Purana Subject Index (Hindi)

The following directories and files of Purana Subject Index are generated for everyone's personal use. They are prepared by Vipin Kumar, Radha Gupta, and Suman Agrawal, compiled over the period ranging in decades, and with the blessings and guidance of their teachers, scholars, and family. Most of the entries, explanation, and articles are written in Hindi.

Some details and background of the project are presented in bhUmikA which will show nobility, scholarly pursuit, and humble attitude of the Balveer Singh (father) family.

Without any personal glorification intended, the authors Vipin Kumar, Radha Gupta, and Suman Agrawal have their own copyrights for these files and work to prevent any mis-use found in internet/online world. The files should not be copied for commercial use and for reposting on other sites which are engaged in personal glorification or otherwise without authors' permission.

For additional details, please contact Vipin Kumar at vedastudy at yahoo.com.

The latest updates of these files are available at Google Docs Purana Subject Index page with Google login.

Index of Files arranged in Devanagari Sequence
(Available in directory form or bundled in Zip file)

00 Introduction bhUmikAWord, Zip6.1K
01 From a-aa Zip11M
02 From i-ii Zip11M
03 From u-uu Zip2.2M
04 From ri-ah Zip1.8M
05 From ka-kh Zip2.0M
06 From ga-nna Zip2.6M
07 From ta-n Zip3.7M
08 From pa-pa Zip3.9M
09 From pha-bha Zip1.7M
10 From ma-ma Zip1.9M
11 From ya-la Zip5.1M
12 From va-va Zip3.7M
13 From sha-sha Zip11M
14 From sa-ha Zip4.7M

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