This is a new version of completenarayaneeyam created in 2012, to be compatible with the latest versions of browsers and is compliant with HTML 5.

It has been tested and found to work with Internet Explorer Version 8.0 and 9.0, Google Chrome Version 26, Mozilla Firefox Version 17, and Safari Version 5. However, with Internet Explorer 8.0 and Firefox, the auto-forward feature to move automatically to the next shlokam does not work. The user must click the "Next" button to move forward.

The contents are the same as the original version.

However, the appearance of the screen is changed to some extent.

This version adheres to HTML 5 and uses some of its new features for serving the audio content.

If you would like to proceed to the new version, please click here.

If you prefer to use the old version, please click here .