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This catalogue lists books from the Digital Library of India (DLI) collection. The books are in these seven languages: Bengali, English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. These books are on a variety of topics and are not restricted to Indology. The DLID Sanskrit Catalogue is available here. Unlike the DLID Sanskrit Catalogue, this catalogue does not include the availability status of books. Over 180,000 books are listed here. This catalogue is organized by language and arranged alphabetically. Each language is split into one or more parts. Each part lists up to 10,000 books. There are 24 parts in all. This catalogue can be easily searched through the custom interface below. You can also view or download the parts you need from the links given below the search interface. To get books, you can use DLI Downloader 0.23. Please only get what you need, follow the law in your jurisdiction, the ToU for DLI Downloader etc. That is, please do not abuse any such online repository, including this one. And if possible, please give any project that has benifitted you, your monetary and non-monetary support.

Note: This catalogue corrects a lot of errors that were made in the original DLI catalogue. Yet, there may be errors particularly with books whose Indian Language titles have not been transliterated correctly. This catalogue was made in September 2010.

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Links to the 24 parts:

Bengali English 1 English 2 English 3
English 4 English 5 English 6 English 7
English 8 English 9 English 10 English 11
English 12 English 13 English 14 English 15
Hindi 1 Hindi 2 Hindi 3 Kannada
Marathi Tamil Telugu 1 Telugu 2

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