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Volunteer Survey

Subject: Sanskrit Survey


There have been encouraging reponses from participants in the
Sanskrit related projects.  Of course, we need more participation
and initiative.

It may be useful to prepare a data base of facilities we have among
those accessing the Sanskrit mailing list. Here is a questionnaire
which will help to know the availability and needs.

Perhaps, the information can be utilized in pursuing projects such as
on-line dictionary, encoding of Sanskrit texts, sending Devanagari
texts by email, preparing a data base for future use etc.

Most of the following questions are framed for YES/NO type answers.
It will take just few minutes of your time to answer them, if you are
willing.  Say yes/no OR either yes or no with some space in front of all
the applicable items. If you want to elaborate, please do so in the end.

We do not know the extent of the usefulness of this survey, but we are
presenting it any way in the hope of bringing-up something useful.
(Project specific needs will be presented separately.)  Perhaps some
will install Ghostview/postscript viewers to see sanskrit documents in
Devanagari OR will show interest in helping to write scripts for the
on-line dictionary idea.  Someone can also document locations and
availability of the freeware software mentioned below.

Please send your response to with
the subject "Sanskrit Survey" .



1. Do you have access to the following features?

Mosaic/Netscape WWW :
Sanskrit USENET group (humanities.languages.sanskrit) :
Postscript file viewer (e.g Ghostview) :
Postscript printer :
GIF/JPG viewer :
OCR Scanner :

2. Which operating system or computer do you use?

UNIX/Workstation :
PC/DOS/Windows :
Mac(Apple) :

3. Do you have any of the software on your computer?

Secure Shell (SSH) :
CSX encoding :
TeX/LaTeX/xdvi/dvips :
Velthuis' Devanag fonts :
isongs package :
Avinash's Devnac fonts :
Unicode :
NetPBM :

4. Do you have experience with the following?

vi(unix) editor :
emacs(unix) editor :
tr, awk, sed (unix)features :
Perl operation(unix) :
CGI scripts :
DOS/Windows text editting :
Preparation of homepage on WWW :
Preparation of HTML files :
Encoding Sanskrit(or any other language) documents :
C/Pascal/Basic programming :
Unicode for Devanagari :
Search Engines :

5. Do you have any other software which can encode in Devanagari?
(For those using MaC, the software are different.
ITRANS and TeX/LaTeX are not available for MaC.)
Can the files generated using this software be circulated or printed
in text transliteration OR be converted to GIF or postscript format?

6. If you want, please elaborate on some of the items listed above
which needs more comments.

7. Would you like to recieve information or details
on any item mentioned above?

8. Do you know any missing item which will be useful to add in
the questionaire?

9. Would you like to participate in Sanskrit related activities,
such as preparing dictionary, grammar or tutorial, encoding or
proofreading documents, or coordinating projects
using the capabilities you have?
Please be specific if you have any such activity in mind.
If there is a related group activity in which you participate or know,
sharing it with us will be useful.

If you can, please provide your email address
(name, city you are located, and phone numbers are optional).

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