हंसाभ्यां परिवृत्तपत्रकमलैर्दिव्यैर्जगत्कारणै- र्विश्वोत्कीर्णमनेकदेहनिलयैः स्वच्छंदमात्मेच्छया | तद्योतं पदशांभवं तु चरणं दीपाङ्कुर ग्राहिणम् प्रत्यक्षाक्षरविग्रहं गुरुपदं ध्यायेद्विभुं शाश्वतम् ||

Guru, who dwell in the lotus of the forehead surrounded by petals with divine ham sah, which exist in all beings and are the cause of the world, manifest the universe in its own way and by their own free will. Meditate on the guru who reveals that, which is really the expression of shambhava state (the state of Shiva), which shines like a flame, which is eternal, allpervasive, and is a visible form of all the letters. From Guru Gita.

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