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Volunteers Needed

namo namaH

can you be a volunteer ?

We thank many individuals who volunteered to make this collection of sanskrit documents possible. We hope that you will be one of them.

We need volunters for all the aspects of these projects. The general categories are listed here. Everyone of you can help in some form or other. One does not have to shoulder the responsibility of a project. It is just the willingness to participate that is needed.

  • Encoding Sanskrit texts in some transliteration scheme which can be processed for Devanagari printing.
  • Proofreading of Sanskrit encoded/Devanagari printed documents.
  • Collecting Sanskrit related information from indology, Sanskrit, India net, and such groups. The collection should be grouped according to subheadings, and later processed for articles.
  • Maintaining few sites mirroring main Sanskrit group site -
  • Collecting (just) a list of sites where Sanskrit related information is maintained. A simple source search on `archie'(prog) or `WWW' with search subjects Sanskrit, Vedic, Veda, indology, may produce a list. Informing the search agencies to include the paths to Sanskrit related sites.


To begin your individual exploration, we suggest you get familiar with some tools and information specially prepared for volunteers who will be involved in encoding, proofreading, translating etc.

Here is some additional information for those who are interested in ITRANS & encoding:

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