Plagiarism of Sanskrit Documents
The Netiquette Problem

We are encountering problem of copying of contents from by owners of certain sites.

We have identified some who are routinely involved in practicing plagiarism and copying texts from many places. The files are taken without permission and with minimal mention of any original source or without courtesy references of people/sites who have worked hard to prepare them. They are interested in promoting themselves, family, and/or ideologies they represent. They have taken significant number of texts prepared lovingly by dedicated and well-meaning volunteers.

The victims are the volunteers at,, satsangdhara,,, vedic reserve,, GRETIL, Hindi Sahitya, Muktabodha, and so among a few known.

This has certainly violated volunteer spirit at sanskritdocuments site and have reduced volunteers' involvement considerably. This is unfortunate situation that has been thrust upon us. We are aware that a note about copying question in FAQ, attempting to prevent a repeat of this sort, is not going to make difference with the offenders who are bent on following their "ideology."

Upon considerable deliberation, at this time, the Sanskrit Team members have decided not to put up the names of the sites and owners that are profiting from the work done by volunteers. We believe that the bitterness caused by public humiliation is not going to further the cause of promoting Sanskrit literature study, related knowledge, and associated devotion.

Hope to maintain due respect for volunteer spirit!

From Sanskrit Team members August 2014.