayaMprakaashita) = self-illumined like stars(Sun) sv:y:a (svayaa) = by their own sv:r (svara) = sound sv:rnD:ra (svarandharaa) = (f) harmonium sv:-p: (svaruupa) = one's true nature sv:-p: (svaruupaM) = form sv:g: (svarga) = heaven sv:g: (svargaM) = to heaven sv:g:et: (svargatiM) = passage to heaven sv:g:p:raH (svargaparaaH) = aiming to achieve heavenly planets sv:g:l::k (svargalokaM) = heaven sv:g:at: (svargaat.h) = (Masc.abl.S)heaven sv:g: (svarge) = in heaven sv:l:il:y:a (svaliilayaa) = sva+lIlaya, through one's play-like action sv:lp: (svalpa) = little sv:lp: (svalpaM) = a little sv:lp:t:n*: (svalpatantraM) = (n) oligarchy sv:s:v:dn: (svasa.nvedana) = the understanding of oneself sv:est: (svasti) = all peace sv:est:kas:n: (svastikaasana) = the prosperous posture sv:est:n:st:axy:: (svastinastaarkShyo) = let tArkshya or Garuda do good to us sv:est:n:: (svastirno) = good to us sv:sT:H (svasthaH) = being situated in himself sv:sT:H (svasthaiH) = by healthy persons (ie , healthy in minds , their minds being well sv:sy:H (svasyaH) = by his own sv:hst:H (svahastaH) = Signature sv:x:*: (svakShetra) = Planet in its own sign sv:a (svaaM) = of Myself sv:ag:t:kx:H (svaagatakaxaH) = (m) drawing room sv:aet: (svaati) = The fifteenth nakshatra. Can be spelt Svati sv:ad (svaada) = (m) taste sv:adt: (svaadate) = (1 ap) to taste sv:ad (svaadu) = sweet sv:aD:in: (svaadhiina) = dependent on the self sv:aDy:ay: (svaadhyaaya) = self-study sv:aDy:ay:H (svaadhyaayaH) = study of Vedic literature sv:aDy:ay:anm:a (svaadhyaayaanmaa) = sva + adhyAyAt.h + mA:fromone's learning + don't sv:ap: (svaapa) = (m) sleep sv:aem: (svaami) = master sv:am:i (svaamii) = the master sv:ay:: (svaayatta) = dependent only one onself sv:arajy: (svaaraajya) = `self-rule', i.e., not being subordinate someone else sv:aT: (svaartha) = one's own ends sv:aT:i (svaarthii) = adj. self-centered sv:ikr:et: (sviikaroti) = to accept sv:n: (svena) = by your own sv:rt:n*: (svairatantraM) = (n) autocracy svy: (svyaM) = of one's own sv:aj:l:i (svraa.njalii) = Musical notes h (ha) = the sun hs: (ha.nsa) = (masc) swan, goose hs:H (ha.nsaH) = (m) swan hs:as:n: (ha.nsaasana) = the swan posture hX (haTa) = force, against one's will hXy::g: (haTayoga) = union with the supreme via discipline ht: (hataM) = killed ht:H (hataH) = being killed ht:an: (hataan.h) = already killed ht:aen: (hataani) = (past.part.)having been killed ht:H (hataiH) = having been killed hty:a (hatyaa) = (f) assassination htv:a (hatvaa) = by killing hn:n: (hanana) = killing hen:\y: (hanishhye) = I shall kill hn:m:t)B:H (hanumatprabhuH) = the lord of Hanuman hn:m:an: (hanumaana) = a monkey chief, son of Anjana and Vayu hn:m:an:as:n: (hanumaanaasana) = the splits hnt: (hanta) = O ! , Alas ! hnt:ar (hantaaraM) = the killer hent: (hanti) = kills hnt: (hantuM) = to kill hnt: (hantR^i) = desirous of killing hny:t: (hanyate) = is killed hny:m:an: (hanyamaane) = being killed hny:H (hanyuH) = may kill hy: (haya) = horse hy:H (hayaiH) = horses hr (har.h) = to steal hr (hara) = shankara hrH (haraH) = shiva hret: (harati) = (1pp) to take (away) hrent: (haranti) = throw hres: (harasi) = you remove her (hari) = vishnu herH (hariH) = the Supreme Personality of Godhead, KRishhNa herN: (hariNa) = deer hert: (harita) = green hert:m: (haritam.h) = (n) cabbage hriH (hariiH) = VishNu hrH (hareH) = of Lord KRishhNa ht:a|es: (hartaa.asi) = are the usurper hmy: (harmya) = building hS: (harsha) = (masc) joy h\: (harshha) = from happiness h\: (harshhaM) = cheerfulness h\:S::kaenv:t:H (harshhashokaanvitaH) = subject to joy and sorrow hl: (hala) = a plough hl:as:n: (halaasana) = the plough posture hl:ahl: (halaahala) = poison hev:H (haviH) = butter hev:\:a (havishhaa) = offerings hs:et: (hasati) = (1pp) to laugh hst: (hasta) = hand hst:G:Xi (hastaghaTii) = (f) wristwatch hst:p:adas:n: (hastapaada.ngushhThaasana) = the hand-to-big-toe posture hst:at: (hastaat.h) = from the hand hst:ax:rm: (hastaakSharam.h) = (n) handwriting hest:en: (hastini) = in the elephant hest:p:kH (hastipakaH) = (m) mahout, one who rides the elephant hst:eb:B:aN: (hastairbibhraaNaM) = bearing in the hands haekN:i (haakiNii) = the goddess in aGYaa chakra haen: (haani) = damage haen:H (haaniH) = destruction har (haara) = Garland haerN:i (haariNii) = remover hal:ahl: (haalaahala) = poison has: (haasa) = laughter hasy: (haasya) = the sentiment of humor eh (hi) = really ehs:et: (hi.nsati) = kills ehs:a (hi.nsaa) = violence ehs:a (hi.nsaaM) = and distress to others ehs:atm:kH (hi.nsaatmakaH) = always envious eht: (hita) = benefit eht: (hitaM) = beneficial eht:kamy:y:a (hitakaamyayaa) = for your benefit eht: (hite) = in welfare work eht:e\:n: (hitaishhin.h) = one who wishes good ehtv:a (hitvaa) = having given up/abandoned ehn:est: (hinasti) = degrade ehm:al:y:H (himaalayaH) = the Himalayan mountains ehrNy:kSy:p: (hiraNyakashyapu) = a demon king, killed by Vishnu ehrNy:g:B: (hiraNyagarbha) = Effulgent, a name of Sun ehrNy:g:B:H (hiraNyagarbhaH) = the Golden Embryo of life and form hin:: (hiinau) = bereft, having lost ht: (huta) = offerings (usually made to a fire) ht: (hutaM) = offered ht:B:k (hutabhuk.h) = fire (one who eats offerings) ht:aS:v:V*: (hutaashavaktraM) = fire coming out of Your mouth (hR^i) = to steal t: (hR^ita) = deprived of t:t: (hR^itat.h) = heart tsT: (hR^itsthaM) = situated in the heart d (hR^id.h) = heart (neut) dy: (hR^idaya) = heart dy: (hR^idayaM) = heart dy:sT: (hR^idayasthaM) = heart-stationed dy:aen: (hR^idayaani) = hearts dy:i (hR^idayii) = in my heart dy:\: (hR^idayeshhu) = in the hearts of ed (hR^idi) = in the heart ƸS: (hR^iddeshe) = in the location of the heart ƽaH (hR^idyaaH) = pleasing to the heart e\:t:H (hR^ishhitaH) = gladdened \:ikS: (hR^ishhiikesha) = O master of all senses \:ikS: (hR^ishhiikeshaM) = unto Lord KRishhNa \:ikS:H (hR^ishhiikeshaH) = Hrsikesa (KR^ishhNa, the Lord who directs the senses of the devotees) r:m:a (hR^ishhTaromaa) = with his bodily hairs standing on end due to his great ecstasy \y:et: (hR^ishhyati) = takes pleasure \y:aem: (hR^ishhyaami) = I am enjoying ht:v:H (hetavaH) = causes ht: (hetu) = intention ht:H (hetuH) = aim (Here: cause) ht:n:a (hetunaa) = for the reason ht:m:eH (hetumadbhiH) = with cause and effect ht::H (hetoH) = in exchange hm:n: (heman.h) = gold hm:nt: (hemanta) = (masc) winter h:ra (horaa) = A Varga. The Division of a sign into Solar and Lunar or Division into halves. Used for determining Wealth amongst other things H (hyaH) = yesterday sv:a (hrasvaa) = (adj) short ey:t: (hriyate) = is attracted iH (hriiH) = modesty x:N: (kShaNaM) = one second x:N:)B:a (kShaNaprabhaa) = (f) lightning x:N:ev:y::g: (kShaNaviyoga) = momentary separation x:N:v:iex:t: (kShaNaviikshita) = glance x:e*:y: (kShatriya) = the caste of princes and warriors x:e*:y:b:l: (kShatriyabalaM) = the power or might of the kshatriyas or kings x:e*:y:sy: (kShatriyasya) = of the ksatriya x:e*:y:aH (kShatriyaaH) = the members of the royal order x:ent:H (kShantiH) = tolerance x:m:t:a (kShamataa) = ability x:m:a (kShamaa) = forgivance x:m:i (kShamii) = forgiving x:y: (kShaya) = loss, weakening, scaricity x:y: (kShayaM) = destruction x:y:kt: (kShayakR^it.h) = the destroyer x:y:et: (kShayati) = (1 pp) to decay x:y:at: (kShayaat.h) = (from) consunption/destruction x:y:ay: (kShayaaya) = for destruction x:r (kShara) = prone to end, destructible x:r (kSharaM) = to the fallible x:rH (kSharaH) = constantly changing x:a*: (kShaatraM) = of a ksatriya x:aent:H (kShaantiH) = tolerance x:am:y: (kShaamaye) = ask forgiveness x:ar (kShaara) = salty x:al:y:et: (kShaalayati) = (10 pp) to wash ex:et:p:al: (kShitipaala) = (m) protector of the earth, king ex:p: (kShip) = (root) to throw ex:p:et: (kShipati) = (6 pp) to throw ex:p:aem: (kShipaami) = I put ex:pt: (kShipta) = neglected or distracted ex:) (kShipraM) = soon x:i (kShii) = to dimnish x:iN:klm:\:aH (kShiiNakalmashhaaH) = who are devoid of all sins x:iN: (kShiiNe) = spent-up/weakened state of x:ir (kShiira) = milk x:d (kShudra) = insignificant, small x:d (kShudraM) = petty x:D: (kShudh) = hunger x:D:a (kShudhaa) = hunger x:D:at: (kShudhaarta) = hungry x:Dy:et: (kShudhyati) = (4 pp) to be hungry x:By:et: (kShubhyati) = (4 pp) to tremble x:r (kShura) = (masc) knife x:re#y:a (kShurakriyaa) = (fem) shaving, cutting with a knife x:rp:*:m: (kShurapatram.h) = (n) blade x:d (kShuudra) = weak (here) x:*: (kShetra) = field x:*: (kShetraM) = the field x:*:w (kShetraGYa) = and the knower of the body x:*:w (kShetraGYaM) = the knower of the field x:*:wH (kShetraGYaH) = the knower of the field x:*:wy::H (kShetraGYayoH) = and the knower of the field x:*:i (kShetrii) = the soul x:*:\: (kShetreshhu) = in bodily fields x:p:N:as*:H (kShepaNaastraH) = (m) missile x:p:N:i (kShepaNii) = (f) rocket x:m: (kShemaM) = protection x:m:t:r (kShemataraM) = better x::uet: (kShouti) = to sneeze x::B: (kShobhaM) = disturbance w (GYa) = one who knows (suffix) wn:kark (GYanakaaraka) = Significator of knowledge which is Jupiter wa (GYaa) = to know wat:c:r (GYaatachara) = (adj) known wat:vy: (GYaatavyaM) = knowable waet: (GYaati) = community (people of the same caste etc.) wat: (GYaatuM) = to know wat: (GYaate) = in the realised state wat:n: (GYaatena) = by knowing watv:a (GYaatvaa) = knowing well wan: (GYaana) = knowledge wan: (GYaanaM) = knowledge wan:H (GYaanaH) = whose knowledge wan:g:my: (GYaanagamyaM) = to be approached by knowledge wan:c:x:\:H (GYaanachakShushhaH) = those who have the eyes of knowledge wan:c:x:\:a (GYaanachakShushhaa) = by the vision of knowledge wan:diep:t: (GYaanadiipite) = because of the urge for self-realisation wan:pl:v:n: (GYaanaplavena) = by the boat of transcendental knowledge wan:m:n:t: (GYaanamana.ntaM) = Knowledge and Infinity or Absoluteness wan:m:y:H (GYaanamayaH) = (Masc. Nom.Sing.)full of knowledge wan:m:y:: (GYaanamayo) = full of Gyana or knowledge wan:y:wH (GYaanayaGYaH) = sacrifice in knowledge wan:y:waH (GYaanayaGYaaH) = sacrifice in advancement of transcendental knowledge wan:y:wn: (GYaanayaGYena) = by cultivation of knowledge wan:y::g:n: (GYaanayogena) = by the linking process of knowledge wan:v:t:a (GYaanavataaM) = of the wise wan:v:an: (GYaanavaan.h) = learned wan:ev:ehn:H (GYaanavihinaH) = (but)bereft of knowledge of the Self wan:S:bdy::H (GYaanashabdayoH) = of knowledge and sound wan:sy: (GYaanasya) = of knowledge wan:aH (GYaanaaH) = knowledge wan:aegn:H (GYaanaagniH) = the fire of knowledge wan:at: (GYaanaat.h) = than knowledge wan:an:a (GYaanaanaaM) = of all knowledge wan:av:esT:t: (GYaanaavasthita) = situated in transcendence waen:n:H (GYaaninaH) = of the knower waen:By:H (GYaanibhyaH) = than the wise wan:i (GYaanii) = one who is in knowledge wan: (GYaane) = in knowledge wan:n: (GYaanena) = with knowledge wan:n:v: (GYaanenaiva) = GYAnena + eva:thro' knowledge alone wan:endy: (GYaanendriya) = an organ of knowledge, i.e. the five senses way:t: (GYaayate) = known way:s: (GYaayase) = can to be known wasy:es: (GYaasyasi) = you can know wy: (GYeyaM) = be known wy:H (GYeyaH) = should be known wy::es: (GYeyosi) = You can be known

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