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Sanskrit Subhaashita Sangrah - संस्कृत सुभाषित संग्रह

Welcome to the Sanskrit Subhaashhita Sangraha
- A collection of wise sayings harvested from the vast ocean of wisdom in the Sanskrit literature.

| PS | PDF | GIF | UNIC | - suvachanaani (new)

| PS | PDF | GIF | UNIC - sArtha subhAHita sa.ngraha collection of subhaashhita 1 (and translation)

ITX | PS | GIF - Egroup collection 1 of subhaashhita (and translation). Subscribe to the group at http://www.egroups.com/list/subhaashitas/ or Email: subhaashita s-subscribe@eGroups.com.

| PS | PDF | UNIC | GIF - Kedar Naphade's postings of subhaashhita and translation from sanskrit-digest (needs editing and proofing)

| PS | PDF | GIF | - New subhaashhitas (and translation)

The subhAshitas with Marathi meanings by Professor Sudhakar Deshpande at esakal.com, are available. Write to sanskrit@cheerful.com to obtain a copy (July 7, 2011.)

Subhashita.pdf : 360+ Subhashitas with English meanings, with introduction by Dr. Srinivas Tilak for HSS.

Alphabetical Index of Kedar's collection

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Atul's collection with search facility, a Subhashita Sangraha in Devanagari or Roman display. (Search scripting is DISABLED for security.)