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The following not-for-profit sites have been made available from the Sanskrit Documents site. These promote Sanskrit literature and are presented for personal studies. They have their own copyrights. If you have any such site you want to host here please write to sanskrit@cheerful.com. If not obvious, send a note on how your site pages will promote Sanskrit studies and/or how the work falls under voluntary category. (No preferred sequence is intended in the following list.)

Sponsored Sites

  • Complete Narayaneeyam, Complete Narayaneeyam (all 1036 shlokams) are presented here by Lalitha and Sanatkumar. Each shlokam is shown in Sanskrit, with audio rendering, transliterations in English, Tamil, and Gist in English, with relevant images. (word meanings by Asha Murarka, Malyalam books at http://www.malayalamebooks.org/) Narayaneeyam, a great Sanskrit epic, is a brilliant condensation, by Shri Bhattathiri, in 1036 shlokams(stanzas) of the great epic Bhaagavatham composed by Sage Vyaasa. Sanatkumars have posted complete works of their father at http://www.sanatkumar.org on an event of M.Anantanarayanan Birth Centenary.

  • Surasa.net, Classical Indian (Carnatic and Hindusthani) Music, (mostly Telugu) Discourses, Literature (audio)

  • giirvaani : Translations of Sanskrit Classics concept, design, and translations by Desiraju H. Rao. The literatue includes classics such as vAlmIkI rAmAyaNa, gIta govinda, raghuvamsham, harivamsham, bhArata sAvitrI, Ritusamharam, mahAbharata tAtparya nirNaya, naTarAja symbolism et cetera. Original at http://www.giirvaani.net/.

  • Valmiki Ramayana with Sanskrit text, word by word and verse meanings of the entire Ramayana written by Sage Valmiki. Concept, design, and translations by Desiraju H. Rao. Original at http://www.valmikiramayan.net/.

  • Stotra Ratnas, English translations of many important Sanskrit stotras by P.R.Ramachander. His stories and rhymes, mainly started as a passtime for his grandchildren, are presented at mirrors 1, 2.

  • Ribhugita from Shivarahasya Navigate through 50 Chapters or find them at doc_giitaa folder. See links for translations, videos, and books.

  • Sanskrit text and English translation of Uma Sahasram composed by Vasishtha Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni, a chief disciple Ramanamaharshi. English translations is rendered by Dr. S. R. Leela and Dr. Jayanthi Manohar of Bangalore. The trasnlation project has been sponsored by Daksha and Pradip Dalal. It was released on Hanuman Jayanti, birthday of Baba Hari Dass as well as Samadhi day of Ramana Maharshi (April 14th 2014).

  • SETU Sanskritam-English Translational Utility by Late M. R. Rao.

  • Sanskrit for All by Late M. R. Rao. A repository of Astronomy photographs, and informational essays, all in Sanskrit.

  • Sanskrit Geeta Ramayanam, Sanskrit translation of original Marathi composition of G. D. Madgulkar. The translation with identical metrical compositions is by Professor Sitaram B. Datar, Andheri, Mumbai, India. This presentation is given in various language scripts : Devanagari, Roman, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, and Malayalam.

    A PDF file of the Sanskrit Geeta Ramayana is prepared in Devanagari by Shri Sunder Hatttangadi.

    There are other Sanskrit Geetaramayana composed in the line of GDMadgulkar's Marathi Geetramayana. Here are some

    • Rashatrajagaranam ! Sanskritam geetramayanam by Dr. Shriniwas Hirlekar. See lokArpaNa sohaLA Video of complete program at Nagpur, Part 1 and Part 2. Another version at Video list, held at Swami Samarth Math, Malaviya Nagar. Singer Dhanshree S Deshpande. The books is available from Shrirang S. Hirlekar, 22 Shree Iccha , New Krushnarpan colony , Amravati city, Maharashtra state India, pin : 444 607,
    • PaNDit Vasant Gadgil, editor of Sharada Sanskrit magazine. The songs were sung by sung by Malati Pande, Kamala Ketkar and Sanjay Upadhye. The Sharada magazine address Zelum, Patrakar Nagar, Senapati Bapat Road, Near Senapati Bapat Road, Pune-411016. Cell: +91-9881140124.

    Shri Datar has also composed a text andhashraddhAnirmulanAya, with 207 verses, presenting his ideas in Sanskrit, Marathi samashloki, and English, for the Eradication of Superstitions.

  • Home page of S. N. Sastri, stotras on Guruvayurappan and many more translations and commentaries.

  • A mirror of Mahabharata page with text and Devanagari display of BORI critical edition as well full Kumbhakonam (kunbhaghoNaM) edition.

  • Valmiki Ramayana page with links, text, and Devanagari display.

  • Various pujas page with links, text, and Devanagari display. See also the original page.

  • Purana Subject Index files provided by Vipin Kumar.

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