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Objectives and Motivation

Preliminaries mulA.nsAThI marAThI nATak Marathi sopyA goShTI Reading Practice These scanned pages are suitable to be viewed and read on computer monitor. If you prefer to print them from a browser, use page set-up "landscape" with minium margins for correct printout OR download/save and use your favorite image viewer which has better printing features. You can download and read all of them in one sitting for your entertainment, however, remember that they are meant to be read to children :-)

Writing practice (right click save target as on your computer and then print)

    Writing practice | a | a2 | A | i | I | u | U | all letters
    Reading-Writing | aa | i | ii | u | uu | e | ai | o | au | aM |
    Acknowledgement for Reading-Writing part: sachitra bAlamitra, Ms. Tara Chaudhari, Central Prakashan.

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    TXT - Scanned or encoded text
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Devanagari alphabet learning
(recognition of letters, writing method, and sounds) Marathi learning links: Marathi Learning CDs, Video, Cassetes
  •, "hasat kheLat maraaThii," also CDs for learning Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati. Contact developer : Kelkars at

  • My Marathi, posted at, is an interactive CD-based Marathi learning tool. It is a non-profit project. Contact developer : Hemangi Joshi-Deodhar HemangiJD[[@] The 2-CD set contains four major modules: CULTURE, GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, CONVERSATIONS. The site also promotes a thought provoking topic Ideas on how to bring Marathi culture home.
Marathi Shala Efforts: About Marathi:

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