Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry: Sanskrit Speeches and Poetry (audio)

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sa.ngItaM karNATaka hindusthaani lalita (telugu)
telugu purANAlu pravachanAlu sAhityaM toli velugulu
Miscellaneous Articles telugu Recipes sa.nskR^itaM digvijayii bhaarata (blog) padya kaumudi (blog)

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan is the apex organization of the Govt of India to oversee the development and promotion of the Sanskrit language all over the country. The organization oversees all government-sponsored sanskrit learning activities in India. Maananiiya Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry is its former Vice Chancellor ('kulapati'). Sri Kutumba Sastry is a highly acclaimed scholar in the sanskrit language and literature with decades of experience in teaching Sanskrit to advanced students in several Indian universities.

On this webpage, we present some of his speeches and poetry. We are grateful to Sri Kutumba Sastry gaaru for giving us the permission to publish his works online for everybody's benefit.


Name Contributor
Samskrita Bharati 'Haimavati' Sibira udghaaTanopanyaasaH Anand Rangarajan
abhij~naana Saakuntalam: samskR^ita prasangam Sri Parasaram Udaya Bhaskar Deekshit

Samskrita Bharati 'Haimavati' Sibira udghaaTanopanyaasaH

Contributed by: Anand Rangarajan
Artist: Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry
Year: july 1, 2006

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Sibira udghaaTanopanyaasa in Sanskrit Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry

abhij~naana Saakuntalam: samskR^ita prasangam

Contributed by: Sri Parasaram Udaya Bhaskar Deekshit
Artist: Prof. Vempati Kutumba Sastry
Author: mahaakavi kaaLidaasa (Sanskrit)
Year: july 3, 2006
Notes: These speeches were delivered at a Samskrita Bharati camp organized at Pt. Bonita near San Francisco CA, USA during July 1-4, 2006. These talks were delivered to students of spoken sanskrit at the camp, and are very informal in nature. As such, they must not be construed as official opinions of his organization. Their recording was not done professionally, and may be rough in some places. Please enjoy their informal nature.

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