॥ अक्कलकोटस्वामी समर्थ तारकमंत्र ॥

निःशंक हो, निर्भय हो, मनारे प्रचंड स्वामीबल पाठिशी रे अतर्क्य अवधूत हे स्मर्तु गामी अशक्य ही शक्य करतील स्वामी ॥ १ ॥ जिथे स्वामीपाय तिथे न्यून काय स्वये भक्त प्रारब्ध घडवी ही माय आज्ञेविना काल ना नेई त्याला परलोकिही ना भीती तयाला ॥ २ ॥ उगाचि भीतोसि, भय हे पळू दे जवळी उभी स्वामीशक्ती कळू दे जगी जन्ममृत्यू असे खेळ ज्याचा नको घाबरू तू असे बाल त्यांचा ॥ ३ ॥ खरा होई जागा तू श्रद्धेसहीत कसा होशी त्यावीण तू स्वामिभक्त कितीदा दिला बोल त्यांनीच हात नको डगमगू स्वामी देतील साथ ॥ ४ ॥ विभूती नमन नाम ध्यानादि तीर्थ स्वामीच या पंच प्राणामृतात हे तीर्थ घे, आठवी रे प्रचीती न सोडी कदा स्वामी ज्या घेई हाती ॥ ५ ॥ ॥ भिऊ नकोस, मी तुझ्या पाठीशी आहे ॥
AkkalakoTasvAmI Samartha tAaraka mantra Be doubtless, Be fearless, Remember oh mind . That Swami's Strength is always there. Beyond comprehension, transcending the states, Just think of Him and He is there, And not to forget that, To turn impossible into possible is just His play. .. 1 .. What scarcity can ever be there, Where His holy feet touch the place. He himself will remake Thy destiny, For he is the loving mother who cares. Without His command death will not touch Thee, Nor should you dread and fear the unseen. .. 2 .. Causeless fear that you have, let it flee, And feel the power of Sw.mi embracing Thee. For Him death and birth are mere play, Do not fear, for you are His child beloved. .. 3 .. Awake to reality and have implicit faith in Him For without these how can you ever be in His team, Recollect the past and remember the Grace, He is the one who offered you the help. Do not falter, for HE will be there. .. 4 .. Vibhuti, Obeisance, Chanting His Name, Meditation and the Water of grace, Divine Sw.mi always dwells in them, For devotion, these five are but the best. Take this Holy water and remember the help For He never ever leaves the hand that He takes. .. 5 .. .. DO NOT FEAR, FOR I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU ..
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