॥ श्रीसुब्रह्मण्यस्तोत्रम् सार्थ ॥

Hymn to Shri Subrahmanya Translation by A. Narayanaswami नील कण्ठ वाहनम् द्विषद् भुजम् किरीटिनं लोल रत्न कुण्डल प्रभा अभिराम षण्मुखम् । शूल शक्ति दण्ड कुक्कुट अक्ष मालिका धरं बालम् ईश्वरम् कुमारशैल वासिनम् भजे ॥ १ I worship the young god who dwells on Kumarasaila, who has the peacock as his vehicle, has twice six arms, wears a crown, whose six faces are lovely with the brilliance cast by the gem-studded ear ornaments he wears, who holds (in his hands) a trident, a (powerful) missile, a staff, a cock, and a rosary. 1 वल्लि देवयानिका समुल्लसंतम् ईश्वरं मल्लिकादि दिव्य पुष्प मालिका विराजितम् । झल्लरी निनाद शङ्ख वादन प्रियम् सदा पल्लवारुणम् कुमारशैल वासिनम् भजे ॥ २ I worship the god who dwells on Kumarasaila, joyful in the company of (consorts) Valli and Devayani, decked with garlands of divine flowers like the jasmine, and who is always fond of playing on the cymbal and the resonant conch. 2 षडाननम् कुंकुम रक्त वर्णं महा मतिम् दिव्य मयूर वाहनम् । रुद्रस्य सूनुम् सुर सैन्य नाथं गुहम् सदा शरणमहम् भजे ॥ ३ At all times, I seek refuge with Lord Guha, who has six faces, is the color of red vermilion, is supremely intelligent, rides a divine peacock, is the son of Rudra (Lord Siva), and is the commander of the army of the celestials (Devas). 3 मयूराधि रूढम् महा वाक्य गूढं मनोहारी देहम् महा च्चित्त गेहम् । मही देव देवम् महा वेद भावं महादेव बालम् भजे लोकपालम् ॥ ४ I worship Sri Kartikeya, mounted on a peacock, the knower of the secret of the Maha Vakyas, charming of face, residing in the minds of the great, the god of the good, the substance of the great Vedas, the child of Mahadeva, and the ruler of the worlds. 4 इति श्री सुब्रह्मण्य स्तोत्रम् संपूर्णम् ॥ Thus is complete Sri Subrahmanya StotraM Encoded by Raman Anantaraman anantaraman@nscl.msu.edu
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