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This site is about my country, India, mostly. And for initiating a renaissance, however inconsequential it may prove to be. In my view the most potent and effective method is to propogate the Samskrit language and to induce and encourage ordinary Indians to use that language in their daily lives.

I am aware that my efforts will, at the most, provoke amused contempt in our "secular" India. I am not aware of the slightest trace of heroism - permit me this euphemism for foolhardiness, if you please - in myself in trying to swim against the current.

I wish to show - or, at least, convince myself - that Samskrit is still the most flexible language even in modern times. (I am conscious of the delicious irony of making that assertion in the English language!) So, this site will contain material about science and technology, gathered mostly from the Internet and translated into Samskrit.

This is an individual effort and may be full of errors and shortcomings and I would appeal to visitors - who might have unwittingly (for who would rush in where angels fear to tread?!) stumbled into this site - to be indulgent.

The following pages are in the Samskrit language, the Mother of All Languages:

A Brief Overview of Computer Systems in Samskrit
MS Windows Tutorial in Samskrit
QBasic Tutorial in Samskrit
MS Excel Tutorial in Samskrit
Big Bang Theory in Samskrit
Paradoxes of Zeno in Samskrit
Theory of Evolution in Samskrit
Space-Time: Quantum Relativity in Samskrit
Modern Mathematics in Samskrit: - A demo
Astronomy Primer in Samskrit
Capsulotomy in Samskrit
Where did the Universe come from?
Quantum Physics
Chemistry Primer
Modern Scientific Methodology
Glossary of Samskrit technical words used in these pages

If you have anything to say, kind words or words of any kind, you could write to:

1. The Internet: The Cornucopia, The Kaamadhenu, The Kalpataru of Knowledge
2. The Student's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, V S Apte
3. The Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary, V S Apte
4. The Student's Guide to Sanskrit Composition, V S Apte
5. A Higher Sanskrit Grammar, M R Kale
6. Glossary of Mathematics, Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology, Government of India
7. Raghukosha, Pandith Raghunathadhatta Bandhu
8. Comprehensive Glossary of Technical Terms, Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology, Government of India
9. A English-Sanskrit Dictionary, Sir Monier Monier-Williams

Aatmagatam - A Fortnightly Feature in Samskrit
A saMskR^itaM blog