Press the Shift-key and click on the links (or right mouse button), to download to disk.


BDF files for Unix by Sandeep

  1. Download the tarred fonts.
  2. Untar them. Run tar xvf xdvng.tar
  3. Change directory to xdvng by running cd xdvng
  4. Run mkfontdir $PWD. This should create a file fonts.dir which specifies the file to font mapping.
  5. Run xset fp+ $PWD; xset fp rehash. This appends the current directory (xdvng) to the font path, and forces the X server to re-initialize its fontset. (This step needs to be done every time you restart X windows. This command can be put in the .xinitrc file, so that it executes automatically whenever one starts X.)
  6. If you want to check to see if the fonts will be visible to your browser run xlsfonts to list all fonts. You should see lines that have the word xdvng in them.
  7. Restart your browser.
TrueType for Windows and Macs, by Arun


To install, unzip the file, goto Control Panel --> Fonts --> Install new fonts.
When the prompt window opens, point to the directory you have unzipped the xdvng.ttf file in.



If you have have problems downloading the fonts properly it may be because you forgot to press the Shift-key while clicking (to enable download to disk). On some computers pressing the Option (Alt) key does it.

Else, please let me know and I can mail you the files.

Thank you!