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To help you find out how prepared you are for spring, the subject of this quiz is "love"!

General Information

  1. Participants may be individual or in teams of two. Most of the questions involve songs whose lyrics are available online.
  2. Questions are formulated so as to make the quiz as informative as possible.
    If you find any errors in the data presented, please let us know.
  3. When sending answers, try to list the songs in the order presented (use an index). We may put out a list of top scorers when the answers are posted here.
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aataa tarii yeshiil kaa?

Format followed:
  1. As this is the first song, we would like to start with one picturised on a God. Both the lyricist and the music director have many love songs to their credit but this is a relatively rare case when they have come together in one song.

    The hero is actually a man, but God's incarnation. Though Him and the heroine have heard of each other, they have never met. Here, the heroine has caught sight of him and is stealing glances.

    nakshiidaar ati ramya ma.nDapii
    jamalii saarii thor ma.nDaLii .

  2. This song is from the first sa.ngiit naatak to have its music composed by this great music director and singer of late. Not an old play, its first performance was in the 1960s.

    The hero of our story is discontented with the unfair distribution of fortunes. An ambitious ascetic, he wishes to perform penances in the Himalayas. However, who knows what the Lord has in mind for him?

    himaalayaachaa mii to yaatrik
    manaa.nt maajhyaa kaa upajaave sa.nsaaraache prem?

  3. This is a naaTya giit as well as a chitragiit (from a movie). The singer has popularised many naaTyagiite with his powerful voice. In fact it is he who has sung the previous song.

    This song find us in mythological times, with chitralekha and pururaavas who has just rescued an apsaraa. Having rescued her, he is entranced by her beauty. As he picks her up onto his chariot, at her touch he forgets himself.

    dhu.nd shvaasaatalaa praashilaa ga.ndh mii
    nayan kaa dehahii miTunii tuu ghetalaa?

  4. The three creators of this song have produced many beautiful romantic numbers together. These are mostly bhaavagiite and chitragiite. The lyricist is the same as in song #1.

    Meanwhile, the heroine has her own secret thoughts of the first meeting, but she recollects there has not been any conversation because of her shyness. Even then she fears that her eyes betrayed her feelings for him when she smiled.

    sonyaahun ati molaache
    he maajhe gupit maniiche .

  5. This bhaavagiit is from an album by a singer with a very melodious voice, who is the most popular contemporary singer of late. The poet has portrayed a romantic who because of being separated from his beloved seeks solace from nature.

    The hero longs to meet his sweetheart again but despite of being unsuccessful, he is in high spirits. He wanders around, careless of where he goes, and hopes his friend - nature will accompany him in his search for her.

    vaaTate kadhii chukuun, bheTashiil tuu ajuun
    thaa.nbataa punhaa madhuun .

  6. A most popular laavaNii. The music director is very knowledgeable about the different classes of this style. There are a good number of these in the movie, which has been dubbed into hindi too.

    The heroine can now sense that someone is thinking of her often (and hopes it is the hero). It makes her self conscious and produces obvious symptoms which embarrass her in front of her friends.

    uThuun sakaaLii, laii yekhaLii, gele paaNavaThyaavarii
    unhaat basale nhaat, a.ngaalaa paani gudagulyaa karii .

  7. The music director of this song has put to music many abha.ng, some with the same singer as this one. The lyricist also has worked in many films with the singer who has not only sung but also composed their music.

    The hero now sees his sweetheart again and his disappointment turns to ecstasy. His negative perspective of the world around him is reversed. He cannot believe that he has been so fortunate.

    jaaLiit hote maj chaa.ndaNe je
    te amR^itache keles tuu .

  8. A duet, both the singers of this song have many more of the same style which have been very popular. The lyrics have been written by the actor on whom the song is picturised. He has also been producer for many of his own movies.

    The heroine is in her farm when the hero sees her. He starts singing her praises. She is worried that someone will see them and asks him to stay away. He is not bothered and does not want to let go of the chance.

    tii: goRyaa gaalaavarii ga maajhaa laalii laagalii disuu
    a.nghoLiilaa basale maajha malaach yeii hasuu .

  9. Again a duet. Here the music director has lent his voice for the male part. He has composed the music for numerous movies and an epic masterpiece. He is also the singer in song #7.

    The love story is coming to a successful end. The feelings they had for each other, restrained within themselves till now, have been expressed. They wish that this moment of togetherness lasts forever.

    tujhyaa jiivanii niitichii jaag aalii
    maaLaraani yaa priitichii baag jhaalii .

  10. This is a female solo (late 50s or early 60s). She has sung naaTyagiite, bhaavgiite as well as chitragiite. The poet subtly describes a successful encounter of two lovers.

    Now that they are together, the heroine recollects the evening when they had come together at this same place. She still dreams of the fragrant flowers of the night and the stars which seemed so close, all which made it so memorable.

    shaa.nt dharitrii shaa.nt sarovar
    pavan jhuLajhuLe shiital su.ndar .

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