Umaa Sahasram - Stotra Kaavyam Online

करोति या बिभर्ति या निहन्ति या जगत्त्रयं |
समन्ततो विभाति या न दृश्यते क्वचित् च या ||
अतीव गुप्त रूपिणी गुरूपदेशम् अन्तरा |
न शक्यते बुधैश्च बोद्धुम् अन्धकारि-सुन्दरी ||

umaa sahasraM is a 1000-verse poem on the Divine Mother Paarvati/Uma composed by 'Kaavya kaNTha' VaaSiShTha gaNapati Muni, an outstanding Sanskrit Scholar from Andhra Pradesh, Self-realized Yogi, and the foremost disciple of Bhagavaan RamaNa MaharShi of Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu. Here is the scanned cover page of the telugu book of Uma Sahasram published by Sri RamaNaaSramaM.

It is a widespread belief that Sri gaNapati Muni is an amSa of Lord GaNeSha Himself, while Bhagavaan RamaNa is an incarnation of Lord Kaartikeya.

Story Behind Uma Sahasram

The stotra, 'umaa sahasram' is an acknowledged literary as well as Yogic masterpiece in Sanskrit. The story goes that Sri Ganapati Muni took a vow that if he doesn't compose the entire kaavya in 25 days, he'd give up writing poetry altogether (which was his very life till then). He could only finish 750 Slokas by 3pm on the 25th day due to ill-health. He dictated the last 250 Slokas impromptu in a meditative state in the last few hours using his well-known aaSu kavitvam (extempore composition) calibre. He dictated 5 Slokas simultaneously to 5 scribes and finished his project by 8pm. For more details on the kaavyam, read the preface to the telugu book.

The Greatness of Uma Sahasram

This stotra is said to have miraculous healing powers when recited. Even from a literary standpoint, umaa sahasram is full of poetic beauty. It uses dozens of Sanskrit poetic metres (called chhandaa.msi or vR^ittas), one per set of 25 Slokas called a stabaka (meaning a flower bunch). It is a real feast to the listener and reader. The Slokas employ numerous alankaaras that visualize profound spiritual concepts through vivid imagery.

Umaa Sahasram Encoding Project - Bhakti and Sangha Shakti in Action

The project of bringing the entire Uma Sahasram online in Devanagari format was executed in a new collaborative style
- as a saamuuhika Yajna on the Web, by Vijaya daSami day i.e., October 2, 2006.

The entire encoding project was conceived, conducted and completed during the 9 auspicious days of the 2006 devii navaraatri festival. We feel blessed.

The project was conceived on September 23, 2006, the first day of devii navaraatri. This website and its support scripts were prepared and requests sent out for volunteers on Sunday, the 24th.

30 volunteers enthusiastically came forward to participate in this Online Yajna. Many of them started out without any knowledge of ITRANS. But their interest in the project was so strong that they learnt ITRANS and its software tools and encoded scores of difficult sanskrit Slokas in just a few days, completing the project by the morning of Vijaya daSami, October 2, 2006.
It exemplifies the power of devotion and collaboration.

Umaa Sahasram - Complete Text in Telugu, English and Sanskrit scripts

Here is the entire umaa sahasram (its original scanned telugu version with meanings, and the Slokas in their english (ITRANS) and devanagari formats.
Note: The scanned telugu version of the Slokas in the PDF files need to be rotated counterclockwise by 90 degrees. Acrobat Reader 7.0 provides the rotating feature.

Devanagari fonts not getting displayed properly on Windows?

Follow the instructions in this website to enable Indian language support in Windows.

Scanned Telugu
script with
Meanings (PDF)
Poetic metre used
vRittam or chhandas
Volunteer Location Slokas in
Slokas in
c01-q1 (1 to 25)
Nalini.Kalavacharla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvngcorrected
c01-q2 (26 to 50)
paJNcha chaamaram
Nandini.Kuppa Santa Clara, CA itrans dvngcorrected
c01-q3 (51 to 75)
tanu madhyaa
Sarada.Susarla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvngcorrected
c01-q4 (76 to 100)
Prasad.Kuppa Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvngcorrected
c02-q1 (101 to 125)
Ravi.Samavedam San Jose, CA itrans dvngcorrecting
c02-q2 (126 to 150)
Bhoga.Pappu Cupertino, CA itrans dvng
c02-q3 (151 to 175)
vasanta tilakaM
Amrutha.Kuppa Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvng
c02-q4 (176 to 200)
Sailaja.Dhulipala Milpitas, CA itrans dvng
c03-q1 (201 to 225)
Vijay.sai.Reddy ? itrans dvng
c03-q2 (226 to 250)
Sri.harsha.Pvss Hyderabad, India itrans dvng
c03-q3 (251 to 275)
Ravi.Samavedam San Jose, CA itrans dvng
c03-q4 (276 to 300)
Jayanth.Ganapathiraju Minneapolis, MN itrans dvng
c04-q1 (301 to 325)
Prabhanjan.Pandalaneni Sydney, Australia itrans dvng
c04-q2 (326 to 350)
Rama.krishnan.Dadibhatla Hyderabad, India itrans dvngcorrected
c04-q3 (351 to 375)
Sarada.Susarla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvng
c04-q4 (376 to 400)
Kameswararao.Tata Santa Clara, CA itrans dvng
c05-q1 (401 to 425)
chaMpaka maalaa
Mohana.Rao ? itrans dvng
c05-q2 (426 to 450)
Subhadra.bala.Venuturupalli Houston, TX itrans dvngcorrected
c05-q3 (451 to 475)
Syam.sunder.Vinjamuri Falls Church, VA itrans dvng
c05-q4 (476 to 500)
Rekha.Venuturupalli Jacksonville, FL itrans dvng
c06-q1 (501 to 525)
Sailaja..Dhulipala Milpitas, CA itrans dvng
c06-q2 (526 to 550)
Karthik.sitaram.Tenneti Cupertino, CA itrans dvng
c06-q3 (551 to 575)
nara manoramaa
Mohana..Rao ? itrans dvng
c06-q4 (576 to 600)
Pattabhi..Nadimpally Boston, MA itrans dvng
c07-q1 (601 to 625)
indra vajra
Madhusudhan.Reddy Campbell, CA itrans dvng
c07-q2 (626 to 650)
Jayanth.Ganapathiraju Minneapolis, MN itrans dvngcorrected
c07-q3 (651 to 675)
Sarada.Susarla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvng
c07-q4 (676 to 700)
vasanta tilakaa
Padmaja..Pandalaneni Sydney, Australia itrans dvng
c08-q1 (701 to 725)
mada lekhaa
Sesha.talpasaayi.Vadapalli ? itrans dvng
c08-q2 (726 to 750)
Pattabhi.Nadimpally Boston, MA itrans dvng
c08-q3 (751 to 775)
Sesha.talpasaayi.Vadapalli ? itrans dvng
c08-q4 (776 to 800)
aaryaa giiti
Jayaram.Manda California itrans dvng
c09-q1 (801 to 825)
Karthik.sitaram.Tenneti Cupertino, CA itrans dvng
c09-q2 (826 to 850)
mRitii samiti / hariNii
Muralidhar.Kalavacharla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvngcorrected
c09-q3 (851 to 875)
Sai.Susarla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvng
c09-q4 (876 to 900)
Krishna.Sankavaram Cupertino, CA itrans dvng
c10-q1 (901 to 925)
Jayanth.Ganapathiraju Minneapolis, MN itrans dvngcorrected
c10-q2 (926 to 950)
Bhavani.Mallajosyula San Francisco, CA itrans dvng
c10-q3 (951 to 975)
indra vajra
Sarada.Susarla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvng
c10-q4 (976 to 1000)
Sai.Susarla Sunnyvale, CA itrans dvng

ITRANS at a Glance

For your reference, here is the sanskrit alphabet in ITRANS encoding:
Vowels (dependent and independent):
a     aa / A       i      ii / I       u     uu / U 
RRi / R^i    RRI / R^I   
e     ai     o     au     aM    aH

k     kh     g     gh     ~N
ch    Ch     j     jh     ~n
T     Th     D     Dh     N
t     th     d     dh     n
p     ph     b     bh     m
y     r      l     v / w
sh    Sh     s     h      L
x / kSh     GY / j~n
L / ld (telugu La as in kaLa=art)

Anusvara:       .n / M / .m  (dot on top of previous consonant/vowel)
Avagraha:       .a    (`S' like symbol basically to replace a after o)
Halant:         .h    (to get half-form of the consonant - no vowel - virama)
Visarga:        H     (visarga - looks like a colon character)
Om:             OM, AUM (Om symbol)

- Sarada and
Sai Susarla (