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Email Interface to ITRANS

Email Interface to ITRANS


Dear Friends,

Here are some details of a simple utility for generating texts in Devanagari (Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit), Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu over ordinary Email. Once a structured, simple form of transliterated input is mailed to with subject strictly typed as "itrans convert" without quotes, you will receive a postscript file, over email, which can be viewed or printed on a postscript printer to get high quality text in the language chosen in the input mail message.

In addition, if you use "itrans convertgif" or "itrans convertpdf" or "itrans convertps" you can receive GIF image or PDF (portable document format) or postscript files, respectively. GIF image can be seen on any browser, the PDF file is read by Acrobat Reader and postscript by a combination of Ghostview/Ghostscript viewer. Postscript and PDF files give better printout. Also, "itrans html" or "itrans converthtml" will provide the display as font based html document, font based because you will have to install individual fonts for correct display. (please see below for some tips.)

Details are given below including how to get help files for different categories. The help files contain many examples of input texts. Please print them and use them till you get familiar with it. The transliteration rules are same for Devanagari, Bengali, Gujarati scripts but are slightly different for Tamil and Telugu due to difference in number and form of letters. If you already know TeX/LaTeX commands you will have added `power' in using this utility. If you have public domain metafonts for other scripts or are willing to develop one in your own language, please send a note to Avinash Chopde.

There is no need to install any processing software (except viewers) such as TeX/LaTeX/ITRANS/dvips et cetera on your computer for using this feature. It is as simple as communicating over email. If your mail program is capable of handling MIME encoded input, you should be able to invoke ghostview (or any other postscript viewer) automatically on the output message.

The email interface is developed by Atul Narkhede.

Getting help/documentation

This email utility should be useful in preparing multilingual documents, encoding poems/aticles/brochures/announcements/handouts, creating your own crossword puzzles, communicate in different languages directly. More help can be offered on individual basis. Please send a note with questions to

There are many benefits to using the procedure, only if you use them. We hope that your printing needs will be partially satisfied with this utility.

It is possible to use all languages/fonts in a single document and mix them in any arbitrary fashion. Font sizes are also easily controlled.

The program also supports generating crossword puzzles in any language. More information is available in the help files.

To obtain help documentation over email, send a message to with the subject "itrans help" (without the quotes).

If the body of the message is empty, you should receive this document. You can request more help by including one or more of the following lines in the body of your message.

      help convert
      help crossword
      help html

a) help convert: get help about converting ITRANS text to postscript or GIF or PDF file format.

b) help crossword: help about generating crosswords in Indian languages.

c) help html: help about generating html documents from ITRANS

Encoding or transliteration schemes

Please get used to the transliteration rules to minimize errors.

See a list of common errors and tips for users. An elaborate encoding guidance is given in a file commonerrors.txt.

You may also want to review a short Itrans encoding scheme table OR visit Avinash Chopde's main Itrans site for all the Itrans supported languages.


If one has access to world wide web, an on-line interface is also available where one can type the text in Roman ITRANS scheme and the output is obtained in Devanagari and other languages, interactively, right away! Please see the web site (original contribution by Hari Adiseshu) web-interface.

The web-interface can be a practicing "slate" to use email interface.

Converting ITRANS to Postscript or GIF or PDF format

Send email to (full name necessary) with one of the following subjects

Subject                    Output format            Viewer

itrans convert Postscript Ghostscript/Ghostview itrans convertgif GIF image Any web browser itrans convertpdf PDF Acrobat Reader itrans convertps Postscript Ghostscript/Ghostview
The message input should be in the following format (the words following the % sign are comments):
begin-document		% Only this word on the line

%% All text inside the (begin-document, end-document) pair is used as
%% input. Rest is ignored!!

end-document		% Only this word on the line. Insert a newline
			% after end-document

In the input text, you can use all (well, most!!) of the latex commands. All text in Devanagari (or other Indian font) should be enclosed in ## ## pairs.

Example 1

Example input: Try out this sample input!! Simply cut and paste the lines in the text body below and see if it works. ------------ beginning of text body ---------

language hindi

This is a test input. This sentence should appear in English. The
sentence below is by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in Discovery of India which
will appear in Hindi.


bhaarata eka khoja

ek samay aisaa aataa hai jab puuraa raashhTra ek mahaan uddeshya kii
puurti ke lie aasthaabaddha ho jaataa hai aur tab itihaasa
parivartanashiil aur yugapravartak ban jaataa hai.



------------ end of text body  ----------------

ITRANS currently supports

Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi (Devanagari font)
Bengali			 (Sonargaon font)
Gujarati		 (PostScript Type 1 font by Shrikrishna Patil)
Tamil			 (wntml font from  U of Washington)
Telugu			 (from the TeluguTeX package)

For more help about using different languages and fontsizes, send mail to with subject "itrans help" and include the following line in the body of the text. help convert /* Only these two words on the line */

Generating crosswords for Indian fonts

You can also generate crossword puzzles in any of the fonts. This involves several details; for more information, include the line

	help crossword
in the body of your help request.

Converting ITRANS to HTML

Send email to (full name necessary) with the subject "itrans html" or "itrans converthtml" (without the quotes) with the input in the following format (the words following the % sign are comments):
begin-document		% Only this word on the line

%% All text inside the (begin-document, end-document) pair is used as
%% input. Rest is ignored!!

end-document		% Only this word on the line. Insert a newline
			% after end-document
All text in Devanagari (or other Indian font) should be enclosed in ## ## pairs. The following sample shows how to get the HTML for displaying multiple Indian scripts. You will need the following fonts. The command with single # activates corresponding font.
Font activation         Language script           Font name

#bengali Bengali Itxbeng #gujarati Gujarati Itxguj #hindi Hindi (Devanagari) Xdvng #malyalam Malayalam Deepa #marathi Marathi (Devanagari) Shivaji/Shusha family fonts #roman Roman with diacritics CSUtopia(Sanskrit CSX) #sanskrit Sanskrit (Devanagari) XDvng #tamil Tamil Adhawin-Tamil

For example begin-document language bengali #bengali Aya.rnIla mukhopAdhyAYa Trena Asachhe | sakala sarala sachala bikala bAlakabR^inda pAliYe gelo kintu beTa phelechhe ye chheleTA, relalA_ine kAThera mami chokhera kA.NTA tIxNa tArA bera karachhe chhi.NRe chhi.NRe kuYAshAnIla ekaTA-duTo-chAraTe-chhaTA-hAjAra chAkA gaRiYe Ase mAthAra kAchhe shabda-chAkA-AkAsha-tArA miliYe gele ye chheleTA uThe dA.NRAYa A.NchaRa chhARA tAra janya gARI thAmA_i, mAThe nAmi chApA Alora samaYa ghe.NTe ekaTA-duTo pAlaka pelAma ora janya parera kAja, Tupi kenA | ## end-document should work. Notice the us of #bengali.

Some fonts are available here. Please let us know if you can provide fonts for additional scripts.

Example 2

All Language Sample
        jhaa.NsI kI raanI

si.nhaasana hila uThe raajava.nsho.n ne bhR^ikuTI taanI thI
bU.Dhe bhaarata me.n A_I fira nayI javaanI thI
gumI huI aazaadI kI kImata sabane pahachaanI thI
dUra fira.ngI ko karane kI sabane mana me.n ThaanI thI .
chamaka uThI sana sattaavana me.n vaha talavaara puraanI thI
bu.ndele harabolo.n ke mu.Nha hamane sunI kahaanI thI
khUba la.DI mardaanI vaha to jhaa.NsI vaalI raanI thI..

kaanapUra ke naanaa kI mu.NhabolI bahana chhabIlI thI
laxmIbA_I naama pitaa kI vaha sa.ntaana akelI thI
naanaa ke sa.Nga pa.DhatI thI vaha naanaa ke sa.Nga khelI thI
barachhI Dhaala kaRpaaNa, kaTaarI usakI yahI sahelI thI.
vIra shivaajI kI gaathaaye.n usakI yaada zabaanI thI
bu.ndele harabolo.n ke mu.Nha hamane sunI kahaanI thI
khUba la.DI mardaanI vaha to jhaa.NsI vaalI raanI thI..
        this is in english
        sa.nskR^ita CSX

rahiman dhaagaa prem kaa mat to.Do chaTakaaya .
TuTe se phir naa ju.De ju.De gaa.NTh pa.Da jaaya ..

karat karat abhyaas ke ja.Damati hot sujaan .
rasarii aavat jaat se sila par parat nishaan ..

rahiman ve nara mara gae jo kahu.N maa.ngan jaae .
unate pahale ve mue jin mukha nikasat naahi.n ..

maaTii kahe kumhaar se tuu kyaa ruu.ndhe moya .
ika dina aisaa hoyagaa mai.n ruu.ndhuu.ngii toya ..

pattaa TuuTaa Daal se le gayii pavan u.Daaya .
aba ke bichhu.De kab mile.n duur pa.De.nge jaaya ..

aisii vaaNii bolie man kaa aapaa khoya .
auran ko siital kare aapahu.n siital hoya ..

nirbal ko na satAiye jaakii moTii haaya .
muye kaal kii svaas so.n lok bhasma hui jaaya ..

kaal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab .
pal me.n paralaya hoyagii bahuri karoge kab ..

saba dharatii kaagada karu.N lekhanii saba bana raaya .
saata samudrakii maruu karu.N guru guna likhaa na jaaya ..

durlabha maanushha janma hai deha na baaraMbaara .
taruvara jyo.n pattii jha.De, bahuri na laage Daara ..

maalaa pherata juga bhayaa, phiraa na mana kaa phera .
manakaa manakaa chhaa.NDa ke, mana kaa manakaa phera ..


------------ end of text body  ----------------

Additional resources


For any questions, please send a message to

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