Sanskrit Documents
This page lists many sites and books available online. It started as a list of pending texts for proofreading but has turned in to a repository of useful links for a Stotra collector. Those who wish to enter any of these, please write to sanskrit at

The texts in the end are kept in pending mainly for proofreading. If you have the printed text and would like to proofread, please send a message to with the list of texts. We will block their access to others or indicate who is doing the proofreading so that proofreading is not duplicated.

For proofreading, please download one of the postscript or PDF files, view them in Devanagari, compare and make changes only in TXT and INF files. When proofreading is done, send the TXT and INF files only.

Would you like to help to digitize the missing stotras from this site?

    See also Page 2 of all_pending files.

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