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The dictionary/glossary file developed on this site many years ago was an attempt in providing help to students of Sanskrit when such information was unavailable online. The files are still available here in Postscript / PDF / XDVNG / ITX / Text/ Unicode formats. (The unicode file is presented also in input-output slate format at Sanskrit-Anglabhasha Shabdakosh.) A separate set of files was created only for numbers used in Sanskrit. Please see learning tools' section.

The above file is further extended at http://www.srimadbhagavatam.org/downloads/SanskritDictionary.html with definitions of the Monier-Williams dictionary (indicated with an *=) and the ISKCON Vedabase (marked*V) and (partly) adapted to the transliteration used at srimadbhagavatam.org (see also mwreport.html).

The following list, and links 1, 2, and 3 indicate evidence of the tremendous development that has taken place in online utilities for Sanskrit learning.

Dictionares in Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati and other Indian languages

The files on Sanskrit Documents site are prepared by volunteers over many years and are meant to be used for personal study and research. They are not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission.

Please help to maintain respect for the volunteer spirit.

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