संस्कृत Documents

शतेषु जायते शूरः सहस्रेषु च पण्डितः ।
वक्ता दशसहस्रेषु दाता भवति वा न वा ॥

shateShu jAyate shUraH sahasreShu cha paNDitaH |
vaktA dashasahasreShu dAtA bhavati vA na vA ||

The hero is one in a hundred; the Pandit one in a thousand.
The orator is one in ten thousand, whilst the patron is rarer still.

You are certainly one of very few individuals interested in promoting Sanskrit related activities! :-)

Notice that the word dAnaM connotes the act of giving, imparting, teaching, paying back, monetary donation, sharing, gift, and is also considered a form of purification.

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