Sambhashana Sandeshah

Here is the FIRST MONTHLY MAGAZINE IN SANSKRIT, published from Bangalore, India.

The language is very simple. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Sanskrit can easily understand. This is a project of "Sanskrit Bharati", which conducts the famous 10 day Sanskrit conversation classes.

After studying Sanskrit through scholarly books of Kalidasa, Bana, etc. one might wonder how people could speak in such a language! You will see how simple, speaking in Sanskrit could be. It's a great source to keep in touch with Sanskrit thousands of miles away from India.

The magazine has following sections:

1-year subscription is US $25.00 (Includes S&H charges)
2-year subscription is US $45.00
3-year subscription is US $60.00

Make your check to "Sambhashana Sandesha" and mail it to the following address giving your mailing address and phone number.

		  Samskrita Bharati
		  1044, Lancer Drive		  
		  San Jose, CA  95129

April 1996 issue of Sambhashana Sandesha

(Note: all files are in postscript format)

May 1996 issue

(Note: all files are in postscript format)

Jul 1996 issue

Excerpts from some articles

Aug 1996 issue

Excerpts from some articles

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