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सुस्वागतम् !

Introduction: : Welcome to the compilation of Sanskrit Documents displayed in Devanagari and other Indian scripts, and in transliteration format. The available Sanskrit e-texts range from shlokas and stotras to major works such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Explore additional sections such as the co-hosted Sanskrit Sites, Scanned Books, Learning Tools, Volunteering Projects, Processing Tools and Sanskrit related links using the drop down navigation menu above. (Although we have tried to get the display proper for most of the browsers, the site display changes with the browser used. Also, try to refresh the browser page or remove the Cache periodically.)

Documents : The Sanskrit Documents are listed under CATEGORY, DEITY and MAJOR WORKS in the menu above. They are grouped for convenience and easy access. Some exploration is expected from visitors to understand the grouping and classficaiton.

Menu Icons : The icon based links in the navigation bar lead to the home Home Page, sitemap Visual Sitemap, FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), search Search, and RSS feed Feed of recent changes called Rich Site Summary feed (RSS feed). The "+" sign on any of the sub-menu above indicates that there are options to be selected that are displayed as drop-down menu.

Other Menu items : SITES such as Complete Narayaneeyam,, SETU, Uma sahasram, Purana Index, Sanskrit Geetaramayana, and giirvaani, translations of Sanskrit Classics, are hosted here. The BOOKS page links to hundreds of scanned Sanskrit and other language books posted by Digital Library of India, Archeological Survey of India, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, various other libraries and individual collectors. Softwares that help downloading image based books and convert in PDF format are linked. LEARNING links are consolidated leading to various online dictionaries, tutorials, AIR Sanskrit news et cetera. PROJECTS are suggested for volunteers to get involved with Sanskrit promotion. LINKS to Sanskrit audio-video-media, scriptures, Sanskrit links blog, Texts elsewhere, bookstores, periodicals/magazines/journals, contributed articles et cetera are assembled.

Language Scripts : The Sanskrit documents are suggested to be read in Devanagari script. For convenience of native regional users, they are also made available with display in various Indian language scripts as well as IAST (Romanized Transliteration) and ITRANS encoding. Please use the change language drop down menu on right to choose the script. Available options are: Bangla - বাংলা, Devanagari - देवनागरी, Gujarati - ગુજરાતી, Gurmukhi - ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ, Kannada - ಕನ್ನಡ, Malayalam - മലയാളം, Odia - ଓଡ଼ିଆ, Tamil - தமிழ், Telugu - తెలుగు, IAST (Roman) and ITRANS. Since the conversion is based on the Unicode fonts, they can be viewed in other language scripts as well. We are aware of the limitations of this automatic conversion from one language script to the other. Visitors are requested to make us aware of any misses by writing to us.

There is an experimental link available from Google Translate to translate the English text on general pages in different languages.

The translation is not perfect and not fully acceptable so we have not linked it in general manner and do not recommend for serious viewing. However, it may help some visitors who are less familiar with English or get a feel of online translation. (These translations are applicable only to English text. The Sanskrit texts, in contrast, are to be viewed through different transliteration service. If you know any "web-transliteration" online service such as Aksharamukha, Asian Script Converter, but for other language scripts, please let us know so we can include it for reading Sanskrit texts.)

Searching : The home page has a small slate to enter search field with search entry button. On other pages, clicking on the search Search icon leads to Google search.

Printing : Each document is given in Devanagari PDF format along with unicode text and transliteration. The text displayed in different scripts can be printed to a PDF directly. To print the documents in pdf form, Convert to pdf copy the URL of the webpage including the tag for the chosen language (eg. ?lang=sa or =ta or =gu etc.) and paste it in box on next page to generate the pdf file. There are other options available online depending on individual choice.

For printing, please download the PDF first and open it separately instead of using builtin viewer in the browser as it is found to distort the display. The default page size is kept as A5 for printing flexibility. Please expand/shrink to fit the printer paper size. It can also be printed as two pages per A4 or letter size sheet, in side-by-side or booklet style.

Action Items : We hope that you will get involved with volunteering activities locally. Consider listening to the Sanskrit news broadcast by All India Radio on regular basis and subscribing to Sanskrit Newspapers and Magazines. Joining Google samskrita group and Bharatiya Vidvat Parishad groups or following Sanskrit Central Aggregator may be educational.

Questions? Contact? : After consulting FAQ first, if any questions arise related to the site, please write a note to We will not be able to entertain questions about translations or details of Sanskrit literature. For such questions, please post your message to newsgroups listed above.