॥ श्रीमद्रामायणं समर्थरामदासविरचितम् ॥

INTRODUCTION:- Srimad Bhagavatam says (11-5-38) that menwho were born in Krita and other earlier ages long to be born in Kali Yuga for it is in Kali that great devotees of the Lord appear. कृतादिषु प्रजा राजन् कलाविच्छन्ति संभवम्। कलौ खलु भविष्यन्ति नारायणपरायणाः ॥ True to this statement the history of India is marked by the appearance of a galaxy of great devotees and saints from time to time. They had attained the ultimate goal of life. Out of compassion for others who are stuck in the mire of samsara they offer solace by words that soothe and offer a way out of the predicament. Swamy Ramdas was one such great devotee who graced this land and showed the path of devotion. He lived in the Maharashtra state in the 17th century. His intense devotion to Lord Rama and hard spiritual practices got him the darsan of Lord Rama. He had composed several works which are very popular. The story is that his mother tried to grt him married but without success. His mind was steeped in devotion to Lord Rama. There was no way for him to get involved in family life. On one such occasion he tried to run away fro home. His distraught mother cried and asked if he has been possessed by any spirit that he is behaving in this manner. The young Ramdas said that indeed he has been possessed by a spirit. In the verses that follow he described Lord Rama who had taken hold of his mind leaving no room for any other thought. मातुर्भूतं स एव मे। This incident should bring to our mind the description of child Prahlada in Srimad Bhagavatam (7-4-36) Even as a child he had no desire to play with toys and dolls as children of his age do, but his mind was possessed by the spirit called Sri Krishna. He did not see the world as we see it. Such was the case with Swami Ramdas also. न्यस्तक्रीडनको बालो जडवत्तन्मनस्तया । कृष्णग्रहगृहीतात्मा न वेद जगदीदृशम् ॥ as being possessed by Sri Krishna. Now let us see verses that describe the spirit that had seized Swami Ramdas.
वैकुण्ठौकः पुरा भूमौ योऽयोध्यायामवातरत् । कौसल्यायाः स्तनं पातुं मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ १॥ कौशिकस्याश्रमं यास्यन् यो दृष्ट्वा पथि दारुणाम् । ताटकां निजघानाशु मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ २॥ यस्य पादाब्जसंस्पर्शाद् गच्छतो विपिनाध्वना । शिलाऽमलाऽभूल्ललना मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ३॥ जनकस्य पुरं गत्वा यो बभञ्जैश्वरं धनुः । उपयेमे च वदेहीं मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ४॥ सन्त्रस्तो भार्गवो यस्माद्धनुर्यस्मै समर्पयत् । यस्मिन् न्यधात् स्वकं तेजो मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ५॥ कृतप्रतिश्रवाद्भ्रश्येत् कैकेय्यै न पिता मम । इति योऽभूदरण्यौकः मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ६॥ चतुर्दशसमा भ्राम्यंस्तपस्वी यो वने स्थितः । लक्ष्मणेनान्वितः नित्यं मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ७॥ सुग्रीवो रक्षितो येन वाली स्वर्गातिथिः कृतः । बबन्धे सेतुना सिन्धुः मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ८॥ रावणं सकुलं हत्वा योऽभ्यरक्षद्विभीषणम् । अमूमुचत् सुरान् बन्धात् मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ९॥ आदाय यश्च वामाङ्गीं च्चाल सरयूतटम् । सङ्गतो भरतेनाभून्मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ १०॥ हृदयं सर्वभूतानां रामराज इति श्रूतः । श्लाघ्यते रमदासेन मातर्भूतं स एव मे ॥ ११॥ ॥ ॐ तत्सत्॥ Encoded and proofread by N.Balasubramanian bbalu at sify.com
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