॥ भार्यामहिमा ॥

कुण्डलोवाच - भर्तव्या रक्षितव्या च भार्या हि पतिना सदा । धर्मार्थकामसंसिद्ध्यै भार्या भर्तृसहायिनी ॥ ६८॥ यदा भार्या च भर्ता च परस्परवशानुगौ । तदा धर्मार्थकामानां त्रयाणामपि सङ्गतम् ॥ ६९॥ कथं भार्यामृते धर्ममर्थं वा पुरुषः प्रभो । प्राप्नोति काममथवा तस्यां त्रितयमाहितम् ॥ ७०॥ तथैव भर्तारमृते भार्या धर्मादिसाधने । न समर्था त्रिवर्गोऽयं दाम्पत्यं समुपाश्रितः ॥ ७१॥ देवतापितृभृत्यानामतिथीनाञ्च पूजनम् । न पुम्भिः शक्यते कर्तुमृते भार्यां नृपात्मज ॥ ७२॥ प्राप्तोऽपि चार्थो मनुजैरानीतोऽपि निजं गृहम् । क्षयमेति विना भार्यां कुभार्यासंश्रयेऽपि वा ॥ ७३॥ कामस्तु तस्य नैवास्ति प्रत्यक्षेणोपलक्ष्यते । दम्पत्यो: सहधर्मेण त्रयोधर्ममवाप्नुयात् ॥ ७४॥ पितॄन् पुत्रैस्तथैवान्नसाधनैरतिथीन् नर: । पूजाभिरमरांस्तद्वत् साध्वीं भार्यां नरोऽवति ॥ ७५॥ स्त्रियाश्चापि विना भर्त्रा धर्मकामार्थसन्ततिः । नैव तस्मात् त्रिवर्गोऽयं दाम्पत्यमधिगच्छति ॥ ७६॥ From Markandeya Purana Adhyaya 21 68. Verily a husband must ever cherish and protect his wife. A wife is her husband's help-mate unto the complete attainment of religious life, wealth and love (dharma, artha, kAma). 69. When both husband and wife are subject to mutual control, then all the three, viz. moral life, wealth and love combine. 70. How without a wife, does a man attain to moral life, or wealth, or love, my lord? In her the triad of dharma, artha, and kAma is established. 71. So also without a husband a wife is powerless to fulfil dharma and the other duties. This threefold group (trivarga) is established in wedded life (dAmpatya). 72. Men cannot perform the worship of the gods, ancestors, dependents and of guests, without a wife, O prince. 73. And riches, although acquired by men, although brought to their own home, waste away without a wife, or even where a worthless wife dwells. 74. There is indeed no love for him without a wife,-- this is clearly evident. By the wedded pair treading together the path of duty (dharma), men may attain to the ideal of trivarga or the Triple Aims of life. 75. A man satisfies his ancestors by procreating children, and guests with preparations of food; likewise the immortal gods with religious observances: therefore should a man protect his virtuous wife. 76. Moreover, for a woman there is no separate religion, love, wealth or offspring without a husband. Hence the triple group of dharma, artha and kAma rests upon the wedded life of the home. V. S. Agrawala Encoded and proofread by Jonathan Wiener wiener78 at sbcglobal.net
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