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namo namaH

Can you be a volunteer ?

Many have come and many have gone,
Some of us are here can you help to carry on?

Thank you for considering to volunteer for the Sanskrit Documents site. We appreciate contributions from many individuals who knowingly or unknowingly have helped to make this collection of Sanskrit Documents possible. We hope that you will be one of them.

We need volunters for maintaining and improving various aspects of this site. The general categories are listed here. Please refer to pending items for immediate consideration.

  • Encoding Sanskrit texts in ITRANS transliteration scheme which can be processed for display and printing in various Indian languages.
  • Proofreading of Sanskrit encoded/Devanagari printed documents. See current pending documents in folders 1 and 2 for proofreading.
  • Processing and updating the encoded and html display/link documents.
  • Contributing monetarily
    to share the cost of maintaining an advertisement-free server. The funds, remaining after disbursement of cost, will be used for projects promoting Sanskrit literature studies, in India or abroad. Write to us for contact details. See additional note.
  • Helping in correspondence with many visitors accessing the site. The inquiries are posted either in guestbook or asked via The correspondence includes addressing their questions, translating phrases, pointing-out links and providing relevant information.
  • Collecting (just) a list of sites where Sanskrit related information is maintained. The search subjects Sanskrit, Vedic, Veda, indology, may produce a list. Informing the search agencies to include the paths to Sanskrit related sites.
  • Staying active in newsgroups such as indology, Sanskrit-digest, Sanskrit forum, and so on.
  • Actively involving yourself in local communities for promotion of Sanskrit.

Address your questions to


In short, if you are willing to help, do the following

  1. Familiarize with the Itrans encoding scheme. Download Itranslator 99 or 2003 for PC or use web-interface.
  2. Download and install postscript and PDF file viewers.
  3. Explore the documents' site little bit more. See pending work, read frequently asked questions, explore learning tools, and possible projects et cetera.
  4. Write to us at with the new document you want to encode or include a list of printed books you have access for encoding and proofreading. (No translations are allowed without copyright permission.) Browse through the encoding wishlist and pending proofreading lists 1 and 2.
  5. Save money. Help local promotion of Sanskrit learning and studies.
  6. Write to us with your ideas, and what you want to improve and implement on the site.

We encourage you to be independent in pursuing items of your own interest so that you will be involved on long term basis. There is lot to learn and you will get plenty of guidance.

Help us with something small and you will surely see personal growth over time.


Since ITRANS was developed for facilitating printing in Indian Languages, the default output is in postscript format which can be directly printed on a postscript printer and can be viewed and printed on any printer using a postscript viewer. Please install a PostScript viewer such as GhostView, if you do not already have access to one. It will make viewing and working on Sanskrit documents site much easier. If you prefer PDF document, please download the files first and view them independently using the free Acrobat reader. Postsript displays are sharper than the PDF documents.

Here is some additional information for those who are interested in ITRANS & encoding:

If you are planning to encode any document, please check the Categorized Sanskrit Documents which shows what documents are already available, and all_pending 1 and 2 sections so as to avoid duplication. OR you can email about encoding any particular work.

A final note:
As is said, whatever we do is insignificant, considering what others have done before, but it is important that we do it for the continuity, and for our mental peace, which matters most!

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