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pUjA related Sanskrit Documents in Odia script

This index of Sanskrit Documents categorized as pUjA is available in Devanagari, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu scripts and also as transliterated in Roman script using the ITRANS and IAST encoding schemes. Click on the language/script names to view the index in a different language.
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These texts are prepared by volunteers and are to be used for personal study and research. These files are not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission. Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit.

Hindu Puja Vidhi

Here is an old and outdated mirror of Bahrain's SAB Satsangh's Puja and Bhajan page from the 1990s. Sowmya's mantraaonline site now has the latest updates and proofread Puja files.

Linked below are other websites which also have comprehensive hindu puja vidhi available in a format which is easy to download and use.


Ajit Krishnan's page with puja manuals in devanagari pdf format, sourced from documents which are currently typeset only in regional scripts (grantham or malayalam). 


PVR Narasimha Rao's Spirituality Resources page has detailed manuals that allow laymen to do homam (ancient fire ritual), pitri tarpana (oblations to ancestors), satyanarayana pooja and other poojas (worship) by themselves.


Sowmya's Mantraaonline's Pujas page has the detailed puja vidhi with instructions in english and the shlokas in devanagari and other regional scripts in pdf files.

Links to vrata and pUjA