॥ श्रीशिवषडक्षरस्तोत्रम् ॥

ॐकारं बिंदुसंयुक्तं नित्यं ध्यायंति योगिनः । कामदं मोक्षदं चैव ॐकाराय नमो नमः ॥ १॥ नमंति ऋषयो देवा नमन्त्यप्सरसां गणाः । नरा नमंति देवेशं नकाराय नमो नमः ॥ २॥ महादेवं महात्मानं महाध्यानं परायणम् । महापापहरं देवं मकाराय नमो नमः ॥ ३॥ शिवं शांतं जगन्नाथं लोकानुग्रहकारकम् । शिवमेकपदं नित्यं शिकाराय नमो नमः ॥ ४॥ वाहनं वृषभो यस्य वासुकिः कंठभूषणम् । वामे शक्तिधरं वेदं वकाराय नमो नमः ॥ ५॥ var. देवं यत्र यत्र स्थितो देवः सर्वव्यापी महेश्वरः । यो गुरुः सर्वदेवानां यकाराय नमो नमः ॥ ६॥ षडक्षरमिदं स्तोत्रं यः पठेच्छिवसंनिधौ । शिवलोकमवाप्नोति शिवेन सह मोदते ॥ ७॥ ॥ इति श्री रुद्रयामले उमामहेश्वरसंवादे षडक्षरस्तोत्रं सम्पूर्णम् ॥ Comments Uniqueness: This Shivastrotra is unique in many ways. I list some of the unique aspects of the strotra below: 1. If you take first Sanskrit syllable from each of the shloka above and arrange them horizontally you get .. OM namaH shivAya .. (I bow down to Shiva) 2. The entire composition is composed to be sung in ᳚raga Bhairava᳚. Raga Bhairava is assumed to be the original creation of music by Shiva through his drum called ᳚DamarU᳚ 3. However, each of the shloka can be sung in seven basic ᳚ragas᳚ of Hindustani classical. Pundit Bhimsen Joshi has done it. He has sung each sloka in different raga. Philosophic comments: The ``shivlinga'' has many iconographic and symbologic interpretations. The most popular, which has caught the fancy of the Westerners, is that the ``linga᳚ is a phallus of Shiva. This phallus cult is relatively young cult and the reasons surrounding its developments are not clear. The original Vedic Iconography indicates that Shiva was a pall of fire spreading many light years in all direction that emerged just after the ``quantum chaos᳚ at the beginning of the universe. Many Sanskrit scholars believe that the ``quantum chaos᳚ was indeed the ``pashupata-astra᳚(पशुपतास्त्र) that Shiva is supposed to be wielding. Iconographic interpretation of shivlinga as a ᳚enormous power locked inside a hard black stone cooled perpetually by water and guarded vigilantly by a security in form of Vasuki- the most venomous snake᳚ is also popular (not to miss the shape which resembles the modern Nuclear reactor). The above strotra, it may not be wrong to argue, has its ideological origins in the original school of ``adhikrut sankhya᳚(अधिकृत सांख्य) Comments by Surin Usgaonkar (written in memory of Bharatratna MM Late Dr P V Kane whose work will always be a source of great inspirtion.) usgaonkar at hotmail.com
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