॥ श्रीहनूमत्स्तुती ॥

हनुमानञ्जनासूनुर्वायुपुत्रो महाबलः । रामेष्टः फाल्गुनसखः पिङ्गाक्षोऽमितविक्रमः ॥ १॥ Hanuman, Anjana's son, the son of wind-god, one endowed with great strength, the favourite of Sri Rama, Arjuna's friend, one having reddish brown eyes and unlimited valour उदधिक्रमणश्चैव सीताशोकविनाशनः । लक्ष्मणप्राणदाता च दशग्रीवस्य दर्पहा ॥ २॥ The one who leapt across the ocean, who dispelled the deep anguish of Sita, the saviour of Laxmana and who destroyed the pride of Ravana एवं द्वादश नामानि कपीन्द्रस्य महात्मनः । स्वापकाले प्रबोधे च यात्राकाले च यः पठेत् ॥ ३॥ If one recites these twelve names of the noble Hanuman - the best among the monkeys before retiring to bed, on rising up in the morning or during journeys तस्य सर्व भयं नास्ति रणे च विजयी भवेत् । राजद्वारे गह्वरे च भयं नास्ति कदाचन ॥ ४॥ He will not face fear from any quarter. He will be successful in battles. He need not have fear either while entering the royal door, or a deep cavern. (From Ananda Ramayana, Manohara Kanda.13-8-11). ॥ ॐ तत्सत् ॥ Encoded, proofread, and comments by N. Balasubramanian bbalu at satyam.net.in
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